Use Cases of Digital Twin In The Healthcare Industry

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

Use Cases of Digital Twin In The Healthcare Industry

Digital twin technology has been actively used in sectors like energy & manufacturing sectors for asset utilization, operations, and performance. Similar to these sectors, digital twin technology holds great potential to revolutionize the healthcare sector to improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

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Worldwide adoption of hospital digital twins opens up endless possibilities for the healthcare sector. Proponents believe that healthcare digital twins are ideal for creating an interconnected real-time information-sharing ecosystem.

With a single click, important information such as patient health records, insurance policies, medication records, and others can be easily accessed. We have discussed the scope and digital twin healthcare use cases in depth further in our post, so keep reading.

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Before we delve deep into the topic, let’s start from the basics first…

What Is A Hospital Digital Twin?

A hospital digital twin is a virtual representation of a real-world hospital, but that’s an oversimplified definition of a digital twin. The virtual representation of real-world objects like hospitals requires the integration of next-gen technologies such as artificial intelligence, VR, AR, cloud storage, and blockchain. Hospital digital twins are well-capable of accurately mimicking real-world objects and assist in streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency.

Real-world data of a hospital is collected and added to the hospital digital twin to analyze overall system efficiency and possible scenarios. Integrated technologies empower hospitals to streamline operations with real-time information sharing. Virtual representation of hospitals in the metaverse assists in expanding the digital footprint and opens up endless possibilities.

Digital twins empower healthcare sectors to share real-time information, and risk-based assessments, enhanced efficiency, and improve operations, and profitability. Let's look at the benefits of the digital twin in the healthcare industry.

Facts And Statistics Related To Digital Twin

  • The global digital twin market size is projected to grow from $6.75 billion in 2021. (Fortune Business Insight)
  • The global digital twin market size is expected to reach 96.49 billion US dollars by 2029, with a CAGR of 40.6% (2022-29). (Fortune Business Insight)
  • Business sectors were most likely to adopt the digital twin: Manufacturing, healthcare, automotive, aviation, energy, utilities, logistics, and retail. (Statista)
  • Digital twin technology in the manufacturing sector is forecast to reach over six billion U.S. dollars by 2025. (Statista)

The growing popularity and promising future of digital twins are attracting various industries and healthcare is one among them. Growing digital twin healthcare use cases is one of the biggest reasons why proponents are so confident about this futuristic technology. Let’s delve 

Benefits Of Digital Twin In The Healthcare Industry.

Personalized Healthcare Services

Healthcare digital twins are effective in creating an ecosystem where patients' health conditions can be easily monitored using fitness bands or watches, mobile apps, and other IoT devices. The valuable data collected can be analyzed effectively to offer personalized healthcare services, thus enhancing the effectiveness of the entire healthcare system.

Customize Drug Treatment

The digital twin can enhance treatment accuracy by effectively monitoring patients' past health records, health conditions, and medicine dosages. Based on the patient's current health conditions and customized drug treatments, different dosages can be prescribed for faster recovery and better results.

Enhance Healthcare Facilities

Investing in hospital digital twin enables the healthcare sector to improve and enhance their healthcare facilities. From creating a virtual process model to scheduling surgeries and effectively monitoring healthcare facilities, healthcare digital twins have become an effective tool.

Speed Up Critical Treatments

Hospital digital twins enable healthcare institutes to streamline their workflow and speed up critical treatments or surgeries. Healthcare facilities can reduce the time taken to treat critical patients suffering from Heart stroke, fatal injuries, and others. With easy monitoring of healthcare processes, healthcare facilities can offer unmatched services.

Streamline Supply Chain

Shortage of drugs, medical equipment, PPE kits, or any other essential equipment has the potential to cripple the entire healthcare system. With healthcare digital twins the entire supply chain can be monitored effectively. Integration of smart contracts enables healthcare facilities to place automated orders and maintain fixed inventory levels.

Fast Drug Delivery

Hospital digital twins can become an effective tool in the healthcare industry to improve drug delivery. Patients can use digital twin technology to take doctor’s consultations and order prescribed drugs in real time. Automating the process enables healthcare facilities to make drug delivery processes fast and efficient.

Different Types of Digital Twins Solutions We Hold Expertise In

Businesses in different verticals are investing in digital twin development as it enables them to expand their digital footprint and explore new horizons. As a leading digital twin development company, we are assisting all types of clients in launching sophisticated digital twins based on their business needs. Different types of digital twins solutions we offer;

Parts Twinning

Hire our development team to launch a part-twinning digital twin to create a virtual replica of the human body or part. Conduct experiments, perform virtual surgeries, understand working, analyze response to drugs, and find effective dosage. Part twinning assists in creating virtual scenarios and analyzing real-life behavior for effective treatment results.

Product Twinning

Leverage our expertise in digital twin technology to launch a product twinning platform. Product twining enables organizations to understand how the product works, optimize the product, create a virtual environment for conducting R&D, and reduce development costs on new products. 

System Twinning

Investing in system twinning allows organizations to streamline their workflow, eliminate obsolete processes, and integrate next-gen technologies. With system digital twin, organizations can analyze the efficiency of communication and traffic control systems in a virtual environment. 

Process Twinning

Reach out to our experts at RisingMax Inc. to launch a process twinning platform that assists in optimizing the entire process from raw material to finished goods. Our team will create a digital twin for your process that enables the integration of disruptive technologies and optimizing operations.

Based on the client's business requirements, our team can create a digital twin platform that assists business owners in monitoring key metrics and managing the business efficiently. Investing in the digital twin empowers businesses to enhance their efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Digital Twin Healthcare Use Cases

Effective Resource Management

Hospital digital twins can be a practical tool in effective resource management, from the allocation of beds to drug supplies and human resources. Healthcare facilities can leverage these next-gen tools to better manage operations and personalized services to patients.

Easy Surgical Appointments

Getting timely surgical appointments is a challenge that can be easily solved by employing a healthcare digital twin. Patients can leverage these next-gen technologies to make easy surgical appointments. Healthcare facilities can analyze this information to schedule surgical appointments and efficiently manage surgical staff without any hassle.

Laboratory Digital Twin

A lot of research, testing and development goes into finding a drug's right dosage and effectiveness. Investing in laboratory digital twins assists in speeding up the modern drug development process. Effective data analysis and integrated automation software assist in reducing the overall cost and sharing discoveries across labs.

Streamlining Workflow

With digital twin technology, healthcare facilities can create an implementation roadmap to streamline workflow. Different scenarios can be created and analyzed to create a roadmap on how to plan things effectively and streamline workflow.

Virtual Staffing Model

Investing in digital twins enables healthcare facilities to manage and hire medical staff effectively. Analyzing a big chunk of data assists in predicting the demand and hiring new resources or relocating existing ones for efficient management and serving patients better.

Real-Time Information Sharing

Integrating digital twins in the healthcare sector assists in creating a decentralized ecosystem where doctors, patients, and healthcare workers can access information in real-time. This will empower the healthcare sector to save valuable time and speed up treatment.

hospital digital twin

How Will The Integration of Next-Gen Technologies Evolve The Healthcare Industry? 

Here in this section, we will focus on some of the leading factors supporting that the integration of hospital digital twins can be revolutionary for the healthcare sector. Let’s have a look at how the integration of next-gen technologies will evolve the healthcare sector in upcoming years;

Real-Time Data Sharing 

One of the major benefits of the digital twin in the healthcare sector is real-time data sharing and analysis. As a large chunk of data is being shared and analyzed in real-time, presenting users with trustworthy information will be a huge challenge. The ongoing advancement in AI will enable hospital digital twins to effectively diagnose and share relevant data.

Enhance Security

With increasing digitalization, the major challenge for healthcare facilities is to ensure a safe and secure environment for data sharing. Blockchain technology will play a pioneering role in ensuring a secure environment for real-time data sharing and storage of patient data.

Digitizing Healthcare

Technologies are playing a major role in making healthcare facilities more accessible, even for common users. The wide adoption of next-gen healthcare solutions such as digital twins will enable healthcare facilities of all sizes to integrate these technologies and expand their digital footprint.

Effective Hospital Management

Investing in the hospital digital twin enables organizations to effectively manage their operations. From effectively managing staff schedules, scheduling surgeries, checking shortages of medical supplies, and managing bed shortages, healthcare facilities can enjoy various management benefits.

Digital Replica of The Human Body

Creating a digital replica of the human body or patient will open up new unexplored opportunities for healthcare facilities. These digital replicas can be employed to check patients' responses to treatment, predict treatment responses, and find exact dosages and undiscovered illnesses.

Efficient Data Storage

Effective storage and analysis of massive amounts of data is always a major challenge for healthcare facilities. With IoT devices such as smartwatches sharing real-time data, swift data analysis and response can save a life. Integrating blockchain technology for secure data storage and AI for efficient data analysis can do wonders for the healthcare sector.

Improving User-Interface

A major challenge for the healthcare sector is to make health services more accessible and digital platforms user-friendly. Integration of next-gen technologies will empower healthcare facilities to provide a friendly interface, i.e., easy to use. With an enhanced user interface, even non-tech-savvy patients can access healthcare services without any hassle.

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Integrating the digital twin into the healthcare sector will undoubtedly enhance its efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Streamlined operation and effective resource management enable healthcare facilities to offer enhanced and personalized care to patients. 

With the rising number of digital twin healthcare use cases, now is the right time to invest in these technologies and be future-ready. Our team at RisingMax Inc. ensures a smooth digital transformation journey and launches your own hospital digital twin.

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