How Much Would IT Cost To Make A Dating App

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

How Much Would IT Cost To Make A Dating App

Dating apps like Tinder are one of the most demanding applications in today’s world of technology. Dating applications have a huge audience globally and make millions a month.

how much would it cost to make a dating app

The demand for online dating applications is growing enormously and breaking the boundaries of love and friendship. Dating applications are now not just for couples, but also for people of any gender, age, and nationality.  

The platform that delivers all such functionality is the decentralized dating application. Want to know the cost of making a dating app and how the decentralized dating application can be beneficial as a business?

Then be with us till the end of the blog. For all businesspersons who want to build web3 or metaverse dating applications, we have all the information you need, right here.  

Building a dating application will turn the table of your revenue and make the world without boundaries in every aspect. In this blog, you can get to know the major setbacks of traditional dating applications, and the cost of making a dating app.

Dating Application Stats

  • More than 280 million users will actively participate in dating applications by the end of 2024.
  • The global revenue of dating applications was about 655 million USD in 2020.
  • In the coming two years, the numbers will hit the height of more than 2.5 billion USD.

What Is The Future?

The major drawback in today’s dating applications is fake IDs, fraud, threats, bullying, or leaking of pictures from the platform. Because of such drawbacks and loopholes of the conventional application, a huge audience is shifting towards decentralized platforms. A place where nobody can control one's freedom and way of expressing themselves. 

The decentralized dating application is making the online dating platform a reliable and better platform than any web2 or centralized platforms. 

How Much Does IT Cost To Build A Dating App On Web3

The development of the decentralized dating application depends on various aspects and standards. Multiple technologies are used in making dating applications.

The development cost may also vary from region to region and from company to company. And also the advanced features you want to include in the application. Here are a few factors that determine the cost of building a dating app on web3:

  • Scope of Work
  • Tech Stack
  • Location Of Web3 Development Company
  • Web3 Company’s Expertise
  • Team Size
  • Integrated Security Features
  • Complexity Of The Application
  • Development Time

Every business is moving towards the web3 platform, where things are very much different. The approaches to the users are different. The users join the web3 platform with a different perception that they will get complete security and reliability. Getting onto the marketplace of web3 will help you to generate a good amount of revenue in the market. 

The earlier you move your business into the web3 platform, the more it will be beneficial for your business and you. 

The cost of making a dating app depends on the size since it affects the cost of development and time to build the platform. 

Dating Application SizeCost To Build(Approximately)
Basic Web3 dating Application$22,000 to $46,000
Average Web3 Dating Application $49,000 to $63,000
High-End Web3 Dating Application$65,000 to $90,000

The rates shown in the table are just the approximate costs of making a dating app. And the development cost may vary as per the demand of the client. 

Build the web3 dating application and take the lead in the dating application marketplace. Become the voice of every gender and age with the dating application on the web3 platform.

Factors That Impact The Cost Of Developing Dating Apps

Company Size

One of the major costs depends on the size of the company you are hiring for dating application development. The bigger the size of the company, the higher will be the development cost. 

Company Size Cost Manpower
Small Size Company$2,000 to $ 25,00050-200
Mid Size Company$25,000 – $2,00,000200-1000
Large Size Company$4,50,000 to $15,00,0001000-10,000

Each of the sizes of the company has its perks and cons, and it is completely up to you what size you want to go for. 

  • The large size company charges a high amount of development cost for developing the web3 dating application, but if the dating application company is just a startup, they cannot afford the huge amount of money. As a startup company, development is not the only thing that is necessary. If you are already a well-established company, then you can go for a large-size company.
  • The small size company has a low cost for making a dating app, but the major issue with small size development companies is the issue of reliability. Usually, a small size app development company has less manpower and experience, especially in developing such advanced technological applications. It can be quite risky to hire them.

Then what is the most suitable and perfect option for building a dating application? 

A medium size company can be the best possible solution for the development of the application. The medium size company has multiple perks like they have a good number of teams and also cost-effective rates for the development of the application.

Most medium size companies are in the growing stage and offer cost-effective rates to their clients. The teams are highly dedicated to each of the projects. The medium size company is perfectly suitable for startups as well as well-established companies.

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Complexity Of The Platform

Another thing that affects the development of the application is the complexity of the application. The features of the application make it more advanced as well as complex at the time of development. The complexity of the application increases the price of development. Here is the approximate price of the development of the metaverse dating application.

Level Of ComplexityDevelopment Cost
Basic Level Application$15k to $35k
Average Level Application $30k to $90k
High-End Application$80k to $150k

Although the cost of high-end complexity applications will be quite higher than the others, that would be just a one-time investment. The growth of the metaverse dating application will be on another level in the coming years. 

Get the high-end metaverse dating application with the most advanced features and technologies to make an impact in the marketplace. RisingMax Inc. is the leading web3 and metaverse development company that provides 360-degree solutions of metaverse applications. 

Design & Features 

The development cost also depends on the development designs and features of the platform. 

The design value of your metaverse dating app is immediately associated with the utility layout and features. If you're constructing a with basic layout and features, then development prices could be low in comparison to a utility with a complicated app layout and features. 

Features and Design Cost of Making Metaverse Dating App 
Design & Features$30,000 to $50,000
Basic App Design & Features$50,000 to $100,000
Medium App Design & Features$60,000 to $120,000 
Complex App Design & FeaturesMore than $200,000

Cost To Make A Dating App Like Tinder on Web3

The cost of developing a web3 dating app like tinder will be somewhere between $40,000-$90,000. Web3 is an emerging technology, and in the high-end technological era building, the dating application will be the turning point for the business just like the metaverse platform on the blockchain. 

Web3 is making the complete internet a better and safer place for users and businesses. Any platform on web3 will be completely on blockchain technology. It will prevent data leakage and interference from any third party in the application. 

how much would it cost to make a dating app

What Benefits Do Blockchain-Based Apps Offer A Business?


Globally, every firm places high importance on protecting critical customer and corporate data. Businesses can successfully address these problems thanks to the blockchain's decentralized structure and encrypted network.


Banks are one industry that has a reputation for having more complicated and opaque operations. By implementing blockchain in these and other industries, they can use distributed ledger technology to increase system transparency.


Eliminating middlemen and central governing bodies from the system is made possible by integrating blockchain technology into corporate processes. This eliminates the obstacle that previously existed and quickened the entire procedure.


Because web3 is an emerging and open-source technology, it is simple for businesses to give their customers safe and convenient access. The goods and services provided by a blockchain-based application are accessible to everyone.


Either you are planning to get the dating application on the wbe3 platform or on the metaverse platform. In both the technology it is going to be the best source of income for the business as well as users. 

Take the step forward towards the most emerging, reliable, and safest platform where the big brands are moving to make reach maximum users.

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