Online Weighbridge Management System Software To Automate Weighing Process

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

Online Weighbridge Management System Software To Automate Weighing Process

Weighbridges have been used since the early twentieth century, and engineers have come a long way since then. Weighbridges have received a big upgrade with the emergence of the internet, computers, smart computers, and technology.

Companies are now automating their scales and weighing processes with the weighbridge management system. 

What Is The Automatic Weighbridge System Software?

Weighing system for large vehicles and containers that transport goods and other materials from one location to another. It has an electronic or digital monitor that shows the vehicle's weight, which is noted by the operator when vehicles are checked in and out. Apart from weighing and noting, the system saves it for records and applies algorithms for further calculation to do tasks like a receipt, billing, and more according to business processes. 

RisingMax, one of the top IT consulting companies in New York, provides a simple, cost-effective online weighbridge management system that can operate in both online and offline modes to provide data for all critical operations at mines, industries, and other weighing operations. 

Traditionally, weighbridges were only used to weigh vehicles or containers, and the process was heavily reliant on the operators. 

Despite having a system in place, industries have had difficulty managing these vehicles and goods due to errors caused by manual interruptions or, in some cases, deliberate data spoofing. This had a negative impact on operational efficiency and made centrally managing the process difficult. 

Furthermore, the need for evidence was overlooked, and no detailed data for future analysis was provided.

Weighbridge Management System Integration & Automation

The Online Weighbridge Software is a smart integration of hardware and software that automates and catalyzes each weighbridge process, such as vehicle weighing, driver details, truck number, weighbridge access, and data validation at various checkpoints.

The goal is to improve process efficiency and consistency while also obtaining real-time data that can be used to make decisions. For seamless operation, the integration includes cameras, boom barriers, weighbridge (RC-COM Port/ USB), RFIDs, barcodes, and third-party integration. 

Various mines, industries, logistic parks, and individual weighing bridge service providers have successfully installed the application.

Easy Measurements with Weighbridge Management System Software

Before traveling on a public road, a weighbridge is used to weigh or determine the weight of the products being transported or to determine the load on each axle to ensure the vehicle is not overburdened. The process for calculating the net weight of a load on a vehicle is straightforward;

  • Instruct the driver to approach the weighbridge cautiously and drive straight onto the platform, without turning or slamming on the brakes.
  • Ascertain that the vehicle is completely centered on the platform. Ensure that your tires are not rubbing against anything, as this will result in erroneous results.
  • Request that the driver and any passengers exit the car and exit the platform unless doing so is banned for occupational health and safety concerns. When the vehicle returns, the driver may not be the same, and the passengers may be missing.
  • Weigh the car, both loaded and empty. As soon as the weighing is finished, write down the gross (or tare) mass on the measurement ticket.
  • Weigh the car once it has returned, emptied (or loaded). As soon as the weighing is finished, make sure the tare (or gross) mass is recorded on the measurement ticket.
  • Subtract the tare mass from the gross mass to get the net mass. On the measurement ticket, write the net mass.

How Weighing Management Systems Can Benefit Your Business?

1. Eliminates Data Spoofing

Online weighbridge software automates the entire process, from vehicle entry to vehicle exit from the premises. It gathers photographic evidence of the vehicle's inward and outward movement. 

As a result, there is no need for human intervention, and thus there are fewer opportunities for data manipulation. Aside from that, it maps numbers such as license plates, challan numbers, or token numbers as a reassurance to avoid false data entry.

2. Increases Productivity and Efficiency

Any industry's most important factors are efficiency and productivity. The company expands and takes every small step possible to increase these factors and get the most out of its processes.

The entire transaction of a vehicle, from entry to exit, involves numerous processes, each of which requires its own system. This makes it difficult to manage the data. As a result, weighbridge software makes it simple to manage data from a single system.

It does so by using snapshots taken while the vehicle is on the weighing scale to manage and verify transactions. The easy integration of Weighbridge with the ERP, on the other hand, makes the system even more reliable and the entire process more efficient.

3. Manages the Architecture of Multiple Locations

The process of delivering a material involves two steps: 

Dispatching the product from one end and Receiving the material from the other. But the story doesn't end there. 

It's critical to ensure that the material sent out is identical to what was received, and, more importantly, in the same quantity. It's difficult to keep track of these items, especially when they come from various vendors. 

Weighbridge software centralizes the management of data dispatched and received from weighbridges. This simplifies the tracking of material from various vendors and the management of multiple locations.

4. Customers are Served with Various Pieces of Evidence, Emails, and SMS.

In addition, the Weighbridge Integration takes snapshots of the vehicle as it enters and exits the premises, providing data on the following:

  • A snapshot of the vehicle number
  • A snapshot of the driver
  • A look at the materials
  • Photograph of a weighbridge

These snapshots, combined with bookmarks on a video recording of events such as vehicle entry and exit, serve as evidence for auditing purposes. 

It can also be used to send email and SMS notifications about the actual data to be received, as well as the receipt and condition of goods while they are being delivered.

5. Analytical Reports are Provided

It generates a detailed report of the entire transaction, complete with insights into the weighments, transaction condition, and other customized fields, as well as evidence in the form of snapshots.

Some Effective Features of Weighbridge Management System Software:

Easy-to-Use Interface: To use a weighbridge management system, you don't need to be an expert. It is so simple to use that even a truck driver can operate it.

Reporting: Cloud-based reporting, which is divided into master reports, audit reports, and transaction reports, allows for better oversight of operations.

Completely Scalable: Depending on the size of the company and the nature of the weighing requirements, it is completely scalable.

Secure: Role-based access control to safeguard today's most valuable asset: data. With the addition of the ability to customize roles based on need.

Managing Transactions: Active transactions, completed transactions, and void transactions are all managed.

Multi-Level Management: Weighbridge Management System Software allows you to manage products, measure units (in kilograms, tons, and pounds), and manage gate and vehicle-related operations with ease.

Centralization: It Allows for integration with ERP/SAP and multiple weighbridges, as well as the generation of centralized reports.

Adaptability: Software that can be adapted to various platforms and upgraded without difficulty at any time.

Customizable Receipts: You can print customized receipts with pre-built logos, text, footnotes, and other features.

Barcode and QR code Integration: The weighbridge management software is enabled by powerful scanners to capture error-free records from the vehicle. The unmanned system lowers operating costs and ensures high availability.

Boom Barriers: The next stage of automation is the boom barrier, which only allows entry to the truck if all required data is gathered in the weighbridge application, and the system then unlocks the vehicle from the weighbridge when the requirements are met.

Ask Yourself These Weighing Management Software Questions

Is Your Truck Scale Trustworthy?

Automatic weighing scales require electricity to operate, which is a significant cost-saving for mechanical truck scale users. The question is, how much will it cost? 

While weighing management software for automatic truck scales will consume a significant amount of power, they will provide you with reliability in exchange for a fair price.

Mechanical truck scales have a very low level of reliability. This is due to the fact that humans are prone to making mistakes. On the other hand, unless deliberately sabotaged, automatic weighbridge management solutions always provide accurate readings and are impossible to fool.

Re-calibrating Time and Time Again?

The calibration of the system is one of the most infuriating aspects of using a mechanical truck scale. The calibration of the scale tends to shift over time and a series of weighing, which can result in inaccurate weighing.

The weighbridge management system software in the automatic truck scale takes care of it for you. Yes, it's entirely automated. The weighbridge's re-calibration process is automated, so you don't have to do anything!

This is why automatic weighing solutions are more durable and cost-effective over time than mechanical weighing solutions.

Remote Control of the Weighbridge

Weighbridge software solutions offer a benefit that you will never get with a mechanical weighbridge. You can control the weighing process and weighbridge remotely from your mobile phone or computer with an automatic truck scale!

Is Your Mechanical Weighbridge Capable of Accomplishing This?

No. The automatic weighing scale, on the other hand, can. Listen to this if that isn't enough to take your breath away.

You don't have to do anything with weighbridge management software for an automatic weighing scale except make sure no one tampers with the tools. 

The system will provide you with a system that is accurate, transparent, and easy to track. There is no room for error or deception. What are your thoughts now, eh?

Final Words: Weighbridge Management System Software

RisingMax is a well-known software development company New York that provides cutting-edge software development services to a variety of sectors. We are also recognized for creating solutions if and when the firm confronts a new problem, owing to our more than 10 years of experience in the ERP sector.

Many well-known companies have employed our weighbridge system, which has simplified their accounting and management processes.

We believe in simplifying business and finding solutions to any of your issues!

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