Marketplace Development on Wax Blockchain: Blessing For NFT Businesses

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

Marketplace Development on Wax Blockchain: Blessing For NFT Businesses

The success of cryptos in the world has grown in the past few years, and it can be seen by the fact that 70% of the youth in the USA is actively participating in blockchain platforms and investing in NFTs. Wax blockchain is the leading technology in demand as it is the perfect thing to create NFTs platforms. 

Marketplace Development on Wax Blockchain

People understood the potential of the blockchain platform quite late after the success of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. But now, the blockchain platform is taking the lead, and most business is joining the blockchain marketplace because of various benefits, including no chances to tamper, no third-party interference for the transaction, and data leakage on the blockchain.

Hire the best Wax blockchain development company in the US to get a perfect NFT platform. We have acquired a team of 150+ developers and designers who can help develop Wax blockchain technology for the business.

Advantages Of Building NFT On Wax Blockchain 

Minimal Transaction Cost

Let’s begin with the advantages of the usage of Wax for NFTs! As is clear from the outline of Wax above, there are numerous advantages to using Wax for NFTs over a blockchain like Ethereum. The maximum apparent advantage is the dearth of transaction costs.

This won't appear like a prime difference. However, this opens up an entirely new realm of possibilities for NFT systems and games. More on this may observe withinside the GameFi section.

Low-Creation Fees

Another essential advantage is the low fee for making NFTs. Creating NFTs on a blockchain like Ethereum can cost tens of dollars, while the fee of making an NFT is 151kb of RAM at the blockchain, which corresponds to 0.09 Wax, which at the time of creation has a price of $0.03.

This, mixed with loose transactions, makes developing, buying, and selling NFTs handy to everybody and lets in the advent of extra exciting principles which no longer need to depend upon the excessive charge of the NFT(s) in question.

One of the maximum not unusual place methods wherein NFTs are bought in the Wax surroundings, for example, is in packs. Packs may be visible as a bag of NFTs that could include a positive quantity of NFTs.

The NFTs which can be withinside the % may be determined through the writer. These packs observe a rarity structure, which determines how possibly a positive (type of) NFT is to seem in a %. An idea like that is viable on Wax because the fee of making NFTs could be very low.

Large Marketplace

In addition to the surrounding support of NFTs, Wax also hosts one of the biggest and arguably maximum handy NFT marketplaces within the crypto surroundings, specifically Atomichub. By having well-described NFT requirements and a fast and scalable network, Atomichub can guide the spontaneous promoting, buying, and selling of NFTs.

And further, they have an intuitive NFT writer which lets everybody with a Wax account create an NFT in mins at no extra fee. Additionally, gear like Neftyblocks permits the advent of packs free of charge as well, offering creators all of the gear they want to get started.

How Wax Blockchain Work

Wax presents its customers right of entry to multiple decentralized apps. In addition to well-known NFT marketplaces, Wax is domestic to numerous pinnacle blockchain games, such as Alien Worlds, Farmer’s World, Prospectors, and multiple play-to-earn games.

Since gaming is this dominant pressure on Wax, the largest initiatives at the chain, out of all PFP and collectible endeavors, maintain to hail from the play-to-earn sector.

As a famous platform for extensive assets, Wax has frequently advertised because of the broadly used and closely transacted blockchain within the world. And while its cap potential to facilitate tens of thousands of transactions accordingly is truly impressive, the chain is likewise praised for being eco-friendly.

Like high-performance blockchains like Tezos and Solana, Wax employs a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. With PoS, customers stake a quantity in their cryptocurrency for the danger of being randomly selected as a block validator and incomes crypto while selected.

By using a PoS mechanism, Wax encourages consumer loyalty and continues its electricity-green position. In fact, Wax makes use of much less than 0.00001% of the electricity of Proof of Work (PoW) that chains like Bitcoin and Ethereum take.

And past their underlying performance, the chain additionally creates carbon offset NFTs and companions with Climate Care as a part of a challenge for sustainability.

Building NFT On Wax Blockchain

Wax Blockchain Development Cost: The cost of blockchain development depends on various factors, including features, outsourcing software, team, time, and technology.

Here are some of the essential things on which the development cost depends.

Development Cost In USD
Software Designing Cost6k to 11k
Wax Blockchain Development Cost $45 to 60K
Cost For Deployment$15k
Cost of Integration $10k
Maintenance Cost $1500 to 4k
Project Managers$25/ Hour
Quality Assurance Team And Testers $5000

The cost of the development may vary as per the demand of the advanced features, any last minute addition of the technology, and as per the company. This is an approximate development cost of RisingMax Inc.

Features Of Wax Blockchain Technology

  • Wax blockchain technology is less energy consumption rather than other minting technologies, which makes it more reliable and eco-friendly.
  • The smart contract on the Wax blockchain is much more reliable for the NFT platforms. 
  • The Wax blockchain is known as the king of NFTs. it is the leading blockchain technology, and many users rely on it.
  • Wax blockchain processes approximately 15 million or more transactions in just 24 hours  with perfection. 
  • WAX blockchain allows smooth verification of customers and transactions at the blockchain. On the AtomicHub marketplace, all non-whitelisted collections may be discovered thru the quest field, and unverified collections do now no longer appear.
Building NFT On Wax Blockchain

What RisingMax Inc. Can Offer You On Wax Blockchain

Wax blockchain is the leading and demanding technology that is changing the marketplace at its extent and helping NFT and other businesses to grow. 

Here are some of the things RisingMax Inc. can do for you. 

NFT Platform Development

As the Wax NFT marketplace developers, we have helped more than 12 clients in NFT application development. NFT is one such venture that plenty of people are investing into either to buy or to make create. Recently top soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo has also announced to launch of his NFT on the blockchain marketplace. Multiple other celebrities are getting onto the NFT platform. Hire an NFT development company to build the NFT platform to generate revenue from the platform.

Crypto Wallet Developement

For investing or creating the NFT on the NFT marketplace, each user will have to pay the gas fee to the NFT company. This helps the company to generate revenue from the platform. A Crypto wallet is the must and the most important thing in the complete procedure of the NFT platform. 

The crypto wallet helps the users and creators to convert the fiat currency into crypto by which one can invest or create the NFT. Crypto wallet works as the gateway for changing fiat money into cryptocurrencies.

The deposit/withdrawal of money after selling/buying NFT, the wallet payment gateway, will be the only source. For the crypto wallet development, you can hire a development company, or you can collab with the existing crypto wallet.

NFT Games 

are one such thing that excites each person, especially when they can earn money from the platform. The NFT gaming platform can help the user as well as the platform owner to generate a good amount of revenue from it. The NFT gaming development can be the turning point for the business. Create the gaming platform on the wax blockchain; hire us for the NFT game platform development.

Smart Contract Development

The development of the smart contract is really a crucial task, and developing the smart contract needs expertise. For smart contract development, you can hire wax blockchain developers. They can be the perfect solution provider of the smart contract. 

The wax blockchain development will open the doors of opportunities for business owners. It will help to generate good revenue from the NFT platform. For the development of you can directly get in touch with us. 

RisingMax Inc. is the leading NFT development company with the experience of more than 13 years of experience in software development and the leading NFT and blockchain development company.

RisingMax Inc. A Web3.0 Development Company

We are a prominent blockchain development company and own the maximum contemporary expertise of web3 and blockchain technology. We are assured in our technology due to our years of enjoyment in this field, and plenty of startups have succeeded in their use of them.

When our crew takes their arms at developing programs like NFT-based gaming platforms, and metaverse game development, we make each viable attempt to supply the exceptional venture with excellence, smoothness, and before-time delivery.

Blockchain Experts

We at RisingMax Inc. have 150+ blockchain developers with more than 10 years of experience as a software development enterprise. Our developers were the earliest ones within the enterprise who followed blockchain technology.

High-End Expertise in Blockchain 

The developers have added over 40+ tasks to the blockchain and for the cryptos. Each added app has 0% bug and exceptional user experiences.

Quick And Agile Approach

Once our crew is aware of your plans and necessities from the software development or the business, they'll revert back to the startups and established company at the earliest, and in no time, they'll get the whole challenge to supply.

Multi-Level Testing

We understand the significance of perfection and appreciate each penny of your time and money. Before handing over the application to our client, our team of professionals goes through the software or the software program from their cease to keep away from any type of mistakes or bugs withinside the platform.

Technical Support

Once you hire us for Web3 NFT platform development, you may get in touch with us at any time. We offer 24*7 technical help for our clients. You can contact us anytime for updates or modifications withinside the platform. .

No Hidden Charges

We agree with making suitable relationships with our clients, irrespective of what. So if you are hiring us for development, we clear all the prices by the point of the deal. This allows for preserving the connection wholesome in addition to transparency.

Abided By International Law

RisingMax Inc. complies with all relevant international business laws. We make sure each transaction happens legally, and we offer exceptional pricing. We abided by the law, and each office work is according to the law.


Get your platform on the Wax blockchain marketplace to make maximum revenue from the NFT market. The complete market of the business is going to be on the blockchain platform, and Wax is the most reliable one of all. Take a step forward and be different in the crowd and competition.

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