8 Ball Pool Game App Development: A Million Dollars Game

By RisingMax

July 14, 2023

8 Ball Pool Game App Development: A Million Dollars Game

8 ball pool is one of those games which creates a lot of excitement for the game user as well as the game development company. People enjoy being at the pool table no matter in real life or on a virtual platform. 

8 Ball Pool Game App Development

8 ball pool game app development is one such gaming platform that can make a tremendous amount of money for the business. The development of gaming platforms can also be attached to play-to-earn innovation.

The play-to-earn gaming model is also the most demanding, allowing users to make money by playing on the platform. The 8 ball pool earning game enables the option of more and more investment on the platform by the players.

Between 100,000,000 and 500,000,000 Android smartphones have 8 Ball Pools loaded on them. The mobile game app company Miniclip.com has made nearly $987 million USD.

Hire the top 8 ball pool game development company RisingMax Inc. to develop the most demanding games. We also provide the service of free consultation for 8 ball pool money-earning app.

Before discussing anything else, let's first discuss the significant thing you'll be interested in knowing. "The revenue model of an 8 ball pool game app," so let's start with this only.

8 Ball Pool Game App Development

Business Generation & 8 Ball Pool Game Revenue Model

The pool game development is a profitable option for both the user as well as for the 8 ball pool gaming provider. Let’s see some of the revenue models which help a gaming company.

Pool Coins

Users may spend pool money to buy cue stick skins and abilities in addition to table skins. Pool money and coins can be obtained by winning, or they can be purchased for cash. Increased potency helps to attract players to purchase the updated cue by the coins.

Charges For Chat

The 8 Ball Pool can only store a fixed number of messages simultaneously. It is not possible to utilize unsaved messages. Therefore, users may purchase the desired pack if they want more messages.


How free games make money is one of the very common questions among all. So one of the answers is an Advertisement. The gaming platform earns about 2-3% of the total revenue from advertisements. 

The advertisement can be set before the beginning of the game or at the end of the game; it is compulsory to understand that we should not put an advertisement in the middle of the. Advertisement between the game or any service application is a bad idea, as it distracts the user. 

Advertisements on the gaming platform can be one of the major sources of generating revenue from the business. Mobile games are on track to generate $39.8 billion in only ad revenue. Thus, overall, it has been shown that they are incredibly profitable.

YouTube channel

The youtube channel can be a good option to deliver the game to a maximum number of users. YouTube has about 2.29 billion users globally, and nothing could be the better option for a company to reach the maximum number of users. The gaming platform uses it to make direct contact with its users. By making the channel on YouTube, the gaming platform shares tips and tricks to win 8 ball pool games. This helps to engage the existing users and get new users. After gaining users on the platform, you can monetize the platform and generate revenue from the platform.


After making a basket, you are rewarded with a fortunate shot, cash from the pool, and fun presents. You also receive another opportunity to accomplish the same thing, but the cost is 100 times larger this time. Numerous similar mini-games are available in 8 Ball Pool.

Season pass

You can organize special tournaments for game lovers. The 8 ball pool game is addictive, and people enjoy and invest easily in playing in such an event. The tournament can be customized into multi-level. 

For example, the gaming company can set the first level for the national level, second for the continent level, and third and superior one for the international level. The winning prize can be anything; you can turn the table towards the NFTs and put NFTs as the winning prize or real money.

To enter the season tournament, the users have to pay a special price for entering the tournament, and in exchange for that, you can provide some coins to bet in the tournament. 

Free & Paid Surprise Box

Well, this is another way to attract users towards the coins and invest in the platform. You can provide free boxes of fortune in which there can be coins to bet, rare cue cards of upgradation, rare skin for the cues, etc. These can attract game lovers to the surprise boxes, and they will try to invest in them to get more coins or surprises.

8 Ball Pool Game App Development

How Much Does It Cost To Build 8 Ball Pool App

Development ProcessesiOS Platforms ($)Android Platforms ($)
Development 13-25k10-20k
Design of UX/UI4-8k3-6k
Development of the backend6-8k3-5k
Admin panel 4-5k3-4k
Quality Assurance and Testing4-6k6-8k
Ten to fifteen percent of the total budget is devoted to project management4k3.8k

8 Ball Pool Game App Features

To assist you in enticing your gamers, we provide a wide variety of exceptional and valuable features.

RisingMax Inc. has already delivered more than 100+ products in various sectors, 20+ in E-commerce, 20-25+ in real estate, 30+ android and iOS, and many more in various sectors. Hire RisingMax Inc for the 8-ball pool game application development. 


Players may view the leaderboard in their 8-ball pool-earning app to discover who is at the top and where they stand. Comparing their results to other players motivates players to do better at the game.

Online Sharing

Gamers may publish game-related updates, milestones, and scores on various social networking channels. Consequently, gamers will have greater enjoyment, and more gamers will be drawn in.

Invite and Earn

An invite-and-earn feature is available in the 8 Ball Pool game app to assist you in attracting new players and maintaining the interest of current ones. Users of your game app may recommend friends or other 8 ball pool enthusiasts and earn prizes.

Attractive Chips

You may provide participants with 8 ball pool games with eye-catching chips. Players can update these chips anytime during the game through in-app purchases. Another fantastic method to improve the game is to include this function.

Private Table

With the help of our mobile game creation solution, players may design their own unique private tables for their 8-ball pool games. People can pick the other players they wish to play with in private games. Their favored individuals can join the private game.

Social Media

On multiple social networking networks, gamers may update their friends, family, and followers on their gaming progress, achievements, and scores. This increases game enjoyment and aids in luring new players.

Gaming Mode

Our 8-ball pool game satisfies all of your players' needs, whether they want to play a multiplayer game or play with their pals. Gamers may pick from a variety of game modes and play the game in a way that suits them.

8 Ball Pool Game App Development

High-Quality Gaming Solutions

Billiards online may be played very smoothly, and it is really entertaining using the pool. Online pool games are quite popular right now among gamers. The availability of smartphones and quick access to the internet has dramatically enhanced players' interest in the game of pool.

Our firm creates solid games that provide consumers with the optimal gaming experience since we are experts in pool game application development. We are the top provider of 8 ball pool game app development services and offer premium services across a range of platforms and genres.

Empowering Game Business

In addition to developing online casinos and cutting-edge betting systems, the team of game developers working with us is actively involved in developing, porting, and testing pool games across a range of platforms.

We have already given numerous gaming companies the tools they need to get engaged and help shape the direction of online pool games. Our game production company uses extremely cutting-edge and potent game development technologies to deliver gaming products with a sped-up time to market and a significantly lower total cost.

Align the current state of IT with your business strategy by hiring the most trustworthy 8 Ball Pool development company

Advantages Of 8 Ball Pool Game For Users

Here are a few reasons why many users are joining the 8 ball pool game. It has various benefits, some of which are listed below:

Eye & Hand Coordination

You must have excellent hand-eye coordination to succeed in the 8 Ball Pool. Hand-eye coordination is essential since players must simultaneously perform numerous tasks to play their shot in a short amount of time. Choosing which object ball to try, aiming for it, determining where to hit the cue ball, and managing the Power bar are a few of them.

The controls are typically delicate, and you cannot perform the ideal shot in an online game of 8 Ball Pool without having a keen sync between your eyes and actions.

Strategy Building Game 

It is hard to regularly win at an online 8 Ball Pool without planning and using a strategy. Players occasionally aren't even aware that they have established a strategy for their game.

A few components of a strategy may be having a favored break style, denying your opponent an easy shot, and more. Planning and strategizing include having the capacity to think and plan several steps ahead. Similar to games like Chess, playing an online 8 Ball Pool helps people develop this talent.

Mindful Play

While online 8 Ball Pool players require a plan of attack to win, there is another area where it aids in their mental development. Players may learn and create backup plans for their game by developing the presence of mind. Contingency plans are nothing more than backup plans that can be depended upon if the original strategy fails.


Each player in an online game of 8 Ball Pool has a certain amount of time to play their shot. It is hard to excel in 8 Ball Pool online if your mind is not intensely concentrated. The players' ability to concentrate on what matters is improved when they frequently play to win. These include focusing just on the object ball and clearing their minds of all other though

8 Ball Pool Game App Development

Why Choose RisingMax Inc. For 8 Ball Pool Game Development


We provide a ready-made script that is scalable and has been demonstrated to increase business success and income significantly. It is future-ready and incorporates the most distinctive features, components, and modules.


We provide you with a quick and improved estimate of the game statistics by using the strength of cutting-edge technologies like MongoDB and Node.js.

Time and Cost Effective

Our 8-ball pool game script is considerably less expensive and can handle growing company loads. It is a worthwhile investment since it cuts down on the time needed for market research, strategy formulation, and company planning.

Experienced Developers

8 ball pool game developers and designers with years of experience working in the IT sector. Along with our team of seasoned developers and designers, we also have a strong group of young professionals that are full of energy and excitement.

13 Best Performing Years

RisingMax Inc. is one of the most experienced blockchain and NFT development companies with the experience 13 years of as a mobile game app development company. We acquire a team of more than 150+ developers and designers with the experience of more than a decade in mobile game development.

8 Ball Pool Game Development

Work Procedure We Follow


When creating innovative gaming applications, smart and efficient planning is essential. The success of a gaming app is greatly influenced by its preparation. You should decide what materials to use, how to use them, and what you want to accomplish to design a successful app. Utilizing contemporary games is crucial as the game develops.

The Implementation Process

A mobile game's development includes both game and code development. One of the most crucial aspects of the procedure is taking this step carefully. A deliberate strategy that produces a glitch shouldn't impede the game's conclusion. It took programmers, UI/UX designers, artists, and coders to create this pool game app.

The Testing Phase

Test each feature and function once the development process is over to ensure the system is error-free. Errors in online gaming programs can significantly impact the user experience. Hence they cannot be permitted.

This method is quite challenging due to its intricacy. Every process step is tested to ensure the user experience is seamless. One kind of testing is regression testing. Another kind of testing is functional testing. Eliminate the final stage if you want to get rid of pests.

An Effective Marketing Plan

Imagine having a creative application at your disposal with all of its cutting-edge capabilities. It needs efficient marketing to be a success in the market. A large band debut requires a clever marketing strategy. It's critical to interact with consumers and respond to their inquiries. A budget must be set up for the marketing application to boost ranking and exposure in the retail market.


8 ball pool game development is one of the most demanding platforms for game lovers in the world; people join to invest and earn money. RisingMax Inc. is the leading android mobile game development company and provides multiple services in the marketing of the application along with its development.

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