Enterprise Blockchain App Development

Enterprise Blockchain App Development Company

Connecting with our experts at RisingMax Inc. is an excellent way to discuss your blockchain app idea and understand how it can easily scale business. We are well-known for crafting enterprise blockchain applications that perfectly align with your business and customers’ needs. Our solid rock designs and architectural requirements fulfill the following:

  • Seamless order processing
  • Guaranteed privacy & security
  • Next-gen resilience
  • Incredible performance
  • Fastest mechanical protocols.
  • Launch and Support of ICOs and STO
  • Cryptocurrency Crowdsales
  • Executed in optimized environments

Explore New Growth Opportunities With Enterprise Blockchain Development Company

We are ready to reshape your business with brainstorming ideas. Get in touch with our enterprise blockchain consulting team NOW!!

New Growth Opportunities With Enterprise Blockchain Development Company

Enterprise Blockchain Development Services We Offer

We, as a leading enterprise blockchain app development company, act as a one-stop destination for our clients' blockchain app needs. Our team design, develop, and implement highly customizable blockchain solutions embedded with extensive features and functionalities.

  • NFT Marketplace Development

    Get a fully functional and highly scalable NFT marketplace solution and unfold the advantages of market innovations. Our expert's design and develop user-friendly platforms that have the ability to easily mint, buy and sell tokens and generate huge profits in crypto.

  • Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

    Our robust crypto exchange platform caters to both professional and novice traders' needs and serves them with flawless solutions. You just need to come up with your business and target audience expectations.

  • Cryptocurrency Trading Bot

    Secure your crypto trading platform bots app with the quality of enterprise blockchain development services and promote trading based on predefined conditions. In simple words, trading bots act as an aid for buyers and sellers to trade when the specific price is high.

  • Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet

    Allow users to store and manage multiple cryptocurrencies in a smartphone with cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and more! We build custom multi-currency wallets with an array of features. You can decide the type of currencies you want to add to your platform.

  • Cryptocurrency Development

    Not only crypto wallets, you can also introduce completely fresh coins in the virtual market that enhance content creators' experience to trade freely on your platform. Customized digital currencies ensure 100% data security in your own world. Decide your pattern and get started with our professionals.

  • Play 2 Earn Gaming Platform

    We introduce your metaverse-based play 2 earn gaming platform with the enterprise-graded blockchain security. An amazing feature of metaverse with blockchain security builds users trust on your platform. Therefore provides you more opportunities to earn and attract new users.

  • Blockchain Consulting

    Understanding Blockchain technology should not be a fear for anyone. We offer customized blockchain consulting services to decide what will suit your business and industry's requirements and optimize business effectively. Hence, you can deliver cost-effective solutions meeting business efficiencies.

  • Blockchain Development

    We establish a fool-proof blockchain development solution that can integrate with every business's expectations. We facilitate API integration & smart contracts with the assurity of enterprise-graded blockchain security. In simple words, it enhances transparency, reduces cost, and pumps up to speed.

  • dApps Development

    We have proficiency in handling and designing decentralized application solutions with the assistance of P2P DApps development. Our developers have rich exposure to create customer-centric dApp solutions that help businesses to deal with changing digital landscapes.

  • Smart Contract Development

    We have a team to build ethereum, polygon, hyperledger, and Solana blockchain technology-based smart contract development. We understand modern business strategies and know how you can leverage the advantage of modern ones.

  • Crypto Wallet Development

    Our blockchain professionals design and develop 100% secured crypto wallets for the NFT marketplace, exchange platform, trading platforms and more. Our wallet supports multiple currencies and multi-language support as well as limited currency transactions.

  • Blockchain App Testing

    As a leading enterprise blockchain service provider, we aim to deliver highly secure and robust solutions. We employs rigorous testing methodologies and testing tools to ensure error-free app deployment and deliver solutions that enhance business efficiency.

Enterprise Blockchain Software Development Company: Our Various Solutions

Our tech prowess’s blockchain technology knowledge and integration of cross-ecosystem allow you to deliver unmatchable quality enterprise blockchain development services for your business needs.

enterprise metaverse software development company


Start your 3D virtual journey with us! We integrate enterprise-graded solutions to secure your journey, imagination, and opportunities. We embed your solution with world-leading customized blockchain technology to facilitate more revenue-generating opportunities by maintaining privacy.

Blockchain For Social Impact

Discovering multiparty systems around the world requires additional security to protect servers and the whole network. Our team ensure your system works clockwise.

Financial Infrastructure

With our end-to-end enterprise blockchain development service, businesses can manage financial transactions with encrypted payment, receipts, and fund transfers improving transparency, lowering costs, and reducing error handling and reconciliation.

Decentralized Digital Identity

Blockchain-based platforms provides enhanced security that integrate with modern features to improves workforce productivity. Fingerprints and face screening packed with enterprise blockchain technology ensure faster access than passcodes protection.

Blockchain For Supply Chain

Build a flawless supply chain infrastructure from the point of origin to the point of consumption. Our bespoke enterprise blockchain services ensure the security of customs documentation, tariff records, bills of lading, and more to secure sensitive data.

Our Enterprise Blockchain Application Development Process

We are known for building and launching best-in-class projects. We focus on designing and developing unique platform but follows the same protocols:

  • Enterprise Blockchain App Strategy Assessment icon

    Strategy Assessment

    We assess your business mission & vision. Accordingly, we design an effective strategy that works best with your plans.

  • Enterprise Blockchain App Prototyping icon

    Rapid Prototyping

    Once we get your idea, our blockchain app development team gets active to create a wireframe of your project.

  • Enterprise Blockchain App Design icon

    Ground-Breaking Design

    We have the expertise to build unique and user-friendly designs that have the ability to transform your business and meet people, processes & operational models.

  • Enterprise Blockchain App Building icon

    Building Your Dream

    After design completion and your approval, we embark on shaping your business idea into reality. Our experts work as per mentioned in MVP design.

  • Enterprise Blockchain App Testing icon

    Testing By Technicians

    Once we develop your solution, we not only leave and hand over your app. But our professionals conduct 360-degree testing to make it a Perfect-fit-Solution.

  • Enterprise Blockchain App Launch icon

    Launching Stage

    The project launching stage is crucial, so we go hand in hand with you to make your event errors-free and hassle-free.

Avail of Our Consulting Services For Your Blockchain Project

  • Blockchain Advisory Sessions icon

    Advisory Sessions

    Contact us via email, messages, or WhatsApp to schedule an advisory session with our expert. We keep you up-to-date with the latest technology and solutions.

  • Blockchain Proof of Concept icon

    Proof of Concept

    To make you 100% sure about blockchain technology, we design a proof of concept that defines how blockchain can help to boost your business efficiency and scalability.

  • Blockchain Development icon

    Blockchain Development

    We are ready to serve blockchain integrated solutions, and you just need to come up with an idea. We will help you to make it fresh and unique!

  • Blockchain Training icon


    Our tech prowess conducts special training sessions for your staff to provide effective training. We guide you on how you can take leverage of technology for business promotion.

Enterprise Blockchain Development Company Catering To Various Industries

We offer a wide range of enterprise blockchain consulting services to cater to every business need.

Supply Chain and Food Chain

Streamlining your business process and resolving issues faster, enterprise blockchain technology is a proven solution. In the food delivery business, the system ensures quicker tracking of food than spending days.

  • Faster Process
  • Cost-Efficient Delivery
  • Products’ Traceability
  • Improving Coordination Between Partners
  • Aiding Access To Financing

Banking & Financial Industries

Remove frictions and delays due to traditional paper works in financial institutions with highly secured blockchain services and make lending, borrowing, clearing, and other transactions convenient.

  • Improved transparency.
  • Additional layer of transparency
  • Reduced Counterparty Risks
  • Improve Capital Optimisation
  • Reduced Error Handling and Reconciliation

Healthcare Industries

Keep your healthcare industries upgraded and improve patient and data security. Complete control of resources remains in the hands of a business, and it builds patients for taking your services.

  • Shared ledger
  • Digital transaction
  • Distributed network
  • Single, longitudinal patient records
  • Claims adjudication
  • Interoperability

Pharmaceutical Industry

Prevent Pharmaceutical manufacturers from counterfeiting and enables them to recall products in seconds with end-to-end encrypted blockchain security. Every action of the supply chain is recorded in blockchain security.

  • Reliable Solution
  • Accurate data
  • Pharma Data Disparity
  • Supply Chain management
  • Automation
  • Better Clinical Trials

Government Sector

The power of blockchain enables faster work with innovation. Also, sharing of data between government and senior citizens serves as an immutable experience. Government can manage confidential contracts and users' identities.

  • Streamline processes
  • Reduce fraud & waste
  • Increase trust and accountability
  • Security of government, citizen, and business data
  • Asset Management and Process Tracking
  • Budgeting and Financial Management


Empower your gaming platform with the recent trends and latest blockchain technology. We assist you in launching secured platforms that allow recording and storing information in a ledger and act smartly to procure data from hacking.

  • Governance based on players
  • Authentic ownership of game assets
  • Decentralized gaming system
  • Easy to transfer the assets outside the game
  • Easier verification


Automate your verifying coverage function between companies and reinsurers with the ability of Polygon enterprise blockchain software technology. The platform ensures faster transactions with lower administrative costs.

  • Helps to reduce frauds
  • Enables more automation
  • Collect and store data securely
  • Automate risk modeling, audits, and compliance checks


Introduce secured payment processing to the world in the form of a blockchain secured ecommerce platform. We guarantee secured, transparent, and efficient payment processing with a decentralized transactions ledger.

  • Enhanced security
  • Easier, faster transactions
  • Improved business processes.
  • Greater access for global consumers
  • Convenient rewards and referrals programs

Real Estate

Revolutionize commercial real estate with blockchain-based smart contract platforms. We introduce industrial graded solutions that allow you to buy, sell or rent property in cryptocurrency, and every document will be stored in blockchain.

  • Tokenization of real estate assets
  • Access to global asset distribution
  • Data accessibility to increase transparency
  • Ownership fractionalization
  • Loan and Mortgage Securitization
  • Quick Investor and Tenant Identity

Join Hands With The Top-rated Enterprise Blockchain Company

Join the best enterprise blockchain consulting company USA to build your fully secured application. Our experts have rich experience in building crypto trading platforms like WazirX, Robinhood, Upstox, and more. We have also developed various NFT marketplaces similar to OpenSea, Rarible, and Axis Infinity. Our enterprise blockchain development experts are serving worldwide clients with the development, auditing, and upgraded smart contracts. The solutions offered by enterprise blockchain app development company are powered by enterprise-grade blockchain technology.

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Our Blockchain Domain Development Expertise

We have proficiency to build highly scalable solutions that fit in your business needs. We design and develop according to your business requirements.

Public Blockchain icon

Public Blockchain

Develop an open and permissionless public blockchain where anyone with an internet connection can register.

Public Blockchain icon

Private Blockchain

A private blockchain is a closed network controlled by a single company that allows limited networks within a corporation or organization.

Hybrid-blockchain icon


Also regarded as Permissionless Blockchain, it blends private and public blockchain aspects and assists in improving data integrity.

Consortium-Blockchain icon


Blockchain technology is essentially a private blockchain that provides limited access to a specific group via validator nodes.

What Makes Us The Best Enterprise Blockchain App Development Company?

We at RisingMax Inc. have been offering cost-effective enterprise blockchain development services and empowering businesses to be future-ready. Here’s why our clients worldwide trust us for developing enterprise blockchain solutions.

Unmatched Expertise

Our blockchain experts have been assisting clients in different business verticals for more than half a decade.

Next-gen Solutions

Combining our in-depth knowledge of next-gen techs like AI & ML allows us to deliver that power the Industry 4.0.

Result Oriented Solution

We follow an agile enterprise app development approach to deliver result-oriented solutions to our clients.

Flexible Engagement

We offer flexible engagement models to cater to our worldwide clientele's blockchain app development needs.

Unique Solutions

A combination of experienced and young professionals enables us to deliver unique business solutions.

Maintenance & Support

We offer affordable maintenance and support services to optimize apps timely and resolve technical issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How secure is your enterprise blockchain solution?

    Our industry-leading solution is completely secured. It is embedded with an array of features and top-notch functionality that boost your business transaction without harming quality.

    Can I hire dedicated developers & project managers?

    Yes, you can hire our experienced developer and project manager. The expert will work solely on your project, and we will charge the amount based on the hourly rate. Rest, you can consult with our professionals.

  • Is there any possibility of customizing your solution?

    We design and develop customized solutions that suit your business needs. You can feel free to ask for any modification from me if it is best suited.

    How can I identify the best blockchain for my business?

    We are here to assist you with the best blockchain solution, therefore, we are known as a reliable Enterprise Blockchain Consulting Company in NYC. Talk to our experts now!

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