Strategic Planning in Healthcare Organizations: Models, Examples & Benefits

A healthcare organizations’ strategic plan caters to identifying the necessary actions that need to streamline the complex process of management. Undoubtedly, strategic planning in healthcare organizations is a daunting task and requires close monitoring.

Role & The Future Of Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence In The Healthcare Industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)- like emerging technologies are here with the potential to enrich our lives. In combination, these are taking the healthcare sector to a whole new level. Read the post to understand the role and future of artificial intelligence in the healthcare industry.

Beyond Counting Steps: Benefits Of Wearable Technology In Healthcare

Benefits of wearable technology in healthcare are revolutionizing the way most people react to health issues. Wearable technology possesses so much potential for innovation in the future. Learn how this helps ease the burden on healthcare systems here.

Role of Business Intelligence In Healthcare Industry | Business Intelligence Software for Healthcare

Business Intelligence Software for Healthcare. Healthcare has always involved the intersection of human judgement and scientific data. Advancements in Business Intelligence are bringing these two elements closer than ever—and the healthcare industry is feeling the impact. Business intelligence can help healthcare providers gain the insight they need to reduce costs, increase revenue and improve patient safety and outcomes while complying with regulations and standards