How to Create a Virtual Reality App For Profitable Business

By RisingMax

October 16, 2023

How to Create a Virtual Reality App For Profitable Business

Virtual reality has come a long way to enhance the virtual world for users and businesses. A few years back, there were very few AR VR companies providing services. The actual era of VR came into existence after the launch of the metaverse. As per the reports, the total number of users in the US was about 64 million in 2022, which extended to about 65.9 million in 2023, and the numbers continuously increased. 

The expected VR gaming platform revenue in 2024 will be $2.4 billion in the US. The following number shows that the demand and craze for VR apps will increase and remain constant in the coming years. If you are searching for a billion dollar business idea in the US, then investing in virtual reality app development will be a good option.

How to Create a Virtual Reality App For Profitable Business

In this blog, we will explain everything you will need to make a VR App. We will discuss about:

  • What Is VR App?
  • Features of VR app
  • Benefits Of VR Apps in Multiple Industries
  • VR app development cost
  • How to build VR App
  • Whom to Hire to Make a VR App

This blog will take a few minutes to read. Understand every aspect of how you can build VR app and how much VR app will cost to build. RisingMax Inc. is the leading VR app development company, and we can help you completely understand the potential of VR applications.

What Is Virtual Reality (VR) App?

A VR (Virtual Reality) app is a software application designed to immerse users in a simulated 3D environment using a VR headset or similar hardware. These apps leverage cutting-edge technology to create an interactive, lifelike experience, allowing users to feel as if they've been transported to a different world. VR apps are used in a variety of fields, from gaming and entertainment to education, healthcare, and training.

In the world of gaming, VR apps offer players a more immersive and realistic experience where they can physically interact with the virtual environment. In education, VR apps can transport students to historical events or distant locations, making learning more engaging. In healthcare, they can be used for therapies and simulations. Moreover, businesses are adopting VR apps for employee training and virtual meetings. As VR technology continues to evolve, the potential applications for VR apps are boundless, revolutionizing how we learn, work, and entertain ourselves.

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Essential Features Of VR App Development

If you want to make a good impression on your intended audience, ensure that your MVP includes the key features of your product. The features of a VR application will vary depending on its intended use.

However, VR apps commonly have features that greatly enhance the immersion. Here are some must-have features of creating a VR app:

Realistic 3D Graphics

VR apps rely on high-quality 3D graphics to create immersive environments. Realism in visuals is crucial for user engagement and suspension of disbelief.

Head Tracking

Head tracking allows the VR system to monitor the user's head movements, adjusting the display accordingly. This feature enhances the feeling of presence within the virtual world.

Hand Tracking and Controllers

To interact with the VR environment, hand tracking or controllers are essential. They enable users to manipulate objects and navigate the virtual space.

Immersive Audio

Immersive 3D audio creates a convincing sense of space and direction, adding to the overall realism of the experience.

Responsive Haptic Feedback

Haptic feedback provides tactile sensations, allowing users to feel virtual objects or receive feedback through vibrations in controllers or wearable devices.


VR apps should offer meaningful interactions within the virtual environment, whether it's through object manipulation, puzzles, or dialogues with virtual characters.

Multiplatform Compatibility

Support for various VR hardware platforms, like Oculus, HTC Vive, or PlayStation VR, ensures broader accessibility to users.

Customization and Personalization

Allowing users to customize their VR experience, such as virtual avatars or virtual environments, enhances engagement and personal connection.

Social Integration

Enabling users to connect with others in the virtual space, like multiplayer gaming or virtual meetings, enhances the social aspect of VR apps.

Content Variety

A rich library of diverse content, from games to educational experiences, keeps users engaged and coming back for more.

Performance Optimization

Efficient use of hardware resources ensures a smooth and comfortable experience, preventing motion sickness or discomfort.

Regular Updates and Support

Ongoing development, bug fixes, and updates keep the VR app relevant, secure, and attractive to users over time. Good customer support is crucial for addressing issues and inquiries.

These features collectively define the quality and success of a VR app, providing users with a captivating and enjoyable virtual reality experience.

Benefits of VR Apps in Multiple Industries

Building VR App offers numerous benefits to businesses, from cost savings to improved customer engagement and innovative marketing strategies, making it a valuable investment for various industries.

Enhanced Product Prototyping and Design

Creating a Virtual Reality App allows businesses to create virtual prototypes, enabling cost-effective product design and testing. This leads to reduced development expenses and faster time-to-market.

Improved Training and Skill Development

VR apps are valuable for employee training in various sectors, from healthcare to aviation. They provide a safe and immersive environment for skill development, reducing training costs and improving competence.

Engaging Marketing and Branding

Virtual reality offers innovative marketing experiences, helping businesses stand out and engage with customers in a memorable way, ultimately leading to increased brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Remote Collaboration

VR apps facilitate remote collaboration by creating lifelike virtual meeting spaces. This is particularly useful for global teams, saving travel costs and increasing productivity.

Data Visualization

VR apps enable data visualization in 3D, making complex data more understandable. This aids in better decision-making, especially in industries like finance and data analysis.

Virtual Real Estate Tours

Real estate businesses benefit from VR apps by offering virtual property tours to potential buyers. This reduces the need for physical visits and accelerates sales.

Customer Engagement

VR can enhance customer engagement by providing interactive and immersive experiences. This can be used for product demonstrations, virtual showrooms, or in-store experiences, increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

Healthcare Simulation

In healthcare, VR apps are used for medical training, patient education, and even surgical simulations. They enhance patient outcomes and reduce medical errors.

Tourism and Hospitality

The tourism and hospitality industry leverages VR apps to provide virtual travel experiences, allowing travelers to explore destinations before booking. This boosts bookings and enriches the overall travel experience.

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Cost To Create VR Application 

Building  VR application cost depends on various aspects, including the number of advanced features you want to have in the application, the location of the application development company, the size of the company, and what programming language you are using for the development of a Virtual Reality application. Here is the complete cost breakdown:

Designing Cost$09K - $19K
Outsource Software Cost$20K- 31K
Deployment Cost$7K -10K
Feature Integration Cost$10K - 15K
Maintenance Cost$1,500 - $4,000
Project Manager Hourly Cost$25 - $50/Hour
Quality Assurance Team And Testers$5K - $10K

RisingMax Inc. offers a high-end VR application equipped with AI and other advanced features for $40,000-$100,000.  AR/VR app development costs can be more or less according to your demand. 

How To Build VR App

Here is the essential step to build a reliable and high-end VR application with advanced features. Virtual Reality app development companies can help you build the VR platform with complete accuracy and reliability. 

Conceptualization and Idea Generation

As a Virtual Reality app development company, we start by brainstorming ideas that align with our client's goals and the potential audience. This initial phase includes defining the app's purpose, target user base, and the problem it aims to solve or the experience it offers.

Market Research and Analysis

Understanding the competitive landscape and user preferences is critical. We conduct in-depth market research to identify gaps and opportunities, ensuring our VR app has a unique value proposition.

Design and Storyboarding

The design phase involves creating a detailed storyboard of the VR experience, outlining user interactions, environments, and content. This storyboard serves as a visual roadmap for the development team.

Development and Programming

Our experienced developers use VR development platforms, such as Unity or Unreal Engine, to build the app. This phase involves 3D modelling, programming interactions, and integrating audio and haptic feedback.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Comprehensive testing is crucial to eliminate bugs and optimize performance. We ensure the VR app is compatible with various VR hardware and provides a seamless user experience.

Optimization for Performance

Optimizing the VR app for performance is essential. This includes reducing load times, enhancing graphics, and minimizing latency to provide a smooth, immersive experience.

User Feedback and Iteration

Launching a VR app is just the beginning. We actively gather user feedback to make necessary improvements and updates. User engagement and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Deployment and Marketing

Once the VR app is polished and refined, we help our clients deploy it on VR platforms like Oculus or SteamVR. Effective marketing strategies are implemented to reach the target audience and ensure the app's success in the market.

Whom to Hire To Make a VR App

Expertise and Portfolio

Before hiring an augmented reality and virtual reality app development company, carefully assess their expertise and portfolio. Look for a company with a track record in creating immersive and successful VR applications. Review their previous projects to gauge the quality of their work, the diversity of their clients, and the types of VR experiences they've developed. This ensures you choose a team with the right skills and experience to bring your VR vision to life.

Innovative Solutions and Technology Stack

Consider the VR app development company's commitment to using innovative technologies and solutions in their projects. Evaluate their ability to harness the latest advancements in VR development, ensuring that your app remains cutting-edge and competitive in the rapidly evolving virtual reality landscape. This ensures that the company can bring a fresh and forward-thinking approach to your VR project.

Content Creation Capabilities

VR is all about content and user experiences. Ensure the chosen company can not only code but also create compelling 3D content, visuals, and immersive soundscapes. Evaluate their abilities in designing user-friendly interfaces and captivating narratives to keep users engaged within the VR environment.

Support and Maintenance

Creating a virtual reality app doesn't end with the app's launch. It's vital to discuss post-launch support and maintenance with the company. Ensure they provide timely updates, bug fixes, and scalability to adapt to evolving VR technologies. Reliable ongoing support will keep your VR app current and operational, maximizing its long-term success.

How to Create a Virtual Reality App For Profitable Business

Why RisingMax Inc. Is A Perfect Fit For VR App Development

When it comes to crafting immersive, cutting-edge VR experiences, RisingMax Inc. stands out as your top choice. Here's why you should consider us for building VR app needs:

Expertise and Innovation

Our team comprises seasoned experts in app development. We stay at the forefront of technological innovation, ensuring your project benefits from the latest advancements in virtual reality.

Customized Solutions

We understand that every VR project is unique. We tailor our solutions to your specific requirements, ensuring your VR app perfectly aligns with your vision and objectives.

Robust Portfolio

Our extensive portfolio showcases a diverse range of successful VR projects. From gaming to education, we've delivered top-notch VR experiences that have captivated users.

Ongoing Support

We don't just stop at development; we're committed to providing long-term support, updates, and maintenance for your VR app, ensuring it remains relevant and functional in the ever-evolving VR landscape.

Client-Centric Approach

Your satisfaction is our priority. We maintain open communication throughout the project, incorporating your feedback at every stage to deliver a VR app that exceeds your expectations.

Choose RisingMax Inc. to create VR apps and embark on a journey to create immersive, engaging, and technologically advanced VR experiences that set your brand apart.


In a world where innovation and immersive experiences define success, RisingMax Inc. emerges as your ideal partner for VR application development. Our commitment to excellence, innovative solutions, and tailored experiences make us the go-to choice for bringing your VR vision to life. 

With a robust portfolio, client-centric approach, and ongoing support, we ensure your VR app thrives in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Don't wait to embrace the future of virtual reality; contact RisingMax Inc. today and step into a world of limitless possibilities.

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