Blockchain Based Loyalty Program: A Structure to Customer Retention

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

Blockchain Based Loyalty Program: A Structure to Customer Retention

Blockchain has transformed the way of modern business, irrespective of industry type. The new technology enhances business & client satisfaction and uplifts the obstacles to offering and redeeming loyalty rewards.

Today, in a highly competitive world, customer engagement has become a need of an hour. Therefore, most marketers focus on retaining existing customers with customer loyalty programs. A survey also revealed that 75% of US adults choose to buy goods or services from loyalty points offered by companies such as credit cards, hotel chains, travel tickets, and more. American businesses offer over $50 billion dollars of rewards to boost customer retention.

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While some businesses like Amazon, Starbucks, H&M, and Chipotle are on top of offering loyalty rewards, still, many are far away from grabbing the market opportunities and retaining their customers for a longer time.

If you are facing the same customer retention issue, believe us, this post will be worth reading for you.

What Is a Blockchain-Based Loyalty Program?

Customer loyalty and engagement have the potential to make or break the companies. Why? Most of the time, companies offer reward points to customers, and they become unable to redeem them due to multiple reasons. Like, if the customer gets traveling reward points and the person occasionally travels, the points get wasted, similarly in other cases. But a Blockchain-based customer reward programs offer an opportunity for instant redemption and exchange for multiple loyalty point currencies on a single platform.

Blockchain helps reduce cost, enabling frictionless systems, making real-time processes to record and access multiple parties, and providing a secure environment.

Industries Leveraging Loyalty Programs

Blockchain for customer rewards programs has become a prominent choice in almost every industry. Here we have listed a few industries and how they can leverage the power of loyalty programs to empower their business. If you find your business is not listed in these industries, check out our experts.

Banks & Financial Institutions

To flourish like other businesses, banks also need to offer something that can attract or retain customers. That's why modern functioning banks choose loyalty programs to reach a wider audience with their loans, credit cards, saving accounts, and other services. This feature also enables quick customer targeting and achieving business goals.

Retail & eCommerce

Bring personal experience at every level by offering loyalty programs in your Retail & E-Commerce business. It helps in repeat purchases, as well as businesses' profits. For example, Starbucks offers stars as a reward for spending every dollar. Reaching 60 stars, customers can enjoy a free drink or a slice of cake. In the same way, you can offer as per your business & customers' demand.

Travel & Hospitality

Customer loyalty programs in the travel and hospitality industry help to promote marketing efforts and build deep relationships between customers. Customers can redeem special offers on their next flight ticket booking, enjoy dinner by entering special events, or more.

Fashion industry

The fashion industry comes in the first list when it's about surprises. People buy clothes for multiple reasons, such as a cocktail party, joining a new office, wedding, festive season, or upgrading their wardrobe. Loyalty programs help to get repeat customers at stores and make them loyal to your brand.

Gyms and Spas

Another great industry that offers loyalty programs includes Gym & Spas. Some gyms offer spa options within the premises, whereas others have tie-ups at different places. Many Gym or Spa centers collaborate with each other and offer a complete package of Gym & Spa services. Even some of them incorporate supplements and vitamins to experience a full workout program.

Medicine delivery

Medicine delivery businesses also become a part of the rat race of competition to offer and attract people with loyalty programs. Most of these businesses are offering heavy discounts, coupons system, and cash rewards to order above a minimum price.

In this race, many businesses like superstores, bookstores, Online education/Courses, Jewellery & Accessories, Gemstones, Liquor stores, Electronics, etc., are also stepping into the industry with Blockchain-based loyalty programs.

Various Types Of Loyalty Programs

To reward your customers with loyalty programs and personalized experiences with real-time access, here we have listed different types of loyalty programs. Find out what suits your business or if you want to go with it all.

Reward Points

Offer reward points to your customer, just like the above example of Starbucks. It will help you acquire, retain and retarget repeat customers and achieve higher sales/revenue.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards or prepaid gift vouchers suit your industry needs and strengthen customer loyalty. It is one of the simplest ways to offer something when your customers sign up on your platform. Like you can set a minimum value for a sale product or offer a special product on sale.


Attract, engage, and incentivize influencers with referral programs. The praise and reward option works to boost the customer base and let your present customer earn more from your app or platform. Nowadays, almost every business uses this strategy to engage customers - mobile payment apps and shopping apps are prominent examples of it.

Buy One Get One

Buy-one-and-get-one loyalty programs are used to improve business sales by offering complementary products. Fashion brands mainly use this strategy to promote sales and earn more. You can also see supermarket stores that offer one on one goods.

Coupons & Vouchers

To increase foot traffic and pickup/delivery orders for your store, coupons & vouchers are a great option. You can design customer-based coupons, manufacturer coupons, online printable coupons, in-store apps, coupon codes for online purchases, rebates, new mover offers, and more.


Discount offers to increase and encourage customers for larger purchases. It gives incentives on price for extra discounts or benefits to the customers who are loyal to your brand. You can also offer it as a reward card.
Loyalty Programs To Lead The Business

The need for loyalty programs varies from business to business. It helps you to sit apart from the competition, increase engagement, and smooth the experience for all digital touchpoints.

Employees Loyalty

Blockchain-based loyalty programs help your employees to stay motivated and deliver excellent business outcomes. You can design various types of loyalty programs such as Gym membership, shopping vouchers, gift cards, corporate gift, and many more.

Coalition Loyalty

Get the opportunity to connect multiple merchants with a single loyalty program's features. This loyalty program is a perfect option for businesses that wish to work together and achieve collaborative business goals. Some of these businesses are - traveling and hospitality, gyms, spas, multi-vitamin stores, etc.

Channel Loyalty

This type of loyalty program is designed to reward channel partners to generate more sales and earn handsome rewards. Crafting such reward points with tech experts helps you to earn and strengthen relationships. You can also offer heart-winning reward points for continuous and better results.

Referral Loyalty

A marketing strategy to connect business influencers with your brand and reward users with attractive schemes. Using referral loyalty programs are game-changing schemes that can boost sales and convenience a huge user base. The choice is all yours, you can offer cash or reward points in an e-wallet.

Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty programs give a reason to customers to choose you over competitors. The offer perfectly lines for the customers, whatever the business or industry you are looking for. You can offer cashback rewards, discounts, vouchers, etc.

Key Features of Successful Blockchain-Based Loyalty Program Solution

AI & Machine Learning

Predictive and AI-based tools power blockchain-based loyalty programs. That helps you to understand the target audience precisely and know their expectations. Accordingly, you can plan loyalty programs that your business will offer.

Analytics & BI Reporting

Analytic tools and BI on Dashboard enable you to understand customers' unique paths of purchasing and access your loyalty needs. These tools identify new trends, assist you in employing quantitative and qualitative approaches, and capture data interactively.

Marketing Automation

The market automation tools help you to get conversion and keep going with it. You can offer custom services based on purchasing and stay on top of personalized communication.

Segmentation & Personalization

Everyone loves a personal approach by a company to offer the desired loyalty program. You can offer rewarding options by building a deep segmentation approach for customers based on past experience, behavior, and more factors.

Campaign Management

Campaigns and promotions are the right set of services and help your band to define a product. With a blockchain-based AI-driven loyalty program, you can get the opportunity to run campaigns and deliver the right message.

Customer Data Management

Blockchain for loyalty programs empowers bands to manage customer data with a swipe. The loyalty program solution delivers a better customer experience with data collection and making smart decisions.

Loyalty Management

The loyalty program management feature lets you focus more on business with flexible and versatile technology. Blockchain-based loyalty programs help you to manage customer data effectively.

Roadmap To Build Blockchain For Customer Rewards Program

Blockchain experts follow a comprehensive strategy to design and develop effective blockchain-based customer loyalty reward solutions. Here we have mentioned how we build your solution.

We start with an in-depth analysis of the business, grasp business ideas, and summarise before building blueprints.
After getting your business purpose, we find out your business challenges and focus on a fruitful strategy with a customer retention approach.
Then we set a business growth strategy and optimize your marketing efforts.
Moving ahead with the digital strategy, we create a layout to define whether a blockchain-based solution will fit into your existing business needs or if you need a system from the ground.
Once we get the answer to all your queries, we combine expertise, tools, and efficiency together and build a scaling loyalty program solution.

Hope you get an answer to every question. Now it's your turn to take a step toward building a blockchain-based loyalty platform.

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