Poker Game Development: Next-Gen Game Idea With Endless Possibilities

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

Poker Game Development: Next-Gen Game Idea With Endless Possibilities

Poker is a game of mastering your skills and developing your strategies across various online poker rooms. The basics of poker game business models are like any other online game, with multiple gaming patterns that people can play and bet on.

Poker Game Development

Poker players and game development companies entrust their faith in innovative blockchain technology. It has transformed into a great idea for many firms, and they have brought themselves into blockchain-based poker rooms.

You can upgrade your old poker software with the latest blockchain technology where you can enjoy full-proof security with the elimination of any payment gateway restriction.

Blockchain technology in poker is the most advanced paradigm of modern-age gaming that complies with modern poker norms. Think of unbreakable security, virtual yet real players, and great dealer commissions in a poker room full of high graphics, 3D animation, digitized goodies, and a rejoicing bounty of bonuses.

RisingMax Inc. offers a lucrative opportunity for all your poker game development needs with the latest blockchain technology. The deployment of Web 3.0 and blockchains can integrate to form a brand new poker gaming platform to rejoice your interest in upgrading the business and take it to the next level. If you’re up for potential success with the help of a sustainable poker gaming platform, then this could be the right opportunity where you can look forward. Get ahead with your potential to meet the future of modern gaming with the top Web 3.0 service provider in NYC, United States.

Statistics of The Decentralized Poker Gaming Industry

The National Center For Biotechnology Information (NCBI) has stated that decentralized gambling has explored 2,232,741 transactions from 24,234 unique addresses in the cryptocurrency network over 583 days.

A Statista report suggested that the gambling industry might be worth $92.9 billion. It also mentioned a record-breaking growth of 21.9% for the year 2019-2020.

A report from Research & Market suggests that the global gambling market would heighten to reach USD 674.7 billion in 2025 at a CAGR of 7%. 

The poker industry embraces the use of blockchains & Bitcoins together, this sparks the lit to heighten the demand for modern poker games.

How Effective Is GGR Model In The Poker

GGR, or Gross Gaming Revenue, is a model that has been used in the gambling and betting industry for a long time. It reflects the total amount wagered by the players minus the total payout paid to the players. The GGR model suggests that the remaining gross amount sounds similar to sales or revenue, not as a profit or earnings.

Gross Gaming Revenue = (Funds Wagered - Winning Payouts)

Gross Gaming Revenue is a method mostly used in the betting and gambling industry that appears as a difference between the total payout and the money that is wagered. In general, Gross Gaming Revenue is a percentage of the wagered amount. Gross Gaming Revenue can be referred to as:

  • Amount wagered implies the amount collected by all the poker players in a single room for a particular game.
  • Winning Payouts implies the amount that is being paid out to the winners for winning their game.

Poker Gross Gaming Revenue Margin

The GGR margin is calculated based on the gross gaming revenue. It is the percentage of the amount that is wagered in an individual game. Although the GGR margin always remains stable with slight changes so the GGR margin can be calculated as follows:

Gross Gaming Revenue Margin = Gross Gaming Revenues/ Amount Wagered.

A higher GGR margin is always desired as it allows the poker industry to retain more money relative to the amount made by the wagers.

The GGR margin is always found in the mid-high revenue as the poker industry rules and regulations vary from others. Poker-based gambling platforms should encourage their players by offering them incentives, free bets, and freebies. Undoubtedly, it will return in the form of a higher payout and wages to make the best fit and higher return for the organizations.

 A Real Life Example

Paul is willing to start an online betting and poker-based gambling website anticipating the legalization of sports betting in the United States. He doesn’t have much capital, so he begins his journey with a single poker game. It goes well, and delightfully he’s eager to know what other poker games are popular in the gambling industry and what sort of game he can offer in terms of poker gaming.

Assumingly, he looks forward to other companies and figures out what games could be more profitable. After identifying the particular game that draws Paul’s mind, he discovers that poker gaming has the highest GGR margin than sports betting or any kind of other betting games.

Consult us for absolutely free and we will guide you how to get into a profitable blockchain poker gaming software.

Impact Of Blockchains On An Online Poker

One of the common reasons for the failure of the many online poker gaming industries is that they failed to understand the rise of trustability and security in modern gaming. The innovation in technology breaks all the barriers, and blockchain delivers superior-class protection that is almost impossible to crack and decentralizes the process that sustains any data encryption issue. Modern poker game rooms have evolved the blockchain technology that generally works on smart contracts and handles irreversible transactions.

The poker gaming industry has been waiting for technology that provides impeccable solutions for transparency and the fastest transfers. There are many other areas of poker gaming where blockchain technology adds value. A few of them are mentioned below:

  • Blockchains make the players play anonymously with a Web 3.0 wallet support system.
  • Leverage the most trending crypto technology for all your payment gateways.
  • The shuffle in the poker cards is completely rigg-free and random, making the players feel 100% satisfied every time they come to play.

Hence, blockchain technology is a highly trustable platform that supplies foolproof security for various poker gaming industries. It also enhances the capabilities to meet modern gaming because nobody stays long with an old traditional gaming platform.

Online gambling has been a profoundly great platform, and we’ve witnessed it during the Corona Pandemic.

Poker Game Development

Features of Blockchain-Based Poker Software

Cross-Browser Functionality

Our blockchain poker development software ensures that games are easily accessible on all browsers. We provide a gaming platform executable on different browsers and platforms.

Blockchain-Based Poker Software

Our poker gaming software is enriched with blockchain technology that enables players to play their desired games and perform highly secure transactions. Our software is built-in blockchains that keep the pace of play alive with excellent security for every penny you spend.

Swing In The Gaming Mood

The blockchain-based poker gaming software offers very customizable management where you can make necessary changes to have a swing in the game. The editable table, deck, background, and card face are a few examples that keep the game entertaining. An operator is allowed to configure different patterns of gaming as it demands.

Affiliate, CRM Modules, And Agent

It adds additional benefits to the poker gaming platform. The blockchain-based poker development software has influenced the user-wise management system. A poker game operator can manage like an affiliate for certain individuals, evolve users by the classified role, or use CRM modules to invite more users to the platform.

Chat & Messaging

We provide an interactive gameplay environment so each user can interact with the other with the help of an in-built chatting app and communicate with each other whenever they want.

Poker Marketing Software

As a poker game development company, we provide marketing management solutions that include advertising, promotions, and promo codes to the players regularly. It helps us to generate passive streams for your poker gaming platform.

Real-Time NFT In Poker Gaming

The NFT enables blockchain with cryptocurrency for payment-related services and increases the use of digitizing collectibles. The video delivery platform “Theta Network” is seriously knocking on the poker industry. The Theta Network partners with the WPT (World Poker Tour) to stream real-time NFT drops, auctions, and videos of specific events.

While the live event is broadcast, users will be prompted to enter the marketplace and purchase their collectibles using an NFT auction. NFT helps capture this live event during the broadcasting.

The blockchains ensure fast transactions, application interoperability, and low charges, allowing NFT individuals to move in the network seamlessly.

Blockchain Featuring Online Poker

Let’s understand how blockchains and cryptocurrency work in an online poker game. It will help us sketch a better business model and new environment for online poker rooms. The gambling industry that accepts blockchain currency is of majorly 3 types.

  • Crypto casinos (blackjack, slots, video poker, baccarat, craps, and poker table game).
  • Crypto poker is for specialized poker rooms and poker players.
  • Crypto betting covers sports, financial, and political betting. 

A blockchain-based poker room offers us to deposit and withdraw funds using various cryptocurrencies, unlike traditional payment systems that are particularly based on centralized systems.

A distinguishing feature of blockchain poker is the use of smart contracts to block all bets while the game is on and process the payment. Unlike traditional poker, It is a completely automated and trustable payment method that doesn’t require a third-party payment gateway.

Poker Game Development

Why Us

We provide robust, efficient, transparent, and bug-free software solutions for our clients. Our expert team of developers believes in providing a sophisticated software solution. Consult us for absolutely free for any of your gaming solutions that we may be of help with.

Move-To-Earn Game Development

We provide solutions for your move-to-earn game. You can trust our highly expertise Web 3.0 developers with proven records of developing poker gaming software. Our years of experience in developing software provide a platform where players feel motivated to enjoy the atmosphere and chase the rewards. They can enjoy the built-in chatting system, practice their skills for free, and bet high on the play.

Web3 Game Development

We’re the leading web3 game development company that offers sustainable solutions for your budget-friendly gaming requirement. Our Web 3.0 game solution helps the players to enjoy the in-game rewards with the security of blockchain technology. The in-built game assets can be utilized in trading in any other marketplace and entertain a passive income as well.

NFT 2D & 3D Game Development

We are dedicated developers for your 2D & 3D gaming solutions. Our developers have engaged in developing several gaming platforms successfully for over more than a decade. The dedicated team of developers has built many Texas Holdem, Omaha Poker, Card Stud Poker, and Blackjack poker gaming platforms.

Role-Play Gaming Development

Develop your poker role-play gaming with the help of leading blockchains like Ethereum, Hyperledger, Polygon, Solana, and many more. Role-play games work as a virtual mode for players. It allows them to play like their character performs virtually. Our developers provide complete gaming solutions, so you can trust us for game design, deployment, development, and marketing.


Although online poker gaming was already too popular before the emergence of blockchain and Bitcoin, this innovative technology plays a major role in the online poker industry.

Among all the gaming platforms, the poker game development company was the first to shake hands with the blockchain framework because it provides inherent adequacy and equity generally used in the distributed ledger for transactions.

Poker players can play from all over the world to join this verifiably trustworthy platform, and it ensures that your funds are as safe as in your hands.

Unlike traditional poker gaming software, the blockchain provides the best profitable solution in either condition. The elimination of payment gateways and high secure atmosphere make the gaming platform healthier.

Players can easily play their favorite games in a great environment where security and fun are the prime reasons.

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