Metaverse Market Size | Metaverse Market Opportunity, Growth & Revenue

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

Metaverse Market Size | Metaverse Market Opportunity, Growth & Revenue

The metaverse market size had grown to its extent when the most popular social media platform Facebook changed its name to Meta. Metaverse is not new, but after the small step of the most popular social media company, things changed drastically, and metaverse market growth touched a historical height. And within no time, the market size of the metaverse took the lead more than other technologies. Build your business on the metaverse platform to gain maximum users and take the lead in the upcoming Metaverse era. Hire RisingMax Inc. as the metaverse development company. We are the leading metaverse business platform development company in the USA and UK.

  • The global metaverse market was valued at $41.9 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $1,237.0 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 40.4% from 2021 to 2030.
  • In a very short span of time, Metaverse has gained popularity, and as a result, more than $500 million in real estate is already purchased by buyers and investors. 
  • Metaverse market revenue was $38.85 billion in 2021, going to be $47.48 billion in 2022, and by the end of 2030, the metaverse market revenue is going to be around $685 billion.
  • Metaverse platform has more than 400 million monthly active users.
  • More than 60% of the youths in the US are actively participating on the metaverse platform and purchasing lands and offices for renting/selling in the future.
  • Marshmello performed live on the metaverse platform, and about 10.7 million players were watching his live concert.

Guaranteed Profitable Businesses 

We will list below some of the best business ideas that are either gaining popularity on global platforms or are about to be one of the major sources to make profits for the businessman or the investors. One needs to take care of all the protocols and must-do things of the platform to make an application successful. 

Gaming Platforms on Metaverse 

Gaming platforms always excite the world, no matter whether it's a man or woman. Building the gaming platform on the metaverse platform will be like the bull’s eye. The game always attracted the universe towards them, and games like Pubg or Pokemon Go are the prettiest example of all time. But this time, your gaming platform will be something different. Previously the users on the gaming platform just had to invest in getting access to unique items or access gaming passes. The metaverse has changed the perfection of gaming completely. Previously, although a user was getting a unique item available for all users, in the metaverse world, all the items you purchase or earn will be completely unique and have real value.  The option has opened the doors for investors to invest in the game and game lovers to play and earn unique items or places on the gaming platform to earn money by reselling them. 

Metaverse Dating Platform

Well, this is one such business idea that will rise in the world after the success of dating applications during the pandemic period. The demand for dating apps reached its height. But there were some loopholes like if a person is far from your place, it is impossible to feel his or her presence. The invention of the metaverse dating application has changed the perception of long-distance relationships. People are joining the metaverse dating platform to improve their skills, and there are multiple reasons people are joining it.  For complete information about how you can generate revenue and the scope of the metaverse dating application as a business, you can see our blog based on Metaverse dating apps.  Click the link: Metaverse Dating Apps Development: Opening New Doors of Dating Banking On Metaverse  The big bull banks are joining the metaverse marketplace to enhance their business platform. After internet banking, bank has lost touch with their customers in the real world; people avoid visiting offices to get their banking work done and for many other things. The continuous loss of touch with teh customers made the banking sectors join the metaverse platform so that they can be in touch virtually if not in the real world. Globally popular banks like Caixa, HSBC, and Standard Chartered are some banks that are either available on the metaverse banking platform or about to join the platform. Banks service is one of the major businesses in the world, and taking up the lead from either banking platform can be in your favor. To know the Metaverse market opportunity of banking in the virtual world, you can visit our blog: How To Start Banking Or Finance Institution In Metaverse NFT in Metaverse  The NFT-based Metaverse platform is the most growing and demanding business idea. The investors and users are investing millions.  With many agencies looking to draw close to what these NFTs and Metaverse are and their function, I am here to provide you the lowdown based on my company's enjoyment in constructing those varieties of solutions. Strap in and put together to navigate the quirky and promising global of NFTs and the metaverse. These are nonfungible tokens — tokens that are 100% unique. You can think about them as certificates of possession on the blockchain.  Play To Earn Metaverse Platform  The play-to-earn platform is one such gaming platform on the metaverse, which is beneficial not only for the companies but also for the users who are joining the platform. There was a time when the users used to invest in the gaming platform, and in exchange for that, all they used to get was just fun. But after the invention of the play-to-earn model gaming platforms, the market rose almost doubled. In almost no time, the number of users on the platform increased like anything, and a large number of users generated a large amount of revenue.  The scenario has changed completely; users are joining the platform where they do not just have to invest. Now they can earn by playing and enjoying the platform.  Office In Metaverse On Sept 2022, the UAE government announced its third office in the metaverse platform. The economy ministry will be in the metaverse platform as the third office, and people can actively participate on the platform. The economy ministry of UAE has already started building the platform. Creating a metaverse for the workplace can be the best option for any startup.   The acceptance and reliability of the decentralized virtual platform can be seen in the earlier paragraph. The top country’s government is showing great belief in the metaverse platform, and many other economically strong governments are showing their belief in the decentralized platforms. Metaverse market growth is taking up the lead over any of the other technologies because of the belief of the UAE and other governments.  School/University In Metaverse “Education is the fundamental right of every human being.” And the metaverse is trying its best to provide education to one and all present and willing to learn. Schools or Universities in the metaverse platform are breaking the walls of borders. With the help of the metaverse platform, anyone can enroll in any corner of the world and, with AR and VR, can attend the classes. New Mexico State University, West Virginia University, and the University of Kansas School of Nursing are some of the top universities in the world which are to be present in the metaverse. Create your school on metaverse to break the boundaries of the borders and be the leading educational institute in the upcoming digital world. 

Yearly Revenue Of Metaverse

Year Revenue
2010 1,974 million
2011 3,711 million
2012 5,089 million
2013 7,872 million
2014 12,466 million
2015 17,928 million
2016 27,638 million
2017 40,653 million
2018 55,838 million
2019 70,697 million
2020 85,965 million
2021 117,929 million
2022(Upto quarter 2) 56,730 million
  Popular Companies On The Metaverse Platform Metaverse market have a great opportunity if someone is joining the platform here are the perfect examples for showing what are the potentials of the metaverse platform. The big bulls of industry and the government are taking steps forward to building the metaverse platform for taking the steps ahead of time. Meta First major name in the competition of the metaverse is Facebook(Meta) which has changed the complete perception of the world. Although the metaverse has been a part of the world for a long time, just changing the name of Facebook to Meta brought a revolution into the metaverse world. The rebranding of the most popular company has changed the world of the metaverse, and people started to take a step toward the metaverse world. UAE Government The economic government of the UAE has introduced its third office on the metaverse platform. The acceptance of the government bodies shows that people are finding it authentic platform and reliable. To look at the ministry of economy of UAE, you can visit the platform Holofair. The metaverse platform is opening the doors to reaching a particular place with being present physically but still part of the platform virtually. Gucci Gucci is a world-famed style residence managing high-cease add-ons and clothing. Guccio Cucci based it in 1921, with its first department in Tuscany. It is presently established in Florence. Popularly referred to as House of Gucci, this logo has numerous product traces worn through celebrities and the filthy rich. It recently released The Gucci Vault Discord, which is anticipated to pressure and foster open conversations about the metaverse’s future. It is thought that this may be the logo’s legitimate server to host its innovative area and permit the easy coexistence of the past, present, and future. The vault may also permit Gucci creatives to discover new virtual areas and assist clear out a number of the House’s antique merchandise and pinnacle designers. In 2021, Gucci collaborated with Roblox, one of the leading famed gaming platforms, to show off Gucci handbags, hats, and goggles in avatars.  Some popular fashion brands on the metaverse platform are Louis Vuitton, Nike, Balenciaga, etc. 

Metaverse The Complete Solution 

Metaverse market analytics from so far is the perfect proof to show how it will be the best solution for the upcoming world. The demand to join the industry is increasing. Mostly the youth of every country is taking the initiative to move with technology and make the world a better place with a better education system without any boundaries, business without any international bondage, fashion with complete uniqueness, and many more. We have discovered the potential of the metaverse just 1-2% of the total. In the future, we will explore more such ideas and advanced features, making the world a better place with advanced technologies. 

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