Create A Web3 Website

How to Create A Web3 Website

Web3, as all know, is the 3rd generation of the World Wide Web. We should change the use of technology as time evolves. Web3 is on the way to discovering new heights in this technological era; thus, it is leaving no stone unturned in surprising the world with its uncountable features.

Web3 uses various innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, neural networks, blockchain, spatial computations, Big Data, VR/AR, etc. The involvement of AI in this new age of the Internet will transform the way people interact with technology. All the queries of users will be managed efficiently by AI and users can also manage their data. As Web3 is blockchain-based technology, thus the information gets disbursed over the entire network.

Doesn’t this seem interesting to you? It is quite imaginable that with such humongous growth of web3, shifting businesses to this next-gen technology is quite promising.

Are you into such ideas of developing Web3 websites for your business in any sector? You are at the right place! RisingMax Inc. is a well-acknowledged firm in web3 development that has served numerous clients so far. Build your business with us to take it to the next level.

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Web3 and Blockchain

Without wasting any time on irrelevant things, let’s go straight ot the topic and find the best combinations for web3 and blockchain.

Are you excited to know the relationship between Web3 and blockchain? So are we to describe it!

  • Web3 solutions store data in a blockchain-based decentralized network, giving users access from any device. It eliminates the need for intermediaries for specific tasks.
  • Web3 applications are capable of establishing the action algorithms and self-execute them.
  • Web3 content can not be deleted or altered by any party; thus, it becomes a more reliable user environment.
  • It also provides secure messaging and transactions through blockchain. This means that there is no more hacking of crucial information and no identity loss.
  • Web3 and blockchain platforms depend on smart contracts; this executes automatic transactions.
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Roadmap to Web3 website development

Web3 website development could be related to anything like a cryptocurrency wallet, NFT platform, or decentralized application. The development process is not as simple as it appears; it involves a few steps that are discussed in detail below by our experts.

Step 1: Beginning phase

The onset of Web3 development commences with the definition of the project concept. The team analyzes the market, target audience, and also competitors. Not only this, but it also involves predicting the niche stances, understanding the business requirements, and the strength and weaknesses of competitors.

Our business analysts play a crucial role in compiling the standards for project design and characteristics so that developers can get the estimated volume of work, budget, and select the right tech stack. Our team will perform the task as follows:

  • The business analyst is responsible for studying the competitors and anything related to the platform's demand.
  • The marketing team assists in analyzing the choice of users, how to stand out among competitors, and how to make money.
  • The designers focus on the appealing nature of the interface to attract users.
  • The developers build code for the Web3 platform.

Step 2: Determining the functionality

In this step, our team determines the features and functionalities to add to the Web3-based website. The cryptocurrency wallet and a decentralized exchange have entirely different function lists. Let’s have a look at various functionality for the end users and administrators.

Functionality of a wallet for the end-user:

  • Registration

    This is the major function involving the creation of a crypto address. You might need to select the type of account, i.e., standard, storage, or Lightning. Based on the type, the DApp will function accordingly. This feature may also include identity verification in the future.

  • Exchange, conversion coefficient

    The next feature of a cryptocurrency wallet involves exchanging digital assets just like MetaMask. Some wallets also allow token exchange by showing the exchange rate of all tokens and the price of the coins.

  • Asset management

    This is another promising feature that lets users trade cryptocurrency within the wallet. This function must be built in a simple manner so that even a beginner may use the application confidently. In addition to this, QR codes can be added, and listing can be done to make the transactions easier and faster.

  • Add a banking account

    Adding a bank account to the Web3 website enable users to use credit or debit cards easily. Users can also link their PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay account, or any other payment system to make the transactions easy without filling in the details everytime.

  • Push notifications

    This feature connects users with the latest updates. These notifications are sent to inform users about system updates, payment requests, security dangers, balance changes, approved transactions, etc.

  • NFT support

    This is important but not compulsory for every web3 app. As NFTs are quite popular, so adding the feature could prove to be profitable. Users can store their NFTs for better profits in the future.

  • Security

    For advanced security, 2FA, fingerprint or face authentication, hardware wallet support, TTL, etc., are prominent to protect the Web3 platform from DDoS, SSRF, CSRF, HPP, etc.

Functionality for the administrator:

  • Instrument panel

    Through this feature, administrators can trace everything, including the number of active users, new messages, transaction volume (per second, hour, day), the number of transactions, current issues, etc.

  • User management

    This feature tracks users’ status, change, add, delete, freeze, or recover accounts. Through user management, administrators can keep an eye on users.

  • Payment system management

    It allows administrators to manage the payment system, like adding or deleting payment systems. They can also change the minimum or maximum transaction limit.

  • Fees Management

    This feature enables administrators to add, delete, or alter fees for crypto and fiat transactions.

  • Content Management

    Administrators have the accessibility through this feature to change, add, and delete images, texts, animations, and other content within the platform's user interface.

  • Marketing and advertisement

    In the process of developing a Web3 wallet, a marketing feature can also be added to show advertisements via notifications and banners.

  • API documentation

    Through this, administrators can integrate various other features into the web3 platform.

Step 3: Architecture development

In this step, our eminent architectures, including business analysts and UX/UI designers, develop the internal architecture of the Web3 platform. This may include the system's main components along with other minor ones. A diagram that depicts the platform is built to make the process fully understandable so developers can easily optimize user flows and actions.

The simple the architecture, the better will be the user experience. It also assists in enhancing the user interface of the website.

Step 4: UX/UI design

After gathering all the required information like competitors, features and functionality, etc., our designers come into the role and create an impeccable user interface design for the Web3 platform. They comply with industry standards like the design should be clean, simple, and attractive. However, we also take great care of the client's requirements.

Step 5: Development of the application

Now comes the actual coding task, where highly knowledgeable developers take over the project and implement all the code's design, features, and functionalities. The developers first analyze the whole thing and then choose the tech stack as per the need.

Technology stack for Web3 backend

  • Smart contracts: Ethereum Virtual Machine or BSC.
  • Programming languages: Java, PHP, Python.
  • Frameworks: Spring, Symphony, Flask.
  • SQL databases: MySQL, MariaDB, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle.
  • NoSQL databases: MongoDB, Cassandra, DynamoDB.
  • DevOps: GitLab CI, WS CodeBuild, GoCD Jenkins, TeamCity, Terraform.
  • Search engines: Apache Solr, Elasticsearch.
  • Cache: Redis, Memcached.

Technology stack for Web3 frontend

  • Programming languages: Angular.JS, React.JS, Vue.JS, Java, Kotlin, and Swift.
  • Architecture: MVVM for Android and MVC, MVP, MVVM, VIPER for iOS.
  • IDE: Android Studio and Xcode for iOS.
  • SDK: Android SDK and iOS SDK.

Step 6: Testing

After the product is developed, it undergoes rigorous testing by quality analysts. The code is checked thoroughly for errors which are removed if found any. In addition, usability, functionality, and performance of the website or app are also tested. Smart contracts are also tested internally with the help of independent auditors such as Certik and Techrate.

Step 7: Deployment

Now that your product is completely developed, thoroughly tested, and free of errors, it is ready to be deployed on the preferred network.

Step 8: Post-deployment support

Our support team remains available 24/7 to fix the issues faced by the end-users and to check for updates thereafter.

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Benefits of Web3 Websites

Web3 is an emerging technology offering custom web solutions to users. Its compelling content attracts a huge customer base and assists in flourishing your business. Below listed are some of the advantages of Web3 websites that are worth recognizing.

  • Secure

    Web3 websites are highly secured as they are built on a blockchain-based decentralized network that is totally encrypted. This ensures that the data can’t be stolen or hacked.

  • Easy to use

    Web3 websites are designed in a precise manner that makes them easy to use.

  • Fast Response

    A decentralized network is interconnected with several nodes, making the operations and transactions of Web3 super fast.

  • Interactive

    Web3 websites are super friendly and interactive. These are designed in such a manner that even a novice to this technology can easily make transactions. These offer a customer-friendly approach to assist users.

  • Low Initial Cost

    Being an open-source technology, it costs less as compared to conventional e-commerce websites.

  • Broadband Efficiency

    Web3 websites incorporate browser-based nature, using broadband networks for information delivery.

  • Flexibility

    Web3 websites are flexible in nature, and these can be altered based on market changes.

All these benefits will definitely inspire you to build web3 websites. To make one for yourself, move one step forward by calling our experts!

Why choose RisingMax Inc. for Web3 website development?

RisingMax Inc. comprises an eminent team of developers, designers, testers, analysts, managers, etc., who actively participate in the Web3 development process and bring a fully customizable outcome to the clients. Our strategic approach towards our work and use of the latest tech stack are key factors in our success. Just bring your project to us and see how we can take your business to the top position.

What do we offer:

  • Experienced developers- We have extremely proficient developers with years of experience in web3 and blockchain development.
  • Latest tech stack- We utilize up-to-date tools and technologies to build a fully futuristic web3 website for our clients.
  • 24/7 Support- Our team remains available 24/7 during pre-and-post-deployment to solve any issues and to update the systems.
  • On-time delivery- The team of RisingMax Inc. delivers the project back to the client within the timeline.


From all the above discussion, it can be predicted that Web3 websites are quite popular among users, and soon they are going to rule over Web2. The possibility within Web3 is so vast that it motivates people all around the world to know more about this technology and build a platform on it.

If you are also a budding entrepreneur who wants to enter into blockchain-based web3 technology, then it is not too late yet. Just pick up your phone and have a word with our business analysts. They will guide you throughout the process and build a robust and scalable Web3 solution for you.

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