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Reshape the world of Gaming with our Play to Earn platform

Rising Max is an eminent place to build a path-breaking platform or revamp your current one with the power of decentralization and blockchain technology. Our 150+ Blockchain technology specialists have excellent knowledge of the latest frameworks, Non-Fungible Token Standards, and Smart contracts. We assure our clients to deliver projects within stipulated time with an array of features and functionalities. We design & develop Next-gen Play to Earn NFT Gaming platforms according to your business revenue model and reward winning strategies for gamers. You can become a pro in Play2Earn with our easy-to-build and launch platform.

Unveil The Potentials of NFT Powered Play To Earn Platform

The widespread gaming industry is enjoying an audience around the globe on all the possible platforms. Most importantly, today's video gaming market is a billion-dollar and flourishing every moment. Coming up in the marketplace with a new concept game can let your business outshine in the crowd. We work on building unique characters, skin, costumes, and weapons for an ultimate gamers experience. Topping on the cake, NFT powered gaming platforms can allow your gamers to share digital assets with family, friends, and other partners!

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Our Ultra-Modern NFT Solutions in Gaming

Rising Max offers the best-in-industry gaming solution at affordable prices, ensuring a trending trading experience with crypto collectibles.

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NFT For Card Games

The outbreak of the pandemic benefited the cards gaming industry with expanding variations and genres. Our blockchain secured NFT Gaming platform attracts gamers to play and earn rewards.

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NFT For Casino Games

NFT in the gambling industry ensures a smooth playing experience without cash. We integrate the NFT For Casino Games platform that facilitates players to play like Bond and earn rewards in cryptocurrency.

p2e nft platform development company

NFT For Arcade Games

The short-level games filled with fun and happiness have the potential to excite every aged person. We develop NFT For Arcade Games to define a whole new experience for your audience.

p2e nft platform development company

NFT For Sports Games

Offer an opportunity to the target audience to enjoy the real experience of playing with a customized team. We offer an amazing gaming experience to die-hard sports games with Non-Fungible Tokens integration.

p2e nft platform development company

NFT For PVP Battle Games

Rock the gaming world with special skin, characters, weapons, power, costumes and configuration. RisingMax offers customized PVP battle gaming solutions with the combination of tokenization powered by top token standards.

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NFT For Action Games

Cheer the virtual world of Gaming with unique powers, devices, tools, characters on the platform. Our tailor-made NFT action gaming platform ensures a top-rated experience. You can auction gaming assets for sale to earn more!

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NFT For Racing Games

Provide a new track and accessories to cars and bikers on your platform. We build P2E NFT Racing Games to provide a completely new experience to game lovers. Various performance evaluation matrices keep users thrilled.

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NFT For Fantasy Sports

Electrify your target audience with imaginary or virtual teams composed of their favorite players. We develop your NFT For Fantasy Sports platform with blockchain and smart contracts that prove uniqueness and authenticity.

Key Factors That Empower Our White Label NFT Gaming Platform

Observe carefully the process of Minting NFTs with our robust software. It’s a complete cakewalk breakdown into the following steps.

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Improve the usability and usability of games in the NFT gaming marketplace with native tokens.

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The decentralized platform ensures that every attribute is visible and highly secured on the gaming platform.

p2e nft platform development company

Smart Contract

Protect your NFT gaming platform from fraud or intermediates attack with smart contract features.

p2e nft platform development company

100% Security

Platforms built-in ethereum, Solana, DOT, Binance, or other blockchain technology ensure security.


2D/3D Games Creation

Our experts are powered by Unity, AppGameKit, Titanium, and other latest 2D/3D platform development skills.

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Decentralized protects the data duplicity and when the introduction of a new block entire platform updates.

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Instant Payment Options

Users can instantly pay or receive amounts in crypto coins without requiring a credit card or other info.

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White label gaming platforms ensure 100% customized gaming solutions for your business and customer convenience.

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To boost gamer and platform experience, we build trustworthy platforms that require a registration process.

Noteworthy Features Of Our NFT Minting Marketplace

The NFT minting marketplace we craft is fully-packed with advanced features adding value to your unique assets.


Get all the details related to NFTs, bids, auctions, price history, and more right from the one-stop destination.

Advanced Search

The NFT minting platform supports the functionality of category tagging and management for easier searches than ever.

Create Listings

On our most robust, scalable, and user-friendly NFT selling platform, you have the feasibility to create listings with ease.

Auction & Buy

Switch between any of the systems. All you have to do is detail the bid amount, expiration date, and a watchlist.


You can use the addition of either an in-app digital wallet or an existing hardware wallet to let users store the NFTs most safely.


The platform also comes with the rating feature integrated on a scale of 1-5 allowing content creators to get the worth they deserve.

Types of NFT Play to Earn Gaming Platforms We Proffer

NFT based P2E gaming platforms enjoy everything in one place. The idea of blockchain integration with gaming technology protects your virtual world from cyber crimes and guarantees customers' personal and financial data security. This is what the most popular gaming platforms are enjoying!!!

p2e nft platform development company

CryptoKitties Like NFT Gaming platform

p2e game developer

DungeonSwap Like NFT Gaming Platform

p2e nft marketplace

Evolution Land Like NFT Gaming Platform

p2e nft developer

Prospectors Like NFT Gaming Platform

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F1 Delta time Like NFT Gaming Platform

p2e nft platform development company

Axie Infinity Like NFT Gaming Platform

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Crypto Dynasty Like NFT Gaming Platform

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Ludo Like NFT Gaming Platform

Establish End-to-End data privacy with Blockchain Technology

Being a top-notch Web Development Company in New York, we’re helping businesses across various domains obtain fully functional content management systems.

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Manage Digital items and assets

Blockchain technology allows gaming items to tokenize, such as digital assets bearing unique attributes. Thanks to Blockchain technology that ensures in-game items belong to players, not to developers. Players have all the rights to buy and manage digital assets and play on the NFT P2E gaming platform.

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Exposure of NFT components

The law of demand and supply also implies, here too. As the demand for an in-game character, competence, power, or other attributes increases, the supply will decrease, and the price will increase. As a result, a game holder has all the rights to earn from growing NFT components prices.

p2e nft platform development company

Contemporary techniques to monetize for developers

TBlockchain technology opens up new opportunities for game creators. Developers get a chance to earn and receive a percentage from every in-game transaction. Also, the increasing currency rate becomes a major reason for the rising creator's income.

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Decentralized gaming platform building

The great combination of Blockchain and decentralization NFT based Gaming platform ensures that developers can trade in-game items such as characters, weapons, skin, and more! Players can also sell their digital assets and obtain the real leverage of play to Earn NFT gaming platform.

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Building single game multiverse

Blochian-based NFT gaming platform provides the liberty to transfer characters from one game to other with a multiverse. Therefore, users play another game and shuffle without changing characters and other details.

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Decentralized game management

The decentralized platform ensures complete control over the game is handled by the community. Therefore it becomes impossible for hacking agencies to work on their motto, and you can enjoy a 100% secured platform.

Understand The Blockchain Platforms On Which We Work

Our crypto exchange solution comes with an array of magnificent features and functionalities.

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    Binance Coin
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  • p2e nft platform development company
    USD Coin
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    Shiba Inu
  • p2e nft platform development company
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    Crypto.com Coin
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    Wrapped Bitcoin
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  • p2e nft platform development company
    Binance USD
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    Bitcoin Cash
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Our Expertise in Crypto & NFT Industry

The evolution of technology in the gaming industry brings a great boom in the modern world. 2D and 3D gaming platforms have become more accessible to audiences. The packet full of gaming levels ensures a high score packed with exciting offers for game lovers.

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Launch your platform on any network with Blockchain experts.

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Ardent Gamers can share and exchange information with blockchain networks

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Play to Earn

Provide easy to earn rewards while playing racing/sports or other game

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Tokenize your gaming platform with Blockchain and Token standard technologies

p2e nft platform development company


Unique codes in the form of smart contracts ensure gaming platform safety

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Sit back and enjoy High-security protocols that make the platform impossible to hack.

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Web Application

Our web application aims to enhance users' approaches and provide uninterrupted mobile and website gaming experience. Users can commence games from web applications from where they left from mobile. User authorization, verification, smart admin console, analytics, and other advanced features work icing on the cake to improve the gaming experience.

Exclusive Security Features in our P2E Gaming Platform

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HTTP Authentication

Leverage highly secure HTTP authentication tokens like OAuth for the user's authentication.

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Jail Login

The Ultimate feature protects the server and platform from multiple failed attempts.

p2e nft platform development company
Data Encryption

Data encryption helps protect user credentials as well as other confidential information.

p2e nft platform development company
Anti-denial Of Service

Protect your cloud server from malicious requests and get inspected traffic.

p2e nft platform development company

Protect your play to earn platform from overwhelming traffic from several sources .

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Registry Lock

Lock your domain at the registry level that will to provide an additional security.

Play to Earn NFT Game Development
Server-side Request Forgery Protection

Secure your web servers from HTTP requests to an arbitrary domain.

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HTTP Parameter Pollution Protection

Safeguard your platform from web attackers that harms confidential information .

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Cross-Site Request

Protect your platform with 360-degree security from unauthorized users' sides.

More Blockchain Development Services

We develop highly secured and smart contract-based services to match your Play to Earn Platform needs.

p2e nft platform development company
Smart Contract Strategy

Enjoy Blockchain-based smart contract consultation services to define you a pathway from design to development.

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Smart Contract Development

Whether it's about Ethereum or Hyperledger Fabric in POCs, our NFT solution provides you with end-to-end services.

P2E NFT platform development
Smart Contract Optimization

We optimize your smart contract for faster transactions on your platform without third-party intervention.

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Smart Contract Audit

Occasional smart contract audits ensure your smart contract is bug-free or scope for best performance.

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Smart Contract Apps

We develop digital certificates, assets, and health wallets to help clients. It also ensures security and transparency.

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Smart Contract Support

Our Smart contact developers build, audit, and optimize your P2E platform's smart contract developed on any platform.

Stay Ahead From Your Competitor With Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Our next-generation play-to-earn NFT gaming development services are based on revenue-generating strategies to secure your company's financial success.

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    Multi-Language Support

  • p2e nft marketplace

    Multi-Currency Convenience

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    Community Development

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    Two-Factor Authentication

  • plat to earn app development company

    Liquidity Support

  • p2e nft platform development company

    Seamless Customization

  • p2e nft marketplace

    Rewards And Referrals

  • p2e game developer

    Impregnable Security

Make the best of investment with our Play to Earn Game development services.

Why Choose Us for Blockchain Your Play To Earn Platform

We are the original game creator that offers a comprehensive platform for creators and gamers to outshine their skills.


Robust Strategies

Our robust blockchain developers will help you to develop platforms from the ground. We integrate the fastest platform for your unlimited virtual transactions.

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Complete Transparency

Reward your gamers with complete transparency on your platform. Our Play-2-Earn platform encourages users to access real-time data and share information while playing.

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Security & Maintenance

Our Blockchain integrated platform ensures 100% data security and authenticity. We also keep backup for your files on your demand to secure and maintain information.

p2e nft platform development company

True Blockchain Gaming

Make gaming minting easy on your platform with our NFT Gaming platforms. It boosts online interaction and super-charges your platform visibility among the biggest fans.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the essential features you should look for when building the Play 2 Earn platform?

    While developing the platform, always look for dual tokens, experience points (XP), NFT, multiple blockchains support, and cross-chain facilities.

    What is the cost of setting up an NFT powered P2E platform?

    As the project requires building from scratch, therefore the cost will depend on desired features and functionalities.

  • How long will it take to build the Play to Earn platform?

    Usually, it takes 10 to 14 weeks to build your platform from scratch. Rest, developing process based on selected features, gaming level, and technology choice.

    What are P2E Points?

    P2E points are a way of rewarding active users that can be redeemed for NFTs or other prizes on the P2E platform.

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