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RisingMax is the top real estate mobile company in the USA, offering terrific solutions and best-in-class services that are smartly designed for real estate auction management software.

Real Estate Mobile App Development Solutions

Being a highly reputable real estate app development company, we comprise a team of profoundly skilled and experienced real app developers who are experts in developing real estate mobile applications. Our team has managed to market and create a considerable number of real estate mobile applications to the complete satisfaction of our clients.

  • Realtor App
  • Home Searching App
  • Realty Apps
  • Property Apps
  • Open house Apps
  • Land For Sale Apps
  • Real Estate News App
  • Vendor Management App
  • Project Management App
  • Trulia Like App
  • Zillow Like App
  • House Rent App
  • Real Estate App for Builder
  • Apps Like Opendoor

Complete Real Estate Solution To Surefire Your Business Growth

RisingMax leverages the expertise of multiple industries and businesses by driving technology-led solutions for mobile app development for real estate. We make sure to deliver quality services over the complete development life cycle of the application development.

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RisingMax is a leading real estate mobile app development company having your back with all the services you require! Whether buyers, sellers, or real estate agents, our mobile app solution happily manages all the needs and requirements.

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For both the future and current property needs, RisingMax suggests the most viable solutions for your real estate business.

The Tech Stack Of Real Estate Mobile App Development Company

A technology stack for a mobile app is similar to a skeleton, which is made of languages, frameworks, and software products. It’s the base of a final product. This is why at RisingMax we have a tech stack with a strong competitive advantage contributing to your real estate business growth.

Android Tech Stack

Programming Languages

Being the real estate mobile app development company, our real estate mobile application is supported by the official programming languages - Kotlin and Java. Java is one of the best technology stacks used by a mobile application development company. Kotlin, on the other hand, is clean, lightweight, and much less verbose is making it a solution to all the Java problems in the mobile app development for real estate.

Toolkit for Real Estate Application Development

Our real estate app development company developers work with the feasibility of editing code, debugging, flexible build system, performance tooling, and an instant deploy system. Our tech stack for the android app enables thee to focus entirely on building high-quality and unique mobile app development for real estate.

Android SDK

RisingMax aims to increase the app count to over millions with the latest features, and our experts make it download and then install each version of SDK for every device. Our mobile app development for real estate offers better communication and also provides all the extra features required.

iOS Tech Stack

Programming Languages

Being the real estate mobile app development company, our real estate mobile application for iOS is supported by the most preferred languages that find themselves being a part of the iOS mobile app development technologies are Swift and Objective-C. For the mobile app development for real estate, we recommend Swift over Objective-C, simply because the language is more functional and offers codes that are a lot less error-prone.

Toolkit for Real Estate Application Development

Our real estate app development company developers work with the toolkits with the full feature environment providing to create and develop both mobile and desktop applications. The toolkits IntelliJ AppCode and Apple Xcode for iOS are quite commonly used by iPad and iPhones.


Same as Android RisingMax a real estate mobile app development company offers iOS SDK comprising of APIs that acts as the link between platforms for the smoother running of the real estate mobile application. Our solution also offers tools used for Apple’s touchscreen interface and the proprietary iOS operating system.

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With Us Develop, Integrate & Engineer Custom Applications For Consumer-facing & Corporate Environments Across Mobile Devicest


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Make Sense Of The World By Unifying Data & Machine Learning Via Our Avante Grande Solutions


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Our Real Estate Mobile App Development Company Methodologies Renders Optimisation & Transparency

At RisingMax, we strive to be firm believers in forbearing a complex project by working with the client and meeting their requirements. The methodologies we utilize are effective and facilitates substantial communication assuring that our clients stay in the loop with us while creating mobile app development for real estate to achieve the required results.


Strategies that Initialize


Implement Development Codes


Deploy Launch


RisingMax Is Always Ahead Of The


To maintain the position of the most respectable real estate mobile app development company, we streamline the process and solve complex queries to scale the ideas to be at the top of our game. Our experts believe it is essential to be part of the impactful real estate project developments by developing impactful business outcomes. Curious to know how RisingMax as a real estate development company reach business goals and turning the idea into tangible results -

Set To Launch A Platform For Your Real Estate Business?

As a real estate mobile app development company, we believe in creating apps that work as a comprehensive digital solution to ease all kinds of consumer interactions and transactions. We are all set! It's your time to go live instantly with our advanced set of features & pocket-friendly pricing for your preset budgets. Boost Up Your Business Profits & Stay On Track With Us

Carve The Path For The New Age Of Real Estate Industry With RisingMax

RisingMax makes sure that your decision to pick us as your real estate mobile app development company will not go wrong. We en-route to grow and reach a new level by connecting you to our experts for unmatched opportunities and advantages of your real estate business.

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Commercial Property management software

Rising Max - the real estate mobile app development company offering results-driven for commercial property managers and making it easier for them to manage the assets easier and powerful. Our commercial property management software is state-of-the-art, streamlining the process and workflows within the features built explicitly in our mobile app development for real estate as per your needs.


Real Estate Asset management software

By keeping up with the trends, we know that real estate owners and developers are challenged by collecting and managing rapidly changing property information across national and international CRE portfolios. Our asset management software platform streamlines the collection of facilities data for large and small real estate portfolios of industrial, retail and residential properties.

Real Estate Transaction Management software

RisingMax is one of the top real estate transaction management software companies designing to streamline collaboration by consolidating compliance, storage, form management, eSignatures and reporting into a single platform. Our solution aids you to quit chasing down clients or agents to get all required signatures. Digitally sign and secure forms to help speed up an ordinarily time-consuming and frustrating process, allowing you to close more contracts quickly and efficiently.

Real Estate Listing management software

By acing the mobile app development for real estate, RisingMax offers the industry's most comprehensive suite of tools including CRM, Back Office, Lead Generation, Marketing & More make every step from search to sold an intelligent and seamless experience. See how we pair IDX websites, CRM, and back-office tools that help real estate professionals meet the demands of today's challenges.


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Design & Development

Our forte is to develop designs that complement
your given requirements and trends.


With earnest efforts, we deliver perfection
and worthy outputs.

Case Study
My Rare Collections Case Study
NFT Trading Platform

My Rare Collections

Designed a one-of-a-kind NFT trading platform that offers exclusive digital assets through a smart contract.

Jean Gilles Capital Case Study
Capital Crypto Management Software

Jean Gilles Capital

A 100% automated platform with the most technically advanced crypto market features.

Universal Monsters Case Study
Polygon blockchain Merchandise Store

Universal Monsters

Developed an e-commerce website for Universal Monsters that unlocks digital experience through merchandise and NFTs.

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