Real Estate Investor Reporting Software

By RisingMax

August 02, 2023

Real Estate Investor Reporting Software

Managing a large number of investors manually is a tough task for real estate businesses. You need to send them regular reports regarding their investments. Doing this task without automated software can be a difficult task. To resolve these issues, real estate investor reporting software has come into existence.

The real estate investor reporting software helps to give accurate reports to investors within a few seconds. In this blog, we will discuss the working of investor reporting software, its features, its step-by-step development process, and its benefits for real-estate businesses. 

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What Is Real Estate Investor Reporting Software?

The real-estate investor reporting software is software that helps real estate businesses to provide accurate reporting to their investors. The software helps to maximize the return on investment and increase their market value.

The software can be helpful for asset managers, real estate investors, and stakeholders in undertaking successful financial planning and analysis of their investments. 

It provides investors to get a clear and detailed view of their investment portfolio. The software helps in reducing errors while recording your investor’s financial information. It provides accurate investor reports with just a few clicks.

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Must-Have Features Of Real Estate Investor Reporting Software

Are you planning to get innovative and futuristic investor reporting software for your business? Well, you have made a great choice. The software will make your business processes easy and simple. Given below are some must-have features of the investor reporting software you are planning to launch for your business:

Performance And Benchmarks

The software has a performance and benchmark option, which help real estate businesses to derive business reports and check the performance of their investor’s investments. 

The businesses can set the benchmarks and check whether their investments are performing as per desired level in the market or not. Through the investor reporting software, you can perform calculations related to their investments.

Data Collection

Data collection is an important feature of the reporting software. The software collects data about the investors, their investment patterns, preferences, and individualistic data regarding their investments. 

On the basis of this data, real estate businesses can generate. reports that can help the business grow and flourish. These reports can be used for designing effective business strategies for their real estate businesses.

Reporting And Analytics

Generating reports related to the investment details of the investors can be a time-consuming task if done manually. The investor reporting and analytics software can do this task in minutes. 

This is the most important feature of the software. The software is used for generating updated investor reports. These reports can be sent to investors to keep them updated regarding the investments.

Document & Profile Management

To make sure all the investors associated with your real estate business are managed properly, the real estate reporting software can be used. The software has a well-designed user profile section where every investor's personal details are mentioned. You can make changes to the user details whenever you wish to. All the user documents are saved in the user profile section.

24/7 Investor Support And Communication

To ensure that there is transparency in the process, the software offers 24/7 support to investors. The technical experts will be available to answer customer queries regarding portfolio creation, investment returns, ongoing investment trends, suggestions for further investments, and other types of support. The investors can submit their queries to the executives through the software and get desired responses from the team in a very less time span.

Real Estate Investor Reporting Software

Benefits Of Real Estate Investor Reporting Software For Real-Estate Businesses

Well, after knowing about the features of real estate reporting software, you must be wondering in what ways your business can be benefited by using the software. Given below are some benefits of using real estate investor reporting software for businesses:

Improves Communication With Investors

Having effective investor communication is essential for the growth of a real estate business. The software is very impactful in making effective communication with investors. 

Through accurate reporting offered by real estate investor reporting & analytics software, you can easily communicate with the investor reporting software. You can give investors accurate information supported by factual information.

Increased Transparency

To gain trust amongst investors adding transparency to real estate transactions is very important. The investor reporting software will provide the investors with complete details about the investments they hold and all major details of those investments. Investors can easily check the current value of the property. They can easily trust the real estate business.

Customized Reporting

Generating investor reports is a major task of every real estate business. These reports give investors complete details about their investments. The software will help you in generating customized reports with just a few clicks. This will help in making communication with investors more smooth.

Saves Time

Creating detailed investor reports for each investor can be tough for a real estate business. The business has to employ a large team to do this. This will make other important business tasks suffer. But with the help of software, you can generate detailed investor reports in a very short time period. You can invest the time saved for your business growth.

Enhanced Investment Decisions

To make an enhanced investment decision, it is very important that the investors get complete details about the investments they have. The software provides a detailed report which can be accessed by the investors in making the right decision regarding their investments. They can invest in profitable investments.

Higher Business Growth

The investor reporting software helps real estate businesses to manage their investors in an efficient manner. Through this software, they can give an enhanced user experience to investors. This increases the investor base of your business and adds to the business growth. Higher business growth will help your business gain a competitive edge in the real estate industry.

Development Process Of Real Estate Investor Reporting Software

Well, you must have got a rough idea about what real estate investor reporting software is and its relevance for a real estate business. Are you planning to get real estate investor reporting software for your business? Given below is a step-by-step procedure for designing investor reporting software:

Analysis Of Business Requirements

This is the most important step for designing real estate investor software. In this, the requirements of the business are identified. The future goals which the business wishes to achieve are determined. On the basis of this, further action is taken\n. The goals and requirements analysis should be done in a detailed manner. This will help the business use the software in the best possible manner.

Locating An Expert Software Development Company

After analyzing the software requirements of the business, the next thing they would do is locate an expert real estate software development company. The company you choose must have experience designing innovative and user-centric software for real estate businesses. Make sure they have a team of knowledgeable experts working with them. Also, have a look at the previous software designed by the company and reviews of the customers.

Software Designing And Features Integration

After finding the best custom fintech software development company, they will start with preparing the internal and external design of the app. The design must be unique and eye-catchy. It must be designed keeping in view user preferences. After finalizing the design, the next is choosing the features for the software. The choice of features should be made wisely.

Development And Testing

After this, the software will be developed by the development team. They will work on adding new technologies and functionalities to make the investor reporting software more popular amongst the customers. After this, the designed software would be tested to ensure that it is free from errors. The required changes are made as per the software testing results.

Launch And Deployment

After the software designing and development task is completed, the next will be the launch of the real estate investor reporting software in the market. During the launch, proper arrangements must be made for the marketing of the software. 

After the launch, the software is delivered. to the business. Make sure to ask the development company to provide all login credentials related to the software.

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Cost Of Developing Real Estate Investor Reporting Software

Well, after understanding the development process of real estate investor reporting software, the next thing which comes to mind is what is the cost of developing the software. Well, the overall cost of developing the investor reporting software will be $8000 to $25000.However, this cost is not fixed. It varies according to various factors, including:

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Features Added To The Software

The features added to the investor reporting software have a major contribution to determining the overall cost of the platform. The software with advanced features is costly as compared to the one with simple and basic features.

Location Of The Development Company

The location of the development company has a direct impact on the overall development cost of the software. Companies located in developed nations might charge you higher for their services. Whereas companies located in developing nations can design it at a less cost.

Complexity Of The Software

The more complex the software will be, the higher will be the development cost of the software. Given below is the cost estimate of the real estate investor reporting software as per the software complexity level:

Level Of CompanyDevelopment Cost
Basic Level Application$10K to $20K
Average Level Application$20K to $35K
High-End Application$35K to $50K

The Bottom Line

The Investor reporting software is very beneficial for real estate business growth. The software helps businesses to generate automatic investor reports within just a few clicks. The software helps businesses in managing their investors properly and giving them full details of their investments. It automates business transactions and reduces errors during property management.

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