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Develop A Digital Twin or Replica of University In Metaverse Web3

Imagine a future where Astrophysics students can visit the solar system or Paleontology students visit the Mesozoic Era to see how things work. All of this is now possible with web3 technologies. This simple visualization learning experience provided by web3 technologies will revolutionize the education sector.

Proponents believe that when the history of the evolution of the education sector is written, "web3 technologies" will be mentioned in golden words. For this very reason, educators and university owners are excited about the future and jumping on the web3 bandwagon. Universities are investing in building a digital twin or replica in web3 space to expand their digital footprint and explore new horizons.

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What is a Digital Twin or Replica of a University?

Termed as the future of higher education, a university's digital replica or twin is a virtual representation of the university in web3 space. These virtual education spaces are built on a map giving students a similar campus feel even in the virtual world. Leveraging next-gen technologies, virtual higher ed spaces are capable of creating virtual classes, education seminars, and virtual examinations.

Do you know?

Research published by UK-based firm PwC revealed;

  • Forty percent of students using VR have greater confidence in their ability to apply skills learned.
  • Students were 150 percent more engaged in class.
  • V-learners were up to four times more focused than e-learners.
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Benefits of Developing Digital Twin or Replica of University in Web3 Space

If you are wondering why create a digital twin or replica of a university in web3 space, then here’s your answer. Leveraging next-gen technologies and moving into the virtual space has myriad benefits for universities and educational institutes. We have discussed some of the major benefits in detail here;

  • Immersed Learning

    Web3 technologies enable universities to educate students interactively and engagingly. With virtual learning, students can relive important historical events such as WWI, WW2, Greek civilization, and the American revolution. The same immersed learning experience can be applied to other subjects too. The learning in the digital university in web3 space might be virtual, but the impact will be real.

  • Advanced Learning Tool

    In virtual classrooms, universities can leverage next-gen technologies such as AR & VR to enhance students' understanding of the subject. With these technologies, students can read about new things and see their real-world applications. In this way, advanced learning tools can make learning more efficient and engaging.

  • Virtual Examinations

    The ease of organizing virtual examinations in digital twin universities is one of the biggest reasons why universities are moving into the web3 space. Web3 technologies enable universities to set up questions based on different difficulty levels. With digital twins or replicas of universities in the web3 space, education institutes have the option to organize both physical and virtual examinations at the same time.

  • Exam Evaluation

    Integrating AI-powered evaluation tools has transformed and simplified the overall exam evaluation process. Universities can leverage these next-gen tools to provide instant results with greater transparency and effectiveness, thus speeding the entire evaluation process.

  • Virtual Practicals

    Students enrolled in healthcare sectors can benefit from web3 technologies such as AR & VR to enhance their practical knowledge. A heart surgeon can perform Congenital Cardiac Surgery as many times virtually, thus boosting their efficiency and overall confidence. A practical based learning approach will make education more engaging and effective.

Our Web3 Development Services For Universities

RisingMax Inc, a top web3 development service provider in NYC, USA, empowers universities worldwide to expand their digital footprint. Integrating next-gen technologies enable them to offer unmatched learning experience and explore new opportunities in the web3 space. Our web3 development services for universities include;

  • Digital University Set up

    Leverage our in-depth knowledge and expertise in web3 technologies to set up the replica of a university in the web3 space. Web3 technologies empower universities to set up virtual examinations, classrooms, practicals, education seminars, and others in the web3 space.

  • Web3 EdTech Institutes

    Join hands with the pioneers in the web3 space and take your EdTech institute to a global level. Launch your virtual EdTech institute in the web3 space with our experts at RisingMax Inc and make education more accessible for students in third-world countries.

  • Setup Virtual Library

    Hire our web3 development team to create a replica of your library in the metaverse. Students around the world can visit your virtual library to borrow digital copies of books, audiobooks, and video lectures. With integrated smart contracts, our experts can automate the entire process, thus ensuring the smooth running of your library in the virtual space.

  • Web3 Examination Center

    Launch your own virtual examination center in the web3 space where universities and educational institutes can take examinations. You can manage every examination aspect with an integrated question bank, data management, and AI-powered evaluation tools.

    Have a unique idea for setting up your university in web3 space? Discuss your requirement with our experts at RisingMax Inc under non-disclosure agreements. With our in-depth web3 knowledge and hands-on development experience, we can easily handle your unique web3 project.

Tech Stack That Empowers The Future of Higher Education

The new opportunity in the education sector is possible due to the web3 technologies. These next-gen technologies are paving the way for the transformation in the higher education sector and empowering them for a better future. Let’s have a look at the leading tech stack that will play a major role in transforming the future of higher education.

  • Blockchain Technology

    Blockchain technology will play a major role in creating a safe and secure learning environment for students and educators. Educators can prove the ownership rights of their content and eliminate the possibility of any duplicate content.

  • AR/VR

    Integrating AR/VR technologies enable virtual universities to create an immersive learning environment. Students can use VR headsets to enter the virtual solar system and enhance their learning with visualization and concept-based learning. These next-gen technologies will take learning in virtual space to a whole new level.

  • Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

    Non-fungible tokens can act as identity cards to ensure that only university students can enter the campus. From attendance in virtual classrooms to university examinations, NFTs can become unique identity verification metrics. Universities can convert their study material and video lectures to NFTs, thus ensuring ownership rights of the content.

How Much Does It Cost To Set up A Digital Twin or Replica of University in Web3 Space?

Similar to any software development project, sharing the setup cost of your replica of any university in the web3 space is hard without understanding the project’s requirements. We have discussed all the factors that have a direct impact on the development cost; these are;

Factors that have a direct impact on the development cost;

  • University project requirements.
  • Integrated features.
  • Project’s complexity.
  • In-build security features.
  • Data storage and AR/VR support.
  • Web3 development company’s location & expertise
  • Team strength
  • Project timeline.

Connect with our experts at RisingMax Inc. and discuss your project idea in detail. After understanding and analyzing your virtual university setup requirements, our team will share the customized development quotes for your project ASAP.

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Web3 technologies, such as AR, VR, and Blockchain, are all set to create a new era for the education sector. Launching your digital twin or replica of a university in web3 space, will open up new business opportunities and make learning more accessible for students.

The idea of setting up a digital twin or replica of a university in web3 space is slowly getting popular. MetaHKUST: Hong Kong University is the first to move into the metaverse; it is expected that others will follow in the same in the future.

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