A Complete Breakdown Of How Much Does a Basic Website Cost

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

A Complete Breakdown Of How Much Does a Basic Website Cost

Having a website is an excellent way for businesses to build their credibility and increase profitability at the same time. Don’t know how much a basic website costs? Not to worry, we have covered all the expenses that one needs to consider for creating an effective basic website. 

Be your business online or offline in today’s technologically advanced world; it is a must to maintain a website. From increasing customer base, generating sales, and growing profits having a website provides several benefits to the business owner if maintained with perfection.

Having a website depicting your business helps create brand awareness and make customers know about you in detail.

But still, there are a lot of businesses that are far from it and do not have their website. There could be several reasons why businesses are not having their website right, from less awareness, technological issues, and lack of knowledge to budget issues. 

Whatever the reason is amongst all knowing how much a basic website costs is a thing that many business owners fail to estimate and end up with no website at all. This is where the need for cost estimation becomes an essential parameter for website building for those planning to create a website.

If this is the case, we got you covered. Keep reading the blog post to get a quick summary of how much a basic website costs. These different expenses come with the website maintenance and building, factors affecting the cost, and what to consider in detail. 

Things That Impact The Estimation of the Cost of Creating A Website 

When you are out to create a website for your business, several things decide how much does a basic website costs. Conclusion and such factors sometimes impact and make it difficult to estimate the cost of building a website.

Let’s get through all the elements needed to create the website right within the budget. 

Every Business is Unique

No doubt, the size and the type of business can be different with the different business owners. And every client in that case undoubtedly looks for a website that makes them stand out from the crowd.

This means they look for something unique and out of the box. And here is where the cost of a website differs from one client to another client. The more unique the website and expectation, the more will be the cost and vice-versa.  

Requirements Changes During Website Development

This is another factor that impacts the cost of a website to the deepest. E.g., when you are out to create a website, there are some requirements based on which you create the website. You set a budget for the same a. But the problem is when the conditions change at the end, or the client needs some customizations.

These requirements vary within the website creating a significant impact on the cost of the website and estimation of it to the peak. However, there are ways to deal with it and get the exact quotation of how much does a basic website costs.

Here are the ways

  • Get a fixed-price quotation to get the fixed cost of the website. 
  • Gathering all the references and list of features included within the website creation to get a rough estimate of the basic website cost. 
  • Decide upon the budget to know what you will get from the website you created. 

Ample Unqualified Developers

Another thing that impacts how much a basic website costs and makes it difficult is the number of unqualified developers. Several web-creating firms have a lot of websites to create and develop.

This is where they may form a website at a price that is reasonable for others.

Also, the cost of the website development depends on the qualification of the developers. Some low-qualified developers charge low prices, whereas good firms with good developers charge high prices.

So, the cost of the website varies with the developers in many ways.

  • Cost based on the qualification
  • Cost based on the experience
  • Cost is based on the firm web developers belong
  • Cost based on the working style
  • Cost based on the time required
  • Cost based on the processes used

Technical Complexity

Now, when a website development firm is out for website designing and development, several technical complexities encounter within the whole process, including differing hourly rates and the cost of the website.

Be it the software development, tools, website integrations, checking the functionality, user-friendliness, or compatibility, technical complexities can occur at any stage, increasing the hourly rate and cost of the website development and designing simultaneously.

More the complexities of the website more with the website costs and vice-versa.   

How Much Does a Basic Website Cost?

A website can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. However, the price of the website can vary with different web development processes used, web development agencies, and other factors discussed above. 

Although the general rule of cost estimation is Cost = Required Working Hours x Rate

Here working hours required depend on the technical and creative complexity web designers and developers use. The rate depends on both the labor costs and the expertise the professional team adopted.

But, if you want to know how much does a basic website costs, then on average, it costs around $200 to $ 250 to build a website. Rest the extra maintenance charges, which are around $50 per month. The cost varies and maintenance also depends upon the ongoing market trend.  

Here is the complete cost breakdown of a website on an average basis:

Upfront Website Cost$6,000
Website Domain$10 - $60
Website Hosting$5 - $50
SSL Certificate$0 - $200
Website Template or Theme$0 - $200
Website Functionality$20 - $24,000
Website Content$0 - $5,000
Apps and Integrations $0 - $100
SEO and Marketing$0 - $90
Web Design$12,000 to $150,000 / Design
Website Marketing$2,500 to $12,000 / Month
Website Design Services $0 to $100,000
Website Maintenance Services$0 to $5,500 / Year
Website Software$100 -$150 / Year
Website Infrastructure Using WordPress $70 - More 
Website Infrastructure Using Website Builder~$150+

Stages That Can Help In Knowing How Much a Basic Website Cost

Still, If you are confused about how much a basic website costs, don’t worry. Here we have poured the limelight over it, providing the factors representing a complete breakdown of the cost needed at different website designing and development steps. Keep reading to know in detail.


The first stage is the researching stage, where the website-building firm searches for a unique design and development process to make the website stand out.

They analyze the competitors, look for the same brand website, check out the functionality, and research what is going on in the trend. Based on all the above factors, they come up with the research conclusion depicting how and why they will carry out their website creation. 

Identifying Design

The second segment is establishing the design of your brand by understanding it. There are several things that designers consider in this segment which are as follows

  • Name of the company
  • Visuals according to the brand
  • Company motto depicting the company goals
  • Reflecting company values in the form of videos and images
  • Colors that represent business and will be the identity of the business

After deciding the design and colouring of your website, you can use a logo maker that creates high-quality logos, and try to create one for your business. 


Here comes the essential part of the website on which how much a basic website cost is entirely dependent. This segment from organizing the site map, visualizing the design, using past information, and building the main website.

All the planning and plotting to create a website and analyze its cost is made in this segment. This prototyping segment help to understand the gap between development and customer, saving a lot of time and money. 

Web Designing 

This is where the website comes into the beautiful picture. In this, the structure of web design is prepared to accomplish the client’s business goals.    

The designer in the website structure the information and, keeping this in mind, create a website design. It is the most consuming segment of website designing, so it takes up more costs. On average, the days required in web designing are 7-10 working days. And based on the days consumed, the cost of the website is estimated. 

Front End Development

Now, here comes the web development segment in which front-end development is the first stage. In this segment, static images are turned into web pages and replicated by web designers.

The time required within this stage takes up to around five weeks of development. In this more, the quality of the replication will be the cost of the website. 

Back End Development

Back-end development is another segment that involves implementing interactive features within website development. From storing to reading data, this segment requires everything.

Thereby, the more the storage or reading data from the database. The more features you have on your website, the more will be the development costs. In this development, the features that are undertaken are:

  • Contact form
  • Ability to like an article, social sharing
  • User login
  • User Registration
  • Search bar
  • Blog, forum 

Content Addition

The other segment where how much a basic website cost get impacted is the type of content you add to the website. Be it an introduction, the home page, about us, blogs, frequently asked questions, forums, contact details, or any other content, the cost varies.

However, it is totally worth adding a lot of content, especially blogs, as they will allow you to implement SEO campaigns. If you are a SaaS business, you can do SaaS link building, earn quality backlinks, and increase your brand awareness.

Based On Business Type Know How Much A Website Costs

Since there are different business types some of which are big some are small and so their website requirements also vary. This is because every business has its own budget and cost limit to spend on a website. And this is where the difference between business type and their website comes in. 

Take a closer look at how much a website costs based on different kinds of business sizes. 

  • Informational or Small Business Website - Its web design costs around $2,000 - $9,000  or more with maintenance costs around $1,200 per year.
  • Corporate Website - Its web design costs around $10,000 - $35,000 or more and maintenance costs are around $2,000 - $15,000.
  • Ecommerce Website - Since the website is a shopping platform so the web design cost of it can vary from $5,000 - $55,000 with maintenance costs of approximately $30,000 per year
  • Database Driven Website or Website application with around more than 2000 pages - Its web design costs can vary from $6,000 - $75,000  with yearly maintenance costs of  $30,000 - $60,000 approximately. 

Last Words

Since website development and designing is not an easy process and requires a lot of things, parameters, and considerations to create a perfect product in the end.

However, with the above information, hope you got an idea of how much a basic website costs and the factors that impact the cost to the deepest. But the most important thing is when you are clear with your costs and need a company that offers you web development services within your budget.

This is where RisingMax comes in. Being a top-notch web development company, we have gained years of experience in offering clients the best website. 

Our aim is to bring your business to the forefront and increase its credibility by building an attractive and intuitive website. At the same time, we value your money.

This is the reason we make sure to do everything in your budget. So, don't worry about how much a basic website costs. Feel free to contact us. We are always there whenever you need us. 

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