Hire Web3 Developer: 10 Tips to Hire Best Web3 Programmers

By RisingMax

July 03, 2023

Hire Web3 Developer: 10 Tips to Hire Best Web3 Programmers

The use of Web3 in various industries is increasing every single day. The revolutionary technology has brought a transformation in how businesses function. To avail the benefits of this Web3 technology for your business, you need to hire Web3 developers who can handle all the Web3-related tasks efficiently.

Choosing the right Web3 development team for your project is a big responsibility. You need to consider each and every aspect. The blog will guide you in choosing skilled Web3 experts that can fulfill all the project requirements of your business.

Who Are Web3 Developers?

Web3 programmers are professionals who work on designing decentralized applications based on Web3 technology. These programmers have knowledge of Web3 technologies, including blockchain, metaverse, artificial intelligence, ml, and other trending Web3 technologies. They create featured-rich and unique Web3-powered apps and platforms for businesses operating in multiple industries.

Roles And Responsibilities Of Web3 Programmers

Before hiring a Web3 programmer, you must understand the roles and responsibilities. Here are some major roles and responsibilities;

Web3 App Development

They are responsible for Web3 app development. They design innovative Web3 apps for various industries, including real estate, healthcare, gaming, finance education, food, and other industries. These apps are decentralized in nature and help users get an enhanced experience. The Web3 apps are built using various technologies, including AI, ML, Blockchain, and augmented and virtual reality.

Smart Contract Development

The smart contract is the contract that is stored on the blockchain and runs only when certain conditions are fulfilled. The Web3 developers are responsible for designing smart contracts, which will help to add security to the business transactions.Web3 developers design smart contracts using blockchain technology, including etherium, which is one of the most popular blockchain networks.

Web3 Wallets Development

Crypto wallets or web3 wallets are used for undertaking cryptocurrency related transactions. Crypto wallets can be of various types, such as custodial wallets, DeFi wallets, NFT wallets, and other types of wallets. They are responsible for designing and developing these wallets. They add innovative features and technology to make their web3 wallets capable of offering an enhanced crypto trading experience.

Blockchain App Development

Blockchain apps are very much in trend these days and are used by various businesses to carry out their business activities. They design blockchain-based apps and platforms that are decentralized in nature and secured using smart contracts. Any single authority does not control these apps and makes the data accessible to all the networks of the blockchain.

Maintenance And Support 

Along with the development functions, the Web3 developers are also responsible for maintaining the Web3 applications and platforms they have  designed. The developers need to check whether there are any glitches in the app's functioning or if it needs any new upgrades to function effectively. Even after the launch of the app, theyare responsible for the effective functioning of the Web3 Platform.

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Effective Tips To Hire Dedicated Web3 Developers

Are you planning to hire a dedicated Web3 professional for your business? Well, here are some effective tips you can follow in choose the best one:

1. Define Your Project Requirements Clearly

Before searching for a Web3 programmer, you must clearly define your project requirements. You must define the purpose for which you want to hire web3 developers. What objectives do you wish to achieve in the future? Make sure the goals and objectives you define for the business are realistic.

2. Determine Your Budget And Duration Of The Project

Deciding your company’s budget before starting the hiring process is very important. While determining the budget, check the ongoing market prices and trends in the Web3 industry. Do not forget to consider the inflation factor. After deciding on the budget, check the project duration for which you hire Web3 developer.

3. Explore All The Hiring Options

While hiring Web3 programmers, you have multiple hiring options, which include freelancers and full-time outsourcing. You must explore all the hiring options carefully and then make your choice. To find out which option suits you the best, check the pros and cons of each option and match it with your business requirements.

4. Look For One With Relevant Skills And Experience

When choosing a Web3 developer, you must find one with experience developing and designing Web3 apps. Ensure they are experienced in developing tech-savvy applications with trending features and technologies/. Also checks the Web3-related skills the programmers have in them. Make sure they have the required skills.

5. Check Their Communication Skills

Along with technical skills, communication skills are equally important and must have skills they should possess. The programmers must have good communication skills and the ability to communicate with clients and other parties. Strong communication skills help to prevent miscommunications or misunderstandings. Check how well they understand your business requirements.

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6. Evaluate The Developers Portfolio 

To make the right choice, you need to check the portfolio of the developers. The portfolio contains the project details they have worked on. Make sure they have adequate projects in their portfolio. Check each and every project in their portfolio and read the details carefully. Ensure the developer has different types of Web3 projects belonging to multiple industry domains.

7. Ask For References

While searching for Web3 experts, you need to ask for references from your friends and family. While asking for references, clearly define your project's requirements and the job details with them. Take the contact numbers and other details of the programmer. Ask them about the experience they have while working with them. Get a reference from the people residing nearby your area as they can provide you with better references.

8. Search Using Online Job Portals And Websites 

To get the best talent for your organization, you need to use job portals and websites. On these websites, many job seekers access the platform and search for jobs in their desired field. You can get data about job seekers through the platform and get the best talent that can help your business grow. Connect with the candidates through social media platforms and learn more about their skills and expertise.

9. Conduct Multiple Interviews And Technical Tests

You must conduct multiple interview rounds and technical tests to determine whether they have the skill set matches your company’s requirements. During the interview, you must ask everything about their experience and portfolio. Conduct certain technical tests to get better results. The technical tests will help you determine whether the developer has good technical skills and knowledge.

10. Check Their Documentation Carefully.

Recruiting the wrong person in your organization can cause a major threat to your business reputation. You must check their documentation carefully to ensure you choose the right person for your organization. Check their educational documents and work experience proofs carefully. Obtain their identity documentation and other documentation carefully before onboarding them.

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Steps To Follow While Hiring A Web3 Developer For Your Business

After reading about the above-mentioned tips for hiring a Web3 developer. Now let us understand the step-by-step procedure you can follow if you are searching for an expert Web3 developer for your business:

Decide The Desired Position

Before moving further, you must decide the position you want to hire. Check the manpower needs of your organization carefully.If you are planning to recruit for the position of Web3 developer, determine which Web3 developer you require. Whether you need a blockchain developer, cryptocurrency developer, or any other Web3 developer, this will help you get the desired candidate with the best skill set.

Write The Job Description

Once you are sure about the post you want to hire, write a detailed job description. The job description includes roles and responsibilities they will be handling. Make sure the job description is written in a precise and interesting manner. It should be understandable for the candidates applying for the position.

Look For Suitable Platforms

Once you are done with job description writing, the next thing you need to do is search for suitable platforms to find candidates for the position. There are plenty of job portals and websites available where you can find the pool of talented Web3 experts. Also, you can use social media platforms such as LinkedIn to search for the desired candidates.

Shortlist The Suitable Candidates

After doing intense research on the job platforms, you next must finalize the deserving candidates who are best suited for your company. While shortlisting the candidates, consider every aspect and then shortlist them. Do not shortlist a lot of candidates in case you have few positions available, as this can implicate your hiring task.

Conduct The Interviews And Take The Hiring Decision

Call the shortlisted candidates for face-to-face interaction. During the interview, assess their communication skills and conceptual skills. To know them better, you can also conduct technical tests. The employees who clear the interview are the ones who are the perfect choice for the Web3 programmer role in the organization.

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Hire Web3 Developers For Your Project

While hiring the Web3 developers for your business, you have the below-mentioned hiring options  available with you:


Freelancers are the ones who work on a remote basis for different companies. They undertake individual tasks. Development projects. These professionals work on an hourly basis. Their work tenure with the company ends once the project is completed.


  • Hiring freelancers is a cost-effective option for your business.
  • You need not incur any training and onboarding expenses.


  • It can be risky for the business.
  • Performance inconsistency is there. You cannot rely upon them for the long term.

In-House Web3 Programmer

This is one of the most widely preferred hiring models. In this, you recruit Web3 programmers on a full-time basis. The programmers will be paid a fixed amount of salary on a monthly basis. They will be working at the company’s premises:


  • You can get multiple Web3  tasks done from them.
  • There is very less risk of misuse of the company's confidential information.


  • It can be a burden for the company.
  • You have to incur training costs and employee engagement expenses.


If your company does not have a team of Web3 experts, then you can outsource the task to an external company having expertise in the field of Web3. You can get the best and most reliable results in this case.


  • The process is hustle free and convenient.
  • You can get an innovative and futuristic Web3 app for your business.


  • It can be costly.

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