Is AI Cheaper Than Humans?

By RisingMax

October 17, 2023

Is AI Cheaper Than Humans?

The debate over AI's economic benefits compared to human professionals isn't new. Still, the answer is more complex than one might think. As artificial intelligence (AI) technologies spread from the newsroom to the boardroom, from healthcare to transportation, the importance of cost dynamics is increasing. 

When we consider briefly, adopting AI-powered solutions may appear to be an expensive venture. Software and hardware solutions, installation, configuration, training, and ongoing support are responsible for intial cost. However, in the long term, AI can be significantly more cost-effective than human professionals for several reasons.

Businesses seeking to maximize productivity while minimizing expenses in today's tight economic climate can achieve this through artificial intelligence (AI). Let us have a look at some pointers indicating how AI is cheaper than humans.

Is AI Cheaper Than Humans

How Is AI Cheaper Than Humans?

Many industries hail artificial intelligence (AI) as a viable, cost-saving alternative to human labor, and for good reasons like:

1. Accuracy and Fidelity

AI is outperforming humans in several areas, including accuracy and fidelity. AI has emerged as the clear frontrunner in capturing legal depositions or analyzing patient-doctor conversations, two examples of applications where textual fidelity is critical. 

AI development will continue to improve these cutting-edge natural language systems. These tools will become ubiquitous because they can record speech, facilitate real-time translation, and analyze linguistic content across domains. 

2. No Recurring Salaries

An initial investment is often required to develop or implement an AI solution. However, once this is done, there are no ongoing salary expenses. In contrast, humans require continuous compensation, which includes basic salary, benefits, bonuses, and raises.

3. Continuous Operation

AI systems can work nonstop around the clock without needing rest or maintenance. Unlike computers, humans require time off to celebrate and recover from illness. Over time, this can potentially cause significant delays.

4. Scalability

Cloud-based artificial intelligence systems enable easy expansion or contraction as needed. The AI can handle peak periods of demand without increasing prices. On the other hand, hiring and firing human employees incur costs such as advertising, training, and severance pay.

5. Consistent Performance

Artificial intelligence does not experience bad days, mood swings, or personal biases. It produces reliable and consistent results based on the inputs it receives. Humans, being emotional beings, may experience a rise or fall in productivity depending on circumstances in their personal or professional lives.

6. Training and Replication

You can train artificial intelligence once and then deploy it in multiple instances at no extra cost. Human employees must have time, money, and a learning curve to perform at their best.

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Implementation Of AI, Real Life Applications

AI News Anchor

AI news anchors, personalized avatars, and AI-generated videos will radically shift news delivery, improve production efficiency, and enhance reporting integrity. Artificial intelligence news anchors process large datasets and interpret human speech patterns, allowing them to provide constant coverage of breaking news.

With the power of natural language processing (NLP) and deep learning (DL) techniques, AI news anchors mimic human expressions and naturally deliver the news, sounding remarkably like human ones.

AI anchors that are adaptable can report the news in various languages, enabling media outlets to reach a wider audience.

Implementing AI Anchor can save the channel an estimated $400,000 per year. As it may eliminate the need for:

  • Standby Announcer: $80,000
  • Directors and crew: $200,000
  • Filmmaking tools: $120,000

At RisingMax Inc., we develop AI news anchor software that aggregates data from multiple sources, performs analysis, and generates an AI anchor news video with the click of a button. News organizations save time and effort when making videos for their audiences using multiple languages, gesture controls, and other cutting-edge features.

AI Chatbot

Businesses are adopting artificial intelligence chatbots to improve customer service at a lower cost and in a shorter time in the modern digital era. Artificial intelligence chatbots aim to provide instantaneous, real-time responses to customer inquiries, eliminating the need for customers to wait for help that human operators would normally provide. 

AI chatbots can better serve customers and reduce the costs of staffing large help desks. Being available at all times is a further plus from a monetary standpoint. Chatbots don't have set office hours, unlike human customer service representatives. 

Chatbots are making it possible for businesses to assist customers worldwide without the added expense of staffing individuals who can speak multiple languages as language recognition technology improves. Companies are seeing the financial benefits of this AI-driven approach to customer service, as evidenced by the continued expansion of the chatbot market, which is expected to reach $1.25 billion by 2025.

AI chatbot development can significantly reduce the cost of business operations by eliminating the need for a large 24/7 customer support team, automating repetitive tasks, reducing training costs, and streamlining the resolution of inquiries.


AI CEOs make unparalleled analytical precision and data-driven decisions compared to their human counterparts. Businesses can process and analyze massive amounts of data in real-time with the help of AI, enabling them to make more timely and well-informed decisions. 

Hiring a top-tier human executive can quickly add up costs, including salaries, bonuses, benefits, and perks. Analysts, advisors, and specialists may also need to support human CEOs in making data-driven decisions, contributing to the business's cost. 

On the other hand, the AI CEO would not have to deal with such financial restraints. Creating or incorporating a highly intelligent AI may have a high cost at the outset, but it will save money in the long run by eliminating expensive salaries. Additionally, AI decreases operational expenses by processing massive amounts of data without requiring large numbers of analyst teams. Businesses can rest assured that they are getting their money's worth with 24/7 availability.

Dictador, the Polish beverage company, has introduced its artificial intelligence CEO named "Mika." Mika helps acquire clients and assists in selecting bottle designers for the rum manufacturer. The AI CEO led the company to increase productivity and profits without incurring the usual costs associated with a human CEO and their support staff.

Machine learning helps create AI chief executives for flexible decision-making, NLP enables clear dialogue, and deep learning tackles challenging problems. Partnering with an AI software development company can assist in integrating all desired features into your AI CEO, ensuring it aligns with specific business needs.

Is AI Cheaper Than Humans

AI Legal Assistant

Artificial intelligence (AI) legal assistant tools are revolutionizing the legal industry by providing greater accuracy, efficiency, and support. Experts in the law used to comb through massive amounts of information to find applicable precedents, spending a lot of time and energy. AI legal assistant platforms have changed the game by rapidly analyzing data and identifying minute legal issues humans may miss. AI-driven tools accurately interpret vast libraries of legal documents by parsing and interpreting complex legal language. 

Using AI legal assistants can save legal departments and firms a lot of money. Automated drafting and research tools can reduce the billable hours of paralegals and junior attorneys, resulting in a more cost-effective business model. AI's disruptive influence will make legal services more accessible, affordable, and high-quality.

As evident, AI legal assistants can significantly aid in legal tasks. Law firms can collaborate with AI development firms to create tailored solutions. While it requires an initial investment, it's a beneficial move in the long run, offering sustained advantages for legal operations.

AI Content Creation Tools

Artificial intelligence-powered tools like ChatGPT, Midjourney, and JasperAI are changing how content creators make web content. These programs utilize complex AI technology to read and respond to written instructions to generate written and visual content. One of the things that makes them so intriguing is their adaptability. 

A single AI tool can accomplish blog posts, topic research, video curation, and original image generation, text to video and many more. Businesses can save money by not hiring as many specialists because of this versatility. One AI tool can replace a team of writers, videographers, and graphic designers, saving time and money while ensuring brand guidelines and voice adherence. 

Moreover, these AI tools simplify content creation, allowing businesses to allocate their time and resources better. AI content creation tools streamline and improve the content production process, providing an attractive, cost-effective alternative to more conventional, human-driven content creation teams.

You can also develop a content creation tool and offer services. We can assist you whether you want to provide a specific service or a bundle of services.

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AI Girlfriend/Boyfriend

AI Girlfriend/Boyfriend Chatbot is designed to mimic human emotional and conversational interactions, providing users with a companion without the hassles of real-life dating. Many people find comfort in these AI companions because they are constantly available and do not have mood swings or misunderstandings. Keeping up with an AI companion only requires a one-time payment or subscription, unlike the ongoing costs of real-world relationships, which can include dates and gifts. 

For businesses, venturing into virtual girlfriend app development can be lucrative. The growing demand for digital companionship can be monetized through subscription models, premium features, or in-app advertising, offering a sustainable revenue stream and tapping into a market eager for connection without the complexities of human interaction.


As AI develops, several contexts reveal the increasing economic benefits of using it instead of human labor. AI offers unparalleled accuracy in data analysis, continuous operational capability, and scalability, leading to a clear shift in the operational dynamics of many industries. Many fields, including news reporting, customer service, executive decision-making, legal assistance, content creation, and more, benefit from the more affordable alternative of artificial intelligence (AI) instead of human professionals.

Implementing AI solutions can have high upfront costs, but the switch is usually worthwhile due to the long-term benefits of increased productivity and reduced overhead. Businesses worldwide are quickly catching on to the fact that AI is not just the future; it is the present, redefining cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency in myriad ways.

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