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Ready to turn your web3 fantasy sports app idea into reality? We at RisingMax Inc specialize in web3 fantasy sports apps and software solutions that are engaging, scalable, reliable, and adhere to all regulatory standards. Launch your web3 business project with us, and we take care of everything adhering to the highest app development quality standards.

Web3 Fantasy Sports App Development: A Profitable Revenue Generating Idea

A huge worldwide fan base of sports games such as NBA, Football, Baseball, Cricket, and several others, resulted in an exponential growth of web3 fantasy sports apps. Sports fanatics are turning to the web3 fantasy sports app to watch their favorite sports and be a part of it. With millions of sports fans hopping on to these web3 fantasy sports apps, they have generated huge revenue. The vast popularity and exponential growth rate of web3 fantasy sports apps have attracted many budding entrepreneurs to invest in these fantasy sports apps.

If you are planning to invest in web3 fantasy sports app development, you have arrived at the right page. We at RisingMax Inc, have the right web3 development expertise and in-depth knowledge to make your web3 fantasy sports experience smooth. Connect over a FREE 30 min business project consultation call and take a step forward to turn your fantasy sports app dream into reality.

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What Are Web3 Fantasy Sports Apps?

Web3 Fantasy Sports apps or websites are sports game platforms where players can select virtual teams and compete with strangers online. These are points-based apps where players are rewarded real-world money based on their virtual sports team performance. Real game statistics are evaluated to decide which virtual team combination performed the best and then awarded fantasy game points based on the same.

Web3 Fantasy Sports Platforms: Facts And Figures

The success of fantasy sports games over the years has attracted entrepreneurs worldwide. Sports enthusiasts are joining these platforms in huge numbers to showcase their game skills and win contests. A quick glance over the below stats will give you an idea about the popularity of the web3 fantasy sports platform;

  • Fantasy sports apps market revenue will reach 32.07 billion US dollars by 2025.

  • In 2021, Fantasy sports platforms generated a revenue of 8.88 billion US dollars in the United States at a CAGR of 12.67%.

  • Currently, there are hundreds of fantasy sports apps on the App Store and Play Store.

  • From 2020 to 2025, the predicted growth rate for the fantasy sports sector is 33.4 percent.

  • Fantasy sports games in the basketball segment are predicated on generating 14.9 billion US dollars in 2025.

Undoubtedly, the future of web3 fantasy sports platforms is high, making them a profitable business idea. Budding entrepreneurs are partnering with web3 development companies and venturing into the web3 ecosystem with fantasy sports apps. Reach out to our experts at RisingMax Inc. for any query related to web3 fantasy sports platforms.

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Working of Web3 Fantasy Sports Apps

Web3 fantasy sports apps allow sports lovers to select players and assemble a team before the match starts. The selection of the team online is commonly known as a draft. Users will be awarded game points based on their team selection and the real-game performance of the players in the fantasy sports team. The user with the highest game points will win the contest and reward money.

Users can track the fantasy team's performance via mobile or web applications. Users can participate in the sports events hosted by the platform or create contests to compete with friends or strangers.

Popular Web3 Fantasy Sports Platforms

RisingMax Inc. is a trusted web3 development company that offers a wide range of web3 fantasy apps for various sports. We hold expertise in web3 technologies and have developed a wide range of web3 fantasy sports app solutions for our clients.

  • Web3 Fantasy NBA App

    Leverage the popularity of NBA games and launch a web3 fantasy NBA App to create an immersive environment and the best user experience for NBA lovers.

    Web3 Fantasy Football App

    Leverage the global popularity of football and build a web3 fantasy football app where users can test their game knowledge and skills to earn real money rewards.

  • Web3 Fantasy Cricket App

    Hire our web3 developers to build a web3 fantasy sports app specifically for cricket lovers where they can compete with others in a secure web3 environment.

  • Web3 Fantasy Rugby App

    Build a web3 fantasy rugby app where sports lovers can create their fantasy rugby team and earn high money rewards while competing with others.

  • Web3 Fantasy Olympics App

    Leverage the popularity of the Olympics games and create a web3 fantasy Olympics app that has the potential to attract millions of sports lovers and generate high revenue.

  • Web3 Fantasy Hockey App

    Launch a web3 fantasy sports app specifically for hockey lovers to create an immersive environment where they can enjoy and participate in hockey games virtually.

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Key Features of Our Web3 Fantasy Sports Platform

    User Panel
  • Easy Registration

    With this feature of our web3 fantasy sports app, users can easily register with the platform. With email and social media integration, the registration process will be simple.

  • Two-step Authentication

    With an integrated two-step authentication process, we ensure 100 percent security of the user’s valuable information.

  • Participate & Organize Events

    This feature of our web3 fantasy sports platform allows users to participate in sports events easily or organize a contest independently.

  • Pay Mode

    The users of our web3 fantasy sports platform can leverage this feature to easily pay the contest fee via Online wallet, Credit or debit card, etc.

  • Invite Friends

    This feature allows players to send invites to their friend list with just a button click.

  • Contest History

    With this feature, players can keep track of the contest they have participated in previously.

  • Manage Profile

    Players can use this feature to edit, update or delete information they have shared with the platform.

  • Rewards

    With this feature, players can earn attractive rewards by winning contests or referring others.

  • Easy Withdraw

    This feature of our web3 fantasy sports platform allows players to withdraw earnings from the platform to their bank account directly.

    Admin Panel
  • Admin Dashboard

    This feature of our web3 fantasy sports application allows the admin to view what’s happening over the platform.

  • Manager Users

    This feature allows the admin to add or remove users from the web3 fantasy sports platform.

  • Manage Sports Events

    With this feature, the admin can easily manage sports events and cash prizes on the platform.

  • Manage Games Category

    Admins can use this feature to manage different game events and reward on the platform.

  • Track Transaction

    With this feature, the admin can get details of all the transactions happening on the platform.

  • Multi Payment Options

    This feature allows admin to offer multi-payment options to players to enhance their overall experience with the platform.

  • Reports Tracking

    With this feature, the admin can view reports related to earnings, total events, users, and other aspects related to the web3 fantasy sports app.

Web3 Fantasy Sports App: Add-on Features

To ensure that your web3 fantasy sports app stands apart from the competition, offer some add-on features to your users. Here are some add-on feature suggestions that you can add to your web3 fantasy sports application;

  • Live Streaming

    Sports enthusiasts can leverage this web3 fantasy app feature to watch their favorite sports leagues live on the platform. The live streaming option is a great feature to keep users engaged with the platform, and users can get real-time updates anytime and anywhere.

  • In-App Calendar

    Our web3 fantasy sports app comes with an in-app event calendar, making it easy for app users to keep track of the latest sports events and their results. With this feature, you will never miss out on any sports game ever.

  • Book Tickets

    With this add-on feature, you can allow your users to participate in fantasy sports and book tickets for the event with a single tap. Adding this feature to your web3 fantasy sports app will save users a lot of time and attract sports enthusiasts worldwide.

  • Push Notifications

    Keep your users updated and engaged by sending them push notifications regarding the latest updates, matches, sports events, booking updates, live scores, and much more.

  • Fantasy Sports Scoring, News

    Integrating this feature with the web3 fantasy sports platform will enable you to share live sports news, scores, upcoming matches, and ongoing events with users. In addition to this, you can also share game stats and expert analysis on upcoming games.

  • Integrated Social Media

    With this feature of your web3 fantasy sports app, users can share platform updates with their friends on social media. Users can share their earnings and new achievements on popular social media handles such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., with just a click of a button.

Web3 Fantasy Sports App: Revenue Models

Before putting their hard-earned money into web3 fantasy sports app development, you need to understand how your web3 sports app will generate money. You can reach out to our web3 fantasy sport game developers to help choose the best game revenue model for your app needs. Our team will suggest the best possible solutions based on your web3 fantasy app.

Here are some of the most popular web3 fantasy sports app business models on which different apps operate. Look at these different monetization models and choose one that aligns with your business goal.

  • In-App Ads

    In-app advertisements are the bread and butter for most fantasy sports applications and games. Based on the number of users and platforms' popularity, the revenue generation from in-app advertisements and brand promotions can be in the millions. You must designate a fixed section in your web3 fantasy application where brands can advertise their products and services.

  • Participation Fees

    On your web3 fantasy sports app software, you can charge a participation fee from users to participate in various contests on the application. Admin has two options either to charge a single participation fee or multiple entry fees based on the fantasy contest value or cash prize. The higher the number of participants in web3 fantasy sports contests, the higher will be the revenue generation.

  • Free Leagues

    In this business model, the web3 fantasy sports app users can participate in free contests just by registering with the platform. The main goal is to keep users engaged with the platform and encourage them to participate in real money contests.

  • Engagement Models

    Some fantasy sports platforms allow users to participate in multiple contests weekly, thus boosting users’ chances of winning contests. This way, web3 fantasy sports increase users’ participation and generate more revenue for participation or multiple entry fees.

  • Third-Party Partnerships

    Web3 fantasy sports apps can partner with third-party services and generate revenue by affiliating their products and services on the platform. With the increasing popularity and the number of app users, web3 fantasy sports apps can generate higher revenue.

Web3 Fantasy Sports App Development Services We Offer

RisingMax Inc. is a reputable NYC-based web3 development company that offers a wide range of web3 fantasy sports app development services. Leverage our expertise in web3 technologies to build engaging web3 fantasy sports apps that offer exceptional user engagement.

  • Web3 Fantasy Sports Web App

    Hire our dedicated web3 developers to launch feature-rich web3 fantasy sports web apps that cater to the needs of sports enthusiasts worldwide. Web apps are extremely popular among users for offering an immersive experience to users.

  • Web3 Fantasy Sports Mobile App

    Our team utilizes their expertise in blockchain and web3 technologies to build web3 fantasy sports mobile apps to target various customer bases. We build engaging mobile apps that allow users to enjoy a safe, secure, and faster transaction on the fantasy sports mobile application.

  • Web3 Social Fantasy Sports App

    Build web3 social fantasy sports app, where users can share their achievements and prizes with others. Sports social media apps are a great medium for sports fanatics to stay connected with their sports brands, teams, and players.

  • Web3 Fantasy Scoring System

    RisingMax Inc, a top web3 software development company, can build a scoring system that will keep users engaged with the platform. Users can keep track of the leading players with the web3 fantasy scoring platform.

  • Web3 Fantasy Analytics App

    Leverage our expertise in web3 technologies to build user-friendly applications where users can perform game analytics without any hassle. Our web3 development team will create web3 fantasy analytics apps that are easy to use and highly engaging.

  • Web3 Fantasy Sports AR Apps

    Redefine Genz and millennials' fantasy sports game experience by integrating AR technologies into games and sports apps. Our web3 fantasy sports AR software will attract young games and allow them to enjoy fantasy games in a whole new way.

How Much Does Web3 Fantasy Sports App Development Cost?

There's no hard and fast rule when it comes to sharing the exact cost of a web3 fantasy sports app. The overall development cost of a web3 fantasy sports app for a major baseball league won’t be the same for a minor basketball, isn’t it?

For this reason, sharing an exact development cost for your web3 fantasy sports app won’t be an easy task as it varies with app requirements and features. We have already mentioned some of the basic and add-on features that directly impact the cost of fantasy sports apps.

Here are some other factors on which web3 fantasy sports app development cost depends;

  • Web3 fantasy sports app type.

  • Add-on web3 app features.

  • Feature and app complexity.

  • Web3 fantasy sports app architecture.

  • Integrated security features.

  • Web3 tech stack.

  • Location of web3 development company.

  • Team strength and expertise.

  • Web3 project timeline.

    • Based on the factors mentioned above, the overall web3 fantasy sports app development cost varies. Have a web3 fantasy sports app idea? Then, discuss with our experts at RisingMax Inc., and our team will share the exact development cost for your new project.

      Most web3 development companies in the USA will charge you $45k to $50k for web3 fantasy sports app development for basic design and functionalities.

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      RisingMax Inc. is a trusted web3 game development company assisting budding entrepreneurs worldwide to explore the next business opportunity in the web3 space. Our team is leveraging their expertise in web3 technologies; we are building web3 fantasy sports platforms that are future-ready. Over the years, we have mastered our web3 expertise to build affordable web3 business solutions for our customers.

      Here’s what you get when you choose us;

      • Unmatched web3 development and consultation services.

      • Affordable web3 business solutions.

      • Highly-qualified and experienced team.

      • Scalable and secure web3 business solutions.

      • Transparent pricing.

      • Flexible hiring models.

      • 24/7 Customer support.

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