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Best Web3 Apps Ideas for StartUp & Business

Web3 is a robust platform with great potential to provide a successful business to the business owner. RisingMax is a 360-degree web3 development company; we deliver everything from free consultation to final launching and service after deployment.

Web3 App Ideas For Business

The era of digitalization is taking up the lead, and technology is changing drastically. Blockchain and the web3 technologies are changing the world to the extent and providing a marketplace with plenty of capability and reliability of the business platforms.

To build a business on the web3 platform, you must be aware of the demand most users demand for the web3 platform. Developing the platform according to the demand and creating the application will boost your economy.

Here are some web3 startup ideas that can change your wealth's economic structure and deliver great user service.

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Web3 Success Stats

  • The market worth of the web3 marketplace was $1.23 billion in 2020.
  • In the year 2021, the web3 marketplace took quite impressive growth and became a market of $3.2 billion.
  • Around 46% of the applications on the web3 platforms are for finance.
  • 73 million game lovers actively participate on web3 gaming platforms like web3-based Fortnite and web3-based Roblox.
  • The decentralized technology Blockchain platform grew by almost 2000% from the first quarter of 2021 to the first quarter of 2022.
Web1.0 Web2.0 Web3.0
Read Only Read-write Portable & Personal
Company Focus Community Focus Individual Focus
Home Pages Blogs/Wikis Live Streaming
Owning Contents Sharing Content Consolidating Contents
WebForms Web Applications Smart Application
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Projects You Can Build On Web3

We are sharing web3 project ideas that will be a successful business plan in the future and can help you generate a good amount of revenue. The marketplace of web3 is really huge, and building any web-based business will give you a profitable return. Here are a few business ideas that will be on top in the coming years.

  • Web3 Dating Apps.
  • Web3 Metaverse Gaming Platform.
  • Web3 NFT Platform.
  • Web3 Social Media Platform.
  • Web3 Music Application.
  • Virtual Cities In Web3.
  • Web3 Game Development.
  • Web3 In Fitness Industry.

We at RisingMax provide all the above-mentioned services with advanced solutions and deliver them on time and with perfection.

Let’s see what advantages you will get by building the above-mentioned web3 business platform.

1. Web3 Dating Apps

After the success of Tinder, a web2-based platform and a global dating application, things changed drastically in the dating world. But with the benefit, it brought some negative impacts as well.

Apart from dating and knowing each other, fraud also increased with time. People started making fake IDs for unfair means, and things are getting worse day by day. Scammers stole $547 million on Tinder, and much more such news is coming up frequently.

The problem is for the masses, and you can build a perfect solution with web3. A web3-based dating platform can be one of the perfect web3 startup ideas for you. The major benefit of building the web3-based metaverse dating platform is that the complete platform is decentralized. Users can meet virtually no matter how far they are and hang out at the virtual park and restaurants in the metaverse dating platform.

You can click the link to build and get in-depth knowledge of the web3 metaverse dating application.

web3 app ideas

2. Web3 Metaverse Gaming Platform

The gaming platform has always been one of the most exciting things in the world. The very first video game was launched in 1958, and from then till now, the demand for the gaming platform, as well as the craze for games, has increased.

Before, we used to invest in the gaming platform to get access to the game or unique digital assets, but the blockchain-based gaming platform has changed the complete concept. Now, the user can invest in the gaming platform and can earn rewards in the form of NFT, which they can collect and even sell on the NFT marketplace.

The play-to-earn gaming platform is beneficial for both the users and the gaming platform company. To earn in NFT, people are investing money on the platform, which helps the company generate revenue. The stat below will explain more about the web3 gaming platform's potential and why it is among the top web3 startup ideas.

Build your web3 gaming platform.

3. Web3 NFT Platform

NFTs are one of the most demanding investment platforms for tech-savvy users worldwide. The NFT is a completely decentralized digital asset that has real value. It is one of the best web3 startup ideas for development.

We at RisingMax Inc. have delivered more than 10 projects on the NFT platform and are still working on multiple platforms. On the NFT platform, the creators join to upload their digital artwork. And while the uploading process is ongoing, the creator has to pay an amount as the registration charge of the platform.

Similarly, with every sale of the NFT on the platform, the company will get a commission. There are multiple other ways the NFT platform can generate revenue which is generally in millions.

The development of a Web3 NFT platform can also be one of the great web3 project ideas you can invest on.

RisingMax Inc. is the 360-degree solution for NFT platform development. From the web3-based NFT platform development to NFT token development to NF wallet development, we deliver every service globally at a cost-effective rate.

For the NFT platform development cost, you can get in touch with our executives. 24*7, just by filling up the form.

4. Web3 Social Media Platform

Who can avoid social media now that it’s such a prominent part of our lives? Every age slab is available on different kinds of social media platforms. Teens are actively participating on platforms like Snapchat, 15-40 years are on Instagram, and 18-50/60 are actively participating on Facebook (Meta).

We can see that each age slab is available on the social media platform and actively participating. But at the same time, web2 social media platforms are not that capable of protecting the user’s data. The user’s data is important, and the solution for protecting the data is the web3-based social media platform. The web3 social media platform is completely built on the blockchain platform, which provides 100% security of the data, and it is impossible to hack the application built on the blockchain. The users are showing interest in the web3 social media platform as it is much more reliable than the web2.0 centralized application.

The platform owner can generate revenue from advertisements on social media platforms, and there are various other ways the company can generate revenue. This web3 project idea could be the best way to reach the maximum number of users.

To get the web3 social media platform scope, revenue generation ideas, and scope of the platform, you can get in touch with RisingMax Inc.

5. Digital Twin City In Web3

Creating a replica of the real world is also one web3 business idea that can turn the startup into a billion-dollar company and part of the Fortune 500. In the digital twin metaverse city, the company can rent out the land or the spaces to brands willing to be a part of the metaverse. Multiple global companies are joining the metaverse platform to take up the lead in the industry.

International brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Givenchy, Nike, Adidas, etc., are joining the platform to take the lead. Build a metaverse digital twin city on the web3 platform and rent out the spaces to international brands for opening shops. By renting out the spaces, the company can generate great revenue through the web3 digital twin city. Build your digital twin metaverse platform on web3.

The development cost for building the digital twin city will be approx. $60,000-$90,000 and can increase based on the requirement of advanced technology.

6. Web3 Music Application

Build web3 music applications like Spotify to generate revenue from the platform. The development of the web3-based music-playing application will bring a revolution in the music application industry. As the complete platform will be developed on the blockchain, no one can upload the music audio without giving credit to the original creator. For every upload, the company will get a commission.

7. Web3 Move-To-Earn Platform

Just like the play-to-earn platform, the move-to-earn platform is also a platform that can be the perfect web3 app idea for development. The world is moving towards fitness, and the move-to-earn platform will be the perfect solution for them. The user can earn money by completing the walking target. This will promote fitness in the world, and people can earn money from the platform as well. The advertisement by the other companies and the investment by the users for purchasing digital shoes and other fitness gear and apparel will be the major part of generating revenue from the web3 move-to-earn platform.

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  • Marketing Strategy

    After our multi-level testing and complete beta testing, we help our client to build a marketing strategy so that their application can get a kick-start. We also have an excellent team of marketers who can be your true partner before and after the launch of the application to bring you into the spotlight.

  • After Launch Service

    After the final launch of the application in the marketplace, you can hire us for maintenance. We also provide the after-launch service to our clients with multiple options. You can hire a maintenance team on a quarterly, 6 months, or yearly basis. Our marketing and maintenance team will help you manage the application and bring new users to the platform. If you are with the web3 app ideas, we are here to assist you 360-degree.


Keeping your leg in the web3 marketplace can be profitable for you. If you are with the USP, you are most welcome, and if not, you can still get in touch with us to get the web3 project ideas to get into the future’s most competitive business. Step into the web3 platform before the competitions get higher. Take a step ahead towards the future and be the early bird in the competition. Get the web3 business platform to make a company worth billions.

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