Digital Wallet Development Service We Offer

As a globally recognized digital wallet app development company, our team holds the expertise of crafting a wide variety of digital wallets.

Close Wallet Development

Our team assists you in designing a closed network wallet to strengthen relationships with end-users and offer in-store loyalty programs & discounts.

  • Low Merchant Cost
  • Web & Mobile App
  • P2P Payments
  • NFC and QR Support

Semi-Close Wallet Development

Join hands to develop a semi-closed digital wallet app that allows users to make offline & online payments to specific stores and merchants.

  • POS Integration
  • Multi-language
  • Cloud Integration
  • Multi-device Support

Open Wallet Development

We develop open wallet mobile applications that allow users to make transactions, receive funds, and withdraw money from ATMs.

  • NFC, QR, & OTP Support
  • ATM Withdrawal Support
  • Accept Global Payments
  • P2P Payments

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Build a cryptocurrency wallet that mainstreams sending and receiving digital payments in crypto currency without any hassle.

  • Multi Crypto Support
  • Mobile & Web App
  • Accept Global Payments
  • P2P Payment

IoT Wallet Development

Our IoT-powered digital wallet makes it easy for users to send and receive money with IoT devices such as smart home devices, mobile, smartwatches, and others.

  • Multi-Device Support
  • Mobile & Web App
  • Contactless Payment
  • ID Verification Solution

AI-Based Wallet Development

Our AI-powered digital wallets are designed to offer enhanced user experience, prevent fraud, personal recommendations, and automate processes.

  • P2P Payment
  • Security Alert System
  • Tailored Products & Services
  • Contactless Payment

Cross Platform Wallet Development

Partner with us to build a digital wallet that caters to both iOS and Android users with engaging UI/UX design and features.

  • Multi-Language Support
  • QR and NFC Payment
  • POS Integration
  • Cloud Support

Custom Mobile Wallet Development

Connect with our experts at RisingMax Inc. to develop a custom mobile app for your business with high-end features and functionality.

  • POS Integration
  • Web & Mobile App
  • Contactless Payment
  • P2P Payment

DeFi Wallet Development

Avail of our digital wallet development services to build DeFi wallets with distributed ledgers that support financial activities like buying, selling, and trading.

  • Mobile and Web App
  • Crypto Payments
  • API Integration
  • Multi Device Support

NFT-Based Wallet Development

Partner with us to tap into new growth opportunities in the financial world by building digital wallets that support the sale and purchase of NFTs.

  • API Integration
  • Multi-Device Support
  • P2P Payment
  • Cloud Integration

Web3 Wallet Development

Join hands to launch a web3 wallet that empowers the future and allows users to store & trade digital assets such as cryptocurrency and NFTs.

  • Multi-Device Support
  • Mobile and Web App
  • P2P Payment
  • Cloud Support

eWallet App Development

Our experts deliver a wide range of digital wallet solutions like mobile, desktop, and web with superior UI/UX design and advanced features.

  • Mobile, Desktop & Web App
  • Multi-Device Support
  • POS Integration
  • Contactless Payment

Why Are Digital Wallets The FinTech Future?

The global mobile wallet market will reach 7.58 billion US dollars by 2027. A clear indication that the world is moving from a cash to a cashless ecosystem. Now is the right time to invest in digital wallet development and capture the growing market opportunity. Our team will guide you throughout the process and help you gain market share with a feature-rich digital wallet.

Digital Wallet Convenient icon


Digital wallets eliminate the need to carry cash or a card and make payments with their mobile phones.

Digital Wallet Accept Cryptocurrency icon

Accept Cryptocurrency

Digital wallets allow users to receive and accept payments in cryptocurrencies, thus making them future-secure.

Digital Wallet Contactless Payment icon

Contactless Payments

Integrated with peer-to-peer technologies like NFC, iBeacon, and QR, digital wallets support contactless payments.

Digital Wallet Secure Fund Transfer icon

Secure Fund Transfer

Next-gen technologies like blockchain create an encrypted payment ecosystem for the secure transfer of funds.

Digital Wallets FinTech Future

Core Digital Wallet App Development Features

As a leading digital wallet development company, our team has a proven track record of designing and developing feature-rich applications.

Digital Wallet User App

Digital Wallet User App Features

  • Registration
  • Link bank account
  • Split Bills
  • Offers and Discounts
  • Check Balance
  • Monitor Rewards
  • Transaction History
  • Receive & Make Payments
  • Automate Payments
  • Add Balance

Digital Wallet Admin Panel Features

  • Real-time analytics
  • Manage Users
  • Security Compliances
  • Audit Management
  • Admin dashboards
  • Revenue Management
  • CMS (Content Management System)
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Promotional Offers
  • Push Notification
Digital Wallet Admin Panel

Advanced Digital Wallet Application Features

Our digital wallet app development team at RisingMax Inc. is well-known for integrating features in digital wallets that make them stand apart from the crowd. Here’s a list of advanced digital wallet app features to include;

  • AI in Digital Wallet icon
    Artificial Intelligence

    Integration of AI empowers digital wallets to make personalized suggestions and enhance overall user experience.

    web3 mobile app development
  • Cloud Integration in Digital Wallet icon
    Cloud Integration

    Swiftly tackles & overcome speed and scaling challenges in digital wallet applications by integrating the cloud.

    web3 mobile app development
  • Schedule Payments in Digital Wallet icon
    Schedule Payments

    Automate recurring payments such as electricity bills, rent, and subscription, or schedule other payments.

    web3 mobile app development
  • Voice Recognition in Digital Wallet icon
    Voice Recognition

    Allows users to sign in or avail of other services of the digital wallet application using voice commands.

    web3 mobile app development
  • Floating Window in Digital Wallet icon
    Floating Window

    Wallet users can temporarily perform other tasks for a short time with a floating window feature.

    web3 mobile app development
  • p2p Technologies in Digital Wallet icon
    Contactless Technologies

    Integration of p2p techs like NFC, iBeacon, and QR code allows users to make contactless payments.

    web3 mobile app development

Step-Wise Digital Wallet Development Process

As a reputable digital wallet app development company, we follow a step-wise approach to transform your wallet idea into reality. Our team adheres to the below development process;


Validation & Evaluation

Our team connects with the client, conducts market research to validate and evaluate ideas to plan digital wallet development.


Prototype & Design

As per discussion with the client, our team creates the digital wallet app prototype and then works on UI/UX design.


Wallet Development

We deploy advanced softwares, tools, and agile methodologies to design a feature-rich digital wallet application.


Wallet Testing

Our quality assurance team checks for bugs and compatibility with devices like iOS, Android, tablets, laptops, and others.


Wallet Deployment

Our digital wallet development team deploys the wallet on different platforms like Apple Store and Google Play Store.


Post Deployment Support

We offer cost-effective post-deployment support services to ensure the smooth running wallet for a longer duration.

Digital Wallet App Development Cost

Are you planning to invest in digital wallet app development? Then, here are factors directly impacting the overall digital wallet development cost.

Digital Wallet icon
Wallet Type

The digital wallet type directly impacts the overall development cost by changing the integrated features, tech stack needed, and security requirements.

Digital Wallet Project Complexity icon
Project Complexity

The integrated security and wallet features and their functionality directly impact the overall project complexity and digital wallet development cost.

Digital Wallet Platform icon

Whether you are planning to launch an app for Android, iOS, or web platforms, increases the number of experts to develop an app and impacts the wallet development cost.

Digital Wallet Design icon

Easy to navigate and user-friendly nature of digital wallet applications directly correlates with project success and impacts the cost of developing a digital wallet.

Digital Wallet Tech Stack icon
Tech Stack

The technologies required to develop a digital wallet app refers to the tech stack and plays a major role in deciding the overall digital wallet app development cost.

Digital Wallet Feature icon

What digital wallet application features you are planning to offer to customers, such as contactless payments, credit cards, etc, directly impact the app development cost.

What Makes Us The Best Digital Wallet App Development Company?

The finTech space is constantly evolving, and businesses need financial software solutions that quickly adapt to these changes and help them grow. As a leading digital wallet development company, we combine our innovative and tech expertise to build best-in-industry digital wallet solutions for our clients.

Experienced Team

Our experienced software development team has been serving clients in the financial verticals for more than 10 years.

Custom Solutions

Our team follows a well-documented development process to deliver custom digital wallet solutions per the client’s app idea.

Meaningful Outcomes

We leverage our domain expertise to develop financial software solutions that deliver meaningful business outcomes.

Flexible Engagement

We at RisingMax Inc. offer flexible engagement models to meet our worldwide clientele development needs.

No Hidden Cost

When you choose us as your digital wallet development partner, we ensure that you only pay the wallet cost & no hidden charges.

Maintenance & Support

We offer affordable maintenance & support services to handle wallet optimization and swiftly resolve technical issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Much Time Does It Take To Build A Digital Wallet App?

    Basic and medium complexity digital wallets take 2-3 months to develop, test, and launch. Further, the digital wallet development time might increase based on project complexity, wallet features, and other factors.

    How Much Does Digital Wallet App Development Cost?

    As discussed above, various factors such as wallet type, UI/UX design, app features, platform, and functionalities directly impact the project development cost. However, developing a digital wallet app costs $25,000 to $30,000 for a basic featured wallet.

  • Can You Customize Digital Wallet As Per My Business?

    Yes, we can. We at RisingMax Inc. follow an agile development process to build a customized digital wallet app as per your business requirements.

    Which Industries Are Benefiting From Digital Wallet Development?

    Digital wallets are traditionally introduced for the banking and finance sector. However, industries such as logistics, telecommunication, retail, ecommerce, and so on employ them for payments and simplify their financial operations.

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