ONDC App & Marketplace Development Cost

By RisingMax

April 11, 2023

ONDC App & Marketplace Development Cost

Open Network for Digital Commerce(ONDC) is developing an exciting solution for the e-commerce industry. The era of digitalization has given us a lot of things to enhance the user experience of the global audience, and now the decentralization method is creating a completely advanced arena.

ONDC App Marketplace Development Cost

Where in the digitalized era, each of the businesses has grown with multiple facilities and excellent revenue, the decentralized market has much more to provide for the businesses.

The ONDC is creating one of the most emerging technologies for e-commerce to go decentralized and with high-end features. The technology for the upcoming future will enhance the e-commerce platform shopping experience, and on the other side, it is going to be the hyperlocal platform for the vendors. 

This technology will help the local vendors to go internationally without being tied up to any centralized platform like Amazon or eBay.

This is the right time to adopt the technology and become the leading e-commerce company. In this blog, you will get to know how much an ONDC app & marketplace development will cost in 2023. 

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Let’s see what could be the approximate development cost of ONDC.

ONDC App & Marketplace Development Cost


30K To 45K



Outsource Software

$30K To 40K 

Cost For Integration


Cost For Maintenance

$6000 To $10,000

Hourly Project Manager Cost 

$25/ Hour to $49/Hour

Quality Assurance Team And Testers


ONDC App & Marketplace Development Cost on The Basis Of Complexity

Low Complexity Software


Medium Complex Software 


High-End Complexity


Development Cost Based On Region

The development cost also depends on the region of the development company you are hiring for the development of the ONDC app & marketplace. 


Hourly Costs

North America




Gulf Countries




Key Features Of ONDC App & Marketplace

Here are some of the features that will help the robust ONDC technology to boost the market of business owners. 


The ONDC technology is completely decentralized and will help businesses grow without being available to any centralized platform. Currently, the available marketplaces are mostly centralized, even when there are some decentralized e-commerce platforms that are with a high service charge. 

One Stop Solution

It will be the one-stop solution for each type of registration. The vendors must register on one chain instead of multiple marketplaces. With the help of the chain on the platform, the registration data will be transferred to the other networks for the convenience of the business platform. 


This technology gives complete power to participants to deal with their consumers and with their affordability. Now the participants won’t have to deal with the centric platform where each of the terms is according to the platform owner only. In this type of technology, the power to manifest the idea will be in the hands of the participants.


The ONDC technology will be a continuously evolving technology. It will improve continuously with the daily activity, interaction, and enlisting of the businesses on the platform. As the demand from the decentralized network is increasing with each passing day, it won’t be a bad prediction that in the coming days, it will be a mainstream technology.

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Benefits Of ONDC App & Marketplace 


Both buyers and sellers can conduct business inside an open network regardless of which platform/application they use to be digitally visible/available as long as the platforms/applications are interoperable.

The open network is founded on the fundamental concepts of decentralization, openness, and increased user utility. Building upon those ideas, the system will promote and facilitate the rapid adoption of technology stacks and tools such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, and so on at each node through innovation and experimentation. This is an interoperable system that enables sellers to control their products.

Supply Chains

Through the creation of an interoperable and open playground for various sections to function and compete, the open network protocol is expected to act as a force multiplier for various segments - businesses, consumers, application developers, governments, and other relevant participants. This open network will unbundle the supply chain, shifting power from the intermediaries to the end users, i.e., consumers, merchants, and support service providers. This will impact small businesses seeking to unlock innovation and scale their operations through Ecommerce. 

Open Network

The open network concept is not limited to the retail industry. Its use cases and benefits can be extended to any digital commerce domain, including wholesale, mobility, food delivery, logistics, travel, and urban services, among others. It has the potential to transform both consumer and business-to-business transactions.


ONDC will implement and adapt the necessary technological protocols. Furthermore, part of its developmental role will be the design, development, maintenance, and continuous upgrade of technological rails required for Digital Commerce. It will also work to recruit network participants from various domains and provide them with the necessary handholding in order to achieve widespread voluntary participation in the network.

Network Facilitation

ONDC will assist in the establishment of the "Network Code of Conduct" from its inception by developing network policies and rules in collaboration with participants in the network. It will be based on consumer security and fair trade fundamentals, with the goal of making these policies machine-readable and software enforceable in the network to the greatest extent possible and meaningfully.


Develop, maintain, and continuously improve fundamental network management solutions, including the creation of reference applications to aid in the onboarding of buyers and sellers during the early phases of operation.

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Is ONDC a reliable option?

ONDC is a powerful concept that has the potential to transform India's entire digital commerce landscape. Its applications and benefits can be extended to various sectors, domains, socioeconomic strata, and geographic locations. As a result, ONDC will continue to expand across multiple dimensions as part of the long-term implementation strategy. 

Will ONDC create a better choice for Ecommerce businesses?

The establishment of ONDC and its role in enabling the Open Network would have a wide range of benefits, from a significant increase in the availability of options to consumers and retailers to substantial financial benefits from increased business efficiencies and lower customer acquisition costs.

Is it a one-stop solution?

The establishment of ONDC and its role in enabling the Open Network would have a wide range of benefits, from a significant increase in the availability of options to consumers and retailers to substantial financial benefits from increased business efficiencies and lower customer acquisition costs.

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