Cross Platform Mobile Game Development: A Technology To Gain Maximum Revenue

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

Cross Platform Mobile Game Development: A Technology To Gain Maximum Revenue

The competition in the gaming application was not too less, and to attract users, the gaming companies use multiple strategies. But a few basic things make a bigger impact on the gaming platform.

Cross Platform Mobile Game Development

Building a game on the cross-platform is one such thing that makes the application more successful. When a gaming company gets a game that works perfectly on each kind of digital device, this increases the chance of getting more audience on the platform. 

A major population across the globe have used smartphones, laptops, or PCs in their daily life, but it is difficult to say which kind of users are the most globally.

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There are a huge number of iOS users, android users, and laptop or PC users, and developing the same gaming application for different types of platforms means a huge investment.

Cross-platform mobile game development is the perfect solution instead of developing the same application for 4 different types of devices. 

RisingMax Inc. has delivered more than 50 cross-platform mobile games for gaming companies. We are highly experienced developers developing multiple gaming applications, and we also acquired a great marketing team who can help you kickstart the marketplace.

Difficult To Build Cross Platform Mobile Game

Cross-platform development is complex and multifaceted. It requires great attention for the development of the application. It's easy to miss out on nuances when releasing a game on multiple platforms.

Because they did not undertake adequate testing and missed several problems and faults in the final console version, several publishers of eagerly anticipated games have suffered greatly in terms of their reputation.

The PC version, meanwhile, proved to be quite serviceable.

But instead of the difficulty, multiple advantages make cross-platform mobile game development a successful approach. Here are some advantages a gaming company gets from cross-platform mobile games.

Advantages Of Cross Platform Game Development

You will know that you will reach more prospective players and have the most influence on the target audience by creating a video game that can be played on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PC, and/or mobile phone. A cross-platform game also aids in player management and ensures that the game maintains consistency across several marketplaces.

  • Faster long-term development: In general, developing a game for several platforms is quicker than developing it for one platform, then porting it to another after launch. Developing and distributing engages not only time but also costs a good amount as compared to that building the cross-platform is time-saving and cost-effective.
  • Easily Accessible: A game has a greater chance of attracting more players and gaining popularity if it is compatible with multiple gaming systems. Every gamer has a preferred platform. While traveling or lounging on the couch, some individuals prefer to play games on a console, while others prefer to play games on an Android device. Because of its greater accessibility, a cross-platform game will fulfill every player's desires.
  • Maintenance Cost Reduction: Despite the variety of platforms, the game just has one base code, so if the development team needs to release a patch or update, it will go out faster and for less money. Therefore, the developers only need to modify one code base. Time and money are saved by changing a single code instead of several codes and thoroughly testing each one for bugs.
  • Better Speed: Creating a cross-platform game is more effective than creating a native app for Android and iOS. A single code base can be modified for various platforms. It is advantageous for every game production company to create a single cross-platform game rather than generating numerous native games from scratch.
  • High Monetization: Cross-platform mobile games have a substantially greater retention rate and are more profitable in comparison. Users can play several versions of the game on iOS, Windows, Android, and even the internet. With the ability to reach numerous audiences, developers may make more money from a single game they create.
  • Higher Reach To Audience: We have produced amazing mobile games & apps for iOS, Android, & Desktops as one of the reputable Cross-Platform game development businesses. Your clientele will be larger if you target more platforms. As a result, you have the added benefit of reaching a larger market. Covering various types of devices will help you reach a large percentage of consumers if you are aware that your potential gamers utilize mobile devices in addition to PC and console gaming.
Cross Platform Mobile Game Development

What Are The Best Cross Platform Game Development Engine

In addition to specific abilities and knowledge, creating games on many platforms at once necessitates using specialized software and languages.

You must first be aware of the platforms you are aiming for. If the three platforms are the traditional PC, console, and mobile, C++ can be used for development without risk.

Android devices that love Java will be able to get along with C++. On all systems, this language performs at its peak. However, it should be kept in mind that because C++ is more challenging to work with than other languages, the cost of cross-platform game development in this language would be higher.

Unreal Cross Platform Mobile Game Development Engine 

One of today's most potent and sophisticated cross-platform gaming engines is Unreal. You may design game visuals aimed at various hardware using the included visual scripting tool Blueprint.

You may make cross-platform games without learning more C++ by utilizing Unreal, but you must install different SDKs for each target platform. In addition, the engine provides access to the source code, which you can alter if you so choose.

Unlike Unity, unreal offers game development for PCs, smartphones, and consoles. It's crucial to be aware that the engine has many plugins that are only useful for large games. If your game isn't one of those, you'll need to find and disable them manually.

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Unity Cross Platform Mobile Game Development Engine 

It's difficult to talk about budget scaling without bringing up Unity. It is a genuine multi-platform game development giant built on C++ that performs admirably on PCs, consoles, and mobile devices.

The engine's ability to prevent users from accessing its C++ basis is one of its strengths, so you won't have to endure as many development costs as you would with pure C++.

For the game's scripting API, Unity uses C#, Boo, or UnityScript. It has an intuitive user interface and is simple to set up for cross-platform game production. When installing the engine, all required to load all the required SDKs is to choose the target platforms.

Mobile game creators, independent studios, and tiny game makers who don't prioritize cutting-edge visuals, open worlds, and games with more than 100 hours of playtime frequently use Unity.

It includes very few plugins by default, considerably reducing the build size. Additionally, Unity provides a sizable selection of 2D and 3D components that are mobile-friendly.

Best Languages For Building Cross-Platform Mobile Game


JavaScript is the most advanced and most demanding language for developing cross-platform. It is a world-class programming language that helps developers build cross-platform—the frameworks like Angular, React.js, Vuejs, Ember.js, Meteor, Mithril Node.js, etc.

JavaScript helps build mobile applications rather than browsers which makes the scope broader than the web browser. In creating a cross-platform application, the programming language is the best. This provides the option to reutilize native codes and helps to create an elegant, more cost-effective option. 


Swift is a cross-platform application development program for iOS. Additionally, it maintains its own infrastructure in the iOS app development industry. It is also more effective, but unavoidably not open-source and not accessible to developers. Most importantly, it is a robust and automatic dialect for macOS, iOS, watchOS, etc.

Additionally, it includes cutting-edge highlights with a simple syntax. It also develops quick programs and offers safety within the strategy. To provide applications with consistent approaches, it gives a variety of highlights.


Ruby is a general-purpose, dynamically typed, object-oriented, interpreted programming language. It contains a variety of distinctive characteristics, including automatic garbage collection, "duck typing," which refers to classifying types according to their behavior rather than their declarations, exception handling, and more.

It's a common belief that Ruby was created to encourage developers to work efficiently and adhere to sound UI design guidelines. It is accessible to a beginner coder and yields acceptable outcomes.

Additionally, Ruby apps are very cross-platform compatible. Currently, Ruby is more frequently used in the form of Ruby on Rails, a framework that greatly expands its functionalities.

An open-source, multi-platform runtime for JavaScript server-side applications is called Node.js. It utilizes the V8 engine and runs JavaScript scripts externally from a web browser.

By enabling programmers to create apps using one programming language rather than relying on different ones on the server side, it helped to further the "JavaScript everywhere" concept. The V8 engine, the libUV library, and a few more libraries make up Node.js.


Google created Dart in 2011, a well-liked general-purpose cross-platform app development language. Dart also facilitates the creation of fully complete applications and simple code snippets.

The development of desktop apps, online apps, etc., is also addressed. It employs 'C' style syntax and can occasionally compile with JavaScript.

It is also one of the languages used to construct web applications on both the client and server sides. Dart can now develop both Native and Cross Platform apps thanks to this.

Cross Platform Mobile Game Development

Generate Revenue From Cross Platform Mobile Game

Each business has one of the major motives for building a business that is making a profit from the business. Here are some reasons why building cross-platform mobile game development is one of the not only faster and cost-effective options but also the most profitable option as well.

In-App Purchases

The idea behind in-app purchases is straightforward: gamers can use real money to purchase more products or features while the game is still free to play.

Your in-app items will depend on your game's genre and fundamental gameplay.

IAP offers most frequently take the form of in-game money, lives, boosts, etc., enabling the player to progress further in the game.

Consumables and non-consumables are the two main categories of in-app purchases. They might even be available as subscriptions, but we'll cover that in more detail later.


The next major source of income is advertisement. The same advertisement can be the major source of income for the cross-platform mobile game development company once the gaming platform starts getting the user, based on the marketing strategy.

RisingMax Inc. is not only the top leading cross-platform mobile game development company but also provides the marketing strategy by our marketing experts. We are a 360-degree solution-providing company.

So we were on the topic of in-game advertisements. Once you start getting users on the platform, the other company will approach you for the advertisement, and by that, you can make a good amount of money. 

Premium Membership

Developers monetize with premium-priced apps only when a mobile game has a solid value proposition and few competitors offering the same traits and quality within the genre. Most gamers used to try out apps before this arrangement might turn off buying, yet upholding high standards enables premium-priced apps to succeed in the app store.

Collab With Influencer

Well, in this digital era, there are multiple ways by which a company can generate revenue.  Many gaming platforms invite popular influencers on their platform so that they can use their fan base to attract them to the platform. You can either bring the paid influencers or can verify the popular faces on the platform. 


With over one billion active users each month, Instagram has a huge audience. It is, therefore, the perfect venue for advertising gaming apps to a large audience. But this isn't your typical boosted post, pay-per-click advertisement. In this case, a cross-platform social media campaign will be driven by influencers.

Many well-known Instagrammers and YouTubers helped the gem-matching game Bejeweled advertise its #shinyplace promotion. The goal of the social media campaign was to get consumers to take a break and play their game to increase downloads and brand recognition.


The next better move can be seasonal offers and discounts for the users or can be offered for the new users. This helps not just to gain users but also to generate revenue. The more users will actively participate on the platform the more the gaming platform will have the opportunity to generate revenue.


So, here is the complete information on how you can generate revenue and the advantages of getting a cross-platform mobile game. If you plan to get into the gaming platform business, go for the cross-platform to reach the last possible user. You have to hire a Web3 game development company for game development.

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