Blockchain App Cost Calculator | Blockchain App Development Cost Breakdown

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

Blockchain App Cost Calculator | Blockchain App Development Cost Breakdown

The blockchain application development cost relies on various things. The final cost of the blockchain application depends on

The average blockchain app development cost is $50,000 to $85,000

Type Of Application One Wants To Build

The blockchain development cost relies on the necessity of the platform admin. With a Cost Of Blockchain-Based App Development, you can have an idea about the development cost.

The features they want to include on the platform, what type of audience they want to target, how the platform will work, and on which of the platforms it will be available.

Business one can build from any of the given options like fintech, banking, insurance, games, real estate, travel & tourism, logistics & transportation. Our expert developers can help you with building all such types of applications on the blockchain platform. 

We promise to deliver high-performance blockchain app & software at affordable cost to achieve business goals faster.

What advanced features the client needs to add to the application

The application gets successful for three major reasons user-friendly features, advanced features the application owner is providing to the users, and the third reason is the marketing of the application.

The USP of any application is its feature; the more advanced a feature an application will consist of, the more it will be successful. Blockchain app development cost increases a bit with every added feature.

With a blockchain app cost calculator, you can easily keep an eye on the project development cost. But with every possible advanced feature in the application increases the chances of getting a better response from the users and gaining more users on the application.

With a blockchain app cost calculator, you can easily keep an eye on the project development cost. But with every possible advanced feature in the application increases the chances of getting a better response from the users and gaining more users on the application.

Third-party tools like AWS

The enterprise blockchain application development company helps to build the application for the business, but there are some sources/tools the company needs to get from the main sources. One such technology is Amazon Web Services(AWS), Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, etc., from which the development company needs to get access to the resources.

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS): useful for storage, delivery, and computing service. Blockchain development needs this as all the data is stored here, and the cost for this can be between $100 to $1500; it may arise if the number of users increases on the platform. 
  • Bug finding sources: the sources for finding the bug are crucial for the application. It helps to make an error-free platform from bugs It can cost up to $50- $150 for a month.
  • Monitoring service: A newly built platform needs continuous evaluation and monitoring of the platform to make sure of a smooth run. It costs between $50-$60. 

Development cost 

The cost of developing an application may vary from company to company as per the number of resources that will work for building the platform. It can cost you per hour or may be charged for the whole project. Each of the companies has its packages for providing services.

The cost may cost between $35 to $45 thousand(approx.); it may go higher or lower as per the company’s service or any specific demand of the client. The blockchain app cost calculator gives you an idea of the project cost based on the app tech needs. 

Designing cost

Designing the application plays an important role in any type of application. The design plays a major role when the user uses the application after the deployment.

The way an app looks and moves plays a basic part in the way an application user feels when meddling with it. Imagine opening a recently downloaded app that shows a fast symbol, opens to an essential domestic screen, and anticipates you to do the rest.

If you are worried that the UI/UX interface of your blockchain app might stretch your development budget. Then go for a blockchain app cost calculator to know how much the UI/UX design will cost before initiating the project.

Not as it were, but the buttons are difficult to study or arranged in weird places so you just have to think around each and each move you make to guarantee it’s the correct one.

Presently envision opening a recently downloaded app that shows an astonishing movement realistic, opens to a flawlessly planned domestic screen, and grants you simple to take-after commands to urge you commonplace with the format of the app.

The buttons are where you'd ordinarily reach to perform standard activities, and everything is simple to get without much of a learning curve. The approx design cost can be between $5000 to $10,000(approx)

Deployment cost

Application deployment is all of the exercises that happen to create software accessible for utilization and able to run in a particular environment. It brings numerous key preferences to endeavors.

A program like introducing, uninstalling, and overhauling program applications on each computer is time-consuming.

Computer program-sending administrations decrease the time and make the method fault free. The application can be effectively controlled and overseen through sending. There are a few other 

preferences to program arrangement as well. The cost of deployment of the application can be between $35,000 to $45,000 or maybe more or less as per the company.

Developers cost

Blockchain developers are rare to find in the marketplace because the demand for blockchain is in the developing stage, and there is a shortage of blockchain developers. Blockchain engineers ordinarily charge $81-100/hr on normal.

As the request for blockchain developers proceeds to extend, their hourly run may increment as well. This is a freelancer cost, but when you are going to invest so much on the blockchain platform, you should not prefer to go for the freelancer as the matter of trust falls less on the freelancer. 

Integration cost

To create beyond any doubt that the code works consistently with everybody else's code, each designer ought to compose and approve code in a shared code store. The administration of a quality computer program pipeline is critical.

An automated process is a perfect way" perfect way to check this. The utilization of Bitbucket and GitHub for overseeing source code leads to an increased taken toll on the blockchain app. $10,000 can be an approx cost 

Maintenance cost

Once the application gets ready and deployed in the marketplace, the maintenance of the platform is really necessary.

Although blockchain application is rising higher, it is still new to the industry, and multiple new sorts of applications are joining the marketplace.

The blockchain application can be easily switched from one platform to the other platform.

Any application needs to be updated with time and requires maintenance of the application. The maintenance cost for blockchain app development can be around 15-20% of the total application cost. 

The complexity of Blockchain Decideds Cost of Blockchain Implementation

The cost of blockchain implementation depends on the complexity of the platform. Here complexity means what sort of application one wants to build to end the user's problem.

There can be multiple solution-providing platforms on the blockchain marketplace, but each platform has a different level of complexity. One needs to understand the necessity of the application on the blockchain marketplace. We have divided the complexity of the blockchain into three different categories 

  • Low complexity application
  • Platform with medium complexity
  • Platform with high complexity

Low Complexity Application

Development of basic-level smart contract lies under the level of low complexity, and payment application based on the already available cryptos falls under such complexity. The cost of blockchain implementation in the low complexity application is the lowest of all.

A payment application requires minimum features to be added, and the sources are easily available, but if someone is creating an application with customizing cryptos (new cryptos), then the application will turn into high complexity. 

Medium Level Complexity 

In the medium-level complexity, a blockchain-based application like a semi-decentralized application or decentralized frameworks like Hyperledger sawtooth or Hyperledger fabric falls in this type of category.

The cost of implementing blockchain in such an application cost a little bit higher than the low complexity application.

Hight Level Complexity 

The high-level complexity comes when everything starts from scratch. For example, building a completely new cryptocurrency from the beginning or building a complete decentralized network falls under the high-level complexity platform.

Building a completely new platform for the users engages a lot of time, resources, and effort. To build cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, one needs to hire dedicated blockchain developers.

All of this can be a complex task for someone who is a novice in blockchain and app development. Thus, a blockchain app cost calculator offers a huge relief as it gives you an idea about the development cost before engaging with a blockchain development company. 

With the cost of blockchain implementation, the cost of developers and resources makes the cost of the application higher, between $50,000 to $100,000.

Industry Cost
On-Demand $50–$60K
Healthcare$65- $100K
Social Media$50-$70K
Public Sector$70-$90K
Finance Sector$80-$110K

Whom To Hire For Blockchain App Development

There are multiple sources by which one can build a blockchain-based application for business. Each type of resource has its perks.

One can build a blockchain-based platform by

In-house Team

At first, keeping up a group of in-house blockchain designers appeared to be vexed as were financial issues. But, once you think more profoundly, you'll get to know approximately a plenty of issues.

In spite of the fact that you may have a devoted group, you may be there, to begin with, need in the case of a few crises.

There's no question that you just will have full control over blockchain app advancement; you'll have to oversee over costs of the group, counting their excursions, motivating forces, workspace, and more.

Since blockchain is still in its earliest stages arrange, there's a shortage of experienced blockchain designers. A normal charge for a blockchain designer is $150,000 per annum.

Working with a blockchain designer might be costly for businesses as compared to enlisting a blockchain improvement company. If you're a program advancement company, you ought to work with an in-house group of engineers. Something else, it's superior to working with a third-party supplier or freelancer.


The other arrangement is you'll be able to hire a freelancer for application development. It can charge you a small lesser than a professional blockchain improvement company.

But you'll continuously be in question almost the advance of the gaming stage. Overall, outsourcing to any extent raises the address of obligation.

The reliability of the freelancers is tough as the profile have no reflection of previous tasks or project. Sometimes the decision to hire freelancers turns into a nightmare for the project owner.

Another disadvantage of hiring freelancers is the shortage of enough resources. The freelancers either work alone or have a small team for development.

The smaller the team, it will take time to build the platform; one is investing a huge amount and needs to get it done as soon as possible.

Hiring freelancers, in that case, can delay the launch of the application in the blockchain marketplace.

Hire Blockchain Application Development Company 

This could be the best option the all when it comes to application development. Application development has a huge team of professional app developers with years of experience.

Hire a blockchain application development company to get reliable resources and to receive the project without any delay. Such companies provide project managers, a team of designers, and developers who have years of experience in developing blockchain applications.

Hiring a professional Ethereum Blockchain Software Consulting Company for building the application has multiple perks, including reliability, experience, a team of developers, and the security of a high-quality application. 

This sort of business requires a good amount of money to be invested, and nobody wants to get it delayed by any chance or any sort of error in the application. 

By hiring a blockchain game development company, one need not have to worry about the progress of the application; one can primarily focus on the marketing strategy to promote the application. 

What We Offer

RisingMax INC. is the leading blockchain application development company in the US and provides a cost-efficient solution for every size of business. We have more than 150+ core teams of developers and designers for blockchain app development with years of experience in the related field.

We are with 13+ years of experience as a software development company and 6+ years of experience as a blockchain app development company. The company also has great expertise in building NFT marketplace development and Metaverse platform development. We also provide free consultation for building an application, marketing service for the application, and maintenance of the platform, and also a dedicated in-house team for our clients until they are ready with their own team to handle the application completely. 


Blockchain app development cost is just an approximate cost for the development and may vary from company to company with the features and usage of advanced technology for the development of the platform. We have described the blockchain app development cost (approx.) that we offer to our client.

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