How To Create an AI News Anchor

By RisingMax

October 12, 2023

How To Create an AI News Anchor

The buzzword around the AI news anchor started when a leading news agency from China - Xinhua News Agency- introduced the world's AI news anchor, Qiu Hao, at the World Internet Conference. Qiu Hao, the AI-based news anchor, is capable or trained to deliver news in Chinese, English, and other native languages.

How To Create an AI News Anchor

Soon after, news agencies from the USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, India, and worldwide followed suit and developed their AI news anchor. The ongoing technology adoption race between news agencies and media houses in employing AI news anchors added to the popularity of AI news anchor software. Further, the AI news software empowers news agencies to streamline processes, swiftly produce news content, and deliver content in different languages.

If you are planning to create your own AI news anchor and don’t know where to start, then connect with our experts. We leverage our expertise in AI technology and hands-on working experience in developing solutions for the media and entertainment industry to build future secure AI solutions. Connect with our experts and share your project ideas today!

Steps To Create An AI News Anchor

We at RisingMax Inc. have been assisting clients in the media and entertainment industry to integrate advanced software solutions securely. Our team follows a well-documented and step-wise process to develop AI news anchors to meet and exceed clients’ expectations. Here are steps to take into account if you are looking to know how to create ai news anchor;

Project Discussion

Our software experts connect with the client to discuss the AI news anchor software project idea. During this process, we aim to understand the client’s idea, and gather requirements and other project-related details. With a detailed project overview and client requirements, our team moves forward to the next development stage.

Project Analysis

During this stage, our team gathers around to discuss the project requirements and client needs. Each and every project requirement is thoroughly discussed and analyzed to ensure that the end result meets the client’s expectations.

Project Roadmap

With a clear understanding of the client’s project requirements and needs, we create a project roadmap. We divide the project into smaller milestones or stages for easy tracking and timely delivery.


Our team follows a well-documented development roadmap to build an AI news anchor. Keeping the customer requirements at the center of our development process, we design custom software for our clients.


We follow rigorous testing methodologies and tools to ensure bug-free AI news anchor software deployment. Any technical or functionality issues will be forwarded to the development team for rectification. 

Maintenance & Support

We at RisingMax Inc. provide affordable maintenance and support services to ensure smooth projects running for a long time. Our team 24/7 monitors AI news anchors and resolves technical issues ASAP.

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Capabilities of AI News Anchor Software

Present News

Our software can produce a high-level broadcasting video of an AI anchor presenting news to viewers with similar hand gestures and lip-syncing to a real news reporter.

Verify News

AI news anchors software can collect and verify information from various online resources to ensure only authentic news information reaches the target audience. This software feature enables news agencies to filter out fake news and broadcast verified information.

Weather Forecast

This feature allows software to collect weather-related information from IoT devices, sensors, and previous weather data to provide accurate forecasts. Combining historical weather patterns and real-time conditions enables AI news anchors software to make accurate weather forecasts.

Stocks Analysis & Update

The integrated AI algorithms and advanced analytical tools make providing accurate stock analysis and future trends easy. News agencies can protect viewers from biased expert opinions or advice and provide them with authentic data-driven stock analysis.


Traditionally, news agencies have to hire anchors with proficiency in multiple languages to create news videos for different language-speaking audiences. The AI news anchor software can analyze video content, either in audio or text form, to create news videos in over 30 languages in a short time.

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Top Features To Integrate While Creating AI News Anchor

Developing an AI news anchor sounds like a futuristic business venture for news agencies and media houses. However, ensure your AI news anchor has the following integrated features for a more lifelike feel.

Human-Like Appearance

The software can be combined with multiple customization tools and features to give AI news anchors a more human-like appearance. Further, the AI news anchor can be tailored to appear and present news in a specific tone or style of a particular news anchor.

Analyze and Learn

This feature allows AI news anchors to analyze news videos, audio, or text to learn from human news anchors and present news in a similar manner. The software uses the NLP algorithm to train AI news anchors to learn skills like hand gestures, facial expressions, tone, and other key new reporting aspects from professional news anchors.

Manage Social Media

This software feature empowers AI news anchors to create social media accounts and manage account activities. From uploading images to news videos and replying to comments, the AI news anchor software can effectively engage with followers.

Multi-Language Support

This software feature empowers AI news anchor software to generate broadcast-ready news videos in different languages. Support for different programming languages allows news agencies to cater to different language-speaking audiences and widen their reach.

Integrate Graphics Tools

The software allows news agencies to add graphics like charts and images & make videos more appealing & understandable to viewers. Further, these integrated graphics tools make it easy for video editors to change the background, add graphics, split screen, and make other necessary changes to the news video.


This software feature makes changing the AI news anchor’s skin color, facial attributes, outfit, hairstyle, and other aspects easy. AI news anchors can be customized to look and deliver news similar to a specific human anchor.

Benefits of AI News Anchor Software

Different Images

The software comes with different category images, making it easy for a news agency to customize AI news anchors for different scenarios. This allows news agencies to deliver video content to viewers at relatively much higher speeds than earlier.

Lifelike Gesture

The software leverages advanced technologies like AI and NLP to mimic human anchor tones, hand gestures, facial expressions, lip-syncing, and emotions to deliver human anchor-like news. News agencies and media houses can train these AI anchors to deliver news in a specific style and tone.

Streamline Operation

The software makes it easy for news agencies to create a news clip or video with just a single click. Even novice news content creators can use AI news anchor software to create a professional news video and broadcast the same in a matter of minutes.

High-end Editing Tools

There are two ways the AI news anchor software can generate news videos. You can either provide input in the form of text or video to produce high-quality broadcasting news videos. The integrated high-end editing tools can be deployed to adjust volume, add emotional touch based on news type, and add gestures to give it a more life-like feel.

Broadcasting Tools

The integrated news broadcasting tools make switching news videos from landscape to portrait, changing background images, adding graphics and single/multiple anchors switches easy. Thus, it is easy for news agencies to produce news content and broadcast it at lightning speed.

Custom Modes

Media and news agencies can obtain AI news anchor software in multiple ways. Based on the business model, news agencies can opt for the SaaS model or private software, assisting them in producing high-quality videos quickly.

Popular AI News Anchors Worldwide

Reputable news agencies worldwide are investing in AI news readers and adapting to changing technology trends. Here’s a list of popular AI news anchors transforming how news videos are produced and broadcasted online.

  • Qiu Hao – First AI news anchor in China.
  • Fedha – AI-generated news presenter in Kuwait.
  • Sana – Indian AI news anchor
  • Lisa – First regional AI news presenter in India.
  • Nadira, Sasya, and Bhoomi - AI news presenter in Indonesia.
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Development Cost AI News Anchor Software

To build an AI news anchor software, you must pay a development cost between $50,000 to $55,000. Remember, this is an average cost for basic software, and overall cost might increase based on your project requirements.

Similar to any software, multiple cost-driving factors impact the development cost. Most AI news anchor software development companies carefully evaluate these factors before sharing an estimated AI news anchor software cost.

Prominent cost-driving factors include the following;

  • AI news anchor software type
  • Implementation scope
  • In-build features & functionality
  • Customization tools
  • Tech stack required
  • Language support
  • Development company location
  • Team expertise and strength

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How Do AI News Anchors Work?

Developers use cutting-edge tools like natural language processing and deep learning algorithms to develop artificial intelligence news anchors. A huge database of information, such as news stories, videos, and voice recordings of anchors, teaches them. The AI algorithm deciphers the text and produces human-like speech and expressions, allowing it to report the news like a human anchor.

This method utilizes animation, facial recognition, and text-to-speech synthesis.

Are AI News Anchors Unbiased?

AI-generated news anchors report the news without bias. While developers strive to eliminate biases during training, human oversight, and editorial control are still necessary to avoid bias in the news presented by AI anchors.

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