White Label Fintech Platform - All-In-One Fintech Solution

By RisingMax

July 06, 2023

White Label Fintech Platform - All-In-One Fintech Solution

Financial businesses need ready-core fintech solutions and integrations with Baas service providers to build digital banks using white label fintech platform solutions. Fintech operators can choose 3rd-party banking solutions and connected services that meet their needs and expectations if they want to outsource the creation of new software.

Increase innovation with RisingMax Inc.'s fintech white label platform development capabilities for banking and financial services. Improve productivity, customer satisfaction, and efficiency with a reputable white label banking software development company. RisingMax Inc. offers various fintech solutions to banks, financial institutions, and cutting-edge startups. 

Fintech Industry Stats & Trends

  • The global fintech industry is expected to generate 125.18 billion US dollars more annually between 2023 and 2027. (Statista)
  • The rapidly expanding industry is anticipated to reach $174 billion in 2023. is anticipated to grow to $188 billion by 2024. (Deloitte)
  • FinTech Industry Revenue Breakdown of 2023-24 (Exploding Topics)




Asia Pacific


Change over the previous year


$64.2 billion*

$29.5 billion*

$89.4 billion*

$183.1 billion*

↑ 10.1%*


$66.3 billion*

$30.5 billion*

$101 billion*

$197.8 billion*

↑ 8%*

  • 49% of the banks and about 60% of the credit union believe that partnership in fintech is an important thing for the future. (Finances Online)

Fintech Industry Stats & Trends

What is White Label Fintech?

Applying your own branding to a product created by another party is known as "white labeling." The product owner decides it would be a great idea to earn extra money by granting a license to another party to market the product under a different brand.  

The two terms that make up the term "fintech" are "financial" and "technology," respectively. According to its definition, Fintech is a sector of the economy where financial services are provided using technology or digital media. Fintech is a term used to describe anything connected to online finance.

Although more complex, white labeling's use in the financial sector adheres to the same basic principles. White-label fintech apps are thus an incredibly potent tool for bringing businesses smoothly into the contemporary digital era

Get A Reliable Web/ Android/iOS App

RisingMax Inc. have all appropriate white label solution for each type of business. Get a high-end and reliable white label solution for Fintech apps like lending platforms, payment applications, equity finance apps, consumer banking, and insurance. We have a pre-built white label solution for the web, iOS, and Android and cross-platforms.

Get the application at cost-effective rates and at almost 10% of the standard development time of an application from scratch.

Key Features Of White Label Fintech Software

The key features of any of the application is an important factor, as the feature of any of the applications help its user to make more user engagement with ease of doing transactions, checking their balance, etc.


International bank account number helps the banks to know the details about the customer. The feature of IBANs is a global format makes the platform centralized and error free from any sort of confusion; it also helps with user authentication.

Payment Gateways

Put in place a reliable payment gateway to ensure the safety and convenience of monetary transactions within your white-label banking app. This function needs to accept many payment types, currencies, payment wallets and conform to security regulations like PCI DSS.

Easy Payment Option

Your fintech company's mobile app should simplify the lives of its users. That's why it's important to connect your app's features to those of other services, so users can make and receive payments easily.

Machines Learning

Apply machine learning algorithms to user data for pattern recognition, trend forecasting, and individualized service. Decision-making, user experience, and app operations can all benefit from the automation made possible by this feature.

Investment Management

User-Friendly investment management white label financial technology applications should offer investment management services for its customers. This component ought to furnish the customer with real-time stock market data, portfolio management instruments, and investment suggestions tailored to their specific financial objectives and risk tolerance.


Know your customer feature allows the fintech company to manage user preferences and also to identify your customers with the help of IDs and other details. KYC features into ID verification, face detection, document verification, etc.

Chat Support

White label financial technology applications should have first-rate customer service to help users with any questions or problems they may encounter. This assistance needs to be accessible via a variety of mediums (phone, email, live chat) and be quick to respond and provide useful information.

Multi Language Support

The multi language integration can be done into the white label solution. The integration of the multiple languages helps the platform to make a maximum reach to the maximum users.

Align the current state of IT with your business strategy by hiring the most trustworthy Fintech Development Company

How White Label Fintech Platforms Profit Your Business

The number of startups using "off-the-shelf" platforms is surging in the financial sector. White label fintech solution is an unquestionable option, even for conventional banks that switch to online ones. The modern era uses more remote control systems and less paper and money.

Because of this, fintech startups, mobile payment providers, and digital banks wouldn't want to offer subpar services. In the following points, we'll discuss how a fintech app can help your business.

Superior To Competitors

Everyone aspires to continue to be the best in the competition. When keeping up with the most cutting-edge trends, the level of competition reaches previously unheard-of heights. Your business decides to spend less and give more attention to expanding its dominance over the market by using fintech white-label software.

Allocating Brilliant Resources

You won't need to worry about the team's workflow or the most recent trends in the fintech industry with White label fintech platform. This risk-mitigation strategy enables your business to benefit from the technical know-how of the custom software development company while concentrating on the tasks you do best. As a result, you are free to focus on marketing-related brand development, client engagement, and product improvement.

Modern Potentials

Fintech white label solutions have become very popular, not just for banking companies. Various fintech white Label services are available if you are a complete beginner in this field with limited resources. In this manner, you can quickly test out a new industry-related venture.

Entering New Markets

In the banking sector, the white label fintech app is popular because it enables non-bank players to directly offer their financial services to customers. In other words, more businesses are welcoming emerging markets. They can say "yes" to a creative list of initiatives and offerings you could not have independently created and provided.

Increased Brand Loyalty

White labeling is a strategy used by many businesses to build brand loyalty. White label fintech product developed in a centralized facility and then labeled with the business name, for instance, can be used to create a line of products with a store-branded name.

White label fintech products are frequently more reasonably priced due to their focus on lowering production costs, encouraging customers to buy them. Due to this attachment, customers actively try to shop at that specific store and buy its products when presented with multiple labels.

Competitive Advantage

As customers keep up with the most recent developments, competition becomes more intense, which is when White Label fintech solutions are useful. Companies can cut costs, deal with compliance issues more effectively, and concentrate on markets where they can gain a competitive advantage with new cutting-edge technologies.

Smart Resource Allocation

A time-saving tool that will enable you to take advantage of the technical know-how that your business might lack is white label fintech development.

You don't need to be concerned about your team of developers' budget or your knowledge of the market. Instead, you could use your own skills in marketing to grow your company.

Growth & Scalability

Fintech platforms for growing businesses must scale smoothly to meet rising transaction volumes and user demands. Scalable fintech white label software ensure companies can handle growth without sacrificing performance or user experience.

These platforms frequently offer flexible pricing structures, enabling businesses to pay for their needed services while expanding or contracting as necessary.

Cutting-Edge Technology Expertise

Modern technology is necessary for fintech platforms to ensure efficiency, security, and scalability. White label fintech platform is created and maintained by devoted groups of professionals with fintech solutions expertise.

Businesses can access the most recent technology through this platform, including tools like mobile payments, digital wallets, AI-powered analytics, and blockchain integration.

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Accomplished Financial Software Development Services From RisingMax Inc.

Managing Financial Data

Let us assist you in developing specialized software to make your daily operations easier. All financial institutions must consolidate financial data, produce thorough financial reports, implement a logic-driven data structure, and make the most of their financial data.

Detecting Fraud

Above all, a business needs adequate security, especially in the financial industry. Leave it in the hands of our development company. We produce dependable, secure banking and financial products and mobile apps, minimizing risks and guarding against the theft of your assets.

Regulatory Compliance

Adhering to the laws governing cutting-edge financial technologies and business models is compliance in the fintech industry. These regulations protect consumers' and investors' money.

However, regulations are constantly changing, so it's important to stay informed and ensure that financial processes, management systems, and fintech software comply with legal requirements and RegTech.

Data Managing Decisions

Whatever you want to call him or her—a mentor, a role model, or an idol—the chief technical officer is not only more knowledgeable and experienced. A good CTO must properly organize the technical team's work to accomplish your business objectives as quickly as possible.

Cloud Financial Services

With access to greater volumes of data than ever, with cloud computing, fintech businesses can better understand user behavior and preferences. Companies are no longer concerned with installing software solutions or managing an on-premise chat server.

The customer experience will be enhanced, reliability and speed will be increased, and the amount of work required will be decreased with the aid of our fintech developers.

Predictive Modeling

Consider being able to predict your future outcomes. Historical data can be mined, gathered, and interpreted with the help of predictive analytics. We accomplish this using big data machine learning, predictive modeling, and statistical algorithms. As a result, you can spot trends and spot opportunities, and risks for your business.

white label fintech platform efficiency

Sector We Provide Our Service For White Label Fin-tech Software

White Label NEO Banking Platforms

Using our white-label neo banking platform, launch your own next-generation virtual banks by utilizing our expertise in developing extremely sophisticated banking and financial products. With our cutting-edge banking solutions, we can meet the expectations of Gen Z and Millennial clients, including convenience, transparency, control, and highly secure payments. Get in touch with our professionals at RisingMax Inc. to create cutting-edge banking solutions that are a great replacement for the current banking system.

White Label App Insurance

We are the most cutting-edge financial software development firm in the USA, providing specialized insurance mobile apps that improve customer service, save operating expenses, and boost return on investment.

White Label Banking App

Our New York-based banking white label software company emphasizes a user-friendly UI and quick UX to improve the consumer experience on smartphones, tablets, and wearable technology. By offering branchless banking to both individual and business clients, we improve the customer experience and maintain tight relationships.

Digital Wallet

We provide an integrated platform that manages the entire life cycle of digital cards as a fintech software development firm. It oversees the activities of provisioning and secure credential management, beginning with the enrolment process. For the purpose of enabling payment transactions for m-commerce and e-commerce merchants, the system offers in-app payments.

Get The Best White Label Fintech Solution From RisingMax Inc.

We are here to offer ideal solutions, from cutting-edge technology to wholesome and open communication, to assist you in having a reliable and secure solution. 

Agile Approach

We prioritize client satisfaction and strive to provide the best solution in fewer sprints. We employ a secure methodology throughout the fintech app development process. We have qualified and certified developers who can assist you in completing your goals.

Fintech Experts

Our multidisciplinary team of highly qualified professionals will help create financial apps using cutting-edge methods and high-tech equipment. We are there with all the solutions with our knowledgeable and qualified team of specialists.

Bug-Free Solutions

In each sprint for each application, our fintech experts strive for quality while following client-specified guidelines. We work hard to ensure a bug-free experience for your users. 

Effective Business Approach

Our White label fintech experts strive for quality while adhering to the instructions provided by the client in each sprint for each application. An effective business generates revenue effectively and successfully.

Wealth Management Solutions

We are a fintech firm that recognizes the importance of wealth management and provides cutting-edge, custom solutions for the task. With a smart platform our fintech developers created, your clients can manage, track, and grow their money.


We handle all the necessary aspects of building a finance app, including data privacy, secure service architecture, server and database hosting, internal communication team, encrypted data transfer, secure payment gateway, monitoring compliances, and platform operations.

Contact our experts for a thorough explanation of the White label fintech solution that can improve your financial services. RisingMax is a reputable financial software development company prepared to provide cutting-edge fintech products.


Why choose white label apps?

The white label fintech application is an already developed application with maximum useful features involved in that, so it takes less time to deliver the applications with minor changes.

Which is cost efficient; build from scratch or white label fintech app?

As compared to the build from scratch the white label application is much more cost effective. The average cost to build a fintech app from scratch is $40,000-$90,000; and you can get the white label fintech software from $20,000 to $50,000.

How can I get a white label fintech app?

RisingMax Inc. provides white label fintech applications at cost-effective rates and with excellent features and panels. To get the white label application all you have to do is fill out the form.

How much time it takes to make a white label fintech app?

A standard time to get the white label fintech app is about 2-3 weeks with complete perfection.

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