Startup Product Development Company

By RisingMax

August 03, 2023

Startup Product Development Company

Are you planning for a startup? And want to test the capability of the full-fledged MVP or want a prototype to attract investors for your startup, or want to build a platform from scratch? In that case, RisingMax Inc. is here to help you perfectly. 

RisingMax Inc. provides free consultation for startups to build a prototype or MVP of the product. Contact our executives to schedule a meeting and discuss the idea. We provide NDA for industries.

RisingMax Inc.’s Product Development Services

For startup product development, we provide our services at cost-effective rates so that small or big startups can join us and make their business successful.


When you are getting into the marketplace with a new idea, then it is better for you to test the business before the final launch of the platform. This will save a lot of money as well as your time on the business idea. For that, RisingMax Inc. provides the service of cost-effective MVP with major features and reliable security.

Apps/Web Apps

RisingMax Inc. is a 360-degree solution provided for startups. From Android/iOS mobile app development to web app development, we provide all sorts of solutions as the start product development company. We make sure to deliver your product application with all reliable features with a secured network.

Free Consultation

Get a consultation from the industry experts for the business idea you are with and prepare to get into the market. 

Integration & Implementation

Our startup product developers assure us to build a prototype, MVP, or final startup product with reliable and high-end features and technologies.

Steps To Convert Idea Into Product

Now let’s see what steps you should consider for startup product development that will help your business to grow and gain maximum users.


Recognize the issue that mass is facing in their lives, and with the startup idea, try to make the bridge and fill the loopholes. A USP is a necessary thing for any sort of business as that will help you to gain the user on your platform. If you are searching for a decentralized option, then we have already discussed the best blockchain business ideas for you.

Concept of Business

When a notion for a potentially commercial product has evolved, the next phase assesses its likelihood of becoming successful. The growth of your business depends on you being able to demonstrate that there is a need for your service or product and that consumers are prepared to pay for it to be provided.

Product Design

Without a doubt, the software's design enables you to concentrate on user demands, which is why you must go into more detail about usability.  Approaches to design and prototyping offer several advantages. 

Create MVP

The goal of MVP development is to create a useful and efficient product with the least amount of resources. It's a terrific concept since it enables you to quickly assess whether your product idea is viable. You may move forward with the remainder of the procedure quite confidently if you receive favorable customer feedback.

Test Run

The notions of a trial run and internal usage of the product are crucial elements in startup product development to guarantee the success of the product launch. To find further issues and enhance the user experience, our startup product development team will put the product through a thorough testing process. The team's participation is necessary to enhance the product, make it more user-friendly, and find and fix any possible problems.

Final Product Development

The development partner is essential to this process since they now bear the greatest amount of responsibility. We will assist you in developing the MVP further or changing the code architecture to include new features, improve or deprioritize current ones, etc.

Align the current state of IT with your business strategy by hiring the most trustworthy Startup Product Development Company

Procedure Of Startup Product Development

Define Your Goals

Before you start looking for possible offshore developers to collaborate with, be clear about your expectations. Others may wish to add new features to existing software, while some owners are looking for skills to construct an app from the ground up. Make a list of the requirements for your project so you can discover a vendor with the relevant expertise or skill set.

Select a Partner

There is no shortage of companies that specialize in software development using the outsourcing approach. Due research must be done in order to locate one who exhibits reliability and has a strong track record. Verify customer testimonials to make sure they support the information the applicants have provided you. 

Choose A Model Of Collaboration

In order to assist businesses to stay competitive in dynamic markets, outsourced development companies often provide a variety of approaches. Choose if a fixed-cost, time-and-materials, or employing a specialized staff is the best option for you. When selecting an outsourcing model, take the project's unpredictability, timing, and financial implications into account. 

Concur On Communication Guidelines

It is crucial to have constant, clear communication to make sure that your project is developing according to the predetermined timeline. Only when both sides accept a certain communication structure is this feasible. For instance, deciding on a communication channel like Slack and creating a timeline for progress updates.

Formalize The Partnership

When you're happy with a certain provider, it's important to sign an agreement and clearly state the conditions. Before beginning the partnership officially, be sure that both sides are aware of the contract.  

Technologies RisingMax Inc. Work On

Industries We Serve For Startup Product Development 

RisingMax Engagement Model For Startup Product Development

Dedicated Developers

Get a dedicated product developer with years of experience in application development:

  • Integrates with perfection
  • Addition resources can be added
  • Excellent working procedure
  • Zero errors

Hourly Based Models 

This engagement model is the most flexible one for the startup to save money in the development procedure.

  • Cost-effective app development
  • Can select the developers' team
  • Can select the number of resources
  • Billings will be done bi-weekly

Fixed Price Model

  • Milestones can be customized
  • Least dependency on other resources
  • Billings will be done on milestones 
  • No additional cost for additional resources
Startup Product Development Company

Why Choose Us For Startup Product Development

RisingMax Inc. is the leading software and application development company for all sizes of businesses. We have:

150+ Developers 

RisingMax Inc. is with a team of 150+ developers with the experience of more than a decade in application development.

50+ QA Team

Our team of QA experts works parallel with the development team and makes sure that each of the features and integration procedures is done perfectly with the perfect security. 

On-Time Delivery

We also make sure to deliver the project on time with all the required features and complete security. 


Our team project development keeps complete transparency in the project discussion, during the development procedure, while MVP observation, and after the final deployment of the project.

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