E-Prescribing Software Development Company

By RisingMax

May 31, 2023

E-Prescribing Software Development Company

Prescription processing software authorizes patients to forge and send prescriptions electronically. It has become more popular in all different kinds of medical facilities. Drugs can be delivered directly from providers to pharmacies.

E-Prescribing Software Development Company

Delivering compliant e-prescribing software development company RisingMax Inc. opens up a new market for the entire healthcare industry. Our hand-selected and dedicated team of healthcare software developers is available to you around-the-clock. 

RisingMax Inc., a market-leading healthcare software development company, provides cutting-edge services that support the creation of state-of-the-art prescription processing software. Utilize a HIPAA-compliant solution to eliminate all medical errors and streamline healthcare operations.  

E-Prescribing Software Development Services To Improve Care Model

We create electronic prescription systems (erx software) for the safe and secure exchange of medical test results and e-prescriptions for controlled substances (EPCS) between pharmacies, PBMs, trading hubs, imaging facilities, social insurance providers, drug stores, and other healthcare organizations.

EMR/ EHR Integrations

We coordinate erx software solutions with Electronic Health and Medical Record (EMR/EHR) databases to validate patient data and avoid incompatible drug interactions in response to a case's medication history. We connect modules for revenue cycle operation (RCM) and medical billing to align hospital information systems.

Clinical Decision Support

We combine erx software solutions with clinical decision support (CDS) software used in outpatient and mobile settings to estimate patient drug history, including medications, foods, dislikes, and treatment curatives. To ensure the safety of the cases, our CDS systems warn medical device software development professionals and druggists about potentially conflicting drug relationships.

Wearable Health Technology Integrations

We develop cross-platform telemedicine operations linked with EMR, EHR, and PHR distribution features for croakers, cases, caretakers/nurses, and druggists. Camera features, communication modules, case and croaker doors, and other features are part of these web-based and mobile operations.

Medication Management Systems

Using standardized barcode scanners and other force-shadowing bias, we create prescription processing software functions in a hospital, doctor's office, and enterprise-wide Medication Management Systems (MMS) to automate drug orders of brand-name medications and non-exclusive details.

E-prescribing Software

With the help of prescription processing software, doctors can electronically create and send a medication request directly to the patient's preferred pharmacy. Prescription processing software prepares for better connections between clinical specialists and pharmacies by using EHR data to formulate and communicate solutions.

Security Checks

An erx software solution provides a warning or reminder if a medication is thought to pose a risk of harm or cause an allergic reaction for any reason. Potential problems include drug-medication interactions, medication duplication, patient sensitivities, and dosage amounts outside recommended ranges.

Reduce Paperwork With ERX Software

The advent of electronic health records highlighted the requirement for electronic prescribing, and using erx software solutions reduced the dangers of medical errors and patient misinterpretation. An e-prescribing system fills panels for physicians and patients while upholding data confidentiality and HIPAA compliance. 

Remote Sharing

Remotely, you can share prescriptions with patients or the pharmacies of their choice.

Zero Prescription Errors

Sharing digital prescriptions promotes quality care while reducing the likelihood of avoidable drug adverse cases.

Easy Integration

You can view the patient's medical history using the EHR data and recommend the best medications for their health problems.

Quick Decisions

The patient's records are easily accessible to the doctors, who can also research the best pharmacies to find the drugs.

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Features To Include In Your e-Prescription Software

You can explore developing the best features with RisingMax Inc. to guarantee a better user experience and best practices for your erx software solution. Since we create prescription processing software from the ground up, you can easily design your own set of features for it. 

Build Seamlessness

Each user—a pharmacist, a prescriber, and a patient—needs a method for evaluating and accessing electronic prescriptions. Users can access the tools to create, modify, manage, and receive electronic prescriptions. Web portals, mobile apps, integrated solutions, etc., can all be examples.

Generation and Submission of Prescriptions

New prescriptions can be written by healthcare professionals and sent digitally to the next step. The concerned pharmacists can receive the prescription from the doctors. Patients can also access prescription information and other information pertaining to pharmacists.

Tracking Of Prescriptions

The system ensures the pharmacy has successfully processed the prescription according to the specific order of events after the e-prescription has been created and sent to it. Patients can keep track of reorders or upcoming orders with its assistance. It enables doctors to manage the supply of medications.

Medication History

E-prescription gives access to the patient's medical history to healthcare professionals. This data can be imported from various sources, including the database of a partner pharmacy, the history of medication claims received from insurance companies or pharmacy managers, or EHR/EMR systems. 

Automate Error Detection

The prescription processing software makes sure that the prescriptions generated by medical professionals are sufficient in their accuracy. The prescriber can choose the drugs from the systems and use dictionaries. The right medications are ordered for the patient, and prescriptions are written with the aid of a digital assistant. 

Patient Monitoring

The system facilitates effective communication between users and practitioners due to integration. Doctors, for instance, have access to the patient's medical background and can closely monitor their health. Patients, on the other hand, can monitor their medication use.

Perks Of Adopting ERX Software Solution

Cost Savings

The advantages of e-prescriptions, such as better results, increased productivity, and fewer patient visits, have helped practices save between 140 and 240 billion dollars over the past ten years. As e-prescription systems advance and pharmacies become more comfortable, money saved could rise.

Reduce Human Error

E-prescriptions are much easier to understand regarding dosage, treatment, and medication requirements than handwritten prescriptions, so a pharmacist is not necessary to interpret them. This makes a significant difference in reducing human error, which helps doctors provide better care.

Track Prescription Fulfillment

Doctors can monitor whether patients have received their next refill using e-prescription systems. These systems can therefore provide clinicians with information about which patients are following their medication regimens and which have stopped receiving treatment. 

Increased Prescription Efficiency

Prescriptions written by hand can be time-consuming and exhausting because they frequently need to be individually created and approved. Clinicians can automatically refill dozens of electronic prescriptions using some systems, giving them time to review them.

Reduces Pharmacist Error

E-prescriptions are more valuable and error-free than handwritten prescriptions when compared. Patients who record their medical history may find it easier to manage their overall workload. This might lessen medication and prescription error rates.

Instant Medical Reconciliation

Various businesses might release the same medication under various names and in various forms and dosages. The understanding of drug interactions and side effects is improved by digital prescription. The histories of patients that are kept on file aid in decision-making and help avoid the prescription of unnecessary or duplicate medications.

Step-by-Step Process of Electronic Prescription Software Development

Project Idea & Concept

The initial and pre-development stage is when you explore your project concept, needs, requirements, and business objectives. Developing a plan for completing the project is another step in this process. You conduct research and establish the requirements for the final product while your team supports you.

Market Research and Planning

Every stage of the electronic prescription software development process is crucial because it determines your app's success. Analyzing the market will reveal what your potential customers want, what drives the competition, and what you can offer to win over customers and outperform rivals over the long haul. Consequently, the factors you should think about at this point are:

  • Potential market issues that could impede progress
  • Solutions to the problems
  • Features that are essential for every user
  • A platform on which an app will run 
  • Resources needed to create the app
  • Cutting-edge technologies requirement

Required Features

After conducting the preliminary research, you must choose the features that this prescription processing software must have, such as:

  • Patients: personal data, medicine information, payment details, prescription, medical history, order history, etc.
  • Doctors: patient history, patient report, prescriptions, documentation details, medical records, availability of medicines, and more.
  • Pharmacists: order history, payment tracking, patients’ information, doctors’ information, and more.

Your software program can have as many categories for the features as you like.

UI/UX Design And Prototyping

The team should get to work after defining the specifications for the e-prescription solution. Designers create the product interface, the layout of the elements, the color scheme, etc., during the UI/UX development phase. Keep your design simple and intuitive enough to improve the user experience.

Quality Assurance And Testing

QA engineers run a series of manual and automated tests to confirm the app's functionality and get rid of any (if any) remaining bugs. The evaluation of the application's readiness for deployment and compliance with market regulations is another goal of this stage.

Launching And Maintenance

An app is prepared for release to the market after passing numerous QA tests. The App Store and Google Play experts will inspect your product and decide whether to accept it for distribution or reject it, depending on your chosen platform (iOS or Android).

It's significant to remember that electronic prescription software development doesn't end with the final phase. You should regularly update the functionality and support it if you want to keep your product in high demand and attract a larger audience. Because of this, the software lifecycle will be longer, and the application will remain current with user and market demands.

E-Prescribing Software Development Company

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Of course, the best e-prescribing vendors must be considered to handle the overall complications. The most connected network in the sector supports providers, practices, and patients using RisingMax's electronic prescription processing software system. 

RisingMax's e-prescribing erx software streamlines procedures like prior authorization and pharmacy communication to facilitate a quick and efficient workflow.

Multiple medications can be sent with just one order, and prescriptions can be renewed with just two clicks using any Internet-enabled device. As a result, we link your patients with thousands of pharmacies so they can easily and quickly get the medications they need.

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