Step-By-Step Guide To Developing A Crowdfunding Mobile App

By RisingMax

July 05, 2023

Step-By-Step Guide To Developing A Crowdfunding Mobile App

The present era is the era of startups. New inventions are occurring every single day. In order to run the startups successfully, funding is needed. Getting funding from investors is a difficult and challenging task for new businesses. This is the major reason crowdfunding is among the most widely used by startups for raising funds.

Crowdfunding helps support entrepreneurs in turning their dreams into reality and taking their businesses to higher growth levels. Crowdfunding platforms help businesses in collecting funds from the public. In this blog, we will discuss crowdfunding platforms and their development process.

What Are Crowdfunding Apps?

Crowdfunding apps are apps that help businesses in raising funds from a large number of people. Crowdfunding apps are digital platforms where startups can undertake funds for their businesses and reach out to potential donors or investors. These apps act as an intermediary between investors and business owners. They offer a convenient way to businesses, make them financially stable, and help them take their business to higher growth levels. The businesses can raise funds for various causes, including entrepreneurial ventures, charitable endeavors, medical expenses, and creative projects. The app connects the campaign creators and individuals interested in supporting their projects financially.

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Crowdfunding App Market -Statistics

Due to the increase in the number of new businesses, the need for a platform where businesses can generate funds for their business has increased. This is where the role of the crowdfunding platform arises. The Below given statistics by Statista  showcases the future scope of crowdfunding apps:

  • Transaction value in the Crowdfunding market is projected to reach US $1.14bn in 2023.
  • Transaction value is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2023-2027) of 2.11% resulting in a projected total amount of US $1.23bn by 2027.
  • The average funding per campaign in the Crowdfunding market amounts to US $7.75k in 2023.

Types Of Crowdfunding Apps You Can Choose For Your Business

Are you planning to raise crowdfunding for your business? Well, you have made a great choice. Here are some of the most popular types of crowdfunding apps you can choose for your business:

Donation-Based Crowdfunding Apps

These apps are used for charitable purposes and individual personal needs. Individuals and businesses can launch campaigns and raise funds for various processes such as medical expenses, disaster relief, educational scholarships, and other similar purposes. The money given by people on these platforms is in the way of donations.

Reward-Based Crowdfunding Apps

In these types of crowdfunding apps, the investors who invest in the crowdfunding campaigns raised by businesses get interesting perks and rewards in return. The reward can be tangible as well as intangible, as per the contribution they have made to the campaign.

Equity Crowdfunding Apps

Equity crowdfunding apps refer to the apps in which businesses provide equity shares for their business. Their company to the investors who grant funding for their business. The app provides a platform to investors who are planning to invest in innovative ideas and get equity ownership in return.

Debt-Based Crowdfunding Apps

In these crowdfunding apps, the business can borrow funds for their business growth from the investors in the form of debt and will have to repay the amount for a specified period with interest. These platforms are also known as peer to -peer lending.

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Exclusive Features Your Crowdfunding Apps Must Posses

Are you planning to take your business to new heights and looking for a profitable opportunity? Well, getting a crowdfunding app developed by an expert app development company can get you to achieve your dream. Below given are some exclusive features  the crowdfunding app must possess:

A Multi-Functional Admin Dashboard

The crowdfunding app must possess a multi-functional admin dashboard where you can manage all the activities on the app. You can easily add new users and ensure that no fraudulent activity is happening on the platform with just a few clicks.

Push Notifications And Reminders

Another interesting feature the crowdfunding app must possess is the push notification and reminders. The notification helps the users to stay up-to-date and get continuous notifications regarding the launch of new campaigns. The business also gets notifications when a new user gets joined on the campaign.

Elaborate Campaign Details Section

The platform should possess a campaign detail section where you can add elaborated details about their launched campaign. Also, they can categorize the campaign into different sections as per the reason for the campaign. This will help you in getting more crowdfunding for your business.

Robust Profile Management

The app has robust profile management where you can add your profile pic, name, age, personal details, and other details. You can easily make changes to your profile and add interesting information to make it look more genuine. A well-designed profile will motivate more and more investors to Invest in your business.

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24/7 Technical Support

To make sure the investors who visit the platform do not face any technical issues. The app should provide 24/7 support to the customers. The customers can easily get an instant solution to all the problems they are facing on the app related to making payments or campaign participation.

Quick Signup

The crowdfunding app must have a quick sign-up option where users can easily create their profile on the app. Businesses and investors should be able to register with the app and start their investment journey. The profile creation process should be fast and user-centric.

Secure Payment Gateway

In crowdfunding apps, investors have to make payments in campaigns run by businesses. To enhance safety and security, there must be a secure payment gateway where investors can make the payment stress-free.The app must support multiple payment options, such as debit cards or online payment apps.

Social Sharing 

The app must have a social sharing option that allows businesses to share the campaign details on their social media profiles and invite their friends and family to contribute to the campaign. Also, they could share the campaign results to motivate more people to join them.

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Step-By-Step Process Of Developing A Crowdfunding Mobile App

Have you got an idea about the crowdfunding app and its functioning? Are you willing to get a futuristic crowdfunding app for your business? Here is a step-by-step procedure for developing crowdfunding for app development.

Define Your Objectives

To get the best-suited crowdfunding app for your business, you need to analyze your business goals and requirements. You need to check what are your future goals and how a crowdfunding platform can help you fulfill them. Make sure you are aware of the potential benefits of crowdfunding apps for your business. While identifying your requirements, make sure you consider each and every perspective. This will help you move ahead in this process smoothly.

Conduct Deep Market Research

Once you are clear about your objectives, the next thing you need to do is to conduct deep market research. The market research includes checking the crowdfunding platforms available in the market. Check the features possessed by the platform and the tech stack used in it. Research the features that can make the platform unique and more popular amongst investors. Make sure you invest ample time in market research.

Find An Expert Crowdfunding App Development Company

Once you have conducted your market research, the next thing you need to do is to find an expert crowdfunding app development service provider. While choosing the crowdfunding app developer, you need to check the experience level of the company and the portfolio of the company. Also, check the company's market image and ensure they have an advanced tech stack. Discuss your app expectations with them before starting with the crowdfunding app development.

Plan The App User Interface And Design

The development company will start with designing the app's interior and exterior design and work on the user interface of the app. The app design should be unique and eye-catchy. And could attract a good amount of user attention. After finalizing the app design, the next thing will be choosing the app features. The features of the app should be as per the market trends and needs of the customers.

App Development And Testing

After deciding on the features and tech stack of the crowdfunding app, the next thing the development company will do is develop and test the app. They will undertake the crowdfunding app development using the latest tools and technologies. After the app is developed, the next thing to do is to test the app's performence.In this, the development company will remove errors in the app. Quality assurance of the app will be undertaken in this phase.

Launch And Deployment

This is the last step in the crowdfunding app development process. The development company will launch the app on a large scale. The launch must be grand and done on a large scale. This will help the app achieve massive success. After the launch of the app, the crowdfunding app will be deployed to you by the development company. While deployment, get all the login and major details regarding the crowdfunding app.

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Advantages Of The Crowdfunding App For Businesses

After knowing about the crowdfunding development process, you must think about how a crowdfunding app can be helpful for your business. Here are a few ways in which the platform can help your business:

Access To A Wide Audience

Raising funds for your business can be a tough task. With the help of crowdfunding apps, it becomes easier for businesses to reach investors. There are no restrictions in terms of location. You can get a global investor base. This will help your business in raising funding on a large scale.

Multiple Funding Opportunities For Creators

Innovation is occurring at a very fast pace. Many entrepreneurs have bought innovative products in the market to support their innovation they require funding from investors. The crowdfunding apps help them raise funding in multiple ways and make reaching higher growth levels easy.

Enhance Communication With Investors

Through the crowdfunding platform, you can communicate with investors in a more streamlined and organized manner. You can launch visual ads and enhance your campaign with more information to enhance the communication and make it more interactive. Also, you can build a community for future fundraising activities.

Gain Investor Trust 

These days many frauds are happening in the name of donations. This has led to the loss of trust amongst the investors. The crowdfunding apps make it easy for investors to trust their businesses and invest money in them. The platform provides them with complete details of the project.

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Popular Crowdfunding Platforms You Must Have Heard About

By now, you must be clear about the meaning and concept of crowdfunding platforms. To give you better clarity regarding the concept, here are some popular crowdfunding platforms  you must know:


The crowdfunding app is very popular these days. It allows businesses and individuals to raise funds for multiple reasons, including creative projects, technology ventures, and more. It supports arts, music, film technology, and design.


GoFundMe is an American-based crowdfunding app. The major focus of the platforms lies in creative projects and entrepreneurial ventures. The platform allows individuals to raise funds for medical expenses, education, and disaster relief. The platform is best for raising funds for charitable cases.


The crowdfunding platform grants investment to startups and early-stage companies. The platform encourages investors by offering them equity or other forms of financial participation in the company they are willing to invest in.

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