Features of Hospital Management System | Efficient Scheduling & Record Management

By RisingMax

February 01, 2023

Features of Hospital Management System | Efficient Scheduling & Record Management

Hospital management software is becoming an effective tool for hospitals and healthcare facilities to manage their day-to-day operations. HMS systems can boost overall productivity and reduce a healthcare facility's operational costs.

Rapid digitization over the last few years has increased demand for advanced software solutions like Hospital Management Software. If you are planning to hire a healthcare software development company to build your own hospital management system, then this post is for you.

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This post will discuss the top features to include in your hospital management software to manage operations and reduce the pressure on frontline workers effectively.

Before delving deep into the features, let's start from the basics and understand hospital management software.

Here Are Some Common Features of a Hospital Management System:

  • Patient registration and demographic information management
  • Appointment scheduling and patient tracking
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR) management
  • Clinical decision support tools
  • Clinical documentation and coding
  • Order entry and results management
  • Drug and allergy interaction checks
  • Inpatient and outpatient management
  • Financial management, including billing and insurance claims
  • Resource management, such as equipment, supplies, and staff scheduling
  • Reporting and data analytics
  • Secure data exchange and access control

What Is A Hospital Management Software?

Hospital management software (HMS) is a digital system designed to manage daily hospital operations. Integration of technology allows the hospital to manage operations like in-patient care, appointments, billings, medication, inventory, etc. These software solutions mitigate the need for paperwork for taking patient care.

HMS systems are designed to streamline hospital workflow and bridge the doctor-patient gap. Moreover, these solutions are capable of tracking and keeping records of all hospital activities in digital form. These detailed reports can be analyzed for overall business efficiency and assist professionals in monitoring their work.

Top Patient-Centric Features of Hospital Management System

A reliable healthcare software development company can build hospital management software that offers patient-centric features and enhances the overall experience. HMS software can provide personalized patient care and give healthcare professionals a detailed overview of patient health. For improved patient experience, hospital management software in 2023 must include these features;

Easy registration

This feature of hospital management software makes it easy for patients to add basic information and health-related details for admittance or appointment. A single-page registration process in HMS will speed up the process and improve the patient’s overall experience.

Upload Health Records

With this feature, the patient can easily upload their health records which will be stored securely in the Electronic Health Record system. Doctors and healthcare workers can easily access patient health records and provide personalized care.

Billing Status & Payment

The hospital management software allows patients to view a detailed billing status of treatment in real-time. Payment options such as Credit cards, Debit cards, and e-wallets make it easy for patients to pay their bills at convenience.

Insurance Documents

Patients can use this feature to upload insurance documents, request treatment documents, health reports, prescription documents, and other documents for insurance-related purposes.

Emergency Care

This feature of hospital management software allows patients to skip registration and other formalities and get the required treatment swiftly.


Patients can use this feature to order medication online by uploading a doctor's prescription.  Most hospital management software solutions can repeat medication or automatically send medication to the patient's address if needed.

Patient Reminder

A hospital management software must have a reminder feature that will notify patients about their doctor’s appointments, medication reminders, health recommendations, and other reminders.

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Top Doctor & Healthcare Staff-Centric HMS Features

Hospital management software comes with integrated doctor & healthcare staff-centric features to provide ease and ensure smooth workflow. If you are planning to build your own HMS system, then here’s a list of top features to include in 2023 for doctors and healthcare workers.

Easy Registration

This feature of our hospital management software makes it easy for doctors & healthcare staff members to register with the platform. Doctors & healthcare workers need to provide information such as Name, Qualification, Experience, Expertise, and Availability.

Manage Appointments

This feature allows the patient and healthcare staff to view their upcoming appointments and manage their time accordingly. A must-have doctor-centric feature to find a perfect work-life balance.

Electronic Health Record

The EHR system effectively breaks data silos and swiftly shares patient information when needed. Doctors and healthcare workers can take advantage of this feature to view real-time patient health records and provide treatment accordingly.


This feature of our hospital management system allows doctors to connect with the patient and prescribe medication or health tests. Thus, mitigating the need for patients to visit the hospital and stand in long lines for doctor consultations.

Prescribe Medication

Doctors can use this feature to prescribe a new medication or renew an old one based on the patient current health conditions and reports.

Reschedule Appointments

This feature enables doctors to reschedule or cancel their appointments in case of an emergency.

Share Availability

This feature gives the freedom to doctors to share their availability. The hospital management system will analyze the doctor’s availability status and schedule appointments accordingly.

Helpdesk & support

Patients can use this feature in case they face any issues or need healthcare assistance. The support staff will respond and try to resolve their query ASAP.

Top Rated Administration HMS Features

Hospital management systems are designed to simplify the work of admins and make it easy to manage various operations effectively. For this reason, a hospital management system needs to have these features mentioned below for easy administration.

Doctor Management

Admin can use this feature to view doctor availability, daily appointments, cancellations, appointment timetable, and history on a single screen.

OT Management

This feature of hospital management software enables the admin to effectively manage surgeons, staff members, operation theater, and surgical equipment accordingly. Better management of OT resources and staff availability schedule results in optimum efficiency.

Workforce Management

With real-time information about doctor and staff availability, the admin can create a roadmap to relocate the workforce for smooth operation and provide patients with the necessary care.

Pharmacy Management

Admin of hospital management system can use this feature to monitor and manage inventory levels effectively.

Food Supply Management

This feature allows hospital staff to view the diet prescribed, monitor inventory levels, view diet schedules, and prepare and cater to diet accordingly. The diet rating feature makes it easy for the admin to track the quality of meals.

Billing Management

Admin can take advantage of this feature to view completed transactions, pending payments, payment history, and other billing expenditures. The payment status of hospital consumptions, such as electricity, fuel, inventory, medical supplies, salaries, overhead expenditure, and water bills, are all available on a single screen.

Purchase Management

This feature of HMS software makes it easy for the admin to keep track of the inventory levels and issue purchase orders to maintain desired inventory levels.

In-Patient Management

With this feature of the hospital management system, the admin can view all the details related to in-patients, such as treatment, appointment status, discharge summary, and bill closure status.

Manage Branches

This feature empowers the admin to manage all hospital branches with a single healthcare software solution. Hospital management software will provide a clear detailed overview of all hospital branches.

Manage Laboratory

The hospital management system makes it easy for the admin to manage lab operations effectively. HMS software can automate report generation, place inventory orders, send notifications, and payment reminders, and accept & schedule test appointments.

Managing Insurance Claim

Admin can use this feature to manage insurance claim settlement and view real-time status on the dashboard. Digitization of the entire process makes it easy for healthcare facilities to speed up the settlement process and reduce costs & mistakes.

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Benefits of Hospital Management Software

Real-Time Access To Patient Data

Hospital management software makes it easy for doctors and healthcare professionals to have real-time access to patient health records. With a single click, patient health records and previous prescriptions, thus speeding the entire process.

Data Security

Integration of blockchain technology ensures high data security and decentralized data storage. Private blockchains are capable of limiting data access and thus ensure the security of patients' data.

Accurate Reporting

With a hospital management system, healthcare facilities can simplify and streamline operations. Quick sharing of information and real-time availability of health reports speed up the treatment process.


Hospital management software is capable of automating processes like registration and appointment scheduling, thus reducing the workload on front-desk healthcare workers. These software solutions eliminate the need to hire manual data entry operators and automate your process with human supervision.

Effective Resource & Time Management

Real-time availability of appointment schedules makes it easy for the admin to effectively manage the workforce. Healthcare workers can effectively manage their work according to their appointment schedule.

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