An Electric Taxi Booking Business: A Smart Move For Smarter Returns

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

An Electric Taxi Booking Business: A Smart Move For Smarter Returns

How to start an electric taxi business? If it's your question, you are at the right place. The article is designed to consider the need for an eclectic taxi business. Here we have discussed all the electric vehicles and taxi business. 

Over the past decade, the electric vehicle market has taken a tremendous leap forward, and the trend is expected to accelerate exponentially. This is why major vehicle manufacturing brands such as Audi, BMW, Mazda, Ford, Honda, Jaguar, Citroen, Dacia, Lexus, Suzuki, Renault, MG, Seat, Tesla, etc. Vauxhall and Kia are investing in manufacturing world-class electric vehicles. As a result:

Think. Launch. Grow.

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By 2025, 1 in 5 new cars is expected to be sold electrically (worldwide).

By 2030, 2 in 5 new cars sold will be electric (worldwide). Source

Launching an eclectic taxi business is an excellent decision in the growing demand for electric vehicles. It lets you join the GO GREEN race and allows you to set new benchmarks in the taxi industry. 

With this, economies like the United Kingdom, Britain, the USA, Europe, and many others are investing in promoting the electric taxi business in their countries. So, it's a perfect time to choose a suitable electric vehicle, build an electric taxi business app with us and go with your dream project. 

It is always recommendable to develop and launch an app from the scratch, which can be customized as per the business needs. If you are interested in Whitelabel app taxi solutions then go through the full feature list and request a free demo.

Let us spread more light on the market demand for ELECTRIC VEHICLES.

  • Europe plans to deploy 1.3 million public charging stations by 2025 and 2.9 million by 2030.
  • 2020, fiscal year (April to September) - in Europe, 1.06 million, in China, 1.149 million, and in the United States 297 000 new vehicles registered. 
  • 99 percent of the 21,689 taxis operating in the metropolitan city of Shenzhen in southern China are electric. 
  • Uber, Lyft, Ola, and Grab are planning to achieve 100% electric vehicles in a few years. (Source)

If you have questions like;

  • What will be the future of Electric Vehicles v/s Gasoline Vehicles?
  • Which are the best electric vehicles for the taxi business?
  • What are the benefits of starting an electric taxi business?
  • What features should I expect in my electric taxi booking software?
  • What are the Stages followed by the Electric taxi app company?
  • How Much Does an Electric Taxi Booking App Development Cost?

Here, we have answers to all these questions. So do not forget to keep scrolling and exploring!!!

Electric Vehicles v/s Gasoline Vehicles!

Electric cars and fuel-based vehicles might look the same; indeed, these are completely different. These differ from each other in the making and from functioning, maintenance, and technology. 

1. Cost Comparison

A conventional vehicle runs only on power resources, whereas electricity can be produced from many sources. Therefore, EVs cost less than half that operating as gas-powered vehicles. Earlier, acquiring a new EV was the biggest concern due to high prices. But now, with rapid advancement, the EV sector is bound to drop in price more than gasoline cars. 

2. Maintenance of an EV vs. gasoline vehicles

The maintenance cost of gasoline vehicles increases due to changing the oil, coolant, transmission, etc. With electric vehicles, such costs generally disappear. The best thing is, you don't have to go with routine checks. 

3. Distance traveling concern

Range anxiety is one of the biggest concerns of EV buyers. They always wonder whether EV vehicles can travel the same distance. But the good news is that modern technology EV vehicles are improved in the context of performance and range. 

4. Are there enough EV charging stations as petrol pumps?

Many businesses are holding back from starting electric taxi businesses because of the lack of power stations. Countries worldwide are establishing fully functional EV infrastructure, intending to be 100% EV nations. So, your plans will be fruitful in changing scenarios. The best part is, Electric taxi apps are there to assist you. It keeps the driver and admin updated on the cab battery status. 

Now, it's time to invest in electric cars!!

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12 BEST ELECTRIC CARS to Start Cab Business IN 2022

  1. Tesla Model 3
  2. Honda Clarity Fuel Cell 
  3. Kia Niro EV
  4. Audi A7
  5. Toyota Prius Prime 
  6. Chevrolet Bolt EV 
  7. Volkswagen ID.4
  8. Ford Mustang Mach-E
  9. BMW 7 Series
  10. BMW 5 Series 
  11. Polestar 2 
  12.  Rivian R1T

What are the benefits of starting an electric taxi business?

Without a doubt, an electric taxi is a perfect next-gen mode of transport. It will provide 360-degree support to the economy, business, drivers, and passengers. The best part is no one wants to ignore exceptional features - no fuel, no emissions, cost-effective approach, more convenience, safe to drive, reduced noise pollution, and electric taxi suits every budget. 

So, prepare your business with a future-ready approach to booking, scheduling, and dispatching with electric taxi booking apps and websites. 


As you know, it's the 21st century, and you cannot expect to manage booking, drivers, and business without an electric taxi booking app. So, here we came to help you to take your green electric taxi and plan on the next level. You will understand must-have features in your electric taxi booking software, later defining various app development stages and the cost of developing software. 

Let’s embark on your eTaxi App development journey

Electric taxi business app development company Offers a Full Feature List 

Our electric taxi business solution comes with many advanced features for passengers, drivers, and admins. You can customize them as per business needs. Have a quick view on all these:

Customer AppDriver AppAdmin Panel
Passenger ProfileEasy RegistrationSecure Login
Mobile Number VerificationReal-Time RequestsAdmin Dashboard
Ride NowAvailability ButtonManage Drivers
Schedule RideAccept/RejectTrack Drivers
Fare EstimatesStart/End TripManage Customers
Multiple Payment OptionsContact PassengerManage Dispatchers
Promo CodesNavigationManage Vehicles
Notification AlertsTrip InformationManage Categories
Referral RewardsTrack EarningsManage Tariffs
Cancel BookingDriver DashboardReporting & Analytics
Contact DriverRate CustomerDispatcher Panel
Ride RatingsCancel BookingManual Bookings
Trip HistoryBattery AlertHeat Map
Driver TrackingGeo-FencingManage Refunds
SOS ButtonGuide Nearby charging stations SMS Alerts Settings
Mask detectionMask detectionRide Later Settings
Country/Currency Settings
Mask detection

What are the Stages of An Electric Taxi Booking App Development?

As you have understood the crucial features of electric taxi booking software. But understanding features is not enough until you give it a practical shape. This section is created to talk about stepwise app development, technology slacks, and meeting your business requirements. Every trusted mobile application development company follows the same:

  • Understand Your Business App Type Requirements 

To start with your app development, you need to decide whether you need a native app, i.e., different Android and iOS devices. If you are looking for a cost-cutting segment, you can choose a cross-platform application. But the decision is ALL YOURS!! And we are ready to implement it. 

  • Think About Highly Functional Design and UI/UX

To work on more and keep your electric taxi business app out of the crowd, we make wireframes, prototypes, and mockups before building the actual app. The mockup involves responsive, intuitive, and alluring cab designs. We welcome your recommendation for the betterment of the app and the final deliverable. 

  • Backend Development is Crucial

Your app works on real-time accessibility with a plethora of databases. Choosing a perfect language and platform is a must-have requirement for your business plan. We work on PostgreSQL, MySQL Cassandra, and so forth, and Languages like Python, Java, Django, Node.JS, React JS, etc.

Deploying Your App

It's an optional choice whether you want to push your app on Android or the Apple play store or not. We guarantee you to provide a secured and safe server solution with ready-to-go live app features. 


Always keep the application updated, maintained & supportive!

This is an ongoing process, and you will need to hire tools, technologies, and resources that keep your taxi booking software updated. But we provide our customers with an add-on solution.

Launch your online electric business platform with the US

How Much Does An Electric Taxi Booking App Development Cost?

If you are not planning to build an app only, but a platform where no one dares to reach over. Then you should deal with what's in and what's to come!!

You can approach our marketing team to know an Electric Taxi Booking software Development Cost OR read our blog

Some of the essential breakdowns of costs are 

  • Native app development: you have to choose in the first place whether you need an app for Android or iOS. Check out which device the majority of the audience is using.
  • UI/UX Design: picking the best in industry UI and UX designs costs you more. But these will attract a larger audience.
  • Backend development: Server-side development has a significant role and contains behind-the-scenes activities. Server, application, and database are three parts of backend development.
  • Admin Panel Development: The platform accesses and handles all within the website's user interface. It is also called the core of most applications, where the whole app may be managed.
  • Quality Assurance: At this level, app development experts ensure your platform must be bugs-free, without mistakes, and addresses the potential risks. From grammar to design, every aspect is minutely checked. 
  • Project Management: The project manager deals with moderate to high project complexity. The professional is responsible for assembling a team, assigning responsibilities, and managing schedules and resources. 

Every layer of services adds a cost to the company and your app. Therefore the overall electric taxi business software cost reaches $35000 to $50000.

In essence, your app features, functionality, design, and security have a prominent role in building costs. 

To know more, you can schedule a free demo with our professionals. 

Why do people approach RisingMax for electric Taxi booking?

It's undeniable that Taxi booking software has made transportation systems bother-free. And we are here to make your search stress-free. Our affordable electric taxi software solution helps to fill the gap between taxi companies and customers. Therefore, we choose 500+ happy clients for their mobile and web solution. All our solutions are:

Highly Responsive

We build 100% responsive apps and web solutions for customers and service providers, therefore regarded as the best Electric taxi booking software development company. Our software shows unbeatable results on Windows browsers, iPad, iPhones, Android phone Tablets, and PCs. 

Installation of App

You can access the online web server, Database, and web services through Android Play and iOS Store. We take complete responsibility for your app installation.

Approval of Apps on Play Store

We are responsible for your app development and approval on the Apple and Google Play store. We follow ethical terms rather than choosing shortcuts for instant approval. We ensure you will get the best-in-industry results on a budget. 

Advanced Analytics

Our technologically advanced analytical solution keeps you one step ahead of competitors. You can keep an eye on commissions, earnings, mode of payments, and booking hotspots (including particular timing). You to build strategies for gaining a huge customer base attention. 

Advanced Report

You can build robust plans with the latest business reports. You can set a marketing budget driver's commission, offer gifts or vouchers to customers, and more. In short, you can easily track your weaknesses and take straight action to deal with them. 

Source code and copyrights

We provide source codes and copyrights of the software to our customers. You can use it to change servers or sell business apps. In a nutshell, YOUR ASSET IS COMPLETELY YOURS!! 

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