Open Network Digital Commerce (ONDC) Development Company

By RisingMax

April 11, 2023

Open Network Digital Commerce (ONDC) Development Company

Revolutionize the digital commerce network with our powerful and advanced open network digital commerce (ONDC) platform. As an open-network digital commerce development company, we build a one-stop e-commerce platform that connects hundreds of digital partner stores for easy access to end users. Join hands with the market leaders in the ONDC, a more inclusive and level playing field for digital commerce worldwide.

Open Network Digital Commerce Development Company

Unlocking The Digital Commerce Growth Potential With Next-gen ONDC Solutions

Open network digital commerce (ONDC) not only revolutionizes the existing e-commerce infrastructure but opens up whole new growth opportunities. As a top-rated open-network digital commerce development company, we build digital solutions keeping in mind the sellers, buyers, delivery, technology, and warehouse partners on ONDC platforms. Our team leverages their domain experience to build next-gen solutions that assist in unlocking new growth opportunities.

Opportunities for Sellers

While in traditional commerce, sellers are limited to one or two digital platforms to connect with potential buyers. The introduction of the ONDC network changes the entire scenario for sellers. Now sellers can partner with a single tech provider on their own terms and cater their products and services to a wider customer base than ever before. Here’s what sellers can expect when they partner with a tech services provider to join an open network digital commerce platform;

  • Easy accessibility to more buyers

An open network digital commerce platform makes it easy for buyers to shop & compare a variety of products available online. This allows sellers to market their products and services to a larger target audience than traditional e-commerce platforms.

  • High Visibility at Low Investment

Business owners investing in online advertisements and marketing for greater product visibility take a large chunk of their profits. However, more buyers on the ONDC platform offer higher product visibility at a relatively low investment cost.

  • Flexible Visibility Terms

Earlier, where businesses need to comply with e-commerce platform agreement terms and conditions to become digitally visible. ONDC network will break the monopoly of e-commerce platforms. Due to multiple choices to launch their products digitally on the ONDC app, businesses now have their own favorable agreement terms.

  • Lower Cost of Doing Business

With platforms like ONDC, sellers enjoy favorable agreement terms, easy accessibility to large buyers, and better profit margins that lower the cost of doing business. This enables sellers to sell products at competitive prices and enjoy long-term profits.

  • Find New Business Partners

Sellers can leverage the popularity of the ONDC applications to form new business alliances, e.g., warehouse, and logistics, to optimize the supply chain and explore new growth opportunities.

Benefits for Buyers

Buyers’ limitations to purchasing listed products and services on a single platform are one of the major drawbacks of existing e-commerce platforms. With open network digital commerce (ONDC), buyers have a wide variety of products and services to choose from at competitive pricing. Here’s what buyers can expect when they join an open-network digital commerce platform;

  • Easy accessibility to more sellers

Earlier on any e-commerce platform, buyers had only a limited number of suppliers for a specific product. With the ONDC platform, buyers enjoy access to more sellers and, therefore, better product prices.

  • Better product pricing

Many sellers on the ONDC application bring in healthy competition, which is good for buyers. Customers have various options to choose from and buy products from a seller offering better pricing.

  • Faster product delivery

Various registered logistic services providers on the ONDC platform give the freedom to sellers to choose a delivery partner that ensures faster product delivery. Moreover, sellers can collaborate with multiple delivery partners, thus enabling them to ship products faster.

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  • Improved customer experience

With greater product options, better pricing, and faster shipment, ONDC platforms will offer an enhanced customer experience. Advanced search filters, UI/UX design, and integration of blockchain technology create a secure and transparent ecosystem for customers.

  • Better feedback mechanism

Big brands and startups can use the ONDC platform's feedback mechanism to improve/innovate their product and services. A large customer base on an open network digital commerce (ONDC) platform offers an opportunity to launch different variations of the same product as per customers' needs.

Opportunities for Technology Partners

Traditionally, sellers completely depend on single technology partners to connect with their target audience and market their products/services. With the ONDC platform, a seller has a variety of tech providers to choose from and enter the digital world. Even new tech providers can form partnerships with old sellers allowing them to offer competitive pricing and widening business scope. Here’s what technology partners can expect when they become a part of an ONDC platform;

  • Faster scaling opportunities

E-commerce startups can take advantage of the larger number of sellers and buyers to cater to their commerce website or application faster. Onboarding more sellers to market their products/services and buyers to easily access listed products on the ONDC platform opens up faster scaling opportunities for existing and startup e-commerce tech providers.

  • Supporting buyer/seller applications

A technology platform service provider offers engaging and feature-rich buyer and seller e-commerce applications. These applications make it easy for buyers/sellers to join the ONDC platform and create a supporting tech structure for growth in digital commerce.

  • Launch niche digital apps

Based on the business model, a technology service provider can launch a niche application or web solution for buyers and sellers. With a better business understanding and niche-targeting applications, tech partners can focus more on adding value and enhancing the overall ONDC platform experience.

  • New business opportunities

An open network digital commerce (ONDC) creates a level playing field for technology services providers. Startups and existing tech service providers can launch a new seller or buyer application with innovative features that add value to the commerce value chain.

  • Reduced time to market

The large number of buyers and sellers on the ONDC platform gives new digital commerce websites and applications instant exposure to a large customer base. With reduced time to market business solutions, tech service providers can focus more on other business aspects.

Benefits for Delivery Partners

Limited delivery partners on traditional e-commerce platforms become a hindrance for sellers to bring down business operation costs. With the ONDC platform, sellers can connect with different delivery service providers and get the best delivery quotes. Even new delivery startups can join the race and offer competitive rates to ensure no business monopoly.

  • Opportunity to form new partnerships

Traditional digital commerce platforms offer limited opportunities for new delivery partners to enter the digital space. Open network digital commerce (ONDC) creates a level playing field for new and old delivery partners to offer competitive rates and form new business alliances.

  • Widen business operations

The business operations of an ONDC solution are not limited to specific geographic locations. Delivery partners can form alliances with different sellers on open network digital commerce to increase their margins and widen business operations.

  • Launch new business

The traditional digital commerce space makes it extremely difficult for a startup delivery service provider to launch their operations. The level playing field provided by open network digital commerce (ONDC) apps supports new delivery service providers in establishing business connections and setting up their businesses.

  • Better business opportunities

While traditional e-commerce sellers are dependent on a few delivery service providers to ensure that their products reach the end user. A large number of sellers ensure better business opportunities for delivery partners that with competitive delivery charges.

Opportunities for Warehouse Providers

Warehouse service providers onboard the ONDC platform and connect with sellers looking to diversify their supply chain. ONDC creates a win-win situation, as sellers get the best quote for managing inventory and warehouse service providers onboard new sellers thus widening their business operations. Here’s what warehouse service providers can expect when they join an ONDC platform;

  • Onboard new sellers

An open network digital commerce (ONDC) allows warehouse service providers to onboard new sellers. A seller can maintain required inventory levels at different warehouses based on product demand to ensure swift deliveries to end customers at competitive prices.

  • Opportunities for new players

While traditional warehouse service providers are limited to one or two e-commerce platforms or sellers to store products. The introduction of the open network digital commerce concept widened business opportunities for new players. A new warehouse service provider can offer their services to many sellers on the ONDC platform looking for affordable storage options.

  • Reduced time to market

The large number of sellers on the ONDC platform provides an opportunity for warehousing service providers to get instant business exposure. Easy accessibility to a wider customer base and reduced time to market assist warehouse service providers focus on delivering affordable storage solutions and other business aspects.

Intriguing Feature of Open Network Digital Commerce (ONDC) Application

Open network digital commerce (ONDC) creates a one-for-all decentralized digital commerce ecosystem. Therefore, designing an ONDC platform requires special attention to ensure everyone within the ecosystem enjoys easy access to features that enhance their overall experience with the platform. Here’s a list of features to include in an ONDC application;

ONDC Sellers’ App Features

  • Registration
  • Product Listing
  • Managing Tech Partners
  • Accept Orders
  • Catalog Management
  • Manage Delivery Partners
  • Manage Warehouse Partners

App Features for Buyers on ONDC App

  • Easy Registration
  • Multi-payment Option
  • Advanced Search Filters
  • Compare Products
  • View Multiple Buyers
  • Real-time Tracking 
  • Reviews and Rating

App Features for ONDC Technology Partners App

  • Easy Registration
  • One-click customer onboarding
  • Multiple subscription plans
  • Compare competitor pricing
  • Easy payment options
  • Customer support

ONDC Delivery Partner App Features

  • Easy signup
  • One-click seller onboarding 
  • Manage delivery agents
  • Real-time location tracking
  • Analytics and Data Tools
  • Track earning status
  • Share delivery quotes

ONDC Warehouse Service Provider App Features

  • Easy signup
  • One-click seller onboarding 
  • Compare competitor pricing
  • Easy inventory management
  • Analytics and Data Tools
  • Share warehousing service quotes

Open Network Digital Commerce (ONDC) App Development Cost

When it comes to open network digital commerce software development cost, multiple cost-driving factors need to be evaluated. To provide you with a clear perspective of how most open network digital commerce platform development companies evaluate and share a development quote, we have listed some prominent cost-driving factors for you;

Multiple cost-driving factors in ONDC app development;

  • Type of ONDC app.
  • Project complexity.
  • Required app features.
  • Features complexity.
  • Security and add-on features.
  • Location of the ONDC development company.
  • Required tech stack.

Based on the above-mentioned factors, an open network digital commerce development company shares an estimated development cost. Most ONDC platform development companies charge $55000 - $75000 development cost for an app with all required features.

Are you seeking a customized open network digital commerce (ONDC) software development quote? Then, reach out to our RisingMax Inc. experts and share your project requirements. Our team will share a customized development cost based on your project needs ASAP.

Open Network Digital Commerce Development Company

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