Population Health Management Platform Development: Features, Benefits, & Cost

By RisingMax

August 01, 2023

Population Health Management Platform Development: Features, Benefits, & Cost

The post-pandemic situation is critical in all countries, including the US. In this scenario, each of the citizens needs high-end software to foster the health of society. And population health management platform development can be the perfect solution for that. 

RisingMax Inc. majorly focuses on the development of the health management platform for the hospitals and the healthcare giver to evolve the capacity and capabilities of the institutions to focus and fulfill & understand the needs of the patients across the country and world. 

What Is A Population Health Management Platform?

Population health management is a healthcare strategy that tries to enhance a defined population's health by preventing and controlling disease, increasing wellness, and minimizing health inequities.

Population health management programs often target specific populations within the healthcare system, such as Medicare beneficiaries or patients with chronic diseases, and employ data-driven approaches to identify those at risk for poor health outcomes.

Disease prevention and management, care coordination, patient education and participation, and other actions to improve population health are examples of population health management programs.

What Does A Population Health Management Platform Do?

A single organization operates a population health management platform, but it collaborates with other organizations, such as public health authorities or non-governmental organizations (NGOs). 

Enhance Health

A health management tool that uses AI and machine learning to capture and update data on residents' precautions and steps to improve their health.

Addressing Health Disparities

A healthcare institution can use a population health management population platform to automate the workflow of repetitive processes and enable risk classification, SDoH integration, and other features. 

Enhances Management

The population health management platform can serve as a dependable link between patients and healthcare organizations. This will help save costs while improving the measurements' quality. 

Role Of EMR in Population Health Management Platform

Programs for population health management use an electronic health record (EHR) or Business Intelligence (BI) technology to collect patient data and provide a thorough report on each patient's data in order to spot trends, enhance patient outcomes, reduce the cost of public health systems, and create a coherent delivery network. 

By utilizing Public Health principles for illness management, such as Chronic disease management, with extensive data analysis, PHM aims to create innovative ways to enhance patient outcomes.

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Four Key Things of Population Health Management Platform

Patient Engagement

In order to make healthy decisions and stick to treatment programs, patients must be involved in their own care. Education, support groups, and other services that enable patients to take responsibility for their health can help achieve this.

Participation of Providers

Providers must be actively involved in their patient's care in order to deliver high-quality, population-responsive care. Training, quality improvement programs, and provider networks that allow communication and collaboration can help achieve this. 

Participation of Payers

Payers must be involved in their members' care in order to assure access to high-quality, affordable care. This can be accomplished through provider contracts that reward outstanding treatment, benefit design that encourages preventive and early intervention, and provider education.

Employer Engagement

Employers must be involved in their employees' health in order to encourage a healthy workforce and control healthcare expenditures. Workplace wellness programs, health insurance benefits that encourage preventative treatment, and participation in community health activities can help achieve this.

Key Features Of the Population Health Management Platform

Seamless Connection

The data helps the platform to link and track unified shared records on the platform.


The population health management platform helps the organization create the planning across all the teams around.

Personalized Care

RisingMax Inc. helps the population health management platform to integrate the feature that will help to provide personalized care.


With our population health management platform, you can evaluate the health record and updates easily and more efficiently.


With the high-end health management platform, you can get reports instantly with real-time updates to give care with more accuracy. 

Benefits Of Population Health Management Platform

Financial Improvement

PHM programs reduce expenses while effectively managing and improving patient care. Different divisions use pattern analysis to determine how to deliver cost-effective treatment.  

Risk Classification

Grouping patients based on their lifestyles, health, and medical history. Combining risk scores, demographics, and medical information also enables doctors to design care plans for specific groups and identify patient population trends.

Improved Health Outcomes

Dedicated to the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. Improved preventative care assists patients in avoiding costly treatment procedures. Streamlining care tracking and management also reduces the amount of ER/ED visits.

Better Patient Care

Through the collection of comprehensive patient data and information, physicians can deliver coordinated treatment to their patients. Using big data predictive analytics and other tools to identify escalating hazards for patients in real-time. Creating outreach efforts that encourage patients to take good measures towards bettering their health. On a case-by-case basis, providing care.

Cost To Build Population Health Management Platform

The development cost of any of the platforms majorly depends on 4 main things:

  • The technology used for the development
  • The complexity of the platform
  • Size of healthcare software development company
  • Region of the company 

Apart from this, there are other factors as well that impacts the cost of development.

The approximate cost to build a population health management platform can lie between $40,000 to $150,000 as per the healthcare software development company standards. 

Software Designing Costs21K to 27K
Advanced Features of Software$26 to 35K
Cost For Deployment $16K
Cost Of Integration$21K
Total Cost For Maintenance$1500 to 4K
Project Managers and Team Lead$25 To $49 Per Hour
Quality Assurance Team and Testers $5K To $10K

Population Health Management Platform Development Cost (Size of Company)

Company SizeCostManpower
Small Size Company$19,000 to $ 35,00050-200(usually less experienced in healthcare projects)
Mid Size Company$40,000-$1,50,000200-1000(reliable, cost-effective & experienced)
Large Size Company$1,00,000 to $5,00,0001000-10,000(reliable, high development charges, experienced)

Population Health Management Platform Development Cost(Region)

RegionHourly Costs
North America$25-$75
Gulf Countries$70-$120

Population Health Management Platform Development Cost(Level of Complexity)

Low Complexity Software$30K-$40K
Medium Complex Software$45K-$65K
High-End Complexity$68K-$100K

Low Complexity Software

In the low-complexity platform, you will get the basic features with limited access to the technology to use. With the low-complexity software, the healthcare business has to get the Internet of Things (IoT) for real-time updates & additional features, which will add extra cost.

Medium Complex Software 

In the medium-complex software, you will get the platform with enhanced IoT solutions for real-time updates, advanced features to manage the data, and various other features that will ease your job with accuracy and easy adaptability.

High-End Complexity

A high-end population health management platform is the most demanding among the business as it comes with various perks, including adaptive AI solutions, IoT technology, easy-to-track features, easy graph reports to better understand, and many more.

Population Health Management Platform Development

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