BIaaS Software Development Company

By RisingMax

April 04, 2023

BIaaS Software Development Company

RisingMax Inc. is a top-rated blockchain infrastructure as a service (BIaaS) software development company. Our advanced business solutions empower BIaaS providers to effectively bridge the gaps with customers and widen their business scope.

blockchain infrastructure as a service

Leveraging the user-friendly nature of our BIaaS software solutions, businesses and developers can address their decentralized app infrastructure needs to speed up and reduce the implementation cost. Connect with our experts to know more!

Blockchain Infrastructure As A Service (BIaaS): Empowering Implementation of Decentralized Apps

Blockchain is a promising technology. The recent rise in the development of blockchain-based business apps clearly indicates how desperate businesses worldwide are to integrate this revolutionary technology. 

With the large-scale mainstream adoption of decentralized business applications, countless companies, organizations, and blockchain developers need a supportive infrastructure to effortlessly implement a decentralized ecosystem.

Budding entrepreneurs worldwide are quick to analyze this growing opportunity in the crypto space and provide blockchain infrastructure as a service. Businesses and blockchain developers worldwide can leverage these platforms to build or ensure the smooth running of dApps. 

Managing blockchain infrastructure such as nodes, APIs, smart contracts, etc is a complex, time taking, and expensive process. A BIaaS provider provides the infrastructure needed for the implementation and smooth running of blockchain-based applications.

However, investing in blockchain infrastructure for developing, deploying, and managing decentralized business apps is not enough. As a BIaaS provider, you need a software solution or a digital platform that allows customers to securely avail and address blockchain infrastructure needs.

As a leading blockchain and web3 development service provider, we build solutions that enhance customer experience and solve real-world problems. Connect with our experts to bridge the gap between BIaaS providers and customers using our high-end software solutions. Schedule a FREE consultation call to understand how our advanced business solutions can widen your BIaas scope.

What is Blockchain Infrastructure as a Service (BIaaS)?

Blockchain infrastructure-as-a-service (BIaaS) is a third-party cloud-based infrastructure for successfully developing, deploying, and managing decentralized applications. BIaaS infrastructure comprises decentralized apps, blockchains, hardware, software, smart contract platforms, and API infrastructure. The main purpose of BIaaS is to provide an ecosystem for developers and businesses to create and manage blockchain apps.

Benefits Of Blockchain Infrastructure as a Service (BIaaS)


One of the biggest advantages of blockchain infrastructure as a service platform is that developers or admins don’t require in-depth tech expertise to set up and utilize the network. The BlaaS provider is responsible for node management, securing the database, and timely software maintenance.

Unlimited Scalability

Partnering with a blockchain infrastructure as a service provider empower businesses worldwide to address the decentralized app scalability issues. BlaaS widens a blockchain app scope for startups and enterprises planning to scale in the future. Flexible pricing models offered by various Blaas providers are ideal for testing water and, later, planning toward scaling up.

Secure Data Storage

For businesses, data security is a paramount concern. A BlaaS provider company offers advanced data monitoring and auditing tools that report and detect malicious activities over the application. Integration of advanced data encryption solutions and control mechanisms ensures secure storage of valuable business data.

End-to-end Services

Software admins and developers can use blockchain infrastructure as a service-providing platform for various other services. BlaaS such as API integration, smart contract development & audit. With smart contract development services, businesses can code the agreement terms to eliminate intermediaries and automate contract execution.

Easy API Integration

Blockchain infrastructure as a service company creates a secure ecosystem for developers to integrate next-gen tools such as payment gateway, messaging services, and others. Developers can leverage APIs available to integrate their business applications with the nodes network.

App Analysis Tools

Integrated analytics tools make it easy for developers to monitor and analyze the performance of a business application. These app analytics tools BIaaS companies provide are critical for developers to optimize network operations.

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Tech and Tools on Blockchain Infrastructure as a Service

Now you have read about various benefits of blockchain infrastructure as a service platform. It’s time to learn more about how the BIaaS platform assists in developing decentralized business applications. Here’s a list of leading blockchain infrastructure as a service tech and tools;

Infrastructure for Nodes

In a blockchain-based business application, nodes play a vital role in maintaining a smooth flow of information within the network. However, managing nodes becomes a complicated and full-time task for a decentralized app developer. To skip this hectic time-taking task, developers can partner with a reliable blockchain infrastructure as a service provider to manage nodes.

Infrastructure for Web3 API

When it comes to the top blockchain infrastructure as a service tool, web3 API management tools are arguably the most vital ones. Decentralized app developers can leverage available APIs to create an ecosystem for sharing information between two software with a set of definitions and protocols.

Infrastructure for Smart Contract Development

For developers, managing smart contract frameworks and IDEs becomes easy with blockchain infrastructure as a service. Different aspects such as coding, compiling, deploying, verifying, framework, and testing related to smart contact can be managed efficiently.

Infra for Web3 Wallets

Web3 wallets require a secure and decentralized ecosystem for storing, trading, buying, and selling cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens. Crypto Exchanges and NFT marketplaces can partner with a web3 wallet infrastructure service provider to ensure secure digital asset ownership and users’ data.

Infrastructure for NFT Marketplace

Blockchain infrastructure as a service empowers developers and entrepreneurs to launch their NFT marketplace apps in hours or days. BIaaS providers handle all the infrastructure-related needs of the NFT marketplace so you can focus on your NFT platform.

A reliable blockchain infrastructure as a service provider assists developers and business owners to focus on dApps and quit worrying about app infrastructure needs. We a BIaas software development company assist service providers to build software to create an ecosystem where developers can build dApps and businesses to ensure the smooth running of apps without spending huge on blockchain infrastructure.

Blockchain Infrastructure as a Service: Revenue Generation

Similar to any infrastructure service provider, a BIaaS provider generates revenue in return for maintaining nodes and other infrastructure needs. During the implementation of a decentralized application, businesses need to invest in hardware and IT infrastructure to ensure the smooth running of applications. A BIaaS provider charges a fixed fee for handling all the infrastructure needs of your decentralized business application.

Multi Chain Support

Decentralized business applications are built on a blockchain such as Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Ripple, etc. Based on which blockchain platform your business dApp is built, you will need a node infrastructure provider for that specific blockchain. As most BIaaS providers offer multi-chain support, finding infrastructure support for your dApp won’t be difficult.

Digital Tokens

BIaaS providers can collaborate with an NFT token development company to launch their own digital tokens. Collaborating with various NFT marketplaces and exchanges these digital tokens can be brought to pay charges for accessing nodes and infrastructure. With this, a BIaaS provider can widen their revenue generation scope while widening payment methods.

How Much Does Blockchain Infrastructure as a Service Software Development Cost?

As a trusted software development company, we understand that no two businesses’ software needs are the same. Therefore, the development cost differs from one business software solution to another. Our expert team shares an estimated BIaaS software development only after understanding clients’ software needs, business work, and project ideas. 

There are multiple factors that directly impact the estimated development budget of a BIaaS software solution. Our team first understands your app needs and factors that directly impact the project development cost, before reaching a conclusion. 

Prominent factors that directly impact the BIaaS app development cost;

  • BIaaS software type.
  • Integrated features complexity.
  • Security features.
  • Location of a BIaaS software development company.
  • BIaaS software size and development time frame.
  • Development technology stack.
  • Development team strength.
  • Add-on project features.

After carefully analyzing the above-mentioned cost-driving factors, a software development company shares an estimated project budget. Most trusted BIaaS software development companies worldwide charge $50,000 to $55,000 for BIaaS software development. The development cost might go up to $100,000+ based on software features and the client's needs.

blockchain infrastructure as a service

Why Choose RisingMax Inc. for BIaaS Software Development?

RisingMax Inc. is a leading blockchain app development company, assisting businesses worldwide to securely enter and implement decentralized apps. Our robust BIaaS software solutions are designed and developed keeping in mind the infrastructure needs of developer teams and businesses worldwide. Leveraging our domain expertise, we believe in building decentralized business applications at par with current changing market trends and widening the business scope.

Here’s why you hire us;

  • Unmatched blockchain domain expertise.
  • Affordable BIaaS software solutions.
  • Customized dApp solutions.
  • Highly experienced blockchain development team.
  • Transparent pricing policy.
  • 24*7 customer support.

Currently, blockchain-based business solutions are selling like hotcakes. It’s not far when businesses will need a blockchain infrastructure service provider to efficiently manage and ensure the smooth running of blockchain apps. With our BIaaS software solutions, service providers can address business needs and widen their blockchain infrastructure service scope.

Let’s connect over a FREE consultation call to explore how our blockchain infrastructure as a service software solution helps your business grow.

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