Digital Assets Marketplace Development

By RisingMax

May 15, 2023

Digital Assets Marketplace Development

Build your high-end digital asset marketplace to grow into the decentralized and profitable business of the 21st century. RisingMax Inc. helps to develop an advanced digital asset marketplace to start a business on blockchain technology.

Launch your digital asset marketplace with exclusive development services. Do you wish to build a customized digital asset marketplace platform? 

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Digital Assets Marketplace Development

Why You Should Choose Digital Asset Marketplace as a Business

Let’s see some examples that will help you know why building the digital asset marketplace is a beneficial option.

Youth Are Investing

Pew research center found in a survey that 31% of Americans from 18-29 have invested or traded in cryptocurrency. While digital art made up 8% of collections among Millennials, it rose to 18% among Gen Zers.

Global Companies Launching NFT

Global brands like Adidas, Shopify, eBay, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Nike, Formula1, Gucci, Parada, Lamborghini, Louis Vuitton, etc., joined or joined the NFT marketplace to promote their businesses and make an advanced effect on the world.

Celebrities Launched Digital Asset

Snoop Dogg, Paris Hilton, Grimes, Lindsay Lohan, Eminem, and many other global stars and artists have launched their digital assets. 

Benefits of Digital Asset Marketplace Development

The demand for decentralized platforms like digital asset marketplace development is taking up the market, and investors are moving forward to develop digital asset marketplace to get into the decentralization market. Here are some of the benefits that you will have from such a marketplace.

100% Secure 

The blockchain-based digital asset marketplace is a highly secured marketplace. No one manipulates or hampers the codes of the Smart Contracts of the NFT marketplace

Faster Transaction

The digital asset marketplace will be equipped with a decentralized exchange platform that helps make the transaction much faster than any other form. The transaction on the digital asset marketplace will be highly secured, and the chances of payment delay will be none.

Complete Ownership 

The users will have complete ownership of their digital assets on your marketplace platform, which will give them the true sense of being valuable artists. The complete ownership of the digital assets will build the goodwill of the platform. 

Features Of Digital Asset Marketplace That Will Help Your Users

RisingMax Inc. is offering the development of high-end features of the digital asset marketplace. These features will help your users, as well as your business, to make a positive impact and help you to be a reliable option for the users. 

For Digital Asset Marketplace Presentation

The mentioned below are the feature of the product presentation:


The panel is where the user can easily buy or sell their NFT or can call for the auction of their digital art. The users can also sell the digital art of any other artist if they have bought from them. 

Product Listing 

The product listing feature developed by RisingMax Inc. will have an advanced filter by which any user can set their preferences by their interest, budget, asset creator, etc. 

Detail Description 

The product page will have a complete description of the NFT and the artist who made the art. The artist's information can be optional as per the artist's convenience whether they want to reveal their identity or not.

Admin Of Digital Asset Marketplace

These are the features that will help the admin panel in the digital asset marketplace development.

User Profile management

The user profile management will help the admin to keep an eye on the platform and monitor the platform to avoid any illegal or unfair means in the digital asset marketplace.

Sales Report

RisingMax Inc. develops an advanced digital asset marketplace that also tracks the sales on the platform and can make the report on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis. This will help the admin to keep a record of every transaction on the platform.

AI Chatbot

The AI chatbots will help the admin to resolve issues in the digital asset marketplace; the instant solution will help the user & artists get an instant solution. This will help the marketplace to make goodwill in the marketplace.

Management of Users on the Digital Asset Marketplace

Here are three major features for users that have a major impact on the digital asset marketplace business.

User Authentication 

The user will have to register on the platform for access. The user registration process can be done with contact details and emails or can be done with the help of social media platforms. 

User Profile

The user on the platform can manage their profile and can set their preferences too. They will have easy access to the transactions, possess NFTs, etc.  

Seller Profile

The seller of the digital asset can easily choose their tag, upload their art, and choose the option of whether they want to make a direct sale or want to put it for auction.

Align the current state of IT with your business strategy by hiring the most trustworthy Digital Assets Marketplace Development Company

Digital Assets Marketplace Powered By Top Blockchain Technologies

Get the high-end digital asset marketplace with the most powerful blockchain technologies. Risingmax Inc. is the leading digital asset marketplace development company in US and helps multiple startups and enterprises; we use advanced and reliable blockchain technology.

Digital Asset Marketplace On Solana

Get your digital asset marketplace with highly advanced and reliable blockchain technology with a great combination of PoS and PoH features that offers faster traction speed onto the platform.

Digital Asset Marketplace On Corda

Get your digital asset marketplace with one of the leading and unmatchable blockchain technology Corda. Hire the best digital asset developers from RisingMax Inc.

Digital Asset Marketplace On BNB

BNB offers fully advanced state-of-art features to digital creators. This blockchain technology could be one of the reliable and multi-functional options for the creators as well as for the admin. 

Digital Asset Marketplace On Polygon

Polygon is one of the most successful and highly advanced blockchain technologies that can make an exceptional digital asset marketplace for the high-end user experience for your users.

Digital Asset Marketplace On Ethereum

Choose a platform with low downtime, rapid mining, excellent support, and strong community backing to increase efficiency.

Digital Asset Marketplace On Hyperledger

Hyperledger offers identity management services on an immutable distributed ledger and creates rich queries via a modular architecture leveraging blockchain technology.

Digital Asset Marketplace Development Services RisingMax Inc. Provide

Here are the major solutions we provide for our clients. The solution mentioned below will help you to generate a good amount of revenue from the marketplace. 

Digital Asset Storage Solution

Our NFT storage solution is the most user-friendly approach to uploading and managing files in IPFS. RisingMax Inc.’s NFT Storage platform is the high-end solution to work on due to the easy-to-use UI and our IPFS API.

Digital Asset Marketplace Consulting

We assist you in identifying the best niche for your NFT marketplace and designing a solution to fulfill the most stringent criteria of your target audience. If your initial concept looks to be impossible, we are eager to provide alternatives to ensure you receive a large and timely payout from the market launch.

Digital Asset Marketplace Solution

We assist you in identifying the best niche for your NFT marketplace and designing a solution to fulfill the most stringent criteria of your target audience. If your initial concept looks to be impossible, we are eager to provide alternatives to ensure you receive a large and timely payout from the market launch.

Smart Contract On Digital Asset Marketplace

RisingMax Inc. holds great expertise in developing smart contracts and audit services for error-free and reliable exchanges and seamless digital asset transactions. Apart from the digital asset marketplace development company, we also have smart contract audit services.

Digital Asset Development

At RisingMax Inc., we also help launch their digital assets, including tokenizing the asset and issuing robust SPL tokens with high-end security and functionality as per our client’s requirements.

Support & Maintenance 

Get exclusive AI chatbots for your marketplace to resolve your users’ issues and help the creators on your platform to enlist their products easily with natural language processing and self-learning chatbots.

Roadmap For Digital Asset Marketplace Development

Here is the roadmap that Risingmax follows for making a high-end and reliable marketplace for art lovers and artists. Our roadmap helps to develop the marketplace with the excellent protocol. We are enlisting how your blueprint will meet reality with us. 

Research & Analysis

We will hear all your plans, the blueprint of the business, the ideas you want to include, and the queries or confusion you have with the launch of the digital asset marketplace or with the development procedure.


As the next step, our team of dedicated developers and project managers will go through every minor thing you shared with us and how we can execute the plan for you to make your marketplace successful.

Green Flag From You

Once you give the green flag, we will proceed with the development stage. While keeping your requirements and expectations from the platform, we will move forward and share all the marketplace updates. 

Implementation OF Marketplace

We provide an online marketplace with a modern and intuitive user interface where vendors are able to post digital assets and purchasers may purchase connected tokens.

Smart Contract Development

The smart contract is a major thing in digital asset marketplace development. The development of the smart contract is a crucial thing to do, and as the leading blockchain development company, we make sure to deliver the best. 

Crypto Payment Gateways

The next thing is the crypto wallet onto the digital asset marketplace. The crypto wallet will be the key to entering into a decentralized world. With the help of the crypto wallet, users and artists can exchange their fiat money, exchange digital assets and withdraw the cryptos. 

How Much Does IT Cost To Develop Digital Asset Marketplace 

Digital asset marketplace development cost depends on various factors, including:

  • Features of Marketplace
  • Complexity of Marketplace 
  • Size of Company
  • Region of Company You Are Hiring
  • Outsource Software
  • Development Time
  • Cost 

The average cost for digital asset marketplace development can be between $35,000 to $150,000. The cost mentioned is the average cost of the NFT marketplace development companies. It can be more or less as the requirement of the client.

Development Time 

The average development time of the digital asset marketplace can be between 3 to 6 months, completely depending on the complexity of the platform and the features it should be there, making the platform reliable and high-end.

Digital Assets Marketplace Development

What RisingMax Inc. Have For Digital Asset Marketplace Development

Risingmax Inc. is the leading NFT marketplace development company with the experience of more than a decade in the IT industry and one of the initial companies to adopt blockchain technology.

Free Consultation

Risingmax Inc. provides free consultations for those who are willing to start their digital asset marketplace.

Experienced Developers

We hold a team of more than 150 experienced developers who have a strong hold on NFT marketplace development.

QA Experts 

With a team of 50+ QA experts, we ensure marketplace delivery with excellence, error-free, and reliability. 

100% Transparency 

We make the deal and deliver the project with complete transparency and keep everything legal.

On-Time Delivery

Get your project with exceptional high-end features and security without any errors, and it will be available on time.

Regular Updates

The project manager will be continuously in touch with you and will provide you with all the updates on the development. 


Is developing a digital asset marketplace profitable?

As per industry experts, the demand for NFT and blockchain-based things will grow in the coming years. Developing the digital asset marketplace for business will be beneficial.

Will I get the return instantly?

The ROI completely depends on how you are doing your marketing of the marketplace and what USPs your platform has to attract.

Will I be able to be one of the leading digital asset marketplace companies?

All the companies with huge user bases were once new, and with the continuous improvement process, they are now successful. 

How can I get more information about the digital asset marketplace development procedure?

Risingmax Inc. provides free consultation for everyone who is willing to join the NFT marketplace do not have complete knowledge about it. 

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