How Agile Software Development Leads To Greater Potential In Healthcare?

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

How Agile Software Development Leads To Greater Potential In Healthcare?

The agile software development methodology is not new and has been employed by software development teams across industries. Software development teams prefer agile methodology as it is easy to adapt, creates room for opportunities, and receptiveness to change.

agile software development in healthcare

For this very reason, agile development methodology is used in the healthcare industry to eliminate unnecessary expectations, and requirements, and deliver customized solutions.

Traditionally, the development teams use a waterfall development methodology when it comes to building software solutions for the healthcare sector.

It is a sequential software development process similar to a waterfall, where the development team needs to wrap up the current phase before moving to the next one.

However, the cost of implementing changes is high, and the software development team needs to review the entire project from the start. In addition, the waterfall development methodology is unsuitable for healthcare projects where requirements may change during development.

The restricted nature of the waterfall methodology is one of the biggest reasons why software development teams use agile software development in healthcare.

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What Is Agile Methodology?

Agile methodology is a software development approach to project management. Development teams following agile methodology can build value software solutions within a fixed time frame.

Agile methodology divides each development phase into sprints with pre-defined deliverables, objects, and user inputs. After the completion of each sprint, work evaluation is done, and based on inputs, changes are made for future sprints.

Agile software development in healthcare is successful as it does not dictate the development process, adapts to challenges, and prioritizes work. The agile methodology focuses on the swift adoption to change and delivering results with a time-bound approach.

Agile Methodology

Agile Software Development Cycle

Agile software development is a six-step cycle through which a software solution moves from beginning to end.

  • Meet
  • Plan
  • Design
  • Develop
  • Test
  • Evaluate

Reasons Why Agile Software Development is Successful In The Healthcare Sector?

There are multiple benefits that agile development methodology provides for the healthcare sector. The agile methodology in healthcare solutions has shown excellent results that advocate its success. Here are some of the reasons why agile software development in the healthcare sector is successful. 

Enhanced Product Quality

Testing a software solution is integral to the agile software development methodology. Thus, ensuring that the final product is bug-free, secure, and has greater overall quality. The agile development methodology is an iterative process where teams will continue to learn and improve with changing market realities.

Faster Project Development

In agile software development methodology, everything from development to deployment goes in a set-wise way. Thus there is an effective risk analysis, mitigation plan, and plan to ensure smooth app development.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

In traditional app development, there is no customer involvement in application planning and decision-making. This often results in the development of a business solution that’s more business-centric rather than user-centric.

However, in agile methodology, customer feedback is kept in the loop for constant improvements and upgrades. With this healthcare sector can ensure that the final product is according to the customer's requirements. A customer-centric app ensures that they will keep on enjoying their services.

Continuous Enhancement

Continuous enhancement is one of the major reasons why agile software development is better than traditional methodologies. With continuous enhancement, the development team ensures that the app's current version is better than the previous one. Customers, team members, and app owners can share their experiences to improve together.


Agile software development in healthcare gives greater flexibility to the development team rather than traditional methodology. The software development team works with smaller goals and gets constant feedback & improvement. In this way, the overall project enhancements are less costly and time-consuming. 

Patient-Focused Apps

With agile methodology, software development teams can create customized apps to meet specific patient needs. Further, continuous improvement and development planning results in the development of patient-focused applications that deliver greater value.

Predicted App Development Costs

When it comes to agile software development methodology, the prediction of app development cost and time duration is easy. In agile methodology, the software development phase is divided into different stages with a fixed duration. A detailed development plan makes it easy to predict healthcare app development time and cost.

agile software development in healthcare

Agile Software Development in Healthcare Applications We Offer

RisingMax Inc. is a trusted healthcare app development company in NYC, USA. We assist healthcare startups and businesses in launching their own healthcare application based on agile methodology. Enhance the scope of your healthcare business by reaching out to our expert healthcare software developers in NYC USA.

Tech Consultation

Leverage our expertise in next-gen technologies for successful implementation and enhancement of your healthcare application, such as EHR solutions, mobile app development, cloud migration, medical appointment, etc.

mHealthcare Application

Connect with our agile software development team to build a HIPAA-compliant mHealthcare application. Launch a mobile healthcare application where patients can take eConsultation, EHR syncing, diagnosis, ePrescription, and other health features. With agile methodology, our team can build customized patient-focused mobile healthcare applications.

Healthcare Scheduling Application

Launch a healthcare scheduling application for healthcare facilities such as private clinics, hospitals, and individual healthcare practitioners. Healthcare facilities can leverage these applications to automate appointments, secure payments, push notifications, and streamline business operations.

Telehealth Software Solutions

Our healthcare app development experts employ agile methodology and cutting-edge tech such as AR, VR, blockchain, and IoT to offer an unmatched experience to users. Empower patients to avail of healthcare services at their convenience and widen your healthcare business reach.

mPrescription app

E-prescribing app to streamline prescription management and minimize medication errors. iOS, web, or native android healthcare application development record, view, and share medical prescriptions, allergy history, and health vitals.

EHR Platform

Hire our experts to build an electronic health record (EHR) platform based on agile development methodology. With the EHR system, healthcare facilities can ensure a safe and secure environment for sensitive patient and healthcare data. Our team will integrate user-friendly features for quick access to patients’ data and speed up the entire process.

Healthcare Web Platform

Reach out to experts to build a robust, feature-rich, responsive, and user-friendly healthcare web platform. Healthcare facilities can leverage these web portals to manage appointments, patient records, revenues, doctor’s availability, ePrescriptions, and helpdesk.

AI-based Virtual Assistants

Hire our Healthcare Management Software experts to build AI-based medical chatbots for your healthcare organization. Enhance the scope of your healthcare business, serve patients 24*7, and reduce the load on frontline healthcare staff members with AI-based virtual assistants.

Laboratory Management Software

Leverage our agile software development expertise to build laboratory management software. With integrated features such as schedule management, lab results, push notifications, email, appointment reminders, etc., managing diagnostic labs becomes easy. Connect with our experts to streamline your laboratory operations and manage all lab operations with a single healthcare software.

Agile Software Development in Healthcare Vs Other Industries

The agile software development methodology is different in the healthcare sector compared to other industries. Let’s do an in-depth analysis of why agile software development in the healthcare sector is more successful than in other industries.

Industry Fundamentals & Requirements 

The application fundamentals and requirements change when it comes to designing and developing software solutions for a specific industry. In addition to this, how the end user will respond to the software solution determines its success and failure.

While in other industries, predicting user expectations can be difficult, which is not the same in the healthcare sector. Thus, giving healthcare an edge over other industries.

Viable Option

In the healthcare sector, agile software development becomes a viable option as it allows apps to be tested from the beginning of the project. Even if the app idea is completely new, the development team can test its viability before project development. 

Pitch Unfinished Solutions

The software development team can pitch unfinished software or beta versions in other industries to gather feedback. On the contrary, things don’t work out the same way as in healthcare.

Healthcare apps directly or indirectly deal with human health thus, a minor error or delay can prove fatal. That’s why strict rules, regulations, and protocols exist for launching a healthcare application.

Little Room For Upgrades

When it comes to upgrades or improvements in a healthcare application, there’s little to no room. If a healthcare application fails to meet any requirement or is designed wrongly can directly impact healthcare business operations and the organization’s credibility.

Tested Software Solutions

Agile software development in healthcare ensures the testing of healthcare applications after the completion of every sprint. Thus saving valuable time spent fixing bugs and making last-minute changes to the software solution.

agile software development in healthcare

How Much Does Agile Healthcare Software Development Cost?

There’s no method to determine the exact healthcare software development cost without understanding healthcare app requirements. Multiple factors impact the healthcare software app development cost making it extremely difficult to share an exact app development cost. 

If you are planning to build a healthcare application based on agile methodology, then connect to our experts at RisingMax Inc. Our healthcare experts will share an exact healthcare app development quote after understanding your healthcare project requirements and development needs. 

Factors that impact the agile healthcare software development cost:

  • A total number of sprints.
  • Healthcare application type.
  • In-built security features.
  • Healthcare app features.
  • Features complexity.
  • Development tech stack.
  • Location of healthcare app development company.
  • Team strength and development expertise.
  • Add-on features.

After carefully evaluating all the above-mentioned factors, most healthcare development companies share a development cost. Most agile software development companies in the USA charge $30k to $50k for basic healthcare applications.

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