Custom Facial Recognition Development Services

By RisingMax

August 11, 2023

Custom Facial Recognition Development Services

Our face recognition services enable businesses to distinguish people in a crowd, even in challenging scenarios with bad lighting, by using the strength of deep learning algorithms. RisingMax Inc. provides businesses with face detection so they may gain better and more precise insights using graphics processing units (GPUs) or specialized processors.

Custom Facial Recognition Development Services

How Does A Custom Facial Recognition Work In Business?

The technology uses computer vision algorithms to map, analyze, and confirm the identity of a face on a photo or a video. Although every facial recognition solution (which often rely on proprietary algorithms) operates differently, we can distill the facial recognition process down to the following steps:


The process of finding a face in an input image is aided by detection. Therefore, a bounding box is formed around each face. The facial recognition algorithms must first be taught to understand how a face appears on various data entries before this step can be finished.


Analyzing involves listing the characteristics of each face. This is accomplished by calculating the distances between the eyes, nose, and mouse as well as figuring out how the chin is shaped. The so-called faceprint is created by combining such measurements and turning them into a singular set of integers.


This is the process of actually identifying a person in the supplied photo. In certain applications, categorization takes the role of this step. In these situations, the algorithms designate a person as belonging to one of the separate categories, such as by gender or age, without verifying the individual's identification.

Enhance security and convenience of your business with our tailored facial recognition solutions.

Use Of Custom Facial Recognition Development Services In Various Industries

Whether you have a healthcare business or running a retail business or an educational institution, here are a few examples to show you how facial recognition systems will work for the business and how it will enhance the business.


Precaution From Shoplifters

With this technology, shoplifting prevention systems can be aimed to recognize repeat offenders whose photographs have been stored in a database and will also recognize the criminals or repeated offenders. A facial recognition system database looks for a match for the visitor's face in the database of known offenders rather than assigning any personally identifying information to it.

Loyalty Rewards

Facial recognition technology can assist shops in rewarding devoted consumers without interfering with their shopping experiences by being integrated into a store's CCTV cameras. When a member of a loyalty program walks into a business, a face recognition system recognizes them and, among other things, offers them a special discount or alerts them to sales or goods they might find interesting.


Patient Recognition

Biometric technology, such as face recognition systems, can be used in the healthcare sector to authenticate the identities of surgery patients, identify unaccompanied patients by a medical professional, and monitor who enters and leaves the facility to reduce security risks.

It will also help to diagnose uncommon genetic illnesses, particularly those with minor symptoms, which can be aided by facial recognition. Patients can quickly and easily check their health condition with facial recognition health applications. One may monitor their heart rate, blood pressure, stress level, and more by merely staring at the camera. 

Mental Therapy

Real-time emotion tracking is another use for face recognition technology in healthcare. Emotion analysis has been used in mental healthcare at this early stage. The sector had been characterized by tech stagnation for a while. However, it is now being altered by new technology. Mental diseases can now be treated almost as well as physical ones when evidence-based treatment (EBT) is combined with facial recognition technology.


Learning Management

Custom facial recognition software helps to recognize and categorize faces as well as interpret a variety of emotions. According to researchers, seeing students' facial microexpressions—such as lifting their eyebrows or clenching their eyelids—can emphasize various emotions, such as boredom, perplexity, joy, irritation, surprise, and others. Professors and curriculum designers may find this beneficial for better learning management.

Attendance Track

For universities that continue to use the practice for a variety of purposes, such as satisfying academic requirements, complying with Federal assistance rules, or gauging student engagement levels, attendance monitoring is a time-consuming manual operation. For as long as this procedure has been standard practice, faculty members and students (whether online or in person) take attendance during the opening few minutes of each session. A quick and automatic solution to achieve this is provided by facial recognition technology.

Key Features Of Facial Recognition Software


The facial recognition app scans and detects faces while it is connected to the video surveillance system. When the system detects a face-like image, it scans the database. The system then gathers information such as the position, orientation, and size of the head. For complete detection by the Camera, the face is usually turned to a 35-degree angle.


The act of removing abnormalities from data and converting it to a standard format is known as normalization. The image is scaled and rotated after it is normalized so that it may be mapped into the correct size. By determining the visible critical components, the software deciphers the geometry of the face.

No Racism

Zero gender or racial bias is achieved by training the algorithm with millions of faces from global databases.

Liveness Detection

Liveness detection reduces the possibility of fraudulent attempts and guarantees the end user's live presence at the moment of authentication. However, fraudsters also attempt to evade biometrics, but you may stop them using liveness detection tests.

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Benefits Of Facial Recognition Development


Facial recognition software is a safer option. They are not only easy to use because a user doesn't need to remember their passwords, but they are also almost unhackable. A system can only be accessed by the user whose face has been approved to log into it. Face recognition technology is, therefore, crucial for businesses. 

Payment Gateways

Payment gateways can successfully execute a transaction by using a person's face characteristics rather than their card or e-wallet information with facial recognition software. Additionally, this can stop the theft or abuse of information like accounts or credit card numbers.

Customization Shopping

Retail businesses can also detect consumers entering in and instantly call up their prior purchases to show them pertinent new things that have come or special deals using face recognition software. The implementation of AI and ML with facial recognition software entices customers to look at additional goods before making a decision.

Minimum Crime

The use of technology aids in the detection of persons with criminal histories and the prevention of fraud. It notifies bank security to pay more attention to these individuals because they might pose hazards. In addition, it aids insurance companies in identifying and reducing false claims.

Instant Processing

Customers will find it simpler to utilize your services when face recognition takes the place of your present client identification procedures. Your company will be able to adopt digital-first experiences with the aid of this strategy. Additionally, a consumer won't have to be physically there to use a service at a location.

Custom Facial Recognition Development Procedure


As the first step, it is necessary to have in-depth information about the necessary things to develop facial recognition software, what challenges you can resolve with the facial recognition system, etc. 


The next thing is to know about the technology that you will use for the development of the custom facial recognition software. A high end custom facial recognition software can be developed with multiple technologies. 

Hire Software Development Company

The next thing that you have to do is to hire a reliable and experienced custom facial recognition software development company and leave the rest to them. They will help you to develop facial recognition software with all the advanced features.

Our Facial Recognition Development Services

Easy Integration

Whether it's an app, website, camera system, or something else, we provide custom APIs that are simple to integrate with your existing systems. All while being absolutely unique to your company.


Collect info you didn't know you could have. Customer satisfaction can be tracked, public speakers can be dissected, and video surveillance can be improved. The possibilities are endless.

Robust Tech

It makes no difference if you're watching from afar, wearing a mask or cosmetics, or have little visibility. The tools we create are based on industry-leading models that are always reliable.

Enhance Experience

Our facial recognition services assist in revealing how customers perceive products and brands as well as understanding customer behavior in order to provide better experiences. It also aids in the prevention of theft, vandalism, and other illegal acts.

Real Time Detection

Our face recognition services may produce value in a variety of ways, from real-time people surveillance at events to recognizing customer expressions while purchasing products or interacting with the business.

Custom Facial Recognition Development Services

Cost To Build Custom Facial Recognition Development Services

The development cost of custom facial recognition software can be between $40,000 to $70,000. It majorly depends on multiple factors, including the features, customizations, etc. 

Software Designing Costs10K to 15K
Advanced Features of Software$7 to 20K
Cost For Deployment $9K
Cost Of Integration$7K
Total Cost For Maintenance$3K to 4K
Project Managers and Team Lead$25- $49/Hour
Quality Assurance Team and Testers $5K

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Custom Facial Recognition Workflow

  • Face Detection
  • Data Alignment
  • Feature Extraction
  • Face Identification
  • Alert/Access

Which Industries Are Suitable For Custom Facial Recognition Development

  • Healthcare
  • Retail & Ecommerce
  • Automobile
  • Banking & Finance
  • Oil & gas
  • Education
  • Aviation 
  • Hospitality

Why Choose RisingMax Inc. For Custom Facial Recognition Development

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