How To Set Up a Conference Meeting/Room In Metaverse?

By RisingMax

July 12, 2023

How To Set Up a Conference Meeting/Room In Metaverse?

Team virtual meeting in metaverse that was earlier a daydream for businesses is now becoming a reality. Businesses worldwide are investing in metaverse technologies and setting up conference/meeting rooms virtually.

How To Set Up a Conference Meeting

The impact of these new age technologies on business is broad and deep, which we have discussed further in this post. Simply put, the metaverse and its related technologies redefine how the business operates.

The virtual world enables businesses to grow their online presence, enhance remote work cooperation, and smoothen operations. With so many benefits of setting up a conference room or meeting in the virtual world, businesses are finding the best metaverse development company to build them a VR conference room.

If you are too looking for the answer to “How To Set Up a Conference Room or Meeting In Metaverse?” Then, our experts at RisingMax Inc are happy to assist you with your new business venture. As leading metaverse development solution providers, we will assist you in setting up a virtual meeting room in the metaverse. Take a big leap in the virtual world with us while your competitors are still in the planning stages.

Study Highlights: Professionals' Shift Towards Metaverse Meeting

  • 96% of the 15,000 participants globally see the value of virtual meetings. 78% of respondents are willing to partake in more immersive experiences like the metaverse, as opposed to current tools like video conferencing.

  • 71% of professionals can see the metaverse becoming part of their everyday work practices. 40% of respondents believe their businesses will shift from traditional/static environments to more immersive and virtual reality-based platforms in the next two years. Source: (businesswire)

Why Set Up A Conference Room In Metaverse?

Enhanced Productivity

Setting up a virtual meeting room in the metaverse can become an effective tool for businesses to break down silos mentality, streamline business processes, and enhance productivity. With information being shared within minutes, various departments can work cohesively to enhance productivity. All they need is a metaverse meeting room that allows for a new and more interactive way of conducting meetings. 

Better Cooperation

With a virtual conference room in the metaverse, participants from different departments can connect and share their ideas. This enhanced department cooperation via a metaverse meeting allows businesses to strengthen the team bond and increase cooperation. 

Cost Effective

As the demand for AR/VR gadgets increased, the associated cost of setting up a conference room in the metaverse started to increase. Organizations can leverage such a virtual conference setup for hiring or meetings for multiple purposes. With so many benefits of a virtual meeting room in the metaverse, businesses perceive it more as an investment than an expense.

No Restriction

With the increasing influence of technologies on the business sector, offices are occupied with new-age tech such as projectors, TVs, laptops,  whiteboards, etc. Due to the limited space, businesses find it hard to take advantage of new-age technologies.

But a metaverse meeting room solves this problem. With a virtual office setup or meeting space, there is no need to worry about taking advantage of new technologies and limited office space. Interaction can happen remotely and at everyone’s convenience. 

Enhanced Remote Cooperation

Often businesses find it difficult to build active communication with their remote working employees. Even a slight miscommunication between employees can result in huge losses and project mismanagement. With a virtual meeting room in the metaverse, co-workers can easily connect with remote employees whenever they want, thus enhancing remote cooperation.

A metaverse meeting room will take video calls to another level by making it as life-like as possible.

Unmatched Experience

Integrating futuristic technologies such as AR, VR, 3D, and web3 allows users to enjoy real-life experiences even in virtual space. Users can enjoy the same sound, view, smell, and touch in the virtual world as they do in the real world. Employees who are miles apart can communicate in the same way as in the real world with a virtual meeting room in the metaverse.

New Opportunities 

Setting up an office or conference room in metaverse opens up new business opportunities. Anyone from employees to investors can leverage these virtual conference rooms to connect, share and view the information they seek. A virtual meeting in metaverse enables organizations to engage with worldwide participants, invite larger audiences, and attract investors to business meets.

How To Set Up a Conference Meeting

Benefits of Setting Up a Conference Room In Metaverse

Businesses worldwide are setting up a conference room or meeting room in the metaverse to enhance efficiency and smoothen business operations. For better understanding, here are some use cases of setting up a conference room in the metaverse for various business sections and teams.

Operations Team

The main role of the operation teams is to handle the organization's day-to-day operations, handle business needs, and run apps and data centers. A conference room in the metaverse allows operation teams to enhance efficiency and streamline everyday operations.

  • Organize team and various department meetings.
  • Organize training & education sessions.
  • Enhanced inter-departmental corporations.

Human Resource

The HR department is all about creating a healthy work environment, retaining employees, and hiring new ones. Setting up a meeting room in metaverse allows them to actively engage with employees and organize recruitment drives virtually.

  • Virtual recruitment drives and Job fairs.
  • Set up virtual interviews.
  • Onboard employees virtually.
  • Organize virtual social and cultural events
  • Organize team, individual, business, and all-hands meetings
  • Organize education/training sessions

R&D Team

The main focus of the R&D team is to drive innovation within the organization, create new working methods, and streamline business operations. A virtual conference room for the R&D team in metaverse allows;

  • Easy product ideation
  • Swift designing and testing
  • Getting suggestions in real-time from employees.
  • Organize team, business, and inter-departmental meetings for enhanced corporations.
  • Organize R&D education/training sessions


The marketing team can leverage a VR conference room to enhance its brand presence, strengthen its market presence, and generate more leads. Setting up a virtual meeting room in metaverse allows the marketing team to;

  • Generate more leads
  • Organize virtual meetups 
  • Organize virtual events
  • Virtual product launches and market for greater market penetration.
  • Partnership Exercises
  • Organize marketing education/training sessions


Setting up a meeting room in the metaverse for sales teams means faster lead generation and conversion. As information within the team can be shared in a matter of minutes, allowing sales to swiftly act on the leads and drive more sales.

  • Enhanced cooperation within teams.
  • Faster lead conversions.
  • Enhance customer experience.
  • Sharing product/service demos in the virtual world.
  • Organize virtual sales events.
  • Internal team meeting in the virtual world.
  • Organize sales education/training sessions

Customer Service

The customer support team is a connection between the business and its customers. Setting up a conference room in the metaverse allows businesses to offer enhanced services to customers. The high customer satisfaction rate results in better sales and a loyal customer base.

  • Offer virtual customer support
  • Real-time customer feedback
  • Organize virtual customer training
  • Organize customer support education/training sessions.

How To Setup Conference Room Or Meeting In Metaverse: Nine Steps

Using these 9 steps, anyone can set up an office or conference room to meet in the metaverse. Multiple virtual platforms like Decentraland support businesses to grow their virtual presence.  

So, without further ado, let’s go through these nine steps that enable you to build your virtual presence in the metaverse.

Buy Virtual Land for a Metaverse Meeting Room

1. Crypto Wallet

Most virtual platforms allow users to explore 3D offices and virtual conference rooms built by other users. Users can leverage the virtual world experience to set up conferences/offices and organize a virtual meeting in metaverse. To make all this a reality, users need a virtual crypto wallet to make payments and store virtual assets securely. You can either opt to develop your crypto wallet or choose existing ones like MetaMask.

2. Buy Crypto

In the virtual world, you need to pay with cryptocurrency to enjoy certain premium features. Buying virtual currencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, MANA, etc. from cryptocurrency exchanges is one the safest and most secure ways. These tokens can be stored in the crypto wallet and used to make payments. 

3. Create an Account

Next, you have two options. Create an account on existing virtual platforms (Decentraland) or build your platform. Irrespective of your choice, you need to create an account and link your crypto wallet to make payments in the virtual world. After creating an account, you can choose an avatar representing you in the metaverse.

4. Create a Profile

The virtual platform allows users to explore the surroundings as guests or enjoy premium features by becoming true residents. As you create a virtual setup conference room or meeting in the metaverse, users need to create a profile and choose an avatar and name representing them in the metaverse.

5. Platform Tutorial

You can ask a metaverse development company to give you a platform tutorial or choose a platform like Decentraland that provides a “how to begin” tutorial for new users.   Taking a tutorial will give you an idea of how to navigate in the virtual world and set up a metaverse meeting room securely.

6. Buy Virtual Property

You must invest in virtual real estate if you plan to build your office in the metaverse. You can designate different workspaces for respective business departments if you are developing a virtual platform like Decentraland from scratch. During this entire process, you need an integrated crypto wallet to support the purchase of virtual land with crypto tokens

Begin With Developing A Metaverse Meeting Room

7. Setup Virtual Conference Room/Meeting

With integrated 3D and other modeling tools, users can set up a virtual conference room/meeting in the metaverse as per the meeting’s agenda. Creating a virtual space similar to the real office set-up gives co-workers & employees a familiar experience in the virtual world.

This is just an oversimplified explanation of how to set up a conference room or meeting in the metaverse. You need a metaverse development company like RisingMax Inc, that will guide you from start to finish to set up a conference room in the metaverse. 

Once our team is done setting up a conference room in the metaverse you can move to the next stages.

Understand Platform Working Scenario 

8. Create Coworkers Accounts

After setting up a conference room or meeting metaverse, your employees can create an account to join the virtual meeting in metaverse. The employee ID needs to be unique that will be used to join a virtual meeting every time.

9. Schedule A Virtual Meeting in Metaverse

Once you set up the metaverse meeting room, you have to invite employees and share the meeting agenda, and the time of the meeting. There is no limit on the number of employees in the virtual world, and you can invite anyone from anywhere.

Tech Stack For Setting Up Conference Room or Meeting Room in Metaverse

Development AreaTech Stack
Back EndJava, Node.js, Python
Front EndVue.js, Angular, React
Mobile AppiOS: SwiftAndroid: KotlinHybrid: React Native
Data BaseMySQL, Oracle Database, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server,
StorageAmazon S3
Cloud InfrastructureAWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud
FrameworkExpress Material UI, Amplify

How much does setting up a conference room or meeting in the metaverse cost?

If you are planning to set up a conference room or meeting room in metaverse,  keep in mind that it requires a significant investment of time and specialized skills. The cost of such a project can greatly vary, depending on the technical demands, the level of expertise required, and the time involved in bringing it to fruition, a basic virtual set-up will cost $35K-50K.

If you're thinking of incorporating advanced features into your metaverse conference room, a price range somewhere between $60k to $120k. Remember, this isn't just a financial investment but a commitment to create an engaging virtual environment.

Factors on which virtual office setup or conference room depends;

  • Type of virtual office setup.
  • Blockchain security.
  • Tech stack requirement.
  • An Add-on feature is needed.
  • Development complexities.
  • Development company’s location.
  • Set up team size and expertise.
  • Maintenance & support services are needed.

The cost to set up a conference room or meeting in the metaverse depends upon the factors that we have mentioned above. For exact cost estimation, you need to connect with a metaverse App development company like RisingMax Inc. Our team will carefully analyze your project, business needs, and tech requirements and share the exact cost of development of your metaverse meeting room.

Why Choose RisingMax Inc For Metaverse Conference Room or Meeting Set Up?

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