Employee Transport Management System Software

By RisingMax

July 04, 2023

Employee Transport Management System Software

After the end of the Covid-19 pandemic, employees are returning back to the office after two years of remote work. The demand for corporate travel has increased at a very fast pace and will continue to grow in the future. As a business owner, it becomes your responsibility to ensure the safety of your employees, especially if your office operates on dynamic shifts, as employees face many issues in finding public transportation during these times, and their safety is also endangered.

Arranging a transportation system that picks up the employees from their location for the office would help ensure better employee safety. You need robust and automated employee transport management system software to manage the transportation system efficiency and reduce accidents.

The blog will discuss employee transport management software, its features development process, and its relevance for businesses.

What Does An Employee Transport Management Software Means?

The employee transport management system is an automated software that helps businesses to manage their corporate vehicles efficiently and track the movement of their employees from the base location to the office premises. It helps in reducing traveling time and minimizes accidental and other risks. The system helps employees pick up and drops become seamless.

Exclusive Features Of Employee Transport Management Solution 

Is your business facing issues in managing your business transportation? Well, automated employee transport management software can make transportation management easier and simpler for you. Here are a few features the employee transport management solution poses:

Route Navigation

The software has a route navigation feature in it which helps drivers to easily find all the routes and exact locations while traveling. The app guides them in reaching the location faster. It will help reduce travel time and make the employees reach the office in less time.

Fuel Level Monitor

An increase in fuel consumption of corporate vehicles increases operational costs and reduces business profitability. The system has a fuel level monitor, which will provide complete details of the fuel consumption and alerts if the consumption increases beyond limit. You can easily minimize the fuel consumption.

Mobile-Based App

The employee transportation management software is very easy to use and is highly efficient. The system can be operated through a mobile app. You can install the app on your smartphone and operate it anytime and from anywhere. You can track the moment of the vehicles easily.

Push Notification Alerts

The transport management system offers push notifications to your business regarding unsafe driving, deviation of any vehicle from its regular route, overspeeding by the drivers, or any other suspicious activity on the route. You can take necessary action and prevent any mishappening or accidents during the transit.

Driver Profile Verification

To make sure authentic drivers are recruited in the office transport systems. The system has a well-designed driver profile where all the information related to the drivers, including their personal information, contact information, identity verification documents, and other information in their profile. You can contact them whenever needed.

Emergency Contact Options

The software has an emergency contact option that facilitates employees to get help if they are facing any issues during the ride from the driver's side or due to unstable routes. The driver also gets an emergency contact option that can be used in case they face issues during the ride.

Trip Details

The transport management system offers complete ride details to the employees, such as arrival time, vehicle details, driver’s contact details, real-time tracking, and the route followed by the driver. This will help the employees reach the pickup location and remain safe during the ride.

Trip Feedback

The transport management system gives the opportunity to the employees to share their experience regarding the trip, driver’s behavior, delays made in reaching or other issues. This feedback will help your business improve the transportation system and make it more employee-centric.

Are you facing issues in managing the corporate transportation of your business?

Well, the futuristic and automated employee transport management solution can help in resolving these issues and make your business transportation system more enhanced and easy.

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Benefits Of Employee Transport Management System For Businesses

After knowing the features of the employee transport management system, you must be planning to get it developed for your business. The software can be very helpful for your business. Below given are a few ways in which the software can be helpful for your business:

Reduce Operational Cost

The software will help your business in making optimized use of its corporate vehicles. You can minimize fuel consumption and travel time and reduce repair expenses of the vehicles. This will help in reducing the operational cost of your business. The reduced operational cost will improve the profitability of your business.

Saves Traveling Time

While providing the transportation facility to your employees, the major challenge your business faces is reducing traveling time. The software can help reduce traveling time by offering route navigation features, real-time tracking, driver behavior monitoring, and other features. The employees will reach the office in less time span.

Enhance Employee Safety

Corporate transportation helps to enhance the safety of employees. The software provides emergency call options through which employees can ask for legal help in case of emergencies. The employees get complete ride details, such as vehicle details, driver information, reaching time, etc., before onboarding the cab.

Makes Transport Management  Easier

Managing office transportation can be a challenging task for the business. The software will help your business in managing business transportation efficiently. You can check the transport system's functioning and make it more employee-centric by adding new features.

Stress-Free Commute

The traveling experience of the employees gets enhanced through the use of employee transport management solution. They can monitor the travel routes and check the ride details before onboarding, and ask for help in emergencies. Also, the software provides them an opportunity to give their feedback regarding the ride.

Less Missed Workdays

During odd shifts timings or bad weather conditions, it is difficult for the employees to find transportation. Due to this, they might have to miss the office. This impacts the productivity of employees. The software helps the employees reach the office without facing any transportation issues. They do not have to miss the office in case of the worst conditions. This increases their productivity level.

Real-Time Data Analysis And Monitoring

The data related to transportation usage and availability. The software provides a data analytics option under which you can get all the data related to the transportation system functioning, and using the data, you can easily make the necessary business decisions. This data is also used for making innovations in the existing transportation systems.

Employee Transport Management Software Development Process

After analyzing the features of transport management software, Are you willing to get the one for your business? Here is a step-by-step development process for employee transport management software

Identifying your business requirments

This is the first and the most important step in starting with employee transport management solution. You need to identify the problems in your business transportation system and how the software can help overcome the challenges.

Make sure you are clear about your business goals and objectives in the long run. This will help you move ahead as well as smoothly in employee transportation management software development.

Finalization Of Software Development Company

Once you have identified your business requirements and long-term goals, the next thing to do is to locate an expert custom software development company. The company you choose must have ample experience in employee management system development. You must look for the below-mentioned qualities in the software company:

Experience Level

The company must possess adequate experience in the designing of customized softwares.


Check their portfolio and ensure it is diversified and has different types of projects.

Development Process

The company’s development process must be streamlined and ensure fast delivery.

Designing, Prototyping, And Software Development

Once you have finalized the development company, the next task will be done by the development company. The company will start with creating the interior and exterior design of the software. After that, they will start with the prototyping design. The prototype is once approved by the client first, and then the company will move ahead with the software development.

Testing And Launch

Once the software is ready, the next step will be testing the software. In this the software performance will be checked. Any errors occurring during the working of the software will be removed, and software will be made error-free.

Once the software passes all the testing procedures, it will be launched in the market on a large scale. The launch must be arranged properly with efficient marketing strategies.

Deployment And Post-Launch Support

The next and last step is the deployment of the software to the business for whom it was being developed. Being a business owner, make sure you have received all the login and credentials related to the software. Ask all your queries from them.

After the deployment, the development company offers post-launch support, under which it makes the necessary upgrades and modifications in the software to function properly and gain a higher market share with the help of the employee transport management software.

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Cost Of Developing A Employee Transport Management Solution

The cost of developing an employee transport management system ranges between $50,000–$400,000.This cost might vary as per the development company from where you get the software developed and other important factors. The overall cost of developing employee transport management solution depends upon the below-mentioned factors:

Features Added To The Software 

The development cost of employee transport management system is greatly affected by the features added to the software by the development company. The more complex features and technology transport management software possesses, the higher will be its development cost.

Tech Stack Used

The tech stack used in the software also impacts its overall development cost. The advanced tech stack is costlier and needs more maintenance than the ordinary tech stack. Given below are tech stack used in the employee transport management solution development:

Development Company Location And Size

The development company you choose also affects the software cost. If you choose a development company that is from a developed nation, you incur higher development costs. The development company from developing nations can develop the software at less cost.

Development Tools and Technologies

The development techniques used by the company have a direct impact on the transport management software development cost. The more advanced and user-friendly techniques the company uses, the more costly it will be for the business.

How Risingmax Can Help You?

Are you planning to get an employee transport management solution designed for your business? Well, our software development experts can help you with this. Our user-friendly transport management solutions will help in reducing travel time and ensure maximum employee safety during travel. Here are a few reasons that make RisingMax the best choice for you:

Future Proof Solutions

At RisingMax, we work with the latest technologies and development techniques to help us develop futuristic solutions that can redefine the future of your business.

Unparalleled Expertise

With a huge team of 10+ developers, we hold unmatched expertise in the field of software development. This makes us different from other companies offering similar solutions.

Fast On-Time Delivery

We do not want to make you wait for a longer duration to launch your software. Therefore, we ensure fast and timely delivery of the employee transport management software.

Summing Up

Employee transport management software has become a necessity for companies with a large workforce and a complex transportation system. The software makes it easy for them to manage their transportation efficiently and ensure maximum safety and security for their employees. Integrating the software for your business’s transportation management processes will enhance the employee's efficiency and motivate them to reach the office on time and give their best. If you wish to get maximum benefit from the software, make sure you get it developed by an expert software development service provider. Contact our experts to get the detailed information.

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