Full Featured Automotive Inventory Management Software For Auto Dealers & Businesses

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

Full Featured Automotive Inventory Management Software For Auto Dealers & Businesses

The good health of good business relies on various business aspects, and one of the most crucial is "INVENTORY." For a business based around selling, keeping track of inventories is vital.

Consider the automobile which is just like other sectors where inventory management goes much deeper than just tracking products. It is somehow one of those integral segments that can't be ignored anyway.

Thanks to groundbreaking technology innovations, auto dealers are now making the most out of them for a good reason. With the latest technology in place, various processes of dealerships have been significantly enhanced for both customers and dealers.

The primary goal of automotive inventory management software is to guarantee that supplies are available in sufficient quantities when they are needed. The inventory includes semi-finished products or final goods.

Knowing where the automotive industry is in terms of production and sales is critical. Businesses with proper inventory management software can well handle the challenging client demands.

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We'll talk about how inventory management helps automobile organizations with their numerous tasks throughout this post.

Impact of Inventory Management on Automotive Industry

Automotive Inventory management is more than knowing how much inventory you have at your place. It includes tracking and organizing goods from suppliers, further getting them through the manufacturing process and then into customers' hands. Based on recent studies, it is found that more than 40% of small businesses either track inventory manually or don't track it at all. 

Holding more than enough inventory leads to discounting and tied up cash that could otherwise can't be used in other areas of the business. Due to stock-outs, not having adequate inventory results in lost revenue and dissatisfied customers.

It can be tough to continue with the perfect balance between having too much inventory and not having enough, especially if you rely on spreadsheets or other manual methods.

Automotive suppliers may gain visibility into things across all channels with an inventory management system, ensuring the correct items are available in the right place at the right time.

An integrated automotive inventory management software optimizes inventory to assure product availability, allowing the entire supply chain to work smoothly.

What Is Inventory Management?

Inventory management, to put it simply, is a collection of methods that you use to control and organize your goods or materials in your facility. Inventory management, which is a subset of supply chain management, manages the flow of goods from manufacturers to warehouses and then to retail outlets. It entails a store attempting to obtain and maintain a suitable goods assortment while keeping track of orders, logistics, returns, and related costs.

Factors To Determine For Automotive Inventory Management System

With a number of additions and customizations in automobiles, it is crucial that car dealers put in the loop how the car is finally delivered to the customer. At the same time, it is difficult to keep up with customer demands in today's time. And that's where good automotive inventory management software is the way to stay above the game. 

It is software that can do wonders right from smoother delivery orders, clear-cut communication between parties, and limit the mistakes that are usually caused due to human error. You can see the availability of powerful software that is available for businesses to monitor the ordering and storing of vehicles at your dealership.


Get real-time information on the number of vehicles you have, and look back at historical data to see which ones are the most profitable. These programs can assist you in keeping track of your inventory and advising you on the types of vehicles you should order depending on current demand and the preferences of your consumers.


This feature might assist you in providing realistic delivery deadlines to your consumers and ensuring complete satisfaction. With automotive inventory management software, you may keep track of purchases and guarantee that the consumer receives the correct pricing.

It decreases the number of human interactions required to resolve questions, which are frequently slowed by delays and incomplete information. You can keep track of assets, monitor several locations from a single source, and follow up on customer inquiries such as returns and problems. You may even stock up on necessary parts to avoid delays.


You can add numerous teams to the task at hand and ensure that all manufacturing procedures are finished on schedule with the program. This allows you to plan out the entire order from start to finish, from manufacture to delivery.

Certain budgeting features can provide an estimate of landing costs and predicted future costs, allowing you to stay on track. You can also see how specific jobs are progressing in real-time, which helps you optimize your workflow.

Work Orders

As previously said, the software allows you to add many teams. You can ensure that every order stage is fulfilled satisfactorily by standardizing the process at every level.

A minor flaw can affect a customer's satisfaction, and by keeping track of details, you can reduce the number of errors. Deliver specific client requests to the appropriate team, and ensure that nothing is lost due to a lack of or incorrect information.


The most critical aspect of your business is ensuring that your clients receive the correct delivery of the product. Inventory management software depicts the shipping procedure together with predicted prices so that everyone is aware of how much money they will need.

In the event of a future issue, you may stay in touch with customers and keep track of their requests in one spot. Inventory updates in real-time can keep the team informed about finished and pending deliveries.


Keeping track of your finances allows you to prepare for the future and establish more effective business strategies. These programs offer an accounting component where everything is automatically tracked, providing you a better perspective of your entire costs.

All of your inventory and costs may be tracked in one spot. You can also access and analyze historical data to determine pricing patterns, vendor satisfaction, and so on.

The Primary Goal Of Inventory Management

Dealerships out there with advanced automotive inventory management software are more prepared to handle the moving parts of dealerships better. The primary goal of inventory management is to:

  • Eliminates loss occurring from damages and wasted materials.
  • Ensure the quick accessibility of resources for all departments.
  • Easy identification of the products that are of low quantities.
  • Avoid overstocking and duplication in ordering stocks.
  • Maintenance of production costs within the budget.
  • Ending bottlenecks because of the lack of materials.

How Inventory Management System Proven Beneficial For Auto Dealers?

Demand Planning

Inadequate inventory to satisfy client orders and lost sales might come from inaccurate demand planning. On the other hand, excess inventory results in outmoded inventory, wasting money and storage space that may be put to better use.

Businesses are compelled to sell excess inventory at a discount or through off-price merchants. In each of these circumstances, your profit margin and overall sales are reduced.

Demand planning guarantees that the correct things are available at the correct time and at the correct location. Inventory management systems enable you to track and preserve records automatically, allowing you to forecast and plan for the future based on historical demand.

Modern inventory management systems with IoT and analytics capabilities give you a real-time picture of inventory amounts, location, and status, allowing you to plan demand more accurately.

Supplier Management

Automotive suppliers typically purchase the same item from numerous vendors to mitigate the consequences of a disruption and minimize supply risks. If one supplier fails to deliver, the company can swiftly increase the order amount from another supplier to ensure product availability.

An inventory management system allows you to keep track of which suppliers supplied which components or raw materials. If a component is defective and a recall is required, you can dig down to determine which vendor supplied the faulty part and recall only those products, rather than all things manufactured during a certain date.

Traceability cuts down on waste and lowers operating costs. Inventory management systems also enable a business to measure and monitor supplier quality, resulting in better, more dependable vendors.

Warehouse Management

Without the correct infrastructure in place, streamlining automotive warehouse operations across several locations can be much more difficult. You have to operate each warehouse as a separate unit if you don't have inventory visibility across several sites, which means you need enough stock in each location.

Furthermore, having a specific location for each product in the warehouse stops personnel from roaming around inefficiently and maximizes labor efficiency.

Effective inventory management gives you visibility into an item from the supplier purchase order to the customer order and every step in between. Because a corporation can strategically fulfill orders from the warehouse with appropriate stock, an automotive inventory management software that allows you to observe inventory levels across all locations can drastically minimize the amount of stock on hand.

Inventory visibility gives the information needed to improve day-to-day procedures and increase labor efficiency, lowering costs and ensuring on-time delivery.

Order Fulfillment

Enterprise-wide insight and coordination are required to execute a seamless fulfillment plan across numerous channels. The fulfillment process can quickly become complicated and unprofitable without visibility into car inventory.

Inventory management is essential for speeding up the fulfillment process and optimizing inventory usage across all channels, resulting in less obsolete inventory and satisfied consumers.

By providing visibility into item numbers and placement across all facilities, an inventory management system aids fulfillment. Orders can be automatically compared to global inventory availability and routed to the most efficient location, such as fulfilling the nearest warehouse, assigning specific items to a particular warehouse, or prioritizing critical client orders.

Customer Service

Businesses can address consumer issues like order status, exchanges, and returns more correctly and swiftly with inventory records that track a product through the supply chain. Inventory visibility across channels and locations provides customer care reps with the information they need to assist clients in obtaining the goods they require rather than risk losing the sale due to out-of-stocks at a single location.

Inventory management provides sales and customer care representatives with all they need to tackle customer concerns proactively and in real-time. It's difficult to detect quality issues, hold suppliers responsible, and create excellent client experiences without an inventory management system that links components to finished goods to customer orders.

How Can Dealerships Improve Their Inventory Management Systems?

We must first consider why dealership inventory management systems may need to be improved to answer this question. If your company is experiencing any of the following, it may be time for an upgrade.

  • Communication across departments isn't as efficient as it could be.
  • Inventory and production costs are both high.
  • A low inventory turnover rate
  • Mistakes in data entry
  • Reporting updates aren't kept up to date in a timely manner.
  • Providing service technicians with the incorrect products

Inventory is a direct correlation between revenue and assets. Products must be stored and accounted for correctly. An effective automotive inventory management software for an auto dealer ensures a smoother workflow, clear communication between departments and consumers, and fewer errors.

There are various ways that new software might help dealerships overcome their challenges. Among these improvements include:

Real-time Reporting – Things can change rapidly in a dealership since there are so many moving components. Real-time updates ensure that all departments have access to accurate and up-to-date information from a single source.

Customization – There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to dealerships. Each company will have its own set of operating requirements and client requests. 

Streamlined Communication – Service advisers, parts, service professionals, and sales managers are all tied to the same system, allowing for easy communication and a smooth process. Quick communication about available goods speeds up the servicing process, smooths out the sales process, and helps the bottom line.


Every aspect of the business is affected by inventory monitoring, from service technicians talking with the parts department to a salesperson inquiring about the availability of a specific vehicle for a customer.

To the untrained eye, inventory management appears to be nothing more than a method of evaluating the things that are now accessible. The goal of inventory tracking in various businesses, including the automobile industry, is to improve customer happiness, departmental collaboration, and a smoother workflow with less downtime.

The most significant benefit of the digital world is that you are always connected. Technology and smart gadgets enable you to stay on top of even the smallest details—as a result, stay ahead of the competition.

These software programs can be installed as apps on mobile devices to boost functionality and convenience for both the business and the client. The time to get automotive inventory management software to stay ahead of the curve requires keeping up with technology and ensuring that your clients are satisfied with your product. For mobile solutions that can assist you in achieving this aim, contact RisingMax.

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