Most Important Things In Game Development Stages

By RisingMax

January 30, 2023

Most Important Things In Game Development Stages

The craze for the games is above the age barrier and boundaries. Gaming platforms are making millions with excellent gaming panels and user-friendly features. When you hire a game development company for development, then make sure that they can deliver the project as per the expectation of the client. 

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The game development procedure has multiple things to follow, and each of the game development stages has its importance. Let’s see what those steps you should never miss in the game development stages. 

  • Planning 
  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Pre-launch
  • Launch 
  • Post-Production 

Game Development Stages 

For better game development, the stages mentioned below are the most important thing that should be a part of it.


Anything or everything planning is the most crucial stage before developing the gaming platform. For keeping toes in any business, one should not go with just gut feelings but with proper research and surveys. The gut feeling can put your investment and entire business at risk. In the planning game development stage, the things you should be very clear about are the 

  • The Genre Of The Game
  • Target Audience 
  • Platform To Launch Game 
  • The Budget Of The Game

Genre Of The Game

Choose the game genre you want to introduce on the global stage. You will have a vast scope to choose from for game development. Each genre has its type of audience and demand. But one thing is for sure selecting any of the given genres will be a successful one.

  • Sandbox
  • Real-time strategy (RTS)
  • Shooters (FPS and TPS)
  • Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA)
  • Role-playing (RPG, ARPG, and More)
  • Simulation and sports
  • Puzzlers and party games
  • Action-adventure
  • Survival and horror
  • Platformer

Target Audience

Knowing your target audience is the foremost thing to do in building any business. Instead of targeting every age group or community of audience can be quite risky in the gaming platform. It can be an additional option, but as a priority, anyone should take care of any particular type of target audience. 

When you know what sort of audience you have to target for approaching, things will be much easier. In the game development stages, this is one of the crucial things because the complete revenue will be from the users, and a business can only reach the peak if you are known to the demand and taste of your audience.

Platform To Launch Game 

Gaming platforms can be divided into two general categories: non-portable and portable. In general, non-portable refers to digital gaming platforms on PC and game consoles that typically need to be used at a particular location. 

A software execution environment is referred to as a gaming platform. As long as the program code is executed, it can be any operating system (OS), hardware, a web browser, and any associated application programming interfaces. Each gaming platform has a unique set of limitations and features, which can be considered a restraint while creating video games.

In the early days of gaming platforms, consoles and personal computers were the two primary platforms for video game production (PC). Virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) systems, remote cloud gaming, and mobile video games for smartphones and tablets have all been recently created thanks to technological and industry advances. There are now five main platforms for video games:

  • PlayStation
  • Xbox
  • Nintendo’s Switch
  • PCS
  • Mobile
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Budget Of The Game

The game development cost depends on multiple factors. Each gaming platform has its own set of features and technology, and also the development time of the platform is different for each type. The cost to develop a game majorly depends on factors like features, advanced technologies used in the gaming platform, the complexity of the gaming platform, and the size of the company you hire for a mobile game development company

Pre-Production Stage

Even if you have a brilliant idea for a game, you still need a well-thought-out plan to make it a reality.

Making a document for the game's design is the first stage (GDD). It will act as the basis on which your game will be constructed. Real-time collaborative documents may be made, enabling you to exchange and work together on everything from character profiles and concept art to game concepts and storyboards.

To decide the game's scope, the writers, artists, designers, and developers work together during pre-production. This includes developing concepts for the gameplay, characters, visual style, and narrative of the game. The basic question that needs to be answered is: 

  • The Idea Behind The Game
  • Which Company To Choose To Develop
  • Features Of The Game You Want To Include
  • Which Game Engine To Choose
  • Monetization Model
  • When To Launch The Gaming Platform
  • Production Stage

The game is currently in its actual production stage. To gather and create all the required content or game code, a procedure is used that involves the use of specialist equipment and the participation of a qualified team. As a result, the lead member of each team (programmers, animators, designers, etc.) is in charge of overseeing quality and sticking to deadlines. This enables the team or investors to assess how the process is progressing and the potential caliber of the finished product. It is crucial to remember that the manufacturing phase frequently uses the bulk of personnel and primary resources.

The visual amplitude and game design process take up the majority of the work. Developers frequently seek the assistance of a reputable game art outsourcing business because doing so enables them to unload human resources, generate a game design document, and streamline the game development process.


The testing phase's final stage is already approaching. After a game has been created, testers must play it and discover any problems that might be there. A solution is made for each error that is found. The game is then ready to be delivered to the manufacturer after the graphics and gameplay have been modified. Creating a video game also includes marketing, which is actively involved at every level of the process. Finally, it is necessary to reach a non-disclosure agreement with the game's creator; otherwise, customers' reactions can be ruined.

The prelaunch period is very busy for game studios. The anxiety over a game failing or gamers' expectations not being met is what's causing this stress. But this is a crucial phase that will provide you with a brief understanding of whether the target audience was properly picked or what should be added or eliminated.

The team may conduct a survey and review the production launch checklist, to discuss what worked and what did not and to identify what could be done more effectively the next time. When the game design document, the assets, and the code are finished, put together, and kept in a case, they are required later on throughout the game production process.


The scheduled debut is approaching. Most of the time is spent fixing a backlog of multiple bugs, some of which were discovered during testing and others completely new, in the months before a game's planned release date. Games with numerous bugs will have a hierarchy of problems that a studio will create. The more minor issues will be at the bottom of the hierarchy, while "game-crashing" issues will be at the top.

Before a game is released, its makers routinely repair bugs and polish it.

That mountain range might have more depth. The character's leather straps may have extra texture. Let's finally make the trees sway in the breeze. The level of immersion in a video game can be significantly increased by changes, no matter how little.

Post Production 

After the game's final version is published, post-production, the last stage of game creation, begins. Game maintenance is the primary goal of this stage, which primarily consists of the following:

Bug-fixing. Despite testers' best efforts, most games launch with small defects. Typically, the first few months of the post-production phase are used to locate and eliminate these issues.

New material Regular software updates for the game, such as patches for game-balancing and new DLCs, are also part of post-production.

Every game is unique. Even seasoned game development teams with hundreds of completed games can face difficulties due to last-minute modifications, strict deadlines, creative disagreements, and other issues. This is how the business operates. The success of a game is influenced by many factors that the developer cannot directly influence. This just makes it imperative that you take care of things. And the simplest way to do so is to have a well-organized game development process with precise deadlines and production objectives.

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Wrapping Up

So you are all aware of the ideas and concepts of the game development stages and some of the gaming platform development ideas. You can hire RisingMax Inc. for game development with top-notch ideas and high-end developers. In the game development stage, you will get 100% transparency and 24*7 updates on the development procedure. 

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