Get Solana NFT Gaming Platform Development For Maximum Profit

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

Get Solana NFT Gaming Platform Development For Maximum Profit

The NFTs are taking up the marketplace, and youth are crazy about collecting rare digital assets. Ohh! I should correct myself that there is no age slab for the NFT.

Each tech lover is joining the platform and not only the tech. lovers, but the investors are welcoming the NFT gaming platform.

Solana NFT gaming platform development

A huge marketplace is set up on the blockchain. The NFT development companies are coming up with advanced technologies for developing the NFT gaming platform.

There are multiple options in such a vast marketplace. One of the most profitable and tough to build is the Solana NFT gaming platform development.

Here we will try to cover all the aspects of the Solana NFT game platform.

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Buckle up your seatbelt to tour the new scope of NFT gaming and make money from the Solana-based NFT gaming platform.

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Why You Should Choose Solana For NFT Gaming Platform Development 

Solana blockchain is making the blockchain industry a fair place for experiencing NFT gaming with smooth and faster transactions. Solana is the only blockchain system available on the POS mechanism.

The Solana blockchain platform provides the time stamp transaction for the major effects and accepts the low barrier entries on the platform. 

The speed of transactions always matters in the blockchain. The transaction speed it handles is about 68,000 TPS (transaction per second).

If we compare the transaction speed of it with Bitcoin or Ethereum, then both of the top crypto's transaction speed is less than 25 TPS. 

  • Solana helps to build a completely secured gaming platform for the users.
  • Getting the NFT gaming platform on Solana is always preferable as it is known for its reliability in building the gaming platform.
  • The development of the NFT gaming platform on Solana is much more cost-effective than any other platform. 

Benefits Of Building The NFT Gaming Platform On Solana

Each of the businesses runs to make a profit from the application. There are multiple perks for building the Solana NFT gaming platform; here are some of the key benefits of building the NFT gaming platform on Solana. 

Transactions per second (TPS)

The Solana has the ability to do 2500 transactions/second. The transaction speed on the platform is one of the major reason why user prefers to get on the Solana platform. Due to its tall preparation speed, the Solana NFT stage culminates for the most recent utilized cases, like Metaverse and NFT gaming.

Low Cost 

Solana gives the advantage of low transactions. Usually, the blockchain platforms like Ethereum have a high transaction cost in place of Ethereum. The transaction cost on the Solana is much lesser.

The low transaction cost will attract more users to the platform and help make more income with maximum users. The minting cost on the Solana blockchain is as low as $0.0025. 


While Proof-of-Work (POW) is an efficient algorithm, many have criticized it for its energy use and environmental impact. However, reaching a consensus about the time spent mining a block is as essential as reaching it over the existence of transactions.

Whereas Proof-of-Work (POW) is a proficient calculation, numerous have criticized it for its vitality utilization and natural effect. Be that as it may, coming to an agreement almost the time went through mining a piece is as fundamental as coming to it over the presence of exchanges.

Timestamping is vital because it lets the network know that exchanges happen in a specific arrangement. Proof-of-History permits for making a chronicled record appearing that an occasion happened at a particular time.

This algorithm is Solana's key innovation that allows blazing-fast transactions. Proof-of-History is not a consensus mechanism, unlike proof-of-stake or proof-of-work. PoH is a cryptographic clock in Solana's blockchain, allowing nodes to agree on the time and the order of events without communicating.

Highly Potential 

The transaction speed of the Solana platform makes a clear statement that it has huge potential. The growth of Solana is continuously increasing and making a better platform for the users. It can have millions of users at the same time; the platform has the high potential to handle any kind of congestion on the platform. 


The objective of making Solana in 2017 was to scale up censorship resistance, extend exchange throughout, and decrease taken the transaction cost. Solana uses a crossover of Proof-of-History and Proof-of-Stake to boost its adaptability. It leads to innovations of the Solana platform's transaction at lightning speed and forms over 50-60000 settlements per second.

Mempool Does Not Affect 

The memory pool (mempool) is the record that takes care of the pending or unsure transactions. On the Solana platform, it is rarest of the rare situation of pending transactions, but whenever it happens, the platform does not get affected by that. 


The lighting transaction speed, minimal gas fees, and interoperability of Solana make it a highly liquid marketplace. The continuous improvement in the technology of the Solana blockchain platform makes it a more reliable and trustable marketplace for running the business. 


The formation of Solana is very flexible, and it can get connected with most types of decentralized finance networks by wormholes. The wormhole helps to connect the other network with Solana. This helps to connect the ledgers without any flaws and helps to move the tokenize.

Demand is Increasing 

The demand for the application on the Solana blockchain is growing faster than on any other platform. The package of hosting various smart contracts, decentralized applications, and Solana NFT gaming platform, and the transaction speed is much better than Ethereum.

Ethereum comes with high transaction fees, slow transactions, etc. The developers who have been in blockchain development for years prefer NFT gaming platform development on the Solana marketplace. 

Highly Secured

Another reason for the continuous growth of Solana is the security of the blockchain platform. The blockchain is winning the heart of users and business owners as it provides great security to the data stored on the platform. The Solana blockchain platform can handle any number of users on the platform and with complete security to the data available on the platform.

The security of the Solana NFT gaming platform depends on the developers. Hiring a Solana NFT gaming platform development team is crucial as there are multiple service providers in the marketplace.

No Middleman

The blockchain is successful for its security, but the other reason which is the reason of the success of the blockchain NFT games is that it omits the middleman commission.

There is no third party between the platform and the user. This creates the best possibility for the business to get all the transaction costs rather than providing another percentage to any middleman. 

RisingMax INC. is the industry blockchain development. We have been working on the Solana blockchain development from the very beginning of the launch. Our team of 150+ core team of blockchain developers has already delivered multiple projects in the industry and still working on the Solana NFT gaming platform development. 

Solana NFT Games We Offer

Here are some of the games that run on the Solana blockchain, and you can also get similar games like the ones we will list below. These are the most profitable game on Solana.

Mini-Games$45,000 to $60,0002-4months
Mid-Level Mobile Game$60,000 to $120,0003-6months
High-Level Gamefrom $150,00010+ months


Cryowar is a free-to-play, real-time, multiplayer fight amusement based on ability instead of how much cash you contribute to the game. With versatile illustrations to PC-gaming quality, the diversion is an immersive visual involvement that tests your aptitude.

It's quick and simple to play on your web browser or other electronic devices. In the diversion, you'll battle in one-on-one and multiplayer competitions such as Last Man Survive, Death Match, Top Score in 5 Minutes, and the gaming field. Fights can last three minutes or less, suggesting you'll make NFT gaming a portion of your active life.


The exceedingly appraised SolChicks has made numerous records of the most excellent NFT diversions for Solana and is hailed by the maker as "the best play to win crypto daydream game" on the Solana blockchain. Are the claims genuine?

In SolChicks, players fight their chickens to win CHICK tokens. You'll get begun playing with a little speculation in SOL. During the diversion, you'll have to care for your chicken, bond with it, and, of course, use it to fight other chickens to development. You'll be able to breed the SolChicks to form special, possibly profitable NFTs.

Defi Land

Broadly looked into and specified on numerous records of the leading Solana NFT diversions, Defi Arrive is comparable in vein to the prevalent Facebook agribusiness gaming.

In the event that you went through hours of your life a few a long time prior to dressing up your sheep or trading eggs on Farmville, Defi Arrive may be an extraordinary diversion for you.

Defi Land is an agribusiness reenactment diversion. You purchase in-game seeds, plant them, and, as your crops develop, you'll win cash on the off chance that things go off-base, as they some of the time will for any rancher; you moreover stand to lose cash. Your success will come from choosing the correct coins, or seeds, to plant, with a small bit of good fortune tossed in.


For players who accept self-improvement and soul creatures, Genopets could be a must-play Solana blockchain amusement. This amusement permits players to free their bodies, minds, and spirits in immersive gameplay while gaining crypto rewards.

Genopets prides itself on being a move-to-earn gaming platform. The game's center is getting its players to live more dynamic and locks in the way of life. The amusement accomplishes this by utilizing information followed from your wearables or smartphones around your development.

Genopets take this information and insert your activities into your soul creature called a Genopet. The more dynamic a player is within the genuine world, the more their Genopet propels within the amusement and increments its showcase esteem.

These are just a few games we mentioned, but our developers and designers can help you get multiple other NFT gaming applications from scratch. 

Solana NFT Gaming Platform Development Cost

Solana NFT Gaming Platform Development Cost

The development cost of the Solana NFT games depends on various things; the features one wants to include on the platform, the technologies they want to use, the cost to hire blockchain developers, NFT development cost, etc.

Let's see some of the things that will affect the building cost of Solana NFT games.

Blockchain App/Software Designing cost5k to 10k
Blockchain Development cost $35 to 65K
Deployment cost $15k
Integration cost $10k
Maintenance cost $1500 to 4k
Project Managers$25/ Hour
Quality Assurance Team and Testers $5000

Development Cost 

The cost for creating an application differs from company to company as per the number of assets that will work for building the stage. It can be taken a toll on you per hour or may be charged for the full venture.

Each of the companies has its bundles for giving services. The fetched may be taken a toll between $35K to $45K(approx.); it may go higher or lower as per the company's benefit or any particular request of the client.

The blockchain app taken a toll calculator gives you a thought of the extent takes a toll based on the app tech needs.

Designing Cost

The way an app looks and moves plays a fundamental portion in the way an application client feels when interfering with it. Envision opening an as-of-late downloaded app that appears a quick image, opens to a basic residential screen, and expects you to do the rest. The approx plan taken a toll can be between $5000 to $10,000(approx)

Maintenance cost 

The blockchain application can be effectively exchanged from one stage to the other platform. Any application should be upgraded with time and requires the support of the application. The maintenance cost of blockchain app improvement can be around 15-20% of the full application taken toll.

Wrapping Up

Get in touch with us with any sort of idea in your mind; our management team will help you to make the perfect execution of your idea. To get a reliable Solana NFT gaming platform at a cost-effective development cost with the excellent execution of your plan, fill up the form, and our executive will make sure to assist you at the earliest. 

We have already delivered more than 5 NFT gaming platforms on the Solana blockchain and working on various projects. 

Don't wait to grow the business on the blockchain platform. 

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