A Simple Guide To Make & Launch A Multi Crypto Wallet

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

Cryptocurrencies have been in hot talks for a long time in the digital era. All of us, especially crypto enthusiasts, have witnessed the growth and the revolution brought by digital money. However, with the introduction of multiple currencies, the need for a safe place to store those currencies and make the trading effortless arose. So, here comes the role of crypto wallets. Most entrepreneurs started thinking of launching their own multi-crypto wallet to grow in the digital space.

Now, let’s understand the various types of the crypto wallet, their working, must-have features, and the development phase. Knowing all the facts explained below can help you start your venture smoothly and with enough knowledge. 

A Simple Guide To Launch A Multi Crypto Wallet

What Is a Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet?

It is like an online space to secure your multiple types of digital currencies. It is made of algorithms and coding to maintain and trade currencies. Wallets are developed based on different features and needs based on blockchain technology. All the transaction processes are streamlined properly within the crypto wallet. All the wallet holders get a pair of keys (public and private) to access the wallets.

How Does a Cryptocurrency Wallet Work? 

With the issuance of bitcoin, the demand for cryptocurrency has gradually increased in the past years. With the introduction of the various types of crypto coins, the need for a multi-crypto wallet also increased. So, to make the trading and storage possibilities of the various types of currency within one wallet the role of the multi crypto wallet comes into play. Also, it makes a huge amount of transactions possible in less time.

Inclusion of Private/Public key

Users get a sense of security with the involvement of the private and public keys. With keys, you can find out the destination address where you want to send your coins through your wallet.

There are two parties involved when executing a transaction: 

The Buyer Side

When two parties exchange the coins, keeping track of the coins is important. From the buyer's side, you can keep your private keys saved and transfer the coins to the public address of the seller. Once the crypto is transferred the owner of the coins and the wallet address are updated.

Seller Side

The seller needs to provide the public address to the buyer to make the payment. If the address is wrong the sender can lose the coins. The seller needs to be alert to the two-way transactions in the trading process.

Benefits of Multi-cryptocurrency Wallet 

  • With the use of the multi crypto wallet your trading capacity increases as you can store multiple cryptocurrencies in your wallet. Also, you can monitor and track your funds more efficiently and have more security.
  • The wallet has predefined conditions written in the algorithms that help you trade easily and you always feel trade ready.
  • A multi crypto wallet is beneficial to you when getting services from different sectors like ecommerce, traveling or retailing, etc.
  • The wallet has a dual authentication mechanism which adds to the security and speed of the wallet. You also get push notifications where you get all the updates at once without making any effort.

What Are The Types of Cryptocurrency Wallets?

Desktop Wallets 

You can download the wallet on your desktop. Users can access the wallet from a single wallet where it is installed. These wallets are secure mostly but in some cases, there is the threat of viruses or system hacking. These issues can make you lose your funds. Examples are Armoury and Bitcoin Knots.

Online Wallet

Another type is an online wallet which users can access from anywhere anytime Using any hardware device and with the availability of the internet. Users can store their private keys in the cloud. The chances of online attacks are also high as everything is directly under the control of the third party.

Mobile Wallets 

You need to download the mobile wallet like an app on your smartphone. You can use them at the retail stores and the supermarkets for paying your bills. Mobile wallets come with a cold storage facility but are lesser than those desktop wallets. Examples are Green Address, Bither, and BitGo

Hardware Wallets

Hardware wallets are completely opposite of the software wallets like mobile, desktop, and online wallets. With hardware wallets, you need to store the private keys on the smart hardware device rather than any online store. Therefore there is an upper hand with the hardware wallets as your keys are comparatively safer with hardware wallets as there are no online treats. They support multiple cryptocurrencies. Examples are Trezor, Ledger Nano S, and KeepKey.     

Paper Wallets 

A paper wallet is easy to use and offers high security as compared to the other mentioned types above. The keys are generated by the software and printed on paper. Users can transfer the funds from the software wallet to the address imprinted on the paper. The keys imprinted on the paper can be scanned or manually entered. Examples are the Bitcoin paper wallet.

Why Should You Develop a Cryptocurrency Wallet in 2022?

More Secure Payments

Making the payments is secure and simple within the crypto wallets. Even if users do not have the technical knowledge, the crypto wallets are straightforward to use for both the users whether novice or expert.

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Revving Global Transactions

Executing transactions across the globe takes a lot of time with the traditional system. Therefore, it is a golden opportunity to make a transaction through digital money in just a few seconds.

No Legislative control

There are a lot of cyber challenges in the digital world. So, the third-party administration agencies face great challenges to maintain the security of the users. But the blockchain technology-based decentralized system gives you full control over everything you own. Therefore, crypto transactions are quite better compared to the other digital methods.

What Are The Features of the Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet?

Multi-Cryptocurrency and Multi-Token Support

The wallet supports multiple cryptocurrencies including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Monero, etc. So, if the wallet integrates all the possible cryptos then, it becomes easy for the users to trade in different currencies with the single wallet.

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Near Field Communication (NFC) Support

By fetching the buyers' and senders' addresses of the wallet, the NFC technology makes the transactions possible instantly.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

A white label Bitcoin wallet should support a range of platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, and all desktop platforms because people in the modern world utilize a variety of devices.

Instant Swapping

Wallet users can quickly and simply switch one cryptocurrency for another using the  Instant Swapping Technique, with no limit and no need to use fiat currencies as an intermediary.

User-Friendly and Mobile-Friendly UI/UX Design

The user-friendly wallet interface can get you more user base as it is the first thing that creates an impact on the users and they make the next move.

Support for QR Code Scanners

Scanning the wallet address to assist the digital currencies’ exchange is a quick technique. The trading is possible with just a few taps.

Push Notifications

The push notifications enable the customers to get the knowledgeable details and the latest updates about the crypto world on their phones.

Auto Denial of Duplicate Payments

The advanced features can prevent duplicate payments also. It enables the denial of the payments to prevent the execution of the duplicate payments.

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Wallet Backup

The wallet backup option allows the users to keep their assets and login details safe. Even if the wallet gets affected by any threat you can recover your account.

History of Transactions and Conversion Rates

This feature allows the users to keep the track of all the transactions made using the wallet.

What Are The Different Phases Of Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Process?

 Deep Competitor Analysis

When entrepreneurs decide to launch their own multi crypto wallet, then the biggest desire they have in the back of their minds is that their application gets noticed just within a few hours of the launch. For this, it is mandatory to do an analysis of how your competitors are doing it. Also, pay attention to the app features and their revenue generation.

Choose The Tech Stacks

Choosing the right technology stacks is important to make the whole plan real. The famous technologies like Angular.js, Node.js, HTML, CSS3, etc craft the web wallets. Otherwise, for creating a software application, the popular stacks are Swift, Objective C, Kotlin, etc.Above all, your development company can guide you better in choosing the appropriate stacks.

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Security Standards

 The most critical factor when developing a wallet is the wallet's security to ensure the safety of users' valuables. The development team should add multiple security layers so no entity other than the authorized one can access the wallet. Moreover, periodic changes and updates in the security measures should be made.

Use APIs

With the use of the APIs, the developers build a fully functional wallet. The wallets are sunk within the blockchain atmosphere through distributed ledger API. Examples of the most famous APIs are Coinbase and Bitcore. The developers implement the functionality you want through various APIs like payment processing etc.

Ways To Ensure the security of Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet App?

Recently, the technology that offers high-end security to the next gen applications is blockchain networks. As cryptocurrencies are expensive these days, a solid system is required to store them. Here are the most innovative ways to secure your crypto wallet:

  • Keeping the backup of the mobile wallet is important so that you dont lose control over your wallet. You can store the keys in safe locations where nobody can reach them easily.
  • Two-factor authentication is another popular method to store cryptocurrencies. Also, you can choose the one-time password method for better authentication.
  • Regular security updates are important. Once the wallet is developed it does not mean that its security cannot be increased. You can update the security features of your wallet if it's the need of time.

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 How To Select The  Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company

If you want to achieve long-term success in the digital landscape, make a wise move with the assistance of a reliable Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet Development company. Initially, it might seem complex to you. However, with the consultation and guidance of a trustworthy IT company, you can get the desired outcome. They can help you build a solid foundation in the market.

Working with a skilled team of developers and managers can make it possible for you by working according to your requirements and under your budget.

At RisingMax, we offer you high-quality crypto wallet development services to enhance your growth opportunities. We can help you build a crypto wallet from scratch. You can reach our blockchain experts for further details!

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