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How to Build a Web3 Map Game

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Future Of Web3 Map Based Navigational Games

The gaming industry is one market making maximum ROI from the marketplace. Young or old, gaming platforms always excite people of all ages.

For example, we can see the gaming platforms like PubG and Pokemon Go, and multiple other gaming platforms that are making maximum value from their users. But the major setback in such platforms was the centralized format, the complete ownership of the digital assets, and the collection of the user's data for their benefit.

Most of the users are moving towards decentralized gaming platforms where they can control the access of their data and even earn from the gaming platform.

70% of the youth in the US are spending their time on the blockchain platform and investing into play-to-earn gaming platforms. In the coming 6-8 years, the gaming marketplace will shift to the blockchain-based web3 platform.

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Why Web3 Has Potential To Grow

The web3 network is completely decentralized and does not contain user data. The web3 technology is perfectly suitable for each type of platform.

Why Web3 Map Game Is Beneficial

We all have played or are aware of PubG or GTA Vice City. Both games are map-based games and are successful globally. Multiple other map-based games are doing well in the industry.

The map games allow the players to explore new places on the gaming platform and try their best to engage the player. The web3 gaming platforms are creating a new space for such players who not only want to play games for fun but want to make them a major source of their income. For them, the web3 map game would be the best thing, and for the platform owner as well.

Let’s get into the depth of web3 map games to know why it is the preferred business and how you can build the web3 map gaming platform.

Create Web3 Map Game

Generate Revenue From Web3 Map Games

Gaming companies generate a good amount of revenue from the platform no matter how big or small the size of the game is. About 3 billion people around the world play video games and are turning towards the decentralized platform.

Here are the revenue generation ideas from the web3 map games.

  • Investment By Users

    The web3 gaming platform can be completely based on the play-to-earn model. In which the users can earn money in the form of crypto by completing the target and by winning any match on a gaming platform. The play-to-earn model is the most successful model to generate for both ends.

    Users also invest in games by making purchases. To play the game, users will have to invest in the platform and get the equipment to play the game. The company can also charge the users after a time or after a certain level on the gaming platform.

  • One Time Payment

    You can ask the user for the one-time registration charges for playing and winning the game. The one-time charges can also be a good option for the users and the owner. The users will have to pay just once and will get complete access to the platform for the rest of their life.

  • Payment As Per Map

    The next way to generate revenue can be the charges based on the map and location of the game. In this form of the model, the gaming company has to focus on how they can turn their free users to get the map games which are higher in cost. The map can include different locations with some extra benefits like features, assets, or extra income from the platform.

  • Commission On Rewards

    Another idea for generating revenue can be the commission on rewards. The rewards will either be in crypto or in the form of NFT. In both cases, if the users wish to withdraw the rewards, they will have to convert it into fiat money. You can charge the users for the exchange rate on the NFT or crypto.

  • Subscription Model

    The subscription model is one of the most popular revenue-generating models. The OTT platform is one that uses the subscription model. It can be a beneficial way to generate revenue from the web3 map game platform.

  • Pay To Upgrade

    This is, again, a better revenue generation option that one can implement into the gaming platform to generate revenue. In this revenue system, you can provide free access for the users to some extent, and after that, you can charge them for the upgraded game/map.

Get in touch with us to get more such options to generate revenue from the web3 map game platform. Hire us for the web3-based game platform; we can deliver you a great gaming platform with 100% accuracy and 0% bug.

How To Build Web3 Map Game

To build a web3 map game, there are some major things that one should keep in mind before the development of the web3 gaming platform.

  • Research The Scope

    Before keeping one foot in the web3 marketplace, one should be well-versed in all aspects of the gaming platform. For any business, research is the must thing that everybody should think about in terms of precaution from any unfortunate situation.

  • Hire Web3 Game Development Company

    As the next step for the web3 map game development, you have to hire a web3 game platform development company that can turn your imagination of the gaming platform into reality. Web3 is a completely new technology, and there are very few companies that can help you in building web3 gaming platforms. You have to be selective when choosing the web3 development company.

  • Wallet Development

    Apart from selecting the web3 map game development company, the next thing you have to be sure of is what kind of wallet you want to develop. The wallet of the gaming platform helps the users to invest in the platform. You can either select the existing crypto wallets for the exchange or build your own crypto wallet.

  • Suggestion: Creating a new crypto wallet for the platform is more beneficial for any of the gaming platforms, as it omits the chances of any third-party involvement. This also saves the payment gateway cost.

  • Setting USP

    The unique selling point is again the major thing that helps the platform to grow into the marketplace and grow users. The USP of any platform should be really attractive to the users. The more amazing it is, the more chances you have for growth in the market. For instance, in the web3 map game, you can keep the rare NFTs as a surprise gift.

  • Final Launch

    The final step will be the launching of the platform where your gaming application will be in front of the users, and the potential will be checked. To keep the user's experience higher, the gaming company has to maintain the platform from time to time.

What Kind Of Web3 Map Games Can You Develop

When it comes to games, there are various kinds of games that you can build. RisingMax Inc. can be your perfect partner in web3 game development. We are the 360-degree solution and deliver the project on time.

Let’s see what options of games are available in the marketplace;

  • AAA Games Like PubG

    When it comes to mapping games, then the most demanding gaming platform is AAA games. The perfect example; of an AAA gaming platform is PubG. When 100 users visit the city for the battle, they also have the option to choose what kind of map they would go for. The AAA kind of game makes the gaming platform more interesting and engaging.

    RisingMax Inc. can be the perfect partner for developing the AAA kind of web3 map game, which will help you to generate a good amount of revenue and reach maximum users.

  • Car Games Like Asphalt

    Car games are one of the most traditional games that always excite the user and help the gaming platform owner generate revenue. Developing a car game is a great web3 startup idea. In car games, you can develop digital twins of popular cities around the globe to make the game exciting. Or you can also develop the web3 map game in metaverse, where the user can play the game in the metaverse sports complex by using AR/VR.

  • GTA Vice City

    Build a game like GTA Vice City on the web3 platform. GTA Vice City is one of the most popular game types among the youth, and merging the game with the blockchain where the user can win crypto or NFT after completing the task, then what could be better than that? Build a game like GTA Vice City to generate revenue from the platform.

  • Pokemon Go

    The most popular game platform is making millions in the industry. Pokemon Go is one such game that brought revolution as the map game. You can also build a game like Pokemon Go on the web3 platform. The model of Pokemon Go made the world crazy about it; about 65 million users were actively participating on the gaming platform.

How RisingMax Inc. Can Help You

RisingMax Inc. is the leading web3 game development company globally and has already delivered multiple projects on the global stage. We can be the perfect option for the web3 map game development not only because we can develop the gaming platform but also because we can provide a 360-degree solution.

  • Experienced Developers

    We are with a team of 150+ developers and designers who hold the experience of more than 10 years in the field of game development. Our developers are the backbone of the company. Their professionalism speaks through their perfect work and timely delivery of projects.

  • 24*7 Availability

    We are available 24*7 to assist you. Either by8 the time of hiring us as your web3 game development company or after the delivery of the platform, we are always available for you. The belief in keeping our binds strong even after the delivery of the project. This is one of the reasons why we have an 80% retention rate. You can get in touch with the project manager directly anytime you want an update on the project or any enhancement of the project.

  • 100% Transparency

    Just like blockchain technology, we also follow 110% transparency with our clients. From the day of getting in touch with our client to the delivery, we keep complete transparency with our partner. RisingMax Inc. abides by international law for business, and each deal is done under standard rules.

  • No Hidden Charges

    We are a professional web3 map game development company, delivering multiple global projects and still the leading IT consulting company. We believe in long-term relations with our client and even a minor mistake will be enough to lose valuable clients. We do not appreciate any hidden charges or terms for the project.

  • On-Time Delivery

    We try our best to deliver the project on time, or we can even say that before. We are committed to our work and ensure each project gets delivered on time and without any errors.

  • Multi Level Testing

    Our work procedure is the next thing that helps us to be the best web3 game development company. As part of the work procedure, we make sure every single project goes through multiple levels of testing so that the users can get a better experience and be bug-free. Our team of experts ensures that the application is error-free, and they omit every chance of even the smallest mistake.

  • Marketing Strategy

    We could be a 360-degree solution provider for your project. We also provide the service to build marketing strategies for the client. Our team of marketing experts makes sure that you get a kick start for the business.

Final Call

The web3 map game is the most emerging gaming business, which will be the most demanding thing for game lovers and the common people, as nobody wants to lose the opportunity of earning money by just playing the game. The play-to-earn games are the most successful model.

Be the early bird in the nest of blockchain and web3 technology.

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