Metaverse Dating Apps Development: Opening New Doors Of Dating

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

Metaverse Dating Apps Development: Opening New Doors Of Dating

“Love has no boundaries,” we all have heard. What happens when the quote becomes true, and all the boundaries of separation get demolished without breaking any laws?

Metaverse Dating Apps Development

Ever gone on a date?

If I am not wrong, we all have been on a date, but that was in real life. As technology is taking up the world, dating is also getting digital. Previously it was limited to matching vibes and chatting, but now one can meet each other with the help of technology.

God has a different plan for us where the heart used to meet in one flash; now, it will meet on the first date on Metaverse. Yeah! You read it correctly; the hearts are meeting on the metaverse platform. Our virtual world is at that stage where two people can go on a date anywhere they want. 

The metaverse dating application sets up a new world for every age slab. The business of dating applications on the metaverse is taking the lead in the digital era. Let’s see the advantages of building metaverse dating apps and how you can make money by building such a platform. 

With a single click, hire the leading metaverse dating app development company that has already delivered multiple projects which are purely based on the metaverse. For complete information about the scope, how you can get a metaverse dating application, the benefits of virtual dating applications, and how you can make money with the help of such dating applications, get in touch with us. 

Why Metaverse Dating App Is The Best Option To Start Your Business?

The online dating service application generated around $1667million in 2019, and the period of the pandemic in 2020 till now, the market's growth has been highly influenced, and users are joining the platform aggressively.  The expected growth of the market can go up to $1968 million by the beginning of 2023. The growth rate expected by the experts in the industry is superb. 

Keeping the legs into the industry for business will be a win-win situation. Let's see how you can get a metaverse dating application.

After Facebook took a step forward by changing its name to Meta, the demand to get onto the Metaverse platform increased immensely. People started to join the platform for investment, and now they are getting the ROI in billions. 

What To Do For Building Metaverse Dating App

The development of the dating application can be done only by expert metaverse developers. For getting the metaverse dating application for the business purpose, you will need the following thing:

Hire Metaverse Dating App Development Company 

It can be a one-stop solution if you don’t want to get confused in the market by hiring various resources and purchasing various software for building the metaverse dating app. You can also go for the in-house team of developers or can choose freelancers for the development of the application. 

But when someone invests so much in application development to get into the market, one should not take a chance. The liability on the freelancer can be dangerous. The market experts always prefer to go for hiring a professional development company.

What Kind Of App Can You Build?

Here are the most popular metaverse dating apps; you can also build applications like what I am going to list below:

Get the application like 

Planet Theta

Planet Theta is one of the top leading virtual reality dating applications where you can look out for your perfect life partner. All you have to do is make a mutual understanding, decide the common place you want to meet, and then wear the VR at the chosen time.

If the vibes with the opposite person matched, you can take the meet forward even in real life. Take the person to the park, restaurant, cafe, or pub for the meeting up on the platform.

Don’t overthink if you plan to start a business; boom, the marketplace with the metaverse dating application. We can be the perfect option for executing your plan into reality. Just click to have a brief discussion with our team of experts. We have 150+ dedicated metaverse application developers with years of experience and ace quality skills. 

Explore the metaverse world, find your perfect partner, and break the restriction of the boundaries. 


Another one of the most popular virtual dating platforms is “Nevermet,” known for its user-friendly features and easy access to the platform for meeting the desired person anywhere.

The application has demolished the country's boundaries, gender, and other taboos. On the platform, you can date and meet anyone you want to with the consent of the opposite person.

After getting into the world of the Nevermet, you won’t miss the true sense of the real world. The dating platform has mesmerizing graphics and detailing of the real world with exotic places to visit to make a date perfect.

Get an application like Nevermet to become a unicorn company and generate excellent revenue. 

Key Points We Provide To Get maximum Users

Security From Unkowns

Security and privacy are major concerns for anyone people care about. The metaverse dating platform is safe and secure in all aspects. We provide the feature of accepting and removing by which one can completely handle the connections. With high-end features, no one can check out the user's profile or send any messages. 

Metaverse Dating Apps

A Touch Of Affection Into Long Distance Relationships

A long-distance relationship always makes people insecure and care immensely about the other person. The technology developed by us can give the feel of your friend's actual presence on the metaverse platform. The platform allows the freedom to share your feelings and affection virtually with your beloved one, and there will be no one who will interfere in between. 

No Moral Policing

We are living in such a world where you will find moral police. They will tell you what to do, what to wear, how to behave, how to react, how to express your feelings & even how to speak or talk to anyone. Freedom of expression is the right of every human, and nobody has the right to tell what and how to do any particular. 

The blockchain-based metaverse dating application is a place where one can have their life the way they want. And this freedom to express and live life attracts the youths to join the platform to find someone like them.

So building an application where people can get peace from moral policing will indeed make them join the platform to enjoy and spend some quality time. 

Increased Dating Skills

Well, this can sound irrelevant, but this is true. According to some of the reports and surveys are done to know why the youth are joining the metaverse dating platform so immensely. The answers were quite impressive. The youth is joining the platform to improve their dating skills for real-life dating. This could be funny or strange, but it makes sense. 

LGBTQ Supported 

We believe all humans are equal, and love is free from caste, creed, color, and gender. The platform developed by RisingMax Inc. is compatible with finding your soulmate without any obstruction. It will entirely depend on the user they want to get in touch with. Platforms developed by us are free from any judgment of gender, color, or boundaries. 

How To Generate Revenue From The Metaverse Dating App

The major point of starting the business is generating revenue from the platform. The more users will join your metaverse dating platform, the more you will generate revenue from the platform.

Here are some of the ideas by which you can have a major source of income from the dating platform.

Get a free consultation from our experts. And to get a complete idea of how to get a metaverse dating app and how you can generate revenue from the platform, you can connect with our executives by clicking on the box.

Premium Subscription 

The option of accessing the platform for free and the option to provide accessibility on the platform with the premium subscription can be a good revenue generator for the metaverse dating application.

The perfect example in the current situation can be the OTT platform. The OTT platforms provide free access to their users but with very few perks. For complete enjoyment and 100% access, users need to get a subscription. The subscription model can be a great option. 

The subscription can be for access to any particular restaurant, hotel, or any such place. The option can also be renting or buying a particular property like a home or Soho rooms on the metaverse’s world. 


Advertisement on any platform is one of the best ways to generate revenue from the platform. The platform can make a difference in an advertisement through the subscription model. Advertisement to the general users and Ad. free platform for the premium subscriber. 

Let’s take an example of an Asia-based OTT platform Disney+ Hotstar. On the platform, they generate revenue through the subscription and by showing the advertisement on the platform. For a 10-second slot of advertisement, they charge around $2.51 {approx.}. They have a user base of 300 million subscribers. 

Get In Touch Directly

The accessibility to get in touch with anyone without being swiped right can be another great option to attract users to the platform. But the platform should be careful about the users' privacy in such cases.

How Much It Costs To Build Metaverse Dating App

The cost of building the platform on the metaverse depends on various factors. For developing the complete Metaverse dating application, you will need to get all these things done mentioned below:

  • Features on the platform
  • Technologies used
  • Third-party resources
  • Developers cost
  • 3D model designers
  • Wallet development
  • Integration cost
  • Maintenance cost
  • Project Managers
  • Quality Assurance Team and Testers

The expense for the development can be between $50k to $80k. It can be more or less as per the requirement of the features on the client’s behalf. The cost of the development of a Metaverse Dating App is mentioned as per the standards of RisngMax Inc. It may vary from company to company.

Metaverse Dating Apps Development

Whom To Hire For The Development

The development of the metaverse platform is a crucial thing as it requires excellence, experience, dedication, and patience to build the complete project. For the development of the metaverse platform, you can either hire marketing Freelancers or a Metaverse development company. All three have their perks and vice versa. 


Freelancers can be the most cost-effective option for developing the metaverse dating application. Still, as the work can be done at a low cost, there are also some losses for the business company.

Let’s see the truth; the metaverse is one such technology that is very new to the world. There are very few companies worldwide that are capable of all the resources and technologies to develop the platform.

It is understandable that freelancers can be a cost-effective option for development, but the question is of the reliability of the freelancers. Are they will be really capable of building the metaverse platform? Do they have all the technology or have the manpower to build the platform? 

Inhouse Team 

The option of building an in-house team can be a good option for a company so that they can look after the complete building procedure. But the thing which is of worry in building the in-house team is the focus diversion.

You will be busy with the marketing process of the platform or with other legal things. In such a case, it would be difficult for any owners to look after the project. 

The other thing is the availability of the developers in the marketplace. The metaverse developers get paid a lot; the average salary of the normal developer in the US is around $110,000- $200,000. The development cost would be much higher than we mentioned above.

Hire Metaverse Development Company 

It is the most suitable, reliable, and cost-effective option if you want a complete 360-degree solution for building the platform. Professional metaverse development companies work on various projects, so the question of reliability ends here; we have a huge team of experienced developers, so the other requirement is also fulfilled. 

For the fast and error-free development process, hire a dedicated web3 development company to build the metaverse dating app. 

RisingMax Inc. has been the leading metaverse development company for the past 6 years and the best software development company for the last 13 years. We have a 150+ core team of developers with years of experience. Hire us for reliable and sustainable work. We also offer marketing strategies for the application along with the development.

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