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We celebrate the project's success by planting 100+ trees each time. By rewarding or compensating the planting cost, we encourage our clients to plant at least 50 trees. Let's pledge to foster growth and progress by minimizing environmental loss. We develop an IT ecosystem that consumes less energy and empowering businesses worldwide to achieve Net-Zero carbon emissions. The Time Is Now to make a sustainable future and combat climate change.

Our Top Clients From All Over The World

RisingMax Inc. has a legacy of successful collaborations with industry leaders. Some of our renowned clients include-

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A Full Suit IT Consulting Firm For All Your Business Tech Needs

We bring a wealth of knowledge and maturity to turn clients’ ideas into reality. RisingMax demonstrates rich work ethics and professionalism to keep holding the position of the best IT consulting company in NYC. Our IT team crafts business solutions to tackle today’s market challenges and capture growth opportunities. With our pool of industry experts IT consulting company in NYC, we aim to transform the world one step at a time.

  • Blockchain App Development

    Blockchain technology is the future for businesses worldwide. We assist businesses in leveraging this futuristic technology by seamlessly integrating real-world blockchain application with existing IT business software and cloud service.

  • Metaverse Development

    RisingMax Inc. provides entrepreneurs with a platform to start their journey where change, imagination and opportunity meet. With our years of experience in metaverse development, we build real value IT products to beat today’s market.

  • P2E NFT Game Development

    As the leading IT consulting service provider NYC, we leverage the latest game development technologies to transform the gaming sector. With our affordable P2E NFT game development services, we build solutions that achieve tangible outcomes.

  • Mobile App Development

    Be it a user-oriented or enterprise-level solution, we develop mobile applications (iOS & Android) of any complexity. From ideation, transformation, to delivery, the entire development process is led efficiently with utmost transparency.

  • Web Development

    Blending the advanced technology and extensive digital experience, we offer top-notch web applications that perform. Whether you need a custom web app or redesign an existing one, we built a web solution with intense analysis and research.

  • Enterprise Software Development

    Empower your business with robust next-gen enterprise app development. We develop high-functional, flawless, and cyber secure enterprise apps. Our developed product helps accomplish tasks with less effort and time spent.

  • AI Chatbot Solution

    AI-powered Chatbot can help, convert leads, boost sales, and enhance customer experiences. To handle complex conversations, we develop smart bots leveraging advanced technologies; Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

  • CMS Development

    The most comprehensive CRM/CMS/ERP development helps you meet the customer demands with ease. Using our advanced technical expertise and structured coding, we develop a platform; helps simplify your complex processes.

  • Quality Assurance And Testing

    Our most skilled QA and testing team with profound knowledge of the latest tools and practices ensure the IT solution suits your needs best. Each feature of the software and app is validated and verified thoroughly before launch to ensure smooth experiences.

  • RPA Development

    Avail of our affordable IT consulting services to connect with leading industry experts in RPA development. We offer best-in-class RPA software solutions for our clients that boost productivity, enhance efficiency, improve security, and foster busines growth.

  • IT Staff Augmentation

    Access our experienced and certified pool of IT professionals to fill in the gaps within your IT team. As a trusted IT consulting firm in NYC, we empower businesses to find the right IT professionals for faster project development and efficiently handle critical IT roles.

  • Big Data Consulting

    RisingMax Inc., is a top-tier NYC-based IT consultation & service provider that assists enterprises in resolving data challenges. Businesses can leverage our big data consultation services to analyze data effectively, improve decision-making capabilities, and explore new opportunities.

From IT Consulting To Metaverse Business Consulting; We Are Far Ahead From Our Competitors

With our valuable experience in the metaverse and leading technologies, we assist our clients in resolving their business challenges with technology and fostering growth. Our future-proof and well-crafted metaverse & IT consultation services can lead to significant business gains.

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    Metaverse Corporate Office Setup
  • IT consulting company NYC
    Metaverse Gaming Solution
  • IT consulting company NYC
    Metaverse Ecommerce Solution
  • IT consulting company NYC
    Metaverse NFT Solution

Result Driven IT Consultation Services For Your Business

RisingMax Inc., as the best IT services and IT consultation provider in NYC, USA, assists businesses in integrating new-age technologies & skyrocket their businesses. Our prime objective is to bring organizations on the digital world map and earn them recognition in the modern world. Leverage our growth-oriented IT consultation services for your business to capture a plethora of growth opportunities.

Top IT Consultant

Web3 App Development

Our web3 developer team excels in delivering futuristic web3 applications with superior functionality. We leverage our web3 tech expertise to build groundbreaking business apps and serve our worldwide clientele.

Top IT Consultant

Metaverse App Development

RisingMax Inc., an awarded IT consulting company in NYC, USA, help business to tap into the future and strengthen their virtual presence. Harness our metaverse app development expertise to launch a 3D virtual presence of your business.

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AR/VR App Development

Add value to your business with Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality. We create smart AR/VR apps to deliver enhanced user experiences. Each of our work is unique and we ensure our tech-driven app matches the specific needs of businesses.

Top IT Consultant

Virtual Office Setup

Leverage our affordable metaverse development and IT consultation services to grow your presence in the virtual space. Hire us to set up your virtual office in the metaverse and explore new business opportunities.

Top IT Consultant

Decentralized App Development

Businesses leverage our decentralized applications or dApps development expertise to build more secure solutions. As a renowned IT consulting service provider in NYC, we assist our clients in simplifying, strengthening and transforming their business.

Top IT Consultant

Web3 Game Development

Hire our web3 game developers to build futuristic games that are engaging and align with the next gaming era. Our player-centric development approach spice up players' experience and sets new game standards.

Top IT Consultant

IOS App Development

RisingMax with expert developers, build a full spectrum of iPhone, iOS based mobile apps across diverse verticals to spice-up the user experience. We customize the app using the latest technology stack, forming new global standards.

Top IT Consultant

Android App Development

From design, development, testing to maintenance, we offer end-to-end Android app development well-versed with structured coding. We are an IT consulting company in NYC that also provides a way to revive an app and your business.

Most Trustworthy IT Consulting Company New York - For Right Business Technology, Implementation, Management, and Monitoring.

No matter how complex or diverse your business IT requirements are, we at RisingMax Inc can build IT solutions to help meet business goals faster. Get in touch with one of the most upright IT consultants in NYC, USA.

Redefining Industries With Our IT Consultation & Support Services

As a leading NYC IT consulting service provider, we act as digital transformation catalysts for clients in different business verticals. Keeping abreast with the changing tech trends, we assist businesses worldwide in developing and implementing the right business solutions.

What Makes Us A Top IT Consulting Firm in New York City (NYC)?

RisingMax Inc. is one of the top IT consulting companies in NYC, USA, building groundbreaking technology solutions for businesses worldwide. Keeping abreast with the changing technology trends, we build innovative business solutions that accelerate digital transformation and drive meaningful outcomes.

Best IT Consultant in USA
  • Cybersecure Solutions

    With our cybersecure IT solutions ensure no outside threat hampers business growth.

  • We Keep Learning Too

    We keep on learning, bettering our services to serve clientele & boost their productivity & profits.

  • Future Proof Solutions

    We work with new-age technologies and tools to build future-proof IT solutions for your business.

  • Unparalleled Expertise

    Our years of experience, tech knowledge, and skills enable us to create custom IT solutions.

  • Experienced Team

    Our talented team of 250+, helps businesses achieve goals faster & deliver results that clients demand.

  • On-time Delivery

    We deliver projects in time and respect every deadline that we set with agile development process.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does IT consulting firms charge?

    There is no fixed consulting cost. It totally depends on project complications, technology, resources required, etc. Most IT consulting companies in New York, USA, charge $25000 to $55000.

    How many IT consulting firms are there in the US?

    There are 100+ consulting firms are in the USA. So it needs a lot of effort to find the right consulting firm. RisingMax is the well know IT consulting firm in NYC.

    Why do companies need IT consulting services?

    An excellent IT consultant can offer a better perspective on technology or digital products than an in-house team.. Additionally, they have already worked or developed 100+ software/apps, so they may have white label solutions, or a better solution to offer your business.

  • Who are the big 4 technology IT consulting firms?

    RisingMax, Suffescom, AWS Consultant, and IBM are the big 4 technology consulting firms in the USA.

    How Can IT Consulting Services Help You Grow Your Business?

    An experienced IT consultant will significantly benefit your organization and assist you in overcoming obstacles. Information technology consultants create an up-to-date business plan for your company's expansion, boost customer happiness, better promote your digital product, and contribute to internal and external business process changes.

Most Awarded IT Consulting Company in New York (NYC), USA

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My Rare Collections Case Study
NFT Trading Platform

My Rare Collections

Designed a one-of-a-kind NFT trading platform that offers exclusive digital assets through a smart contract.

Jean Gilles Capital Case Study
Capital Crypto Management Software

Jean Gilles Capital

A 100% automated platform with the most technically advanced crypto market features.

Universal Monsters Case Study
Polygon blockchain Merchandise Store

Universal Monsters

Developed an e-commerce website for Universal Monsters that unlocks digital experience through merchandise and NFTs.

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