Event Attendance Tracking App: Simple Solution For Event Industry

By RisingMax

February 06, 2023

Event Attendance Tracking App: Simple Solution For Event Industry

Event data collection is one of the major challenges for event managers and organizers. However, the paper attendance sheet saved event managers from addressing the event attendance challenges, but they still need to address the major concerns.

An event attendance tracking application is the best solution for event managers to collect event data such as attendance, ticket sales, feedback, event performance, etc. These solutions capture more accurate event data and assist in planning an event. Most current event industry challenges can be tackled with event attendance tracking apps and, with effective data analysis, provide an optimal experience to the attendees.

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The wide array of benefits linked with event attendance tracking applications is attracting budding entrepreneurs worldwide. Are you looking for a trusted event attendance job-tracking app development company for your application? Then, we at RisingMax Inc. can make things happen for you. Reach out to our expert and start event attendance tracking app development in just a few easy steps.

Before delving deep into the topic and understanding why event attendance apps are vital for event organizers. Let’s talk about event attendance tracking applications.

What Are Event Attendance Tracking Applications?

As the name suggests, an event attendance tracking application is a digital platform deployed to capture vital event information to measure an event’s success. These applications act as a right hand for event managers and organizers to track attendance, feedback, engagement, and other event details.

Currently, these event attendance tracking applications perform more than letting you know who attended your event and are integrated to understand attendees better. Irrespective of the event size, type, or budget, event attendance tracking apps will assist you in real-time data collection.

Benefits of Event Attendance Tracking Application

The rising popularity of event attendance tracking apps clearly indicates their success and ability to provide more than just real-time attendance. These business applications are now being deployed to collect event data and provide valuable insights. The benefits of an event attendance tracking app include the following;

Real-Time Attendance Tracking

Event attendance tracking allows event organizers and managers to ditch the paperwork and get real-time attendance updates. These attendance solutions give event organizers detailed insight into the event with just a few clicks. The data collected can be later analyzed and processed for various purposes.

Ideal For Any Event

These attendance tracking applications can get the job done regardless of the event type and size. From large expo shows to small gatherings, keeping an eye on your event attendees will not be a hassle anymore.

Gain Valuable Insights

Integration of the event attendance application with an event allows organizers to gain valuable insights based on collected data. Event data like attendees' interests, age group, the total number of attendees, nature, and quality of speakers can be analyzed and evaluated later to gain valuable business insights.

Customized Dashboard

The event attendance tracking application allows administrators to customize the dashboard and view information based on their metrics. A conveniently customized dashboard assists in easy attendance tracking in real-time and viewing other metrics simultaneously.

Mitigate Paper Usage

Event organizers can leverage these applications to eliminate the use of paper in an event for registration, creating IDs, tickets, and others. These event applications can digitize most event operations and thus mitigate paper usage.

Enhanced User Experience

Integrated features like live streaming, payment option, and event registration play a major role in enhancing user experience. Users can enjoy features like buying event tickets to paying for food & beverages at the event.

Improve System Efficiency

Switching to a digital event attendance system from a traditional one empowers event organizers or managers to streamline processes, save time, and gather feedback. Thus, improving the system's efficiency and effectiveness.

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Key Feature of Our Event Attendance Tracking Software

When it comes to the feature of event attendance tracking software, it all depends upon your specific business goals. If you plan to launch your event attendance tracking software, then you need to keep a special focus on the event application features. Here’s a list of key features to look out for in event attendance tracking software.

Activity Feed

The host can use this feature to update about the ongoing event activities and derive more engagement.

New Connections

An event attendance tracking software has an integrated feature where hosts can directly add them to their private community and form new connections. The host can browse through the list of event attendees and build new business connections via email or cell number.


This feature allows users to follow their favorite event or speaker based on their interests. The app will send customized notifications about upcoming or ongoing events from the favorite list.

Booth Visitor Tracking

Leverage this feature of our event attendance tracking application to analyze the success of your booth at an event.

Streamlined Registration

The event attendance tracking software has multiple integrated event registration options such as QR codes, Face recognition, swipe ID cards, and bracelets. The integrated registration feature allows attendees to enter the event with a few taps.

Track Engagement​

This event attendance tracking software feature makes it easy for the host to track engagements and effectively record engagement data.

Customized Tracking Option

Our event attendance tracking software can be easily integrated with PCs, Laptops, and mobile allowing event managers to access data conveniently. Check attendees list, guest check-in, and download event reports for effective data analysis.

Online Attendance Tracking

Holding a virtual hybrid event, our event-tracking attendance application will get the job done. An integrated dynamic QR code display makes it easy for attendees to self-check in and mark their presence at the event.

Time Bound Window

Our event attendance tracking app allows event managers to create a time-bound registration and check-in process. With this feature, the attendees will complete the registration process on time and complete their event check-ins.

Location Based Check-in

This feature of our event attendance tracking app makes it easy for attendees to check in at the event location with a dynamic QR code or simple ID swipe.

Data Reports

Our event attendance tracking app allows event organizers and hosts to collect, organize, and analyze event engagement & attendance data. These data reports play a major role in keeping event attendance records and deriving meaningful outcomes.

Integrated Survey & Forms

With this feature, the event managers can start a survey & form for the attendees to get their valuable feedback. This information can be easily accessed later on to derive meaningful outcomes and interactions.

Easy Integration

Our event attendance tracking application can easily integrate with other event solutions and provide enhanced event insights.

Engaging Dashboard

The engaging dashboard of our event attendance tracking application makes it easy for event organizers or hosts to get valuable information about the event on a single screen. The engaging dashboard allows the host real-time data analysis and view of event reports.

Organize Virtual Meeting

In addition to providing attendance solutions, these can be deployed to organize virtual meetings with integrated third-party APIs

Event Gallery

With this feature, the host can view the memorable moments in the event and share them on other social media handles.

Export Reports

This feature of our event attendance tracking app allows the host to generate and export reports in PDF and Excel format.

How Much Does Event Attendance Tracking App Development Cost?

When it comes to sharing an exact event attendance tracking app, there are multiple cost-deriving factors that are needed to be evaluated. Based on these cost-deriving factors shared further, the blockchain app development companies share their estimated development budget.

Most NYC-based app development companies charge $30,000 to $35,000 for basic event attendance tracking applications. However, the cost might go up based on the cost-deriving factors mentioned that include the following;

Application type

  • App features.
  • Integrated security features
  • Tech stack needed.
  • Location of the app development company.
  • Team’s strength & development expertise.
  • The time is needed to build the application.
  • Any add-on features.

Based on these factors, most event attendance tracking software development companies in the USA share a development quote. If you plan to build your event attendance tracking application, then we at RisingMax Inc. are happy to help you. Connect with our experts over a FREE 30-minute consultation call and share your event attendance tracking app idea. We will share a customized app development cost for your event attendance tracking application within a day.

event attendance tracking app development

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