Helping Businesses Transmute Data Into Pragmatic Intelligence

A technology that lets companies gain deep visibility into their business processes and gain an edge over rivals

Power Your Business With Expert-level Business Intelligence Services

We provide end-to-end business intelligence solutions that identify, extract, manage, and analyze data to let companies make more insightful business decisions

BI Consulting

We provide comprehensive services in understanding the critical business metrics by transforming unstructured data into meaningful insights. The prime focus remains on gathering data from various sources, arranging it in a data warehouse, making OLAP cubes, and developing intuitive data visualization.

BI Development

We take charge of developing, deploying, and maintaining BI Interfaces with proficiency. The interfaces include query tools, data visualization & interactive dashboards, ad hoc reporting, and data modeling tools. It also provides support like troubleshooting on the code level and evolution.

BI Integration

On defining the business goal, the team collects and integrates data from various sources like ERP, transactional databases, file systems, flat files, and Excels into a data warehouse or big data file systems to let you access and manipulate different information types from one place.


BI Dashboarding

Depending on your organizational structure, we build reports and dashboards using data from various sources and obtain the company's best insights. You can know the factual information behind figures, identify new trends, and solve upcoming challenges.

BI Testing

Business intelligence testing involves the entire flow, right from fetching the data from the source until the end. We perform tests like data warehouse and ETL testing, load, performance, and report testing to ensure BI solution’s efficient and accurate functioning.

BI Maintenance & Support

Our support model provides support and maintenance that range from critical reporting cycle on-call services to end-to-end onsite support. We strive to minimize software downtime by making our team of experts readily available at the time when support is required.

Our Team Exhibits Unparalleled Expertise In Using Innovative BI Tools

We provide companies all across the globe with reliable Business Intelligence solutions only through trusted technologies.

Business Intelligence Software Development

To become sustainable, organizations need to access complete information about their operational performance. By leveraging BI’s potential, businesses can transform the way they make decisions and achieve better outcomes. We build effective BI solutions for a wide range of industries.

End-To-End BI Services

We render comprehensive BI software development services that use collaborative and iterative methodologies to provide BI-related services. Our developers use Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) technology for multi-dimensional big data analysis from various sources. We use vendor-neutral service-oriented architectures to unify your organization’s data and processes.

BI Platform Services

Our team of experts builds BI solutions for desktops, mobile services, and browser apps. The service comes with customizable business intelligence dashboards offering real-time visibility on KPIs. The umbrella of our BI platform services includes reporting, performance measurement, decision enablement, and predictive analysis.

BI Data Warehouse Solutions

Rising Max’s business intelligence and data warehousing solutions enables users to harness data and obtain valuable insights. We possess domain expertise and experience in Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing. In totality, we provide reliable solutions so that the companies can make better decisions and enhance their performance.

Cloud Business Intelligence Solutions

We provide a specialized solution for everyday users and devise cloud-based applications using container architecture for developing lightweight apps. Our solutions save on implementation time and set-up costs.

Seeking Ways To Capitalize
On BI Solutions?

Rising Max is here to help you attain your BI objectives and give you a firm ground to make the right decisions.

Improve Your Business Performance By Implementing BI

Unlock new opportunities with the right tool and unleash your business for a tomorrow full of possibilities. Our BI tools provide:

Faster Analysis, Intuitive Dashboards

BI platforms perform heavy-duty processing of data or on the company’s servers. It allows non-technical users to tell their stories without learning code.

Organizational Efficiency

BI provides access to data for a holistic view of their operations. In other words, BI gives them enough time to innovate on new programs using data.

Data-driven Business Decisions

The provision of accurate data and faster reporting facilitates better decision-making. Leaders don’t have to wait for long to obtain reports.

Better Customer Experience

BI is directly proportional to customer experience. Pulling out of data from operations using interactive dashboards enables companies to improve customer experience.

Employee Satisfaction

Each department can access its data and participate actively in data analysis. BI provides scalable solutions to the employees of an organization.

Reliable Data

Modern BI platforms combine all internal databases with external data sources. Consequently, departments across the organization can access the same data at the same time.

Our Umbrella Of Services For Business-Critical Decisions

Rising Max houses a highly competent technical experts team to design, develop and support complex Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing using the most innovative technologies.

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Converting Data Into Meaningful Insights

The marketplace is exploring the untapped potential of BI and the data exhibits why BI is meant to reach the pinnacle of popularity


The Business Intelligence market is expected to reach USD 40.50 billion by 2026


The CAGR Growth rate of the Business Intelligence market will be 12% over the forecast period of 2021-2026


The majority of the businesses are achieving better financial performance due to business intelligence

Explore Our Range Of BI & Analytics Solutions

We present to you the different verticals of our suite of BI & Analytics solutions that are ready to serve your purpose


Big Data

Big Data is a field that offers ways to analyze, systematically extract information, and deal with information that is too large or complex. Our Big Data services encompass big data strategy, real-time big data processing services to make every business data-driven.


Data Management

Data management involves a cycle of obtaining data, checking its accuracy, combining the various types together. Our data management strategy is highly efficient in managing end-to-end processes from data acquisition to delivery of information.


Advanced Analytics

Our team of domain and industry experts brings a comprehensive view to enhance the utility of data assets using Business Intelligence, performance management, and predictive analysis. Advanced analytics strengthen the decision-making and agility of a business.


Data Visualization

We create robust dashboards and a 360-degree view of the analytical results to let you find insightful data among the available variables and make wiser decisions daily.


Transform your business with custom-engineered iPhone App Solutions in the USA. We utilize real environment and devices to test your product and actual usage data to offer improvements, optimization, and scale-up. Our custom app developers are fully trained to create a functional app.

Retail industry

BI has transformed the whole scenario for the retail industry as it lets the industry prepare for and analyze big data to find customer purchasing behavior patterns.

  • Open and manage multiple stores with retail BI
  • Keep up with changing consumer trends
  • Address supply chain complexities
  • Shorten supply cycles

Pharmaceutical industry

BI solutions for the pharmaceutical industry have gained huge popularity, owing to its features to gather, evaluate, and compare data from multiple sources.

  • Clinical data analysis
  • Operational processes
  • Marketing & sales
  • Research & development

Fashion industry

BI enables improvement of the fashion industry from all aspects and unlocks the opportunity for them to know the market demands. This helps them in producing the “hottest” style every year.

  • Management of manufacturer, designer & distributor sales channel
  • Revolutionize complicated systems
  • Intuitive estimate of suppliers and manufacturers capacity

Oil & gas industry

BI’s versatility and robustness has managed to deliver groundbreaking results for the oil and gas sector.

  • One-integrated platform for entire organization
  • Embraces finance, HR & Procurement, Production & Maintenance
  • Addressing needs of C-level to site management & to operational analysts

Food-processing industry

With BI, you can access a wide range of business-critical analysis for your food-processing industry.

  • Optimize production performance
  • Sales performance monitoring
  • Customer analysis
  • Optimize inventory management

Telecom industry

BI provides the intelligence to operators by facilitating the conversion of raw data into insightful information.

  • Targeted marketing campaigns
  • Refine pricing strategy
  • Launch products based on pragmatic consumer understanding

BI and big data stack

Data Storage and Services

Amazon • Apache Cassandra • Apache HBase • Apache Kudu • Cloudera • DataStax • HDFS • Microsoft Azure • Redis

ETL and Data Processing

Apache Flume • Apache Hive • Apache Kafka • Apache Sqoop • Apache Storm • ELK • Hadoop MapReduce • StreamsSets Data Collector

BI and Analytics

Apache Impala • Microsoft POwer BI • MIcrosoft SQL Server Reporting Services • Oracle BI • Pentaho • TIBCO Jaspersoft BI

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