How Web3 Companies Make Money

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

How Web3 Companies Make Money

Web3 is the leading and the most robust technology in the world, but it has great potential for business. Joining the web3 technology will make lead your business to another advanced level with great user experience and maximum customers on the platform. 

How Web3 Companies Make Money

Web3 technology is a decentralized platform that makes it more reliable for the business, where no one can tamper, hack, or interfere with the business platform. Startup companies, as well as globally renowned companies, are moving towards web3 technology to take a step forward from the rest of the world.  

But the major thing that any of the companies is interested in knowing is how the web3 companies will make money from the platform. So, in this blog, we are going to discuss how to generate revenue from web3 applications and how you can build the web3 business platform. 

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Here you will get to know:

How web3 Companies Make Money

From Web3 E-Commerce Metaverse Platform

The metaverse has great potential to do a successful business. The companies can make millions of dollars from the platform.

If you are a web3 metaverse platform, then you can make money via:

  • Advertisement of the other companies on your platform. Understand this with an example if you are a metaverse e-commerce platform, then you can put an advertisement on the panels where the users will try out their clothes, it can be of any third-party advertisement, or it can be the products already available on your e-commerce platform. The advertisement helps to make a good amount of cost. 
  • Limited Apparel: you can keep the limited stocks of clothes on the auction for the users. For example, if there are some limited edition Suits or T-shirts launched by global stars then the platform can be sold in an auction on the metaverse e-commerce platform. The auction on the platform helps to make money. 
  • Registration can also be an option to make money from the platform. To get on the e-commerce platform, you can charge the users a minimal amount from the users. 
  • NFT for sale: NFTs are one of the most demanding digital assets, and you can also sell clothes-based NFTs on the platform to make money from the web3 E-commerce platform. 
How Web3 Companies Make Money

How To Make Money From Metaverse Dating Platform

The primary goal of creating the business is to make money off the platform. The more people that utilize your metaverse dating service, the more money you'll make off of it.

Here are a few methods by which you may use the dating site as a significant source of money.


A viable source of income for the metaverse dating software might be the choice between providing free access to the platform and offering access with a premium membership.

The OTT platform can be the ideal illustration of the current scenario. The OTT platforms offer their consumers free access, but there are a few extras. Users must purchase a membership in order to have unrestricted enjoyment and access. The subscription business model is an excellent choice.

The subscription may be for admission to a certain restaurant, hotel, or other establishments. The choice can also be to buy or rent a specific piece of real estate, such as a house or some Soho apartments in the metaverse's universe.


One of the greatest methods to make money from a platform is through advertising, regardless of the platform. Through the subscription model, the platform may influence how advertising is shown. Both public users and premium subscribers will see advertisements on the platform.

Take the Asian-based OTT service Disney+ Hotstar as an example. On the platform, they make money by charging for subscriptions and by running advertisements. They charge around $2.51 for a 10-second spot of advertising.

How To Make Money From Web3 Social Media Platform

The web3 decentralized platform is for every sort of business, from e-commerce to video-playing platforms like YouTube even social media platforms have the potential to generate revenue from web3 companies. 

On the social media platform, the we3 business can make money the advertisement; even the e-commerce platform can also be attached to the social media platform; You can tie up with any web3 e-commerce platform. And if any of the users will buy the product by the advertisement shown on the social media platform. You can charge the commission from the platform apart from the charges of the advertisement. 

Other ways To Make Money From Web3 Application

Various Ownership

Establishing decentralized ownership models that offer consumers ownership in their preferred brands through digital tokens is another method for companies to profit on web3 (e.g., crypto coins).

Giving consumers a sense of possession over a brand or business makes them more involved in it, and as a result, they are more inclined to fund you since they experience like they have a part in it throughout the entire process.

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Creator Economy

The creator economy, where content producers are compensated directly by their followers rather than third parties that take the lion's share of the revenues away from them, has been an intriguing trend in recent years.

The creator economy has been around for a while, but corporations hoping to take advantage of its development potential have just lately begun to pay it greater attention.

An ecosystem is known as the "creator economy" allows creators to make money off of their work without requiring them to rely on major publishers and corporations for distribution.

There is no need for centralized platforms that grab a substantial share of your income or content development efforts as the internet grows increasingly decentralized.

How Web3 Companies Make Money

How Businesses Could Grow On The Web3 Platform

Decentralized storage systems

Your files are kept on a single server using centralized cloud storage platforms like Dropbox or Google Drive, which makes them vulnerable to hacking attempts and natural catastrophe destruction.

In contrast, you may store your data simultaneously on several desktops across the world with decentralized storage solutions like Filecoin and Storj for less money than you would pay for traditional providers. Another illustration of how to generate money in the web 3.0 era is this.

Owning personal data

Your whole personal information is now gathered by outsiders like Facebook and Google and sold to marketers in order to make money. But what if you had complete control over your data and could instead sell it to advertisers directly? Platforms like Datum enable users to do just that, allowing them to sell their personal details to marketers directly while maintaining full control over their data.

Artificial Intelligence(AI)

One of Web 3.0's most significant technologies is artificial intelligence (AI), which enables companies to gather information from many sources in order to make appropriate decisions and offer customers better services.

Web3 SaaS organizations may improve their suggestions and customize their experiences by using AI algorithms to anticipate future consumer behavior based on their prior behaviors and preferences.

How You Can Start The Web3-Based Application

Web3 technology is one of the robust technology that needs complete expertise for the development of the blockchain-based platform. There are very few companies available on the global stage that can actually help in the development of the web3 application. 

The business of the web3 platform is going to be huge in the coming years, and being the early bird onto the platform will surely gonna be a win-win situation for the business owner.

For starting a business on the web3 platform, the very first thing that one should do is the


If one is planning to be on web3 technology, one should come up with the proper research of the platform. The business can when the platform is with the proper execution and planning. 

Hire A Web3 Development Company

Leave the rest of the work in the hands of the web3 development company. When it comes to the application, it is better to hire experts in the industry. Again there will be two options on the platform for building the platform either you can build the platform all from scratch, or you can also make a web3 clone app. Both things have their pros and cons. 

Beta Testing

We highly recommend you for the platform's beta testing before the application's final launch. This helps the web3 business platform to figure out the user experience and if there is any error or not. The beta testing of the application helps to make the platform error-free and with a great user experience. 

How Web3 Companies Make Money


Be on the top of the list and also the earliest business platform on web3 technology. There is great scope for success on the web3 technologies and will help to make money from the web3 platform. 

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